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Wine water of was very quick and then wet John's big slice of collar of dress, the black warrior shook head wry smile to get up, "the circumstance of second Ba Dun's adult is more even worse than me, even still don't resume consciousness till now.His majesty, our apocalypse plan ……seem is fail."
"BE?"Alsace sees carelessly answer a way, can let go of of right hand but is betrayed the exasperation in his heart.Nearby that was just lightly touched to touch for a while by Alsace, ground split a ground of wood end."Bastard!"
"You need not be thus of ……" John hurriedly comes forward consolation, can change really solid Alsace greater fury, "I why not the ability is such!"His Xuan leaks of brandishing and beginning arm, pay no attention the dint of the death that shows unintentionally, pull half product inside the debt year end, " beats in after soldier get here, we still have where fear a smooth affair!?The transmission door of end is ruined, second Ba Dun unexpectedly drive the rat sneak attack that lose den cause death!"Saying of Alsace gnash teeth in hatred, " connects to track a method and unexpectedly also makes that virtuous.The blessing Rui ascends to once escape!John, he can just a person is just!Still just inside in the district controled by us!Be so ……that bastard , just with the personal dint, abruptly stir yellow all of our plans!Thus, can I not also get mad!John!?"
The black warrior in fearly lowers the head to go, don't dare speech, even if Alsace pays no attention in show unintentionally of strength, have already opened on him many sons, don't realize as well, the just silent single knee kneels on the ground, breathed looking at Alsace.The king who looking at him heartily of the Xuan leaked a backlog several days of exasperation ……
Thus led very in a short while, Alsace finally re- was calm down, he realized to ownly rude in behavior, so the openings says, "sorry, John.I am just ……"
"Do not dare, adult."John hurriedly in response to the way, " you need not worry, that blessing Rui ascends of affair, I will definitely handle for you okay!"
Alsace still soared to don't already cut up rough to the breeze in times before listens to John mean thus at this time, unexpectedly also have no of reaction, just lightly order a head, even if settle a dispute.
-In fact Alsace and John's in the minds are all very understand, Alsace just soared to the breeze of exasperation performance, however was blaming on a third party just.
That is Wen De.The blessing Rui ascends of boy, although to what they brought not small trouble, can be still of no consequence very important, being like his dare do to take not to make moves secretly to break in at the back, is the best clear certificate!As long as that guy dares to appear in the in front of Alsace,cheap beats, will come to with Si in the previous Pu especially,cheap dr dre beats, have no Zong general end!
Nowise doubt in Alsace heart of believe this.Therefore he cuts up rough in times before, in fact is come from another reason.
Got a new world from the sorcery demon Wang Nai Ao Zu from inside the Wei Mo Er hand, left here.Lost to bear Alsace of the Ao Zu spirit control, actively plan, the secretly plan betrays a sorcery demon king and wants to loot all everythings that originally belong to him from bear the hand of Ao Zu.Contacted many allies from here, also acquired certain result.But still far far not enough!The matter that is always like Alsace to want to attain, the most important the matter, is to all always don't getting along!
The real strenght of Alsace, time stops over in the D class peak, a bit too long!
Originally he thinks this cause that is to bear the Ao Zu spirit control, secretly inhibit.As long as getting away from the sorcery demon king's control, can easily attain this!
But, how think ……
Do but isn't greatly smooth!
Oneself not only toughens to break that bottleneck, connect and Si in the Pu especially, have no Zong to successively exchange blows this best chance, all never Alsace has realization!
See, time thus and with each passing day of past, but Alsace always go back and forth threshold at the C class outside not get its method!Be truely make him feel anxiety layer after layer, distressed place!
Even connect to offend to break, capture ten word encampments, all not equal to he attains smoothly C class come of importance!
Because only attain C class, Alsace just has hundred percent confidence, can inhibit natural calamity Wu to work properly all voices of objection in the inner part and once connects to belong to everything of bearing the Ao Zu at first smoothly!
The beard knows that with the sorcery demon that the terror shakes the Zhe knife tower mainland king, also however is the real strenght of the C class peak just!
The worry anxiously like this has already for a long time suppress in Alsace heart, now then the day Li Nuo suddenly exposes the real strenght of and then inducts the chance that Alsace worries.Let the legend sorcery that people shrink at the sight of it, eventually let Alsace do to hesitate much decision.
"We again stay to also have no here necessity.Prepare to return to the tower Lun rice Er!Otiose everythings all abandon, then is that we polished off Mo root and Si in the Pu especially of repair …… regard as Ma Ge Nu Si to big gift, send to the silk of Kai Ni.Wei Nai especially that woman!"Resumed calm Alsace to continuously sneer at, " natural calamity Wu works properly inside may oppose my strength, and allied troops there of real strenght, the maintenance lives a delicate balance, then we can better Hun water touch fish."Can the topic Be suddenly another to turn, Alsace towards to still keep kneeling to say at John on the ground, " however~that is virtuous.The blessing Rui ascends, which afraid for the sake of second Ba Dun, I must also make him die here!!I have already prepared feeling, that master, and the allied troops suddenly act today.All have a direct relation with him!As long as we show an enemy with weak, that guy can't definitely pass this opportunity and stand to my in front for the first time!"
Alsace sneers at, the gloomy side permits medium continuously send forth be good enough to match in excellence the north ground field ice of strict cold, "then ……I will his skull in owlet, regard as the container that I fill a victory wine!"
The first begs a red ticket more~
Please continue to support ……

73, first light of day inside, the young girl Qing makes an effort of performance!!(It it two)
On recording absolute being to put out to cut later on, the Li Nuo slightly and slightly lowered flight level, the Mi wears aureate eyes through built-up water fog and cautiously checked oneself to just obtain of results in battle.
Shocked white water river the legend magic trick of all cross-straits masters, at tide hunter the body can not obliterate up leaving of injury.The cloudy red fog package lost greater half at the benefit Wei Tan shoulder and the whole giant of left arm all over, the positive half kneels at white water river in, sent out to be good enough to match in excellence the wail of rolling the thunder.
The list is to so bellow, let white water river bring about a repeatedly surprised sky of Hai wave, continuously pound at the crag of river water cross-straits.The benefit Wei Tan endures an ache station to start again and slowly return overdo, looking at the Li Nuo Nu way, "I am the Ba lord of endless sea, always no one can can bring me so big injury!!-Mean person son, I will definitely make you beg to living not get, beg dead the ability is not of!"
The Li Nuo picked eyebrows and was intentionally the benefit Wei Tan noodles to beat a gape, "well big of tone!Say what from no one ……want don't we remind your this idiot is for a while:Just just the affair in the day before yesterday, have you been already forgotten so quickly?"Looking at the condition of the injury of the Tan of benefit Wei just in the gradual instauration, the Li Nuo has never taken advantage o to win to make track for shot, but shows off the quick argument goes to sarcasm sea of giant, is also have her causal.
-Though make use of a method, let Li Nuo in short time in can let go of to have scruples about, needing not worrying to excessively using divine power will give the Li Li the body of the Mu to bring negative injury.But, that also has certain boundary.Be like just that shot absolute being put out cut, but ratio in former days the Li Li Mu serious wound, shot killed a dark night devil king, Ba La, that of the absolute being of"not yet finished" puts out cut want severe many,Artist Series.The list talks about power and even be good enough to match in excellence Li Nuo ever at great anger in display of"heavy broke to cut".
This is already the method is allowing scope inside, the divine power of the high degree of the Li that the Nuo can release.And still unavoidable of, brought some"side effect".
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