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"There is also half for hour, star astronautics the warship will land a black cloud star and all take for me to come over those guys and directly throw down to go when the time comes, it is to live, see their lucks to is dead!"
The old didn't talk, the person beside the body was to don't talk and just quietly backed bottom.
They know that the Huan Chen is this time to is to really get angry to, after all, landed the time of black cloud star before and all grasped those the comer Anne's gold sent to a black cloud star, with among them some general situation dint after completing traded just left.
But this time, so throw down they go, not only can kill a person not to say, his own that benefits, can not get more, this generally can't take place to the Huan Chen of personality dark.
After ten minutes, promise big berth, pack with a dense crowd.These people's bodies are all penned, enforce the law the transfering under guard of person of alliance in the galaxy under, arrived at here.
Luo maple also therein, be see that many person's heads of, the look in the eyes of original iciness is tiny, however immediately would be to respond to come over, some suddenly.
Star astronautics warship very of big, the only the most anterior the berth, then can pack the next 100,000 people.At this time, sweep to stare at it in the Luo maple under, absolutely have number stem, even come to an a square!
These people are mostly all some self - disciplines of low class landscapes, everybody, see toward the look in the eyes of Huan Chen, the facial expressions are all different.
There is panic, there is an anger hating, there is Tan Te, have been already entreated!
But for these people's vision, the Huan Chen just swept to see one eye, then cold cold on smiling, way:"At the beginning aren't you all fierce?Be not all want to set against with me?Be not all want to polish off me?"
"Hum, wait for a second, arrived a black cloud star, you would know, what is a real blackness!"
Chapter 351 【black cloud star 】
Black cloud star, the star is all all the time surrounded by black fog of Man sky such as its, malicious origin can not see clearly the sky here, exactly is what appearance.
Come out a black cloud star, turn a head to see go, all of gold departments are that the Liao is blacks,cheap beats by dre.
But compared with the intergalactic galaxy, the black cloud star but again is a Tai to blackly become bright.
Black cloud star periphery has 1 F huge black diaphragm, will exactly the distance gold of one light year departments all isolate.Such real strenght, has no more than eight classes to fix for, absolutely hard accomplish!
It is said that this diaphragm is those early years transmigration of soul emperor work properly after the landscape of black cloud star sample, along with time of evolve, but slowly appear.
The diaphragm is the thinnest, though black, but black transparent.
No matter from in go toward an outside, or go toward from the outside inside, all see clearly.
In this diaphragm inside, all every moment stand many people, they put a look in the eyes at the unreal out of the diaphragm on, is waiting for what.
The shadow of human figure innumerable, the mutual, respectively constituted an influence, back and forth hesitated, is also a bit careful.
Collect however, in the their eyes naked one Shan, peep out one silk excitement on the face!
A huge light blue star astronautics warship, at that galaxy unreal on, slowly and afloat and since then.
Look like slow-moving, actually then, the quickest!
The star astronautics warship is on all sides, go generally before being battleship in the water, a current of air ripples of invisible sends forth but, there is no voice, toward the landscape on all sides, the star sweeps but go.
Suddenly, that huge star astronautics warship on, the berth front door slowly opens, along with the flowing out of current of air, a personal shadow, also from that among them, be thrown out.
Those people in the diaphragm immediately and suddenly and violently start a shadow, tear to pieces diaphragm and toward these shadow of human figures to hurtle by quickest speed.Several distances that do ten thousand insides, at their very and soon under, only several minutes, would be have been already arrived.
"Fresh blood, fresh blood, ha ha!"
Most one person in the front, once the palm stretch, a personal shadow takes frightened of the complexion be grasped by him at hand in.His ferocious cachinnation wears, felt in front for a while this.find, of fix for"have no a wrinkly, later on, beside of person frightened of vision in, will it an arm direct Ye come down, fresh bloody, like this filled into in the mouth, part mastication, part cachinnation.
"Ha ha, a lot of years of don't eat meat, quite good, really quite good!"
After death of the person is also blunt, come up, hope the arm in the man's hand, is all joss-stick Tuo big wave, seem extremely eye Chan.Respectively looking for a find is all to feel real strenght first, if can, then stay.If not help, then excited of tear to pieces it, the and then big big tores to bite and imitates if joss-stick eat grilled meat generally.^
"Ah!Ah!Have a woman, have a woman, Lao Tze would like to use space crystal stone commutation!"
