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Like, govern a country with doctor Shi.In case the liege man contains the heart that rebel the insurrection.At the same time, if there is the real strenght of liege man really to a certain extent, but must fight.Even if is to provide him to keep,absolutely can't give him solid power.
Is for this reason, the beam teacher becomes very small trick, but is again successful.This is really the conspiracy not afraid lousy, effective become.More lousy conspiracy, the person who uses is more many, but is also explaining its value and maneuverability.
The face of Zhao Ji original rage, right away dark next go.Obviously have already chased idea from that body of Huang Qian Shan, again transfer Li Min Shen up.
However, is this time is his old Zhao Jia's emperor scheme design king is playing tricks, although Zhao Ji is vexed,do not resent Li Min, on the contrary the oneself contains Kui, is as general as Li Min, the oneself is experiencing the test of friendship and emperor's right.
Is for this reason, Zhao Ji just suppresses of the Si roared 1:"Shut up!Back bottom!"Immediately the double eyes close tightly.Keep silence.
But!The beam teacher that is familiar with Zhao Ji becomes, but is know that his trick succeeded.The surface stays calm and collecteds, dark descend satisfiedly pushed to go out.Combine in momentary, notified Cai Jing to this matter, show the quick wit of putting the oneself to Cai Jing.
To know the beam teacher becomes although knowledge isn't high,knowledge has already assumed the manners of creative artist, like the Pi of behavior teacher good.But Cai Jing, although is a powerful ministers,is a solid dozen actually and step by step from basic near the practical ability, step by step rise to come up of, successively once got Wang An Shi, took charge of a horse only two send a thinking greatly of of different political views, more calligraphy everyone nowadays, the form of written impartial Huo reaches, beyond doubt but is a person who really has knowledge and practical ability.The beam teacher becomes peacetime but have no what show off in Cai Jing's in front of opportunity, at present, rare Cai Jing has already seen the time of leaking the eye as well, he beam teacher become is also with borrow to acquainting with of Zhao Ji and the quick wit, small pull 10% once.Want to thoroughly show off 1 naturally, lead enough habit head.
Although Cai Jing shows the looks of lane towards becoming this kind of with beam teacher almost explosion door sort and extremely despises, can Cai Jing but is also know that the beam teacher becomes the person of favour, even if is the Qing government and people of Cai Jing Quan of highest point of, Cai Jing can't consequently gives offense to beam teacher, either, besides Cai Jing is more useful to the beam teacher at present place, Cai Jing's city mansion, can't care these small matters.
Certainly, if Cai Jing didn't need to the this person tolerance, that is again general.
Is for this reason, at that moment Cai Jing didn't not only become facial expression for beam teacher, but also still thoroughly praise beam teacher to become some kind of, became beam teacher comfortablely a God.Cai Jing this just says:"Although Huang Qian Shan's memorial has no achievement, also no harm.The calm doesn't rise a wave.Gather a child to become much.Say much, officer's house finally would believe.Besides, fairy teacher already close.Just from is rushed through by old man entreaty.Need once the fairy teacher arrive, the important event can settle."
⒈⒈ 15th times the Yan ground winds and clouds change

Fairy teacher!
The great Sung ability is called fairy teacher by Cai Jing of, very few.The beam teacher becomes although just can be not high, can brain still really calculate top is respond top-grade, so then he can this this grows than the imperial palace of officialdom more confusion dirtiness and stand erect not to pour.The beam teacher becomes the nature is to hear noise but know Ya Yi.Knowing what Cai Jing said is who.Immediately admire Cai Jing of generous, can please of move this person.In the heart was full of expectation.
However, Cai Jing and beam teacher at this time become, but don't know kid Guan of one of their allieses, but is appeared a problem.
Kid Guan, that is also scolded as six one of the thieveses' persons in city.But kid Guan all soldier several years, the merit is clusters of.Supported by proof west summer, accept green Tang of achievement.Although it is said have already claimed falsely others achievement, it says.Can two countries engage for several years and have been already won to hurt, but big Sung this noodles but under the conductor of this northwest side soldier's General of kid Guan, recover four continents, more surrendered Qiang person the leader Zang advertise for to rush toward an elder brother.By luck can a can not two.Troops' system, that can be not whole is with lend a trick, can thoroughly stand firm.Big Sung door, the generation occupies to want a job in the big Sung soldier, although have no greatly solid power,is a soldier middleman to annoy to.But isn't a casually people without ability, can on treating for several years, the prison prison stands firm.
Is for this reason, this kid Guan even if can't launch troops, also will use a person, so just can with borrow to belong to bottom, accomplish a great achievement.Is steady to steadily hold Zhang west soldier the big power is several years.More or less, absolutely must having some then the militaries can.
