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He has smartly business brains, soap popular degree he has already experienced, can't not know to catch Chen in the prison late the glory means what, mean that the source of money is billowing.
The problem of biggest soap is been limited by alkali, before having no more fire alkalis, this is 1 to break a ground of bottleneck.As a result.The soap isn't likely to make widely available.But can be used as upscale thing to sell to the rich, oneself can also earn a lot.
The production isn't problem.Needs to seek a place, please some people and then can work well.The key problem lies in selling a network, with Chen Wan Rong now more than 1,000 Guan ground the capital want to want to be being Chang-an build up selling networks to all really become a problem and use Ma Jia Dian's network to pour not to lose to a good way.
"Eldest brother horse has intention to, I from all can."Chen Wan Rong is an applause very much to his proposal, way:"Eldest brother horse, not and like this like, you can do my business agent."
"Business agent?"Horse to medium eyebrows a wrinkly, don't understand of ask a way:"Brothers Chen, what is a business agent?"
Business agent this modern new terms he ignores a solution very as usual, Chen Wan Rong gives him explanation way:"In brief say, I do out the soap to you to sell and sold us the cut a melon."
Horse to medium slightly on pondering, shake head a way:"Brothers, you ground the viewpoint is very good, just rather sell to me to the soap, I sell by myself and earn and earn more little all calculate mine."
He is to want to buy to break, not is can not, just have never acted for like.Because buy after breaking, how he toss about that is his business, Chen Wan Rong's inconvenience participates.Chen Wan Rong has already intended to do monosodium glutamate, this is again a profitable business, this needs a brand to prop up, can not give° the brand to make failed:"Eldest brother horse, this is difficult to do.Eldest brother horse if sincerely want to do a ground of words, I can divide 20% bonus to you."
"20%?" Sell for a while, divide 20%.The soap is by all means popular, don't know and sell for a day how much, really was a source of money to widely enter, horse to in ponder a way:"However, you must let all of me act for."
Chen Wan Rong just can't promise him this to have no reason to request:"Eldest brother horse, this is the impossible matter!You have to know although Ma Jia Dian is very big, at Chang-an row up.But, is big Tang He big?In addition to Chang-an, also having Luo sun, Yang state and Hangzhou, Guangzhou and You the state is these earth squares, if I allow your family to come to act for, these place not is can not sell?You isn't this the hand and foot that tie~ups me?"
This words very in the reason, horse to in can not answer criticism:"Brothers cans be handled by you in the another place.However, being Chang-an getting can allow my family to come to act for."As long as the sole agent power taken down Chang-an, not afraid Gao Jia Dian Be horizontal to put one Gang son, oneself has an opportunity to exceed Gao Jia Dian.
Chen Wan Rong which will don't understand his idea, say with smile:"Eldest brother horse, your this request has a little excessive.You think that at Chang-an, more than ten stores of Ma Jia Dian, but Chang-an have two cities 108 workshops, have no Ma Jia Dian ground does the place wear more.If all give you the agency, not is make me damaged to lose?"
The company spreads similar the ground in now chain store, only more than ten stores of Ma Jia Dian, though Chang-an the second, far didn't overaly as well Chang-an city, there is also the store that a lot of places have no them.Horse to in have to again back one step:"Brothers, you give who all can, be can not give Gao Qing Tai."
Go together to mutually hate, he every moment didn't forget difficult Gao Jia Dian.
Chen Wan Rong ha ha on smiling, counter-question a way:"Eldest brother horse, you center of earth feeling I comprehend.Will you refuse if Gao Jia Dian invites you to do a business that makes money very much together?"
Only have a benefits on the business field, as long as being rich can earn, only fool would because of momentary spirit but the brush-off cooperate, the modern society doesn't lack the solid example that the rival cooperation carries on an item.This truth thou is same now, horse to medium mouth piece again piece, think answer criticism, and then can not find enough reason.
Leng very a burst of, horse to winning this the way is just:"Brothers, you be a smart person to shout!If your generosity of spirit is bigger than me, if go into business, achievement affirmation than I big, much bigger!" Is a regrets very much:"I fought these years and understood very much to him with Gao Qing Tai, matter his affirmation of today couldn't dispute.Is contrary, he still thinks greatly of very much to the brothers, he will seek brothers of, time isn't too far.His generosity of spirit still really makes people have several divide attention to fold!"
