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Connecting to kill is past?Our several 1000 people wants to kill into ten several ten thousand surrounding of Da sonses save a person to come out.The difficulty is really a lot too big."The words sound didn't fall.Cao a life time male already direct hit the ink stone to the ambition sand is in the face.Smile to scold a way:"Stupid goods!If really want to directly kill up.What do I still seek you to the company quantity?"
"Want to be not.We pack into businessman how?"Sung soldier in famous love to kill into sex ground of Yang Chen Huan also jumped out.The habitual licks bayonet hideous smile way:"This time from the Yang state pass by of time .Listen to the love of Li Ting Zhi's adult say the piece is fluently.Last time he and brothers Zhang Gui was to disguise as businessman to sneak into night to move city.A burned down fire the night of Da son to move food Cang."
"Is there still this matter?Can Li Ting Zhi also do more beautifully than us?"Shameless Cao a life time the male Be some to move.Lower the head once calculate behind.The Cao a life time male still keeps shaking head a way:"It isn't that possible.Is the in this world that company's brigade with several 1000 people?How may company's brigade can keep so many horses again?Da son one eye can see a flaw,Beats By Dre Holiday Gift."
"We can scatter an activity ……."Yang Chen Huan defies spirit.While still needing to argue.Gao Ming of the Cao a life time male most cunning and deceitful troops suddenly interrupts conversation a way:"The in this world is to have no several 1000 people ground company's brigade.But several 1000 people's transporting food a brigade is getting more familiar.Da son about 200,000 battalions rounding is helping south.The light food will eat up thousand stones every day.Transporting food a ground of impedimenta brigade for them is absolutely necessary."
"Disguise as Da son ground impedimenta troops?"The Cao a life time male eyes a bright.Ponder a way:"The impedimenta demand troops transport under guard.Still want people's man to transport to pull cart with horse.Disguising as an impedimenta brigade isn't really arrestive.Face Yi to have plenty of a food here.Once carried several thousand stones up to throw don't love as well.Just.We should pretend to be where transport food a ground of troops toward benefit south?"
"Xu Zhou."Gao Ming quickly answers a way:"Xu Pei Yi takes just and experienced a war in disorder.All of the officials change in succession very confusion.We forge a Da transporting food of authorities in the sub- place clerk.Say to keep Zhang Bang who pays to get food, hay and war horse to send into front.And then the Duo wear several food and hay of thousand stone quality goods at reasonable priceseses.Still take up to thousand empty remaining war horses.Along the road ground Da sub- affirmation can't doubt that we are counterfeit-at least from the thou up to now.Haven't heard to there is the person whom the substituting for another sends food, hay and war horse for enemy.Make one part of persons in our troops start to comb the Da sub- hair style again.Rang Rang some Da son languages pack into the Da that sends away under guard food grass sub- troops.Along the road ground the authorities can't even doubt."
"Rightness.Rightness.Pack into the impedimenta brigade of Da son!"Yang Chen Huan and the ambition sand don't know as well to is a brave pack, a day still a brains has fever.All unexpectedly the Rang Rang wears approval."Take up several thousand stone true food.Da Zi wants that breaking a head is surprisingly us are counterfeit!"After the Sou idea that blares a brave pack for day.Enter upon to prepare right away.Recruit first to come to large numbers of wagons.From face a Yi database and move away 5,000 stone foods and large numbers of war hay horses to pack in building up.Sought to superior's craftsman to forge again the greatly printing of the state authorities is Mongolia and slowly.Do one to receive order benefit south to front send food ground Mongolia from Xu Zhou Wang officer to defend a clerk;Still let a part ride a soldier to disguise as Mongolia troops.A part disguises as Hahn people's people's man.Need everythings to all prepare a perfect empress,Beats By Dre Free shipping day.The Cao a life time male rides a soldier to escort big big make the ground facing the Yi food and hay to west the fee county of the noodles set out.
After two days.The Cao a life time male soldier arrives the fee county that troops Lee controls smoothly.Slightly do a rest.The Cao a life time male soldier then multiplies by night view to take short cut to touch into Mongolia the troops control of road in the west of Shandong-very lucky BE.Because benefit south and Pei state a take to all have a warfare don't Xie.Mongolia the soldier arrives Yan state in the Teng state of road in the west of Shandong this taking not only signs of human being rarely seen.The troops is also very empty.There are accidentally minority of a few patrols and stranger still right away drive experiencedly Sung soldier ride a soldier to quickly polish off.Letting Sung soldier ride a soldier can done in complete secrecily touch into road in the west of Shandong.Combining to have area at the enemy is latent talent and takes a rest for a daytime.The Cao a life time male soldier all through the night walks faster again.Lent covering of night view to touch a top the Teng state going up north officer's way of Yan state.Is also until at the moment.The Cao a life time male just at last can loosen tone.Start swagger of pressing and marching as usual the speed stands into toward Yan state.
