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Of core dish, urgently and in a hurry run to"stairs" that just excavated.
"Seem and be being an once big monkey!"
Complained 1, admire especially along the hole that just excavated climb to the ceiling.

Chapter 10 reencounters

Fortress outside, originally separate the incantation natural cover of several person's steps to suddenly disappear.
"The natural cover disappeared, I once said to admire to can't occupy especially!"The west shell happily says towards wearing beautiful Er, the heartfelt joy makes her some to forget a form.
Anxiously experience for other people, let west the shell feel extremely unfamiliar, this is her since remark in more than 100 years, produce a felling like this for the first time.
That the felling is very marvellous, in addition to heart of joys jump and excitement, some can not terminology speech description of emotion, suddenly let west the shell realize, heart's lingering around is called it as "happiness" thing by people, although western shell I can not make sure, that whether it is true.
"Originally and willingly worrying the other people's peace or chaos is so marvellous felling."
Is dark to sigh a way in the west shell heart, she hoped to wear beautiful Er one eye, even if there is no mirror, she also believes firmly, oneself the facial expression at the moment, absolute with wear beautiful Er have no the slightest of difference.
At this time, a burst of the lightly slow step voice suddenly stream into a public ear, sees and walked to one person from the direction of fortress outside wall, under the reflecting of just born dynasty sunlight, a high big figure back to the sun, whole body like covered with the ray of light sort stride in the 1 F gold yellow to come in.
His step the son is very slow, concealed in the sun of the figure show people not pure his facial look.
The present person all opens widely an eye to want and see is what person thus overbearing, and at the same time make good alert, wearing beautiful Er is anti- cold hum a , originally be full of a pleased facial expression moment dark come down, she hopes that misty of figure, say chillily:"Is you!You finally came"
The bearer takes a stroll since then, be walk to be apart from public 20 meterses or so of time, the gold long grass gradually goes and peeps out a bright gold color of a head of to grow hair and handsome Wei facial appearance, west once the shell see a bottom and blurt out:"Is you, Di south?"
Wear beautiful Er to keep silence, the bearer equally didn't talk.Only the Tai virtuous father and son tiger Qu play shakes:"The south of the Di!Knight from Qiong saint in sky Di south?!"
Finish saying, the slightest don't know to fear why two father and sons of thing.The complexion is dignified in a moment, eyes dead the dead has eyes fixed on each action of the south of Di, full is the air of alert.
The Di south is to silently look at to wear beautiful Er, suddenly, he after grinding to a stop for a long time, exceeded forward one step.
But this one step drive spirit high-strung Tai virtuous father and son, mistaken for the signal of aggression, almost across this one step in the Di south of at the same time, father and son 2 people already the lightning flash sort ground hurtle up.A left a right, match with attacking from both flanks of excrescent tacit understanding.
The Di south projects very hot vision, "wear Qi?"The left and right hands continuously orders and take a point don't wear beautiful Er, but the Tai that the both sides attacks from both flanks since then virtuous father and son, the Di south even has no a sword, force father and son 2 people's resisting with all strength just can break away but back.
Drive Di south with hand one the father and son recruiting to force to back is 2 people, feeling dull face, if can not tidy up this madman, two of him facial depletion.
Father and son 2 people without previous arrangement each exhibition extremely learn, the Tai is virtuous to pull out lance between waists, a tiger roars and connect sword to take sheath with male Qu with revolve of the power car wheel sort cut to go, each revolve not only angle to contain difference, and each a revolve strength, vehemences to all have few growth, arrive the seventh to turn necessarily to the top, surprised sky of billow, make people hard to resist.
Mo Ai Er also draws out the back is after death growing a gun, slowly push a gun, imitate Xu of Buddha gun the cyclone rising is more even heavy than ten thousand catties of megaliths.He enters 1 inches to all want to spend equal energy each time, but offend into a moment is necessarily world-shaking.
Is original simple-minded of the father and son is 2 people, have already been completely filled with by the fury in the heart, they pour to forget, can not show to distressly draw off under the saint rank superior's attack, is already worth pride of affair, even if the Di south has never made moves the meaning of harming the person.