"The woman hurries, woman, intergalactic gold Jing, space fracture rule, Lao Tze rounds to all have, 1 changes ten, how?"
"Depend, your his mama stops for me bottom, how ran, **!"
Fly comer to have a lot, in Luo maple's eyes have to count 100,000 at least of number.But be thrown down of person, just only ten thousand numbers, the of course not is everybody to divide.
Is helpless under, they only wait the person's star astronautics warship to fly toward the Huan Chen.
Although they are ferocious, shouting loudly of threat, how does the Huan Chen dare to stop?Is former of land every time, all contacted to like the general situation dint in the black cloud star first, should like bargain, just dare to trust to land.
But at the moment if really stopped down, the Huan Chen dares to make a bet, ten minutes inside, star astronautics warship on, can dismantle of, absolutely can't leave!
Luo maple after these people throw down come, the Huan Chen really don't take care of their living and quickly urge an aircraft carrier to leave.In the big screen in front, looking at these people surprised fear to, the noodles of the dismay permits, the Huan Chen face distorts and peeped out the smiling face of one silk abnormal condition.
"Ha ha, have never thought this time, Lao Tze can also rob to 1!"
A big fellow with big and strong shape, Human body, cow head, good the monster person on cloud mainland in the sky is general, but the real strenght is a ratio, it doesn't know strong arrive where go.
He arrives at Luo maple in front and approaches the tongue of half rice to lick to lick and roars with laughter 1, starting to grasp the arm of Luo maple will downwards Ye.
But bottom a moment, he again good is thought of what, decadently sighed a , a Zhang carries on the back after clapping at the Luo maple on, feel the real strenght of the Luo maple.
The Luo maple is the body being sealed to print now, and this of the person is feel anger to make moves, basically have no to the slightest show consideration, empress the backbone be directly clapped of fall apart, split but open.
The Luo maple noodles permits one white, the mouth opens and cried aloud to vomit several bloods.Violent ache makes his eyebrows big wrinkly."**!"
Doing not arrive is three, the cow head person lambastes 1 and starts to grasp Luo maple and also ignores the condition of the injury on his body, Pa Pa the return of the Pa number palm, is red the that the facial expression of the Luo maple pallor beat again.
"Calculate you***lucky, you later if don't do to Lao Tze a little result, Lao Tze makes you living not ability, dead not get!"
Clip Luo maple in the armpit, the cow head person is again a just- landed other facing states person to hurtle.
The Luo maple carries on the back to split behind, at the moment drive cow head person so on clipping, that bone more and deeply sinks flesh in, the ache spreads all over a gold body and keep drilling heart.
At this moment, the whole black cloud star edge, star astronautics warship process of district, counted 100,000 people to start large-scale combat.
They are all hurtling Luo maple these people and go, grasp in hand, even if is to live a life, also want to be like Luo maple, be subjected to very big offense.Because these biggest wishes for peoples would be to wait Luo maple a person to eat up.
But if the Luo maple waits the person's real strenght to come to a x-rated above, approach the existence of four classes, would be and leave, absorb fresh blood, join own influence.
This is also why the cow head person cut up rough of reason.The Luo maple real strenght arrived, he could not ate, but also can not let the Luo maple come to like.
The confused conflict that counts 100,000 people, the influence has a difference, real strenght differ, but is an all x-rated above self-discipline, fight condition, very shocking!
Spend a gorgeous good-looking attack method, the weapon material of various each kind, the complete with everything side permits a face, all of the different tall and big in stature shape , all at the moment, make a show of at the Luo maple is at present.Although body ache, this is shocking, still hard repress.
In cloud mainland in the sky of, oneself leads maple absolute being the group advertise for to fight world, but the renewal lifts a hand to of, all basically are that those are the strongest, sweep part behind, then accept a soldier but return.And at that time, the person also had no so many, be just tens of thousands just, the real strenght was also low., Now, count 100,000 people, the gold department is an all x-rated above self-discipline, approach the existence of four classes.Like this fight an explosion, its violent, it is shocking, deeply print into Luo maple the heart, Related articles:

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