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 The car continues ex- go, probably five minutes after, Tan just the spring suddenly reduce slow the car is soon."The Yi, the eldest brother, before seems to have a little a problem."
Yang Tian's eyebrows a wrinkly, see arrive not to know through the windshield when at Be car about 34100 meters apart from oneself of place, three fast- driving motorcycle just lightning fast of dynasty oneself hurtle.
"Fatty turn around quickly."The hasty voice of Chen Xiao Long loudly appeals to the public.
"Need not you remind!"Just the Tan spring cursed and scolded a , the car has already urgently beaten steer device to try to stay away the motorcycle that will meet head on to bump.
Can at this time, on three motorcycles of rode a hand incredibly to give up car at the same time, all the way rolled to fall on the ground.But three motorcycles then tightly stick to hit the ground noodles, after a string of huge Mars, divide three directions to bump to Yang Tian's car.
"Jump a car quickly!"Yang Tian urgently wins to living Zhi, on pulling cart a door, already the first jump to go out.Is close behind, Tan just spring, Chen Xiao Long, left(full text word small 說閱讀 , 盡 at ωар .1 ⑥κ xs.cn (One ⑹κ .С Om.Text.學網 )
(Hand 3 people also quickly leave a car but escape.Just got away to have no at 4 people how far of time, three motorcycles and a that sedan"bomb" bumps at together.Cover with flame Teng to get empty but rise, reflect red the whole night sky.
"CAO!Someone wants to kill us!"Tan just the spring roll out 2310 meters on the ground in a row just steady live body.He denounced openly, the slightest didn't have scruples about at this time the wound on the body.
"Walk quickly!"Yang Tian has already seen arrive 3 of leaving the car in times before and ridden a hand already rapid dynasty oneself hurtling to come over through the light of fire.The other party real strenght isn't clear now, not easily hard anti-.
Tan just spring three publics know this, two words don't say and then start to follow Yang Tian to all the way run toward the direction of second even sea hotel.
Can four talented persons run one severals and then listen to the black cope of night of distance in, the engine voice of a burst of spreads.Immediately after, more than 20 light order bright the whole street noodles.More than 20 motorcycles impressively appear at right ahead!
"Still really descended net cost!"Chen Xiao Long sneers at, and then returns to body to see a behind have already caught up of 3 ride a hand.Can make him shocked BE, at this time behind already not only 3 ride a hand, but more than tens are three second the most typical three motorcycles used to carry a person to make sight-seeing trip.
This kind of motorcycle generally can sit three people.Up there is cloth quality crest the Peng is propped up by a steel.
"Left hand!"In the crowd, one stayed a long-haired man of a head of to walk out.His shoulders carries on the shoulder a hugely chop down knife, the foot contains much long one meters.The knife body is spacious, just a little bent.This chop down knife, a see and then know is an extremely heavy weapon, afraid of foot to have 3410 catties of heavy.Can the other party this man lift in hand, but Yuan if have no thing, with lift a penknife, basically could not feel what strength.
"You are a Xiao emperor?"Left hand one eye then saw this person extraordinary, make a noise to ask a way.
"Is quite good!"The Xiao emperor's cachinnation is a , a head of after growing and carries on the back of the long hair move with the breeze dance.He will chop down knife a horizontal, then again one of "Ding" hit on the ground, a string of Mars because of the friction of point of a knife and ground but Cuan a string of Mars.
"You are four, Lao Tze but have already waited for a long time.Lao Tze gives you a way out and put my younger brother Xiao Yang, Lao Tze immediately walks person."Xiao emperor loudly way.Over this period of time, he has been secretly planning the plan of various harassment revolver.He originally plans, as long as forcing the revolver hasty, revolver the nature will open fight with three second smuggle groups.Then, he then can take advantage o disorderly sneak attack, extrication oneself's younger brother.
Don't think, Yang Tian's emergence not only steady lived the situation of revolver, and still gradual became the bad situation of the revolver advantage.At the same time, change a person along with three second police station bureau chiefs, the relation net that he before builds up the pain also became vanish like bubbles.
