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, Leaves 500 well-known scholar the soldier garrison, he thinks that the mighty and valiant soldier since gave up a San pond on his own initiative, can't come back.The result is the Huai that this thought harmed miserably to garrison a San pond west soldier, they ten thousand ten thousand don't thought of that the mighty and valiant soldier incredibly killed a time Ma Qiang, and devotion of be still Liu Ding's close soldier.When the Xiao Qian Di takes ferocious ghost rain all the warrior kills into a San pond of time, they still just dreamland in, many people are in the sleeping be killed, even connect oneself is how none of hopeless situations know.The statistics finally fights a result.The Huai of 498 people west soldier, a didn't slip through the net,Beats By Dre Holiday Gift Free shipping day green Monday, ghost rain all only ten several people get hurt.
One shot is successful.
The San pond re- put on the flag of mighty and valiant soldier.
Liu Peng's relationship with Long Ge is also quite good, on turning, eye pupil son's saying of low voice:"I still think is that do you take down to ground?"
Long Ge also soft-voicedly says:"Brothers, you this recruits to arouse to don't use the method, in fact you are complete need not be worried about the opportunity that didn't fight, you should worry of, being your troopses can insist Huai west the soldier give up a San pond.Ghost rain all took down a San pond last night.Already Tong hornet nest.Everyone in front to attackstone the Huai of San pond west soldier, at the soonest tonight will arrive.Huai west the soldier absolutely can't make us put this a big sand in their eyes.This combat wants continuously and arrives when, who don't know as well.So, brothers take good care of!
Liu Peng speaks slowly a way:"Thanking is that I am too light-minded."
Long Ge smiled to smile, a group of people allied Mei got into the berth of Tyrannosaurus building ship, Liu Ding has already waited for their ground over there arrival.Li Yi He and moxa fly rain also all at, obviously is the tallest mastermind of mighty and valiant soldier, all collect here.Diao strange etc. persons all quietly get into berth and right on the spot sit down on the deck,http://www.headphonest.com.In a short while of effort after, is other to take part in the troops commanding officer of battle in the San pond to also successively arrive, the Gang word camp is sent to increase to aid of, being bending to fly Tao and river Qin Ling two trips is handsome, they bring of two trips is all what Gang word fights in the camp the strongest, be showed from this, San this copper garden pea in pond, it is too to rob a hand really.Everyone distinguished a period of time,Beats By Dre Free shipping day, didn't meet and seldom gathered to seem to be particularly together and all this time excitement.
The low voice of Li Yi He says at Liu Ding Er:"Adult, the persons all arrived together."
Liu Ding's point nods, the facial expression cold Jun ground looking at everybody and speaks slowly a way:"Believe everyone knew, we wanted to prepare to do what.I clearly tell everyone now, we want to attackstone a San pond and again and again battle out a San pond, until force Huai west the soldier completely give up a San pond."
Tiny, Liu Ding deeply sinks of say:"The San pond is a small place, accept not next many people, but fight large-scale, keeping on time will be very long, the sacrifice of each troops may be also very big, and everyone wants to work well mental preparation!From you arrive underneath of each soldier, have to have full of mental state preparation!"
The words aren't heavy, but the weight is very heavy.
Under this nervous environment, mighty and valiant soldier and Huai west the soldier again and again battle out a San pond, by all means are the result that two soldiers pull to saw, compare to put together of is not only is a troops, but also have intention to ambition, decision and intelligence, end which square fall flop, only then time can decide.
Fly a camp to stay this time at Qi Huang Er Zhou, the grimaces all became attack San pond of main force, rest of the troopses all match with grimaces all battle, make grimace all of the commanding officer is again glad, again is strain, the Diao is strange concussion of say:"Our grimaceses will never retreat half to tread!"
The moxa flies rain to lightly shake and speaks slowly a way:"While being not enough accurate, should backing, this sentence still needs to back."
The Diao is strange to interrogatively looking at Liu ding.
Liu Ding speaks slowly a way:"At the time that enemy took the offensive, we slightly made to resist, withdraw right away;Enemy after offending into a San pond, we start backstroke again."
Li Yi He adds to say:"This fights, mainly is to match with black powder troops to carry on, be full of to develop the power that their explosive wraps, our number consumedly not equal to Huai west soldier, have to use the whole meanses to consume Huai west the troops of the soldier.The combat of San pond makes reference to bottom, is a process that puts together depletion, who be put together light first, who is a failed."
