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Beckon with the hand to them!
This is people to often say in:The magic power of hero!
One of his words arose the ambition of the officers and mens inside the palace right away, in succession Gao Han Yao defeats enemy's soldier and shot the asseveration in red month.
The card pulls a multinational king to pull with card cypress to mutually see a to smile, they the brothers a pair finally walk together and hold hands to make great effort for saving people, don't to their guidance and loving care from childhoods can calculate Kui royal ancestors!
Seeing many will get the confidence time increase, didn't fear to the speech of putting out a life time, the sky worked properly respected master to feel very happy, well at ease with public negotiate in the future strategic deployment.
Soon, five road front receives card to pull a multinational king to send out of, the judgment day that work properly respected master in the sky will face to predict and march war to make.
Medium the road the armed forces join forces for battle to take the offensive the evil soldier of the cloth orchid Ge country, the falling of north road radicle giant army corps keeps taking pleased pull a country especially, then these two road battalions schedule to at come close to these two national western the neighboring country of the noodles discard to pull to park Er rendezvous.
From here cooperate to capture more west a small country of the noodles, can arrive dead to work properly source-west Si space inside, this is the quickest front recently, the card pulls a multinational king to prepare with most the great power is capturing the headquarter of enemy in short time most !
But leave the dead of four inside small nations of being partial to the south to work properly disaster, then from green wood year the alliance battalion for leading to tidy up.
When the green wood year receives this war to make, she knows that the variety of front road is larger more dangerous.
She have to only the dint match four enemy's soldiers in the national territorials, probably evil soldiers will transfer main battalion toward the north, probably will annihilate weaker front of her this road first with all strength again twists about attack from both flanks for a sky, the main force of the Hui soldier, however she makes a firm decision and no matter how it is, also in no case retreat half to tread and hold up all offensives of enemy's soldier, make them not step enough again have been already taken back of mankind's country!
On the other hand, white water to also received card to pull multinational handwriting military command, but was a rare Lei son to take to him and read out for him.
At that time, he is blinking to expect a double eyes to lie in the spacious wagon quietly, whole body Tan softly the just as you please visit rain orchid washes to wipe a body back for him, at rare after Lei son finish reading the king's letter, he still has never uttered a half voice, because he has already canned not talk.
From got into the inside cloth Mo Luo's national territorial, he has been continuing with the soul combat of evil absolute being and have a to fight every few days each time, although he at light of under the divine instruction, the dollar absolute being manipulates the ability of remarkable talent quickly and increases masterly, the evil absolute being is also gradually fierce into the manner making, almost each terrific fight that is thousand times all dangerous,dr dre cheap.
The victory seems up to now station still at they this square, can he body of condition but pound at in the every energy under sharply fall, die of edge's seeming tentacle have been already been within the reach of.
Is current of he can be read with spirit idea and visit rain orchid, they communicate to communicate, this pours also very convenient, because of regardless their body can receive right away where white water come of information.
Once when their consciousness is in the confabulation the consciousness body of granite year suddenly rushed and learned of white water to be massacred of all careers.
Although the granite year is also the colleague who together experiences several life and deaths, can his that wave person is general of the personality actually make to visit rain orchid, they worry, luckily all the way granite the year all make an effort to press white water come of will, combat direct the whereabouts radicle giants, haven't made open a half voice, and dark in let the giantess Ge Ma that is addicted to him reach Nuo and stay at white water come to wagon neighborhood to go back and forth and take into to protect.
White water come they this just finally the feeling Wu arrive, this surface wave concusses of the great commander soldier is a worth trust of good colleague!
Fall the radicle giants to easily crush enemy resistance work properly dead battalion under the designation that white water to send out expel inside the cloth Mo Luo's national territorial,Beats By Dre Justbeats, offend into pleased pull a country especially-a with the country that the forest calls, follow road go into purpose is the cluster for towering aloft mountain and rise and fall uneven highland.
The giants pour a nothing important, but bitterness the mean person son of Hui country in the sky, up and down jolt in the hillock, make their physical strength quickly overdraw, make the giants stop to walk ground to wait them, if be not white water to clip in their brigade the wagon of place, fall a radicle the person early want to fall in them to run to generous.
Oddness of BE, get into pleased especially pull over five days of country, have never met with any dead to work properly troops, only some zero spread to move of corpse dry skeleton in the line, and they just westwards south to rush to escape.
This day, revolve a remarkable talent anti- to resist white water of body pain-suffering just and hard, hear the absolute being of light saying:"With your meat body circumstance to see, only have again 23 times fight you Be about to end life!For this period of time, I keep searching the method that can help you, in your memory, I suddenly discover a probably useful method."
White water come of consciousness exultation way:"Really?BE what?"
"Grandpa Wu Shen Wang once told you, Xuan too very heart method, needed then the energy combination of the pole of yin and yang can develop the tallest power, although he belong to the whole life capability of feminine gender spread to you, even if plus the ice ability that you originally possessed again, still far shortage and the longan stone in your body, dazzle the male energy of Huang fire and daytime heart method mutually Heng, so you got his capability, but your war skill wasn't promoted, didn't develop very heavy effect in the combat, this is after numerous combats inside I observe, therefore I have a viewpoint, it lets to visit rain orchid and rare Lei son they help you!"
"?They ……do not go, they are mortal ……"white water back and forth remind Wu Shen Wang passes him to the capability behind that vice- decrepitude desire eventually of carriage, can not help worrying call way.
Only of the absolute being is also silent a short moment, dignifiedly say:"Probably is a little bit dangerous, seek them to discuss to see whether they would like to, because of ……this is probably your source of vitality finally!"

