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Please to relatively understand relevant small dance of the card Nai Er of circumstance looks after a small dance, but discovers the spirit Wu that has strong research desire working properly a master have already squatted down in the small dance nearby, with rapt attention start a research.
The deliberating of bitterness bitterness material and process that some kind of oneselfs create noodle with meat-bean sauce, Liu Jing learns 100 to think not get its solution:Seem, probably, should I have never used any different material.Common side, common of water, common of mountain Jiao, common of mountain bean, and and the skill of the noodles top also have no of different, didn't join what day material ground treasure, also didn't use the type of the sorcery of any gathering energy of.
How to be getting more different?Is what oneself unintentional a certain action coincidentally matched a certain and special, mysteriously trigger a factor?Or oneself the composition proportion of the Dan medicine of proportion exactly a certain oddness of materials like noodles water,etc today?
The variety of small dance may be to have relation with that ancient inside peculiar clothes, while the variety of that clothes have something to do with the little chief's variety of that fanatic large unit again, but the little chief's variety of that fanatic large unit have already had relation with that noodle with meat-bean sauce, noodle with meat-bean sauce has relation with I again, so I took place what change?
Liu Jing learns to go up and down, inside inside outside outside, before and behind, Zi cautiously and thinly check some time, just finally discover and can make sure:Oneself has never taken place any variety , at least, superficially dided not see advertising for of any variety elephant.
Liu Jing learned to naturally change direction vision in of eldest that, want to acquire some explanations there from he, but just on seeing, Liu Jing learns and then gaved up he or she's hope.
You can look about from Zhang Zhu Zui, the mouth inside still shakes to sway of Diao wear noodles slice, the saliva matches a noodles slice soup person's mouth of crosscurrent acquire what news?For the shape of that vice- very much resembling stroke linger effect, if not that the taste that looking at that old man's houses still has absolute being on the whole, Liu Jing learns to almost doubt that old man whether suddenly get suffer a stroke.Now this power, look to also have a possibility that suffers a stroke early sign.
If be not doing wake him up, see the circumstance of that old man's house, may wait a short while to appear very much cerebral burst of symptom.
Liu Jing learns hurriedly before catching up and held up that old man to looking at the taste of of cloth Lai and stretches hand to answer that bowl in the old Sir's hand at the same time, another hand went into the old Sir's armpit for the Chan:"Feed, feed, come to."Liu Jing learns to use only can the voice hearing is at calling of the ear side small voice of old man's house.
Don't dare orotund Be getting bigger, if frighten master son, as long as having a so slight concussion and stretch tight tightly cerebrally that now possible at any time'Mao'of break.
Providing of brain the blood is full, but brain of oxygen consumption also equally high pole, probably had whole body the quarter of the oxygen consumption, and brain of many afferent branches modes that all is that kind of to present right angle status, so cerebral can bear of internal pressure not calculate too big.The blood that suddenly enlarges' measuring all may let at any time at present of the old people lie to pour in the ground.
So, Liu Jing's learning is caution again careful of in the hand from old man's house slightly give°ed that noodle with meat-bean sauce to answer in the past, then, by hand suppressed valley cave in matching of old man's house, slow-moving of enlarged strength gradually, mouth inside still just continuously light tone of call:"Old man's house comes to, old man's house, come to ……"
"-, " Is a scream, that old man's house suddenly clenched the collar of dress that Liu Jing learns with the action that in no case agrees with age:"You see have no, you see have no, he rose in rank, he rose in rank, my heavy incredibly at still not arrive 20 years old rose in rank the Class of crazy monk, darling heavy, gave us the cartel household to win glory too much, grew a face for cartel household too much, too …… -" old man's house bellows.Call very wretchedly.
Pitiful Liu Jing learns, another time was painfully and by hand suppressed cave in the ear door to the dizziness of earthquake, after letting go of noodle with meat-bean sauce in the hand by the high strength noise of the close quarter strong decibel of old man's house, another hand also strengthening of subconscious strength.