The moxa flies rain to carefully say:"Our troopses are limited, can not consume of too many, contrary of, the troops of the Huai west soldier is a lot of, we want possibly kill to harm their have already livinged strength, this comes to a decision our military tacticses, have to be very vivid, at the time that the took the offensive aggression, time should withdraw withdraw, absolutely can not make a mess of!Everyones here are the all the most brave warriors, face the enemy's aggression, absolutely can't shrink back, but this fighting, is more brave than putting together not only a list is, also has intention to ambition and there is also intelligence."
Saying of Diao strange dispassion:"We determinedly execute an order!"
Liu Ding nods to say:"The place in the San pond is very small, the most can station 500 people, you are divided into troops two stir, by turn garrison, the troops of rest, all tie Zhai on Anne's camp of island in the goose heart, by turn carry on an attack to the San pond.If I guess right, we want in this top in the island and a life time to isolate for a few months."
Diao strange talk way:"Is understand!"
Li Yi He follows in detail combat of introducing Liu Ding to arrange.First, all troopses that take part in to attackstone a San pond, all station in the island in the goose heart, rest and recuperate to living an interest, launch basic combat training to the new soldier at the same time.Liu Ding takes out to adjust out this time of troops, the big part is all crack, however grimace all the new soldier in the troops is many, have to fight for time in two months inside make them become the soldier who can ascend battlefield.The battlefield is heartless, each new soldiers has to accept a rigorous test.
Secondly, each troopses all want and hard study how to match with black powder troops a battle.The black powder troops brought a great deal of explosive to wrap this time, they would be gone out by the building ship blast-off of water soldier and helped a mighty and valiant soldier to strike against a San pond.While defending a San pond, these explosives' wrapping equally can develop power.The explosive wraps an idea, besides which, , the black powder troops still brought a great deal of land mine, after the mighty and valiant soldier takes back a San pond, lay inside in the ground of San the north of pond right away, keep Huai from west soldier to close to.If Huai west the soldier Be strong line of to close to, these land mines will make them result in to biggest kill wound.
Li Yi He hasn't completely finished saying, the Luo feather outside comes in from the door, the low voice is to Liu Ding's report:"Coast the hair comes to news, Huai west the soldier launched backstroke."

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When Liu Ding calls subordinate to discuss to battle a project, Huai west the soldier have been already started out.^^Read the latest novel^
Zhang Ji's receiving a San pond is taken back by the mighty and valiant soldier afresh of the news is stationing in a place that is called Shu mountain of southeast square of river of Lu, here originally was a Huai west soldier with protect the district of believing the soldier contact, at the beginning Huai west the soldier built an army camp here, so that he/she will protect to believe soldier and mighty and valiant soldier insulation to open.Protected to believe soldier stanza at that time the degree made still Lin Du, have and the mighty and valiant soldier united of possibility, Huai west the soldier had to defend this.Afterwards Lin Du is thoroughly imprisonned by the under charge, protect to believe a soldier and the mighty and valiant soldier escaped from a relation, this army camp gradual of neglected, leaves more than 2,000 Huais west the soldier station, afterwards the mighty and valiant soldier influence is big prosperous, the patrol almost blocked up the doorway of Shu mountain army camp, inside of more than 2,000 Huai west soldier even none of fart dares to put.However, after this year ago, Huai west soldier again beginning a great deal of of the garrison Shu mountain army camp, its commander-in-chief is Zhang Ji.
The Shu mountain isn't a mountain, but a name of small place.Lu Tang Dai at Lu river, become a big the mountain there king, Zhang Ji doesn't think depending on another person for support of long time and instruct to make collective report to Lu Tang every day, hence the active rate soldier left a Lu river and arrived desolate Shu mountain army camp to station.Lu Tang doesn't miss Zhang Ji hinder himself/herself at the river of Lu as well, hence the request that generously promised Zhang Ji also exclusively take out to adjust a great deal of people's man to come to repair this army camp.Afterwards Huai west the soldier go down south Huang Zhou, the Lu river's Huai west the soldier decide strategy guide Tong city, this army camp became Lu the river outside Huai is western the place of the soldier strongest troops.
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