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Can land devotion to fight.If capture in the afternoon, the evening can go ashore, if capture in the evening, then the tomorrow morning can land.If the land battle trip fight disadvantage, that their drifting in the ocean still don't know how many times!Can Japanese Ao protect the telegram of Gong inside but very affirmative of say tomorrow land.
Go on expedition the soldier headquarters Hong full general to haven't come yet an electricity now, don't also hear that the British army, French Army and Greece troops receives what relevant next move battle the telegram of deployment, but the Ao protected the telegram of Gong to pour to come first.Is it the headquarters that after seeing a land battle trip the combat modified combat deployment?Or the Ao protect the Gong is thought with a soldier's intuition each big brigade in Japan that be broken up to match to travel for Chinese land battle will tomorrow throw in combat?
From the between the lines, slowly Jin always sees the murderous look of Teng Teng, there is also a kind of felling that rushes into flock of sheep to walk slaughter house.Slowly the Jin always believes himself/herself if is a Japanese, this felling will never be pleasurable-have not thrown in combat, the combat will beat what kind all don't know, tell you to have to die, believe to have no how much national soldier will feel this kind of order reach under the normal person, the Chinese are 1 will say "not successful, then become Ren".
The Ao protected the telegram of Gong to deliver an information that is usually different, can this information exactly is what?Slowly the Jin is always left to think right think, thought that the along while didn't also think a to why come.
The billowing thick smoke hides a sky to cover a day, the sun is concealed in the smoke China Times now, the sun lost dazzling ray of light while peeping out outline and how saw how to be like the scarlet big that the hideous smile wears.The flame that hurtles a sky accompanies with a repeatedly irritating to the ear explosion voice, the shell shuttles in the sky of the voice connect into a sound, people can not distinguish which shells fall on distance, which shells just fly to come over toward oneself, front of the visual field almost equal zero.
Slowly the Jin always lies prone on a not big soil to wrap and raises telescope to looking at a front.The front allied nations troops' gunfire beats extremely violently and spout to fly of play a slice to be like and tear to pieces everything to dare close to its living creature.Xu the Jin always tightly lock eyebrows and stare at before don't deliver a to talk, thus violent gunfire, be at Mesopotamia second battle in combat's most vigorous Bagdad in, he once saw as well.No matter is China of, is still an allied nations of, all have no.
Issued on order a soldier to suddenly spread an order:"Hold tight opportune moment, mount sudden attack headway!"
And slowly the Jin always lie prone together, don't stop to add little Zuo in Ku-chuang of lips on listenning to want "mount sudden attack headway", the Ceng ground jumped from the ground all of a sudden, stood on the soil to wrap and drew out it is said that is "treasure knife" of his inherited in the family, make an effort a to flick, scream aloud.
"Is dry what?!"Xu always the Jin hear after death spread Japanese soldier to send out huge Hao call, starting to keep the body will hurtle upward, surprised get a hurried station to rise, a hold tight little Zuo in Ku-chuang to raise Gao the hand of saber, loudly query.
"Major palace, the superior orderanies us to mount sudden attack headway!"
Slowly always once the Jin listen to and pour Shu eyebrow roars:"Mount sudden attack headway?-Have brain!?The front one fire sea, go in how many persons, will destroy how many persons, besides enemy lord battlefield is where, where weaker, now didn't investigate clearly, mount sudden attack what?"
"The soldier takes obeying orders as man's natural duty, since the superior orderanies to mount sudden attack, is dead, I also want to take soldier to hurtle up!"
Slowly the Jin milli- always Don't mention it rebukes:"Gossip irresponsibly!Just the order doesn't still have already held tight opportune moment a say?Have never made you meaningless to walk into death again!A big brigade teach still not enough pathetic?!Besides this big brigade I said to calculate and descended an order to mount sudden attack, also should from I!"
The land battle trip beat for a days and one nights, didn't also touch the Sa Luo Ni card Cape in the side of city, as for capture port, more don't know what speak of.Fight medium the land battle trip reduce a member extremely seriously, combat don't make a day of it,Beats By Dre In Ear, the land battle trip dies or injures come to a 10%!The combat beats to ring the second day, don't fight smoothly, let land battle trip of Hao trip long was subjected to the headquarters Hong general rebuke.The Hao Jie is claimed to be"teed off soldier Wei, teed off national prestige" in Rhode Island, the Sa Luo Ni card fights in the beginning not agreeable, was subjected to a Hong general rebuke again, he felt the face that he threw eldest brother, this threw to lose of the face is naturally to need to find back, vented the fury to the Hong Kui the dollar is in the body, he didn't°yet that courage, now that is an allied nations to make him have no a face very much, he will seek an allied nations to do accounts.

