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Di the bird have heart to make Ma Zhong Long follow to go in case the Wan Mao sons in the mind is soft, future a see direction of wind not to, depend to betray oneself to keep intact, follow the words downwards say:"Can the Zha make a person of somebody else leave?!Pony.Get up.Heel the elder brother have a look jollification and missed, you affirmative penitence ……quick!"
How does Ma Zhong Long living a not familiar ragged place of ground to live the big palace of black hole hole at this person if the person all walks?!Di the bird arrive once his in front stretch hand, he also complied with the surrounding to stand, in the mind but 12 the cents don't wish, take out three to divide to cry mutually and hum big Hao:"Eldest brother.There is rain outside."
Di the bird pull him to go toward to outside walk and say:"Afraid of rain,beats by dr dre pro?!Is the elder brother not also on the matter head?!If walk to walk tiredly, talk a , elder brother carry you on elder brother's back?!"
They come out together, the common people attend to needs a few rain hats, Di the bird have a look not to say not to go to ground 7, 8 common people, until isn't enough to use, just take a take a to Ma Zhong Long and then say for everyone to Lyu Gong:"I need not.Who oneself want to take."Zhao Guo or to him take a , he turns a hand give flank of a head smallly common people, say:"You are thin and feeble, be covered with."Immediately after on turning head, be full of emotion, hug the shoulder that leads, put the voice thin:"Do you also take 1?!"
Over shake, loudly say:"We leave at once."
Walk first of turn over on the ditch road, wait fore noodles, the figure is as unclear as wall, tree, behind then move back and forth several pair ofs the rain hat remaining, once hugged body to keep up with as well.
Because just a bloody matter happened, will also take place, the tuft person has been beating a cold cicada, all the way"plop" step attends to walk and just occasionally coughs to just make a noise.
The road of foot drive one section one section rush to the utmost and arrived slightly broken-down western city gate, rain still don't be next heavy, mistily the light bottom stands a few hands hold a gun pole, the loyalty stem job guards of city soldier.The public in the mind contains ghost and sees soldier's throat soft and listen to Di the birds' twitter"open widely water" call a spirit, just the "stir La La" ground follows to roar loud.
On the city tower listen to get a goal an outside clearly, come up one person to answer, ask:"Who call me?!"
Di the bird registered, city of city the bottom say foreign words.Speak an imperial government amnesty, open widely water to loudly shout a way:"The city gate opens not to get, I put a rope, and you climb to come up."He is one order, top immediately pendency soft Suo, a few soldier Yes put out strength together.Several individuals on the Ye, go up of person again Ye underneath of person, a , one's ascending is clean.
Open widely water now the mature and steady is many, pull Di the bird by lamplight see several crests housing project for opening up that see, take to arrive buildings.Say:"An before the Niang son still just does the home say you."Di the bird Be afraid to hold up a matter, urgently wear want to walk.Hurriedly say the purpose to him.He immediately shouts loudly"can not", say:"Now already curfew, finish leading this jar city, walk on the street of still have been already cruised to press, again say, Zhang Mao is remarkable now.I find out, the somebody else is already four article military officers, you seek ……"
Di the bird get a shock, way:"Four articles."
He has never thoughts Zhang Mao to mix a general to do, stubborn way:"When dynasty one article is also an I family slave, Lao Tze as usual fixs.Curfew since already, we first live here and avoid, early dawn again say."
Flood Leng one Leng, have to depend on him.
The city inside doesn't lack a busy business person.Arrived four more, the curfew had been exist in name only, Di the bird hear action, the farewell flood walks.A group of people consumes all to lift not and at first and soon arrive at a line building.Arrive at front of, see understandly, is bright in doorman light, one takes turns small Li Yang to pour on the chair, the on the side contains a foot soldier and spreads two hands.Softly lie prone table.
Di bird the tube take person to go toward inside.Entering isn't two, the small Li wakes up.Threaten to say:"Which come to ground?!"
Di the bird is one title, carelessly say:"The sky is bright."
The small Li comes out a to see have the person to wear brocade to walk unhurriedly and wants to is the person who goes building to fiddle with thing and wait to take to buy in the long month a ground of numerous things set out and stand at behind hope a short moment, probably is proceed from hard be responsible for, at before they walk, the product of a little bit a little bit pure and pure public , later on, takes a small volume to keep up with.
