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 "Elder sister!"Qiong also from the dining room in walked out, full is helpless on the face of young girl, while she is putting out strength to pull the cuff of sleeve of almond, to slowly to north nearby bitter west the Ya is full of bowing of apology, " lets ,Beats by Dre Electroplating, my elder sister have no malevolent, she is playing trick."
The almond then claps slowly the shoulder toward the north and sends out an open cachinnation voice.
"Come and come in, everyone but wait you to wait for a long time!"Say almond and Qiong step aside road, two young girls all to slowly did a signal for pleasing to the north.

The hymn of 282 pigeon sons and eagle(2)

Slowly to north just on coming in, the plum adds pull faced to come up, young girl very supporting of benefit Suo since slowly to north of shoulder, and bitter west Ya the Chan handed Xu walks for the position that he reserves in facing dining room to the north.
"Execuse me, I have no in the morning present ……" plum adds pull at slowly to north the ear be full of and sorry and ashamedly say, the time in morning because inside the condition of the Jia is suddenly worsen, so the plum adds pull, a kind of insect Nuo friendship, rare reach and lift Nuo Jias don't leave the database Luo card tile house, say honest words this isn't a worth apology of affair, more no one will therefore blame plum and add pull, therefore young girl this very sincere very sorry and ashamed apology on the contrary lets and feels a bit uneasiness to the north slowly.
Slowly to north part the small voice tell plum to add pull need not care, simultaneously sweep to see dining room, as a result discover to lift Jia in the Nuo Jia still have rare reach all at, seeing to the morning is a false alarm is 1.Is rare to reach still is silently bright and gentle and soft towards slowly sticking out thumb to the north, the smiling face on the face.
"However …… even if I am present to also can not do it everything ……"'s seeming to be slowly don't have the function to should have to the words of north, the plum adds pull a full face still is sorry and ashamed of thus say, "can this kind of time always feel that being a housemaid is long of I isn't a kind of malpractice at oneself ……"
Slowly sighed tone to the tiny north, just want again say what, his attention completely was had no the emergence of omen to lead to open at the at present person.
Much thin thunder second"the Pa Ta Pa Ta" of nearby once ran from he, that body housemaid packed to look than usually still have to be gorgeous, with as for slowly with no reason believe that that is most likely a Li Si toward the north of private collect.But is a girlish hair style than what clothes ask for person's attention more, at slowly and to the memory of the north last time the much thin thunder was second to comb a pair of horsetails is already a very faraway affair, but many thin thunders are second to be not only is a pair of horsetails, but also add a rightness of as gorgeous as the dress on the body bowknots this time.
In the afternoon after we save you live, she silently runs to ask me you like what attire, so I a little bit "guide"ed her for a while, the effect isn't bad?The bitter west Ya connects in the spirit chain in of the explanation let to exceptionally have no language to the north slowly, this guy is from own head in steal how much thing walk ……
The much thin thunder second droop wears head.Seem for covering up oneself that Fei red cheeks, she gingerly will slowly to north the chair of the seat after dragging along out to put well just silently raise head to hope to Xu to north.
After 2 people's vision connects.The much thin thunder second eyebrow suppressed a while, can immediately she thoughted of what, hence put out strength ground to sway to sway head, abruptly extruded to suppress into the smiling face of one regiment.
That return be really to"smile be like to cry" this description of extremely good annotation!
Looking at second this appearance of much thin thunder to not only and slowly enjoy toward the north.Connect at him after death almond all involuntarily of don't lead a face to go, Wu write the mouth don't let the laughter be spread and make the sleeves of the Qiong pulling of a strength almond whisper repeatedly:"Elder sister don't so ……"
But almond and the shape of Qiong let much thin thunder secondly the face became reder, accident of BE.The much thin thunder is second don't be like usually similar give to greatly grumble to this, the young girl is just tiny pendency head and lets the fringe of hair before the sum just a little hold up her eyes and seemed so can reduce own timid feeling ……
Can just still quarrel matchless dining room to suddenly pipe down this time, the owners all used a two party concerneds of so-called"the hero saves beautiful affairs" that saw gamesome to stare at to take place today.
