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Of.So, I would be so low to the happy expectation value."
"So, you and I for example have a meal together together, chat or go to the movie, can allow you to transfer your body a top how much of cell and enthusiasm?"
"Fix, that is different.This rule is unwell to used for the close relatives'.Because close relatives outside of person, we have never associated obligation, so, that the felling will be very clear,monster beats."
"Associate obligation?Incredibly will there is this kind of viewpoint, no wonder that you will have a little an autism.The person of autism can become a mental doctor?"
"Who say not to go?Is so-called to cure, all cure a person not to cure personal."
Chu-tien fixs tiny tiny a smile:"Is this the occupation declaration of doctor Mongolia?"
"At enmity with you said.I still occupy."Thousand leaves said to start to go upstairs.
Chu-tien fixs to looking at her figure and wishes, in her in the mind, he just her younger brother?She forgot, they does in fact some blood relationship relate to all have no?He hopes that he is the cell and passionate person who can make her transfer whole body, not a make her feel to have the compulsory person of associating because of being her close relatives.
One world noon, thousand leaves walk into the piano building of college of music and see Chu-tien revise and the autumn mountain vegetable son Be discussing what.
The autumn mountain vegetable sub- title sees her and say with smile:"Thousand leaf classmate."
Thousand leaves walk to them nearby:"You look like the very busy appearance."
"There is 1:00.Because in mid- June, I want to participate in a nationwide music college student's work presentation with Chu-tien.The ―― is thousand leaves, you are to come to seek Chu-tien of?"
Thousand leaves ordered to nod:"Fix, I want in the evening I wife's younger sister house, don't go home to have a meal.You say 1 with aunt."
"Okay.Why does the ―― suddenly want to go to your wife's younger sister house?"Chu-tien fixs to ask.
"Today is the birthday of my wife's younger sister."
", So."
Thousand leaves are about to walk out, the autumn mountain vegetable son suddenly asks:"Thousand leaf classmate, did you see have the end the senior today?"
Thousand leaves not from feel some oddness, wish, doesn't she how can know the movements of boyfriend by herself?Return Mo Ming, he/she wonderfully asks her this irrelevant person.She shook to shake head:"Have no.Although together learn a department in the method, because the dissimilarity fastens, may not touch noodles for sometimes a semester."
"Can't exaggerate so?The east learns a department again greatly, also big however an independent college."Chu-tien fixs to say.
"This is really fact.May have something to do with strangely fits and all leading."Thousand leaves say.
"I think that he has already launched to pursue offensive toward you.See to didn't°yet."The autumn mountain vegetable son suddenly says.
If thousand leaves and Chu-tien fixed to listen to her, is all one Zheng.
"Have the end the senior isn't the senior's your boyfriend?"Chu-tien fixs to ask.
"Should say, he ever BE.―― We have been already broken up now."
"Break up?Aren't you a rightnesses of Chen most mutually?"Thousand leaves shockedly ask.
"Feel while coming, we also feel like this by ourselves, I once thought like this at least;Felling later on, I just feel to think like this, in fact also pretty funny.He and I are together rational adults, match, be unsuited to have to break up, so simple.Thousand leaf classmate, you don't must be so big eyes Zheng ……you can't want to say to me, you grow 20 years old, didn't°yet talk over be in love?"
Thousand leaves don't know themselveses as well and ascend original that degree of association, in the mountain vegetable son eyes in autumn in don't be regarded as real in love on the whole:"I ever and a boy once associated, however, have been already broken up last year."
"In my eyes, the association of the men and women's at premarital is all free, otherwise, how find out suitable matrimony object?"
Thousand leaves wish, strange on bed terms Chu-tien's fixing will say at that time, seeing the affair can not only see outward appearance ……the degree that looks like perfect girl's thought open absolutely make her tongue-tied, she has to admit, she is one the very old soil is also conservative of person.
"Have the end senior that person, absolutely not not interested in oneself have no matter to dedicate affability.Still have, you may feel that he and you are like two persons of worlds, but perhaps, you will badly now suit the other party, even is born 1 rightness."The autumn mountain vegetable son says with smile.
"I can not think so.I didn't also feel that he once once dedicated toward me what attentive."Thousand leaves say.