They arrive at the outside of Zhang Mao Fang together, through only one silk light yarn, the door is a door, the window is a window, clear, with Di the bird live a line of career of building, a few buildings of on the side short head of live with the expert D, face to face big use to hold a meeting a guest before the building, led a screen, is a lord the officer live to hit the ground a place, immediately with lead 1, have whole yell by Xia ground:"Zhang Mao, the dog is miscellaneous kind of, come out."
Li in the door realizes mistake what, across into Di the bird is one side, way:"Do not you live here?!"
Di once the bird go up and immediately capture him, on the dynasty ground one nest, push to sit down, say:"Not dry your matter?!"
In house return nothing important action, over or so see, raise Ma Shi of one side overdo, before arriving at a door, fiercely the Lun arrives in the center door.Door where eat this hurl, "Dong" one Be huge to ring, wrecked a half, Mao Chi of lingering sound don't feel, immediately cause a burst of exclaim.
Lord building, side building ground the person is all surprised don't fall, descend a bed and descend the step of Kang, "Dong Dong" rings on the ground.
Over don't live to hit a door, beat a door fragmented and disorganized.
Everyone all drive he once held 100 catties of grounds everywhere the stone bump door from such as of the action frighten to pour, Di bird the crazy Sa Be a burst of to smile, see into them, they also hurriedly follow to smile.Someone's leave smiles, the rickets wears a body, someone really smiles, and the Yang noodles is toward the sky.
Voice too the extremely conceited is irritating to the ear, once the on the side door open and wear half clothes ground the person all hold weapon to jump out.
The center door goes toward the ash in the ex- hole bright, Zhang Mao could not touch a circumstance, don't dare to come out, just simultaneously wear clothes, part roars.Li in the door takes advantage o never thought that and climbs to side door to come out an inside in the heap of a ground of person, blows to ring whistle and points at to shout loudly:"Villain.There is no law of the land?!"Once he say, the side building comes out of big fellow square the in the mind contain number and keep rushing toward to come over.
Weapon dazzlingly clearly Shan at at present, public mostly the hand have no inch iron, by instinct retreat, Di bird one person stay to far away surround at a few big fellow grounds in.One person bound a gun to stab to come over and took information on the point of a spear, knew on listenning to is up lead battlefield ground, person deliver, take a cold idea.
Di the bird roar with laughter, don't back anti- enter, once let gun body, bump short stick into that person before the chest.
This stick once wears that person's arm first, and then the crest arrives before the chest and connect a person to take a gun to be like a meet to climb mountain one Hong of break a wood, and the oneself person fold to arrive together, a servant arrive ground, vacillating everywhere.
Another one person stands on the step to jump down, the knife light is flickering to become bright, Di the bird threw stick and ascended once the shoulder take, once let edge of knife, anti- raise among the waist, fill he to the stable.The stone slot of stable unexpectedly drive blunt break, a few horses that is surprised to stand up kick a leg indiscriminately, the shed for horses bombs Long a , hide indiscriminately everywhere at several individuals in downwards collapse to fall from the crest.
A few horses trail a wood pillar to come out and come up a time to clean up in the big hospital, completely is a pay a sky to fall a ground of for sinking power, however those big fellows but still enough Dan, crazy call upwards rush toward.
Formerly Zhao Guo door comes back, is copying their back routes.A piece of big stone throws to go out on the handle knob and hit one person the waist fold a body to roll.He doesn't wait person to return a body and grasp the short stick in a waist and toward one fierce hit.
Di the bird don't want to make affair too greatly as well, as long as the thunderbolt sought Wang Jiang and Zhang Mao, but around come out to more than 20 persons, been not made on coming up by oneself the malicious hand Be surprised to live courage, now is to can not but carry on to rest, flurried win Duo to come to a sword, or so horizontal point.Loudly remind Zhao Guo:"Hold weapon, shoot on sight."
This says.Enunciation just is still a small dozen Be small to make, surroundings of person, this just sees panic, then lead in the outside turn, one panic, hope to run the dead angle of a person and house constitute.Have to hug toward the Di bird, hope to dust back him.
Di bird but"" the ground loudly appeal to the public and hold sword upwards blunt.
He is picking to turn over one person, being also swept by the knife, stuffy hum 1.Over listen to frightened, the simply Dian cans not get up from lying position a ground of person and grasp an arm a leg, dynasty one nest the person throw to go and hit to turn over 1 string.Di the bird take advantage of an opportunity to kill them to spread.Lyu Gong sees them beating too vehemence Related articles:

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