The opponent knows most mutually, believe this words 89 don't leave ten.Chen Wan Rong's thumb is one Shu, great way:"Eldest brother horse can applaud opponent like this, the generosity of spirit breadth of view also lets the public fold!"
Chen again the glory admire a person who have the generosity of spirit, this words say he doesn't live to nod:"Eldest brother horse's generosity of spirit lets the younger brother admire!"
"Brothers Chen overpraised."Horse to medium Qian way.
Chen Wan Rong immediately after and downwards says:"To act for a soap will according to my way behaviour.Price's getting is settled by me, can not press price without authorization as well as personally lift price.The opinion, suggestion that attends to to the lord wants feedback in time to me.Certainly, you have a suggestion to also welcome to lift."
"To trade don't respect the opinion that the lord attends to, can this business stills make?Brothers Chen, all right, do so."Horse to in consent gladly.
Chen Wan Rong at that moment and horse to medium amount of company concrete detail, according to now deputy way of doing, did both parties' obligation, job and legal powers all elucidation.After negotiating, call the store house send pen and ink paper, Chen again the glory wrote two, Chen Wan Rong and horse to medium signing, Chen Wan Rong's first agency formally certain.
Let horse to Chen Wan Rong to medium the agency can use his network to sell and save a lot of affairs, after all with his current financial power impossibly the establishment rise to sell a network.For horse to medium come to say, this is to find out a very good way of producing wealth, 2 people are each gets what he needs, all happy, this wine drinks flavorful.

The road chapter 9 joy of the second hair house visits original top
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The cup comes to go to and keeps eating interest to to the utmost just forget about it.Horse to in did an affair that makes people fall glasses, he really talked necessarily Jian, call store house there is no the thing finishing eating packing take, basically didn't eat how much, some only is moved chopsticks to taste for a while just.
He is an open the big shopkeeper is incredibly thus stingy, the help packs of the store is small two is a despise very much, secretly hurtle a his Pie mouth,Cheap Beats By Dr Dre.Horse to winning but not appropriate one thing, ha ha keep smiling, speak one to let Chen the glory late admire of words:"The person can be extravagant, can not waste!I before also bitterness lead, don't eat for rice, hungry before getting heart behind carry on the back, that taste I still remembered till now it's clear, really earnestly wishing someone the Mo was to the one mouthful."
Dare feeling he is still that kind of person who is hard to start a business, the esteem of Chen Wan Rong to him increases more for several cents.
The farmer is the most painful to cherish a food, Chen honesty from the in the mind approves a horse to the medium way of doing:"Shopkeeper horse, you cherish a food, than I this farmer still need to know to cherish, good kind of!"He knows of the vocabularies are few, although the words are mild,the words proceed from sincerity.
Horse to medium ha ha a smile:"Chen Bo overpraised.I know 1:00:The wasted food will be sent by sky!Still ask brothers Chen don't laugh."
Chen Wan Rong at another temporarily get empty is needy to be from, realize a food to get not easy, from the in the mind admires his this big shopkeeper to incredibly have such kind of idea, not afraid give person joke:"Eldest brother horse talks heavy, my in the mind only respects and admires!"
A lot of"nouveau riche"s once being rich with, forgot the bitter day in past, beginning wasted, extravagant have no degree, ability elephant horse to medium like this remember the person of the bitter day in past not is have no, is few.Chen Wan Rong absolutely proceeds from sincerity to the his admiring, there is no half sentence empty talk.
Horse to feeling in the center is also quite good.Ha ha a smile:"Brothers Chen, we go first to visit an almond park.Then again visit a lotus park, arrive in the evening again go to happy visit at first, good?"
"The younger brother first time comes Chang-an.To Chang-an and mostly haven't to know.But listen to eldest brother horse's order."Chen Wan Rong from all grant of reason.
The tang dynasty national strength is strong, the common people ground day leads also still comfortablely, as a result play to become common practice, not only BE"vomit preceding context in a sky Related articles:

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