Chapter 3 assassinates

White water to is a very hot one rent service prospects on all sides the encampment of place, every time deadlock rest, Hui the warriorses in the sky must busily prepare meals.
Certainly, the big part is the giants but do, while fighting help not up what favour, then have to be responsible for logistics work.
Falling the appetite of the radicle giants is astonishing, follow road will go to and hunt to bring back many wild beast birds on their own initiative to them, Hui the warriors in sky takes care of to cook a food to go for them, can get into pleased after pulling the country of this forest especially, in addition to the eagle Peng that occasionally brushes past, other living creatures all seem to hide or death ray, can hardly find game.
Ling Luo after seeing more this problem, 20,000 ride soldiers to all add into the work of transporting the food, and send out an express letter letter toward the around reaching of the big rear Si country way especially clear circumstance, increase a great deal of food supplies for this one party, put this hard nut to crack even on the whole.
This night, when the warriors very not easy pair of food gives the giant absolute being the soldiers to assign to prepare oneself to enjoy well and just the troops of giant suddenly rashness move, many have already raised weapon, excitedly Rang call walk to the northwest outside the camp.
See them that vice- happy kind, Hui the warriorses in the sky know that the front discovered condition of the enemy.But they just at will hesitated to then continue to have a meal for a while, unconcerned to this, because this all the way come they don't want to put on a skill towards fighting almost numbness,beats by dre australia, each battle they.
The dollar of granite year absolute being quickly floats toward white water, to white water come of consciousness report to report this matter, then white water come of the dollar absolute being fly Lue to fall a radicle clan one warrior Harry idea space, make sure to fight instruction to him.
Fall the radicle warriors to just always listen to Wu Shen Wang of make, the granite year certainly can not directly direct them, so come to is all white water all the way to inform by spirit consciousness the idea space is to the Harry after, then the granite year can order the giants.
The giants shouted to go forward and rushed at that low valley in front, their scouts' requiting to have many monsters there was taking a stroll, and the amount is too much.
White water come of the dollar absolute being return to the time in the wagon and discover to take two young girls that the food lifts water back for him, a is feeding water for him, 1 just washes to wipe body for him.
See this scene, white water come pretty much touched, in the mind again cant not bear to the heart want these two Jiao person the son take a risk for him.
After the absolute being of the light told him that that lived a life opportunity, it has been two days since he hesitated, hesitant.
Formely regardless dry what dangerous of matter, he proceeded without hesitation to go forward courageously, can this time dissimilarity Related articles:

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