"Really have no?Probably just you by yourself without feeling just.Be careful of, his pursue offensive is very terrible.He truely wants while getting a person, will be badly now earnest, exceed your imagination ……model student thousand leaf classmate, your still early preparing will be better."
If thousand leaves listenned to her, the facial expression immediately changed.Although having the end one Mi to look is gentle and cultivated and graceful bearing, however, somehow or other, thousand leaves are really a little bit afraid he, so, always all keep at a respectful distance.Certainly, she pours not to is to feel an end one Mi to really come to pursue her on her own initiative, because she doesn't think what attraction she's person in hasing the end one Mi so will have.
She just thinks that if have the end one Mi really is a city mansion very deep observant and conscientious person, she the several once didn't show consideration noodles ground to once cut short him, he will can't a little bit keep in mind to hate in the heart to her, even want to wait for an opportunity to make reprisals her?This possibility can't have no.Some men living to narrow-minded, can be treated as some belly quantity also have no.As for have the end one Mi is not is that so a man, she also not know ……she starts a little bit regretting now she occasionally of impulse and didn't hide to talk.
"Autumn mountain senior, you don't frighten her like this not very good?"Chu-tien fixed to finally talk.
", Thousand leaf classmate, having never thought you will take seriously ……I is play a joke on you, you don't put in the mind.In fact, I don't know that the senior of end truely and hard gets up as well is how appearance.Because he basically has no to truely and hard lead."
The autumn mountain vegetable son intentionally has a shave at thousand leaves and Chu-tien premise to have the end one Mi to certainly have his/her own purpose.She knows that Chu-tien fixs to like thousand leaves, she thinks, if thousand leaves fix an eye in Chu-tien in is an angel or fairy, she has a necessity to destroy this kind of appearance.
She isn't believe will have girl can can refuse to be like and have the end one Mi so of man.However, be like to there is end one Mi man like that, incredibly will have a liking for thousand leaves and girls like this, and as for action that slowly didn't pursue, this pours is deeply wear to order peculiar.
Although thousand leaves don't really believe the mountain vegetable son in autumn, however, from that after, meet an end in the campus each time one Mi, she will the subconscious ground stay away.She is surely pure, but not silly, she thinks, only the ability is peaceful and serene and follow studies of smooth benefit ground completion oneself, be lay up some sharp point, that again have no harm?Be like to have the end one Mi the person of in power like that, she not to be taunted, always still can hide.
One world noon, thousand leaves meet in the campus and river when Chuan the United States add to walk to together have the end one Mi again make a detour to go away.
"Is strange, why do thousand leaves see us running?She still once chatted with me yesterday of …… , one Mi, your enemy of this morals, how again?"River Chuan the United States adds to say.
"I which have again how."However, having the end one Mi is how intelligent, he guesses a while, must be the autumn mountain vegetable son at thousand leaves the in front said what.While breaking up autumn mountain vegetable son nowise Hui speech oneself fix to have strong interest to Chu-tien, she will at thousand leaf the in front do so also very normal.He thinks that is so also good, he is really very interested in thousand leaves, anyway, she all sooner or later will know.
"You is be not even don't thousand leaves and girls like this pass as well?"River Chuan the United States adds to ask.
"Say so unpleasant to hearly ……I am your cousin."
"One Mi, you still pass thousand leaves.In my eyes, she is a very pure girl, a hearts all rush toward at study up.You really there is no necessity stretching the evil claw to in the girl body like this ……said again, what this in this world is many is to want to play a girl who be in love the game with you.Now that you are impossibly sincere to her, that also why the need for?I warn you, she is adoringly Ling to also learn elder sister, each time come back from making a phone call will inquire about hers."
"Ling Ye Mei says to also like her?"
"Also the Ling of course not is that meaning."
"She past that boyfriend seemed to be early and then broked up with her, BE?"
"Seem.Hear, also study abroad in the United States."
"What problem does that still have?"
"Certainly there is problem.She is my friend, you this flower heart can the big turnip nearby make a detour to go away from she?"
Always chapter 88

"Beautiful add, we arrive there of the lawn sit in a short while."Have the end one Mi to say.
"Good."River Chuan the United States added to smile to order to nod Related articles:

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