Chapter 43 one whip keeps a Du bottom(two)

In battle in Rhode Island although the Hao Jie has never directed armored brigade to mount sudden attack, can he also calculates understand to this surprise attack than the others of a little bit more.The Sa Luo Ni card fights disadvantage here, after one scolded mercilessly, the Hao Jie was very easy and then thoughted of the war example of Rhode Island, since a very small lieutenant colonel, using not enough 1000 people's troops can defeat and round the Jian several in F of enemy, oneself in hand has more chariots now, more troopses, adopt is same method not ability take down the Sa Luo Ni card?
Embrace this kind of viewpoint, the Hao Jie concentrated in the daytime fight medium the luckily survive come down of 50 chariots, again searched out 2,000 crack-armor car is have no, can he believes he, those 15,000 meters is cross-country to run the similar to child's play young man can't fall behind the chariot speed-Hao the Jie didn't also understand an enemy where a little bit weaker, he also could not considered of to probe, take the night view cover and led in person this troops to grope in the dark to start to"mount sudden attack" to the Sa Luo Ni card.
Cover in the chariot under, the Hao trip is long the troops correcting to gather greatly have already met absolute being deicide and meet a Buddha to cut the power of Buddha.Successively break two allied nations battlefields,Beats by Dre BMW, go forward to the Sa Luo Ni card.Is all various pits everywhere on the regrettable journey, the sky is very black, also see not pure road, many chariots dropped into pit inside, the in a short time can not get stick in those the chariot pull up, for rushing through time, the Hao Jie has to give up these chariots and leads continuing of surplus to go forward.
In the third namely before establishing battlefield, the mounting sudden attack of the major general of Hao Jie is stopped, large numbers of allied nations square the chariot of the head big ear is from the cope of night in imitate a Buddha phantom similar drilled out, the chariot traveling to the land battle launches an attack, the sky suddenly hangs numerous last flares and shines on night into daytime at the same time, numerous consumedly small artillery Zu shot wear Hao Jie that scale of no consequence has much troops, the shock troops is two just- broken battlefields, and then makes the allied nations' troops outflank and attack up from two wings, blockade at the same time.The time that is bright till sky experiences successively all sorts of hardship, 2,000 much crack only mostly took to harm of 1,000 people render assistance in other troopses under, outstanding several depths besieged.At break through siege troops behind, all of 50 chariots cast away an enemy battlefield up, Hao Jie trip long travel officers and men with 1,000 honest and brave land battles similar to those chariots, die for the country in the combat.Till the last,http://www.beatsbydr4us.com, the unwilling and prostrate Hao Jie is still not understand, why that not well-known army's lieutenant colonel can obtain success, while he is this open major general, but have to accept cruel failure.
The Hao Jie of refusing to close eyes in death is again unwilling, also the irretrievable land battle trip suffers of miserably heavy failure.The major general trip is long to fall in action, this wasn't only heavy to bruise the morale of land battle trip, also give constitute to°from the multinational troops of expedition soldier prospect, cover with a layer thick shadow.
It is very disgraceful with failure of the land battle trip, Hong full general naturally.He can be opened to take off himself/herself with"a incapable, dead tired armed forces".The allied nations troops of opposite shore, the Hong full general getting mad swears that they thoroughly exterminate.Unfortunately have never captured the Sa Luo Ni card port, old crafty huge slippery British and French, Greek refuse to have no the beachhead battlefield of facilities debarkation, these nation will get to think that their nation comes over battle of is all regular army's troops, there is no marine.For orthodox tradition army come to say, can not deliver heavy weapons up, debarkation again many troopses, however is increment dead and injured the number is just.Is helpless next, Hong general is two Japanese division debarkations that can let to be subjected to Chinese conductor, devotion fight.First, on going, grade five divisions, the sixth division starts landing, the sun has already fallen mountain, but coast of the land battle trip don't want to say to extend battlefield and put off at the troops of allied nations under, they persistence of extremely hard, several land battle trips all sink into to collapse an edge in the daytime, luckily at the sea of the machines of fleet and the sky is given the land battle trip the support with the thermodynamic power, biggest weakening an allied nations the troops are anti- to rush toward of strength, not Related articles:

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