I will never be intentional, I is ……headache, to, I am a headache, the muscle spasm of the hand carelessly arouse, I absolutely don't seize an opportunity the circumstance of revenge, though is my headache that you fight, I didn't also make reprisals your meaning, as for press down your to match the hand of valley cave,beats by dr dre pro, that absolutely is be free from control, a lead sexual muscle spasm.
Liu Jing learns wrinkly eyebrows, smiling all over, use a kind of coy voice, lookinging at of gnash teeth in hatred that one more again two of break out that in oneself's ear high strength of old man's house of noise:"Master son, you can not again too concussion, you just of the circumstance is very dangerous, you after all also have according to your parlance 100 many year old, if you again the inattention keep Ping-ho of mood, you will give the other people result in very big trouble of, please quiet little good, old Sir?"
The hand of cave that is loose to open to grasp an old Sir to match a valley, Liu Jing learns well-mannered of to that Ju in old man's house a Gong:"Let ,down just your circumstance has a little not that wonderful, have a little too concussion, so I at your matched valley cave to up and a little bit add a little strength with transfer your attention, alleviate the partial blood pressure of your brain, avoid you because partial cerebral occurrence break but occurrence stroke.Have a disrespectful place to ask you to forgive much and more.It is ashamed.Hope you can calmly sit now a short while to recover your that too excited blood pressure.This is just one of my very small suggestion, but I urgently hope you can shape, good?"
Looking at of the thumb and the index finger of the back of the hand of that is profoundly suffused with the nail of one in fine threads blood scar to print, the cartel that finally and a little bit was calm to order old Sir in distress situationly tooks a look smiling Liu Jing to learn, helpless of order, sitting of honesty to part of in the meal chair, close the eyes for a rest.After all, good brave fellow not accept short-term loss, old man also not want to eat.
Satisfaction of looking at sitting of cartel old Sir's darling to one side, have never taken place those circumstances that make Liu Jing learn to feel worry , for example, faint, eye inclined on one side, half body numbness, activity inconvenience wait to suffer a stroke omen behind.Liu Jing learns to smilingly twist a head to see toward the cloth Lai that almost caused a murder case.The cartel is also heavy of master son.
"Yours, understand?"Although don't like this kind of to emphasize, current of under the circumstance, this kind of is simple and direct to clearly ask words are exactly one of the methods that can earn people's attention most .
The cloth Lai stagnantly twists overdo, looking at Liu Jing to learn, order, then seem to think of what, hurriedly have already stired the wave drum to similarly shake beginning.
"Ha ha, I am also not that understand."By hand pointed Tao Tao ear, to the ear report that suffers a devastation with pity after, Liu Jing learns to lift chin and pointed to point like be licked by a certain animal similar big bowl of:"BE full to have no."
Cloth Lai the taste of's pointing out to transfer that along with what Liu Jing learned be secretly eaten one by he or she clean big bowl of up, immediately present a timid facial expression on the face, Liu Jing who see learns of the eye pupil almost don't stare out.
A hand with the most concealment, the fastest skill lets that oneself shameful big bowl of to hid after death, cloth Lai with let card Nai Er this spirits all feel that the stunning facial expression shakes, if there is favour, the Die is not of order.
"Eating is satisfied and then eats satisfied, don't eat satisfied don't eat satisfied, you is again to shake head like this, and then nod, exactly is BE full or didn't eat satisfied."Liu Jing's learning is again and again directly been anti- by this to reply of the person Be getting more careless for lane, how all of two meetings is again shake head, and then nod of, let none of people understand exactly is what mean.Take care of him, don't eat satisfied oneself prosperous, being full that will do to live for me.
"The doctrine of that bright absolute being of yours in have concerning the fair parlance."Be make the somebody else dry to live, that must also let somebody else willingly of stem is not, otherwise the somebody else cheats on labor and material for you and steal crafty play the slippery, you looking at also uncomfortable right.So, Liu Jing learns and then prepares with the shield of the pike achievement son of son.
Cloth Lai Ao however of order, open mouth and then prepare to learn for Liu Jing theme stated in opening chapter of come a bright absolute being sayings.
Liu Jing learns to hurriedly put a hand:"Need not, need not, I need not know Related articles:

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