Finally many thin thunders are second to can not stand this silent concern.Finally young girl one goes ahead regardless earth's surface feeling and summoned up opening mouth of cheeks in a great rage:"What!See me why and like this!Xin Di Shui die I just come to wait upon what two of you have a meal!And do these affairs very strange?I BE, but the summer is secondEvery family in the every family house……"
"Family servant?"Because the much thin thunder second facial expression was really too interesting, slowly involuntarily wanted to stir her to the north, hence freely answered 1.
"That's right!"The much thin thunder is second to bite to hook a while, " I am secondly a summer family servant ……family servant?"
Much thin thunder second almond eye circle Zheng, seeming to be a while can't believe speaks a ground of words in his/her own mouth, close behind young girl ground emotion the low downfall goes a while, young girl's biting lips droop vision looking at a ground, is a this time true shape that soon cries out.
At slowly to north panic absolute being of be son, much thin thunder second that thin and weak gnat fly of voice drill into Xu to north of ear:"…… Be to do none of younger sisters to is all right ……"
Slowly to north not from must want to yell.You is a violate the rules like this!By so doing I not really become heinous big bad egg?
Don't say a being getting more public of dining room inside at this time, connect just still extremely very intimate Li promise card all to Xu to north the hurl came to cheerless vision, in addition the young girl still throws to a words that was full of a rebuke:"The elder brother is big stupid
Someone doesn't see does the atmosphere open wrong fun ……bitter west Ya still is a matter don't close personal shape, but much more alone and helpless the thin thunder is after death second distance not, the Ao Tuo Si reaches positive Diao of big uncle to wear a root fork where use exaggerated of, extremely disappointed that facial expression one side shakes head a side to sigh.
All all theses let slowly Be hard-pressed to arrive extremity to the north, with just that kind of atmosphere a contrast.Slowly toward the north be regarded as understand what be called from heaven directly fell into a hell ……
This time the almond is from the behind lightly pushed slowly to north 1.
"Good.Embraced her in the past, that is that you put together to save life down of female kid!"
And this time bitter west Ya also will slowly toward the arm of the north is since own shoulder up unloaded.The plum adds pull to also silently back a part.
Hence descend a moment to slowly shrink a face toward the north helplessly the young girl of shoulder hug into bosom in, the much thin thunder is second to seem to be early and then is waiting this a moment, she matches with very much of cover up into a face Xu to north of breadth of view, the hands tightly hold tight Xu to north of arm.
"Is very wet, " much thin thunder second head a words let slowly toward the north abnormality of have no language, "have the Li promise the flavor of the card ……"
", Sorry."Beside of Li promise card drive beat is caught unprepared, the apology of Leng Leng after just respond to come over, " why I want to apologize, do I lie prone in the elder brother's chest and cry what's wrong,Beats by Dre BMW?"
The much thin thunder second shoulder trembles and seem is smiling, but slowly to north directly had no language, he keeps in mind exclamation, the female kid's idea return be really don't understand.
At Xu to north doubt of be son, the much thin thunder second hands lightly make an effort, Xu to north that because just instauration but the nerveless body immediately nearby left from she, the young girl stays back two stations to like.Immediately pressed the chest to deeply absorb tone, then she raises head and takes to unusually and firmly decide on the face.She that nowise cringes from fear of look at Xu to north the ground gleam in the eyes a certain make people hard to neglect of ray of light.
Look at a young girl the noodles like this permits and slowly realizes to the north, under the sistuation that oneself has never realized ground, just still lay prone a certain creation in the oneself's bosom center what change.That must be that a certain abnormality is huge can in other people's eyes but very may insignificant variety,Beats By Dre In Ear, he quietly waits for producing such of variety ground young girl openings.
"I think that I should be like a summer second."Who know vomit in the second from the much thin thunder of is the impact dint that owns an explosion type ground words, why this forehead up engrave "Ao Jiao", two big word young girls will burst out so directly so open words!So not completely have never harboured to order?
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