So, can not help under, Xiao emperor can the soldier go the insurance recruit and ambush at this place.Lucky BE, Yang Tian all the way of tail wind with the current, and the real strenght of the oneself, let he be in need of guard against consciousness, this just fell into today's ambush turn.However, the Xiao emperor once hears Yang Tian's nickname-knife emperor, also know the real strenght of left hand.Therefore, until now, he didn't also intend to put together with the true blood of Yang Tian Si people.His biggest purpose just for the sake of extrication Xiao Yang!
But at present, these 5610 people are already all troopses that he can gather.Originally before this, still have a lot with the smuggle group of his alliance.Can along with Yang Tian's thunderbolt means, the emergence of the pathetic final outcome of those pirate leaders, many people have already beaten to have to back a drum in succession.
"You are a Xiao emperor?"Yang Tian resumed dispassion.The other party although the person is many, can tie up their 4 people but still very difficult.
"Who are you ?"
"Yang Tian!"Yang Tian sneers at a , fly to soon calculate how to break through siege in the heart at the same time.He can not let nearby of the brothers get hurt, this is the main force strength that the board of trade that will soon close to changes.Once there being a mishap today, the loss resulted in by that will can not make up.
"The emperor of the knife?!"The Xiao is emperor's one Zheng, soon after laugh wildly.He should be uses the superior of knife, the name inside also takes the word of a "emperor".He early hears three a mysterious superior, nickname knife emperor, a wish to want a knowledge.Now, Yang Tian so station at his front of, immediately arose his untamed nature.
"You since call knife emperor, that your knife is definitely fierce."The Xiao emperor chuckles a , " I give you opportunity.If you canned once win me on the knife method, I put you today.But they have to leave, I need to change my younger brother with them."
"Well complacent man!"Yang Tian Wei angries, face last flash across one silk Yin is malicious.But soon after, in his brain working one Shan, seemed to thought of what.BE continuously changing of in the facial expression, Yang Tian suddenly on grinding teeth, toward nearby of left hand way:"You are three, dare play one with me big?"
"Is playing big?"The left hand is one Leng, a bit not that understand.
"The eldest brother wants to play what, I keep company with!"Chen Xiao Long's arriving is simply.
"Lao Tze naturally be play the big, afraid of."Just the Tan spring roars with laughter.
"That good!"Yang Tian soft-voiced way, " since it is so, left hand you immediately and secretly notify the person of revolver and make the rock green with the site that Wu Rong takes a person to kill toward the point knife.At the same time, let them know meeting a police, match with our activities."
"Eldest brother do you want to round a Wei to save?"Chen Xiao Long realized Yang Tian's intention and asked a way.
"It not is to round a Wei to save, but do both things simultaneously."Yang Tian sneers at, " is this time activity, not only make them quickly take down the site of point knife, at the same time we also need to kill to put out an at present enemy as far as possible."
The Yang Tian Si people want to leave, not in fact difficult.But if want to kill a light at present enemy,is very difficult.And, once choosing to kill an enemy, oneself it is very likely that 4 people will die here.This is Yang Tian why will ask just the reason of that sentence, he wants to let he's brothers he's choice!

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"CAO!You what do four Dis whisper Gu to say!Yang Tian, I see your artistic skill quite good and just want to exchange blows with you.If you want to play what flower recruit, Lao Tze momentary killed you 4."Xiao Huang bellows 1 and stares Yang Tian Si people.
"This person is empty to have whole body of force, but have no intelligence.Really don't know previous those activities that aim at revolver by whom plan."Laugh behind one's back in Yang Tian Xin, see from the surface, the Xiao emperor isn't a plan.Nearby and definitely still have a real clever strategy type at him so person.
"The emperor of the Xiao,beats by dr dre pro!"Yang Tian loudly way, " since you want to have a competition, that puts a horse to come over!"Yang Tian is earnestly wishing this Xiao emperor and oneself to compare Dou, by so doing he can procrastinate time as far as possible as well as good keep his own physical strength.At the same time, it is more likely to match with already and receive a left hand secretly hair to the activity of the Tong and Si Yin Tang of news.
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