Can not say, either Mongolia guarding of soldier patrol and along the road toll-gate soldier completely is stupid goods.The Cao a life time male soldier is arriving Yan to suffer to several times investigate and search before the state at least.Just Mongolia the troops want to break 100 impedimenta brigades that the head also cans not figures out these to escort several thousand stone food and large numbers of hays will be Sung soldier to dress up as----Particularly is the Cao a life time male soldier will open a food to wrap to wrap with hay on one's own initiative when every time meets a check.Literally and Mongolia the soldier toll-gate loves how to check how to check;And Xu Pei Zhan is disorderly.Originally of officials because Zhang Bang keeps insurrection to all fall a horse.Mongolia the soldier connects Xu Zhou's new appointee to know a mansion call don't know any names at all.Can not tell this impedimenta troops more is counterfeiting.Again plus front military situation fire.200,000 battalions want to consume the food mountain noodles sea every day.The along the road toll-gate doesn't dare as well egg to pick bone----It is all unconditional to let go.
So.Sung soldier rides leading of soldier's swagger Yan state.Getting into mansion in Tai-an is inshore.But at close by benefit the Tai-an mansion of the south investigate and search tight get many.Haven't arrived mansion city in Tai-an.The Cao a life time male soldier suffers 40 several investigate and search.Is about each one inside ground all once check.However most dangerously still under city in Tai-an.It is strict loyalty benefit ground strict force to younger brother to take a brigade check in person.Get to the root of the matter to pick bone in egg.Almost turned over a bottom dynasty to the food grass that the Cao a life time male soldier send away under guard sky.Start Cao a life time the male wait a person to still think strict force is at to the utmost the job is responsible.But the strict force was very quick and then peeped out his grounded original appearance.The Xian wears face to take a brigade of Mongolia thousand the ambition sand say:" General.The war horse that you go toward to front send this time is quite good----Unexpectedly have more than 20 purebreds big Yuan horse.Still is all male horse!The horse that the younger brother rides and you the ground compare with.It absolutely is a small a head of hair donkey."
"This guy wants to blackmail.No wonder that check so thinly." Ambition sand the in the mind sneer at.On the mouth but hold masterly and Mongolia language to know perfectly well past ask a way:"Are our horses wrong so much?Do you want to change with me?"
" The general is indeed as expected intelligent."Is strict martial trivial a smile.Gather together ambition sand the ear be not smooth and Mongolia used language low voice to whisper a way:" General.Anyway these horses send to front.Clerk top wrote how much horse didn't write again is what horse,Beats By Dre green Monday.Gao Tai Gui's hand goes a convenience.Change these blood horses into the war horse of brothers to stay.Help the riding of brothers the soldier to improve a horse species.The brothers certainly has a heavy."
"Do not go." The ambition sand shake head the elephant stir the wave drum similar.Sneer way:"A purebred big Yuan male horse.Arrive on the market at the price up ten common horses.Your common Ma Xiang changes a big Yuan horse.The abacus is to beat too like?Say that all of these good horses are what we will get to rides again.Change to you.What do we ride?"
"The brothers puts a wine with gratitude."The strict force entwines endlessly.The ambition sand still keep shaking head.Say what to be not willing to promise.Finally strict Wu Ji.Sneer at a threat way:" General.The truth tells you.Now front the ground food Cang return my eldest brother to guard.You deliver of provisions for army.Pressing the rules must send to the food Cang that my eldest brother garrisons inside.If the person of my eldest brother checks the number of foods not to pass.You are afraid is hard to return to to hand over bad!"
"Da son ground food Cang?That is the whole army vital part!"The Cao a life time ambition beside hasn't been talking in a move.Favour the ambition salad arrive a flank.Intentionally and loudly persuade a way:" General.You still promise.Even if can not all change.Change ten to the strict general can be also.Give offense to strict general.Transport food to check steelyard however the pass isn't sportful."Loudly say.The Cao a life time male kneads again the hand of ambition sand.The low voice says:"Lend a people the road up a check is too strict.Want a travel permit to him.Make us able to directly enter the food Cang of Da son."
"Know.Your these men pretty the son really have insatiable greed." Ambition sand the spirit shout that the ground pushes away Cao a life time male.Go toward the Cao a life time male bottom again up kicked one feet----Reported last time drive Cao a life time the male was hit facial enemy with the ink stone.This just hurtles to the Yin to smile not only strict force in front to roar a way:"10.Changes 10!But Lao Tze has a condition!"
" The general please speak."It is strict martial to smilingly answer a way.Ambition sand the spirit shout of roar a way:"Open 1 for Lao Tze to don't need to check travel permit.Let Lao Tze directly send into you the food Related articles:

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