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"Oh ah, if that is so?"Li Ya Lin smiles will whole reply type the status cut over into normal regulations status, when his facial appearance appears in the eyes of the other party, Li Ya Lin can see very obviously, in the eyes of two blood-sucking vampire dukes all flash across one killing of silk idea.
"Are you Li Ya Lin?Does that famous ghost cut service?"The tone of the blood-sucking vampire duke is some to query, although it is said at present of Li Ya Lin is their one of the targets, but very obvious of, this body battle armor have no at give their data in, so this actually again is what happened?He decides to all make first to understand the all theses.
"Say quite goodly, can say now your purpose?"Li Ya Lin's facial expression is constant, but same flash across in eye one silk fierce long grass, very obvious of, this helping guy is hurtling oneself to come.
"Now that you are Li Ya Lin, that we even if is to find out a positive lord, ate me first this records" an among those blood-sucking vampires duke the preparation in advance sound out Li Ya Lin, after all Li Ya Lin isn't easy to handle, and again be dressed in strange battle armor of this body armed, he have to the o heart of xi ǎ is a little bit careful.
Really not the Kui is a blood-sucking vampire, is nail's returning really very long, the nail of blood-red s è on, appeared repeatedly red ray of light of s è, the light beam energy of a claw type sprays to flow out from the hand of the other party but, direct attackstoned to come over toward Li Ya Lin.
" Just so?"Once the long knife in the Li Ya Lin's hand flick, then the attack of the other party thoroughly the shot spread and said first Li Ya Lin's hand in of fixs Luo's knife like, this is Li Ya Lin for the sake of match fix Luo to specially create of modern style weapon, increased a chain gold steel among them of variable turn a chemical element, therefore fixing Luo's knife can at will of variety become three kinds of appearances, is a knife type respectively, long the gun type still have already attacked by surprise a rifle type.
Fixing Luo's knife is just first of status just, therefore attackstoning dint is strong, besides which, there are no any other ngs that is special to belong to x ì, but even if is so, that has already completely and enough used as well.
Looking at Li Ya Lin describes with a delicate touch of the shot broke his/her own aggression, the eye pupil son of that blood-sucking vampire duke almost stared out, even if oneself didn't use with all strength, but at present of the act also was to exaggerate too much?
"Now that your attack finished, that connected down it's my turn?"Li Ya Lin is tiny tiny on smiling, fix behind attaching of Luo's back armed on play an of sh è numerous light beams float to visit cannon, amount at least exceeded 50 above, floated to visit the cannon sh è numerous death rays, the ji ā o knits in this sky the net of death of together black s è, although have a liking for go to gorgeous and hundred percent, to the blood-sucking vampires, this is an one way ticket that keeps a hell.
"You this guy" sees own under charge death and harm innumerable, two blood-sucking vampire dukes are some to become angry from embarrassment, bellowed a path straight of hurtled to come over toward Li Ya Lin, meanwhile, these two guys still respectively took out his/her own weapon, equally of four breadth swords, it is proud and hundred percent to brandish to pour.
"This impossible" lets two an acts with despairing blood-sucking vampire appear, the breadth sword chops down at Li Ya Lin's in front, drive the wall of an invisible complete of the countercheck lived, the d à ng had the ripple of one silk, besides which, , basically didn't produce any function, however only a person of Li Ya Lin him/herself know,dr dre beats, fixing the energy on Luo has already descended about thousand numbers, if just common IS, the shot of these two blood-sucking vampires already the shot break IS absolute defense.
"Have no what impossible, so, should speak that the affair that you know told me" says, Li Ya Lin has already used the neck that his/her own machine arm holds tight two dukes, the huge strength lets two blood-sucking vampires almost can not breathe, can get empty in the half in return of struggle.
The control lived two blood-sucking vampires duke, as for leave of the blood-sucking vampires have already been aller dead than floating of Li Ya Lin to visit cannon under, although it is said lose more than tens to float to visit cannon, but this basically and of no consequence loses to Li Ya Lin.