"Stop!The Tai is virtuous, Mo Ai Er!He isn't an enemy!"Wearing a beautiful Er eye to see 3 people will conflict and hurriedly and loudly yell to stop 2 people, just, fury's hurtling the father and son a pair of brain to ever still listen to into , at the time of wearing a beautiful Er words sounds to fall in, has already taken to shoot the vehemence of moving the soul and rush at Di south.
The western shell of one side but is one to see a gamesome facial expression, be the west section the dynasty parties go into south to receive the special envoy that the Si carries on intelligence, for Di south of understand of the personality, even than wear beautiful Er to still have to be very clear.She doesn't worry Di the south will harm virtuous father and son of Tai, but influence F square's whole war capability.
The west shell early sees these two Mangs that recklessly have no brain Chinese the father and son Be getting wither a revolting feeling, the Di south can order precept for them for oneself, is naturally again good however,Beats By Dre In Ear.
Also just a little appeared a dignified color on the face of Di south, faced two big strongs the cooperating of top is one shot in all my life, even if the Di that has already got into a saint rank south doesn't dare as well small see, the Dou spirit of gold sort such as flaming rise the flame sort of Teng, appear southern right Zhang at the Di in.When he prepares to take the offensive, deliver first after a stronger sky of blue lighting to, before unexpectedly rushing through in the father and son, 2 people flick of one sword the at the right moment skillful shot attack from both flanks at 2 people of father and son of the on the side of power, that is exactly the father and son is 2 people, because of the margin of each other real strenght, the only flaw place.
Abruptly drive wear the beautiful Er shot Kui cooperates of the Tai of the shot the virtuous father and son be worn the Dou spirit of beautiful Er violent in action abnormality and force of sit to pour on the ground, 2 people Leng absolute being of at the same time, also gradually wide awoke to come over.However the humiliation been defeated by the woman, wreaking havoc of in mind madness, 2 people ashamed remaining be also full of to hate of staring and wearing beautiful Er one eye.
"You became strong!"The Di south stares at to wear beautiful Er, he seemed to confirm the identity sort of wearing the beautiful Er, the naked eye was almost hard to recognize of a little bit tiny nod, complicated emotion take difficult speech, the small voice says.
"You also became strong!Congratulate you, Di south adult, you were already the saint knight of the name matches the reality now!"Wear a beautiful Er very quiet way of Ji Feng, even she is also a bit surprised,beats by dre cheap, oneself at face Di the time of south, the state of mind didn't produce any vibration.
Finish saying, wear beautiful Er slowly of walk toward the Di south to, equanimity of she, don't appear any different countenance.
The she walks to oneself, Di south but suddenly feel some to fear, he fiercely backed several steps to a side and at the right moment forced to open the look in the eyes of wearing the beautiful Er, can see her cheek of white jade without blemish from the on the side, quiet like water.
The heart that the Di south originally believes firmly, fierce a burst of agitatedly.She, she really wears Ni is the Lu Qi especially?
Just she the dint anti- Tai the virtuous father and son cooperate and use of emperor ensign Ba sword behind,cheap beats by dre, Di south the half is dreaming, the half is dazing in.
Although Di southern as early as oneself wants to forget of 2 people the intertexture of the emotion, know that she has and Jiao weak outward appearance different ambition life ambition, she far imagines than she stronger.But ascend the highest point of mainland power by Zi but dream of woman, and reset under the sistuation that have already presented a chaotic omen, in really make the public surprised.
No matter being a hero is also good, male just Wei slightly of let it be, the emperor king stays to the people of this world image most deeply and probably is their plentiful achievement Wei merit, but ignore is who, all finally brought a lot of disappearances of lives, just at these, but be intentionally forgotten by people along with time.
Will her hasing to once think her dream bring what?If is true to wish such as her, ascending Wang Zuo's stairs will from how many boneses come to heap, there will the noodles can't have oneself's a root?
Unexpectedly will produce thus of awakening, icy cold felling from descend the Zhui bone increase upward, the Di south unexpectedly discovers, in addition to being sorry and ashamed, oneself unexpectedly produce to fear towards wearing beautiful Er.
As for oneself?Have never thought these, seem the biggest wishes in all my life however is become a qualified saint palace knight, protect follower of a religion to be free from injury, publicize many wills that the absolute being teaches.
But now, even fall through this simple wisheses.Although the promoting has the saint ranks of the number a strong for mainland, and becomes myriad people on of guard a knight, entwine in the benefits and the scheme eddy do of the matter, Related articles:

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