But this time, kid Guan accepts order to quell campaign against a Liao country.Is also scheme not small.
To know the big Sung saint Zu absolute being believes in dying instructions, can reply the territory of whole Yanses to do this nation, can Shu Wang Jue.
Kid Guan is this time, is rushing that to go.As long as recovering a Yan territory, that his kid Guan, that can have a history eunuch with tallest Jue.
Is for this reason, kid Guan would actively facilitate advertising for the matter of Liao.
But is this, although kid Guan still needs to guard against west because of the old subordinate of northwest side soldier summer.The transfer doesn't get, can still beg for to want 200,000 toward Zhao Ji of forbid a soldier, under the sistuation that forbid soldier solid sum shortage, recruited a place crack gather together together.And still beg for all boon aims of with full powers conductor northeast defense line.That troops in the hand is also a by long odds and northwest soldier on.The after all big Liao real strenght is far also a summer of non- west can the peter is also big Sung generation to stay overnight an enemy, a little bit steady, eventually have no blunder.
But in addition to this.Kid Guan is also early early of strongly supported a gold country, made the gold country very and quickly resume over Yan the thou dozen fall in action but Be forced to avoid a Liao country anti- round Jiao to result in ground's losing.
And.Surely sponsor over Yan the thou beat great talent, can his younger brother over Yan Wu Qi buy, is is also can not small lo.And, over Yan the thou fight of farsighted strategy.Originally also early finish doing.Is concrete implementation, originally already rely on this brave force to win the younger brother of oneself more over Yan Wu Qi buy implementation.
Over Yan Wu Qi buys after getting helping of big Sung and pacified those smoothly go and live with a gold country of give birth to a mature woman true.Met together large numbers of Bohai Sea persons more.In fact dint.Not only have no because Liao country ground stroke but descend, anti- pour because solidified each tribe continuously with the of gold country resist to oppress for oneself but fight, born ownership to the gold national product each one.Real strenght but is stronger many.
But at this time, Liao local department, along with Lyu the big stone constantly build up eminent contribution, the werewolf changes body, was even become Zu absolute being by the apotheosis to show supernatural power, prestige soars.Also encountered the Lyu postpone Xi Xiao to receive first of the Ji hate and suspect.It be ordered to garrison a stone door, built on stilts soldier's right,beats by dre australia.Went to over Yan Wu Qi and buy an only ability front side a fight of big enemy.
Over Yan Wu Qi buys but is the interior region in Liao country, continuous advertised for with Liao to fight for two years, not only wasn't routed, anti- pour more and more strong.Good at Liao country ground the Lyu postpone Xi after over Yan thou killed, don't hate to the gold country's keeping, in big Sung line up soldiers after more than a years, is also some accustom to of Be getting more silent, again visit an interest to greatly deliver, abandonned a country government to play go to.
This Liao country just at have no this big ability the ground influence under,http://www.monsterbeats-ol.com, although what then not get gold country, can also keep without change a few main routes, finish inhibitting Yan Wu Qi buys of onrush.But have no vitality greatly harm, threw a root.
However, for this deploy of guard against a gold country of defense line, also took up big Liao fully 300,000 troops and horseses.Far and far came from kid Guan's target outside, this is also kid Guan this time beg for to make one of the reason of hundred percent confidences.
But these, not just kid Guan's all meanses, kid Guan greaterly confidence, but is that he comes from big Sung a hundred years to greatly account ground to secretly deploy.The that good Si household radicates big Liao already a hundred years, as a dead, recover Yan cloud 16 greatly accounting of the stateses for the sake of the completion, have already put forth 100 efforts,dr dre cheap.The hand that secretly sets out has been far to go to.
But kid Guan pass Zhao Liang Si more, with nowadays the power of big Liao mutually Li Chu Wen, and Fan Yang guarded to take apothecary Guo to ascend relation.
This Lee place is a heavy big Liao minister, originally should not collaborate with kid Guan.Can what then collaborate with foreign tribe disaster originally clan, and is much more than the Chinese's outcome, is also the total of race in the whole world, the Japanese also has a crafty day, the Jew is also and still big, and this Liao person also has crafty Liao naturally.
This Lee place receive with Xiao first on good terms, is also the Xiao receives to recommend first to ascend of mutually.The Di being a Xiao to receive first fastens.Greedy thought particularly very.Naturally and very easily drive Zhao Liang Si this waits a dead household, control many shortcomings.Make open to go out, even if is an immortalization clan, also enough this Lee place behead several ten times of.But kid Guan again usually Related articles:

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