See haven't been getting more escape from punishment, Li Ya Lin just grasps two blood-sucking vampire dukes to return to Anne virtuous Luo to pull number, when Li Ya Lin just returned a warship, the whole virtuous Luo to Anne pulls on the voice of explosion huge acclaim, at this time in one many nv the servantses eyeses of beauties, Li Ya Lin is their heros
"Let the backstage that we see this instigator exactly is who, certainly, even if is you don't say, my also knowing is a rice country that helps the guys, however for meaning democracy, I decide to still let your expatiation for a while."Seal print all energies of two blood-sucking vampire dukes, Li Ya Lin just these two guys still at ground on, a making a noise of face despise asks a way.
"Is a rice the people to strike shot mine?"Anne gives Ni second as if deep in thought of soft-voiced and mumbling way.
"Is not you, but I and Alice, see to the Kai lift the emergence of the second person already let rice stateowned crisis, and rice country back of virtuous radicle the rare second person can't sit on the sideline Kai and lift, either second with the Earth set up ji ā o of, so is that we brought trouble you this time."Li Ya Lin shook to shake head.
"I don't think that this am to bring trouble, you are my elder brother, Alice's adult is the object that I worship, for the sake of you, even if is am also regardless the sacrifice for enemy with rice country."Out of the blue of, Anne gives Ni second unexpectedly spoke thus of some kind of words.
The Mo of "yes second young master wood, one of our present nv servants will ing sacrifice for second young master wood of" one side also very seriously say toward Li Ya Lin.
"The words said so, is my returning really ashamed."Li Ya Lin m ō the nose of m ō , oneself has never worked well to let the preparation that the other people sacrifice for he or she, particularly is these lovely nv children.
"So say, the purpose that you come this time."Everyone ji ā after o flowed a burst of, Li Ya Lin is on the whole the body that turned attention to return to two blood-sucking vampire dukes up.
"Now that you all knew, that we still have what say so much of, we are what DIA entrusts comes, the purpose is the ghost that killed river house in the sky to cut service Li Ya Lin and still have the Alien to arrive at on the earth" an among those the blood-sucking vampires duke look down in the mouth of answer way, all knew that what still asking is so much dry?
"Indeed as expected is DIA?This helps arrogant guys, think to collaborate with with dog person at together can be y ù for the sake of?"Li Ya Lin is wrinkly eyebrows to sink the n way of y í.
"So your blood-sucking vampire one clan is how heel rice does the country contact together?You usually the scope of activity be not at European?"(The not yet finished treats continuously.If you like this work and welcome you to(.com) the hurl recommendation ticket, monthly ticket, your support is my biggest power.)
Chapter 621 Anne gives Ni second of go into(compensate chapter)
Chapter 621 Anne gives Ni second of go into(compensate chapter)
"This ……" hesitations of a blood-sucking vampire duke one face in it, another guy also the along while of the Zhi Zhi Wu Wu didn't utter a word and seemed among them is have what special reason?
"My advising you is still honest o generation of ji ās of better, otherwise of words ……" says, Li Ya Lin stretched out a finger, finger on suddenly flee the tuft burn the saint of the white s è flame to blaze.
Looking at the finger of Li Ya Lin on of the saint is burning, realizing of two blood-sucking vampire duke instinctses are one fearing of silk, the blood tradition of the blood-sucking vampire tells themselves, as long as a little bit running into the flame in the other party hand, oneself affirms meeting even soul all together drive bright burn.
"I say in fact this matter what we understood to isn't very clear, I is knowing BE, one day the prince his highness suddenly call° together all of our dukes, and declared to carry on an alliance with rice country, as for among them of concrete, we aren't clear at all.However can make sure at 1:00, that was the rice country to appear a somebody, looked like to the prince his highness is many advantages, so prince his highness would actively of choice alliance."See at present saint burning, these two guys are luckily to break jar to break to fall off, said out everythings that oneself know are all Related articles:

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