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Have one male one the female be on business in Shenzhen and meet to travel high peak, unable to find hotel, finally find out a house at a hotel, but a male a female how live, the man develops a gentleman style and says:"I am a man,Cheap Beats By Dre, that you for the berth, I sleep a sofa".The female says:"You tomorrow still need to handle affairs, will be very hard, your berth I sleep a sofa."Quarrel not next, still the female's proposal says:"We all berth, in the center take quilt book as boundary:"The male agreed hasing no matter for a night.
Led a period of time, this male one female is again together on business Peking, remaining of the official business, play to the Great Wall, on the Great Wall, the sudden breeze rises and blewed off a female of of hat, the man duty-boundly jumps down the Great Wall to come back hat Jian to hand over to a female, have never thought female of an once connected a hat to give the male's one box on the ear, say:Mama of, the Great Wall you turn over lead, quilt book you turn over not to come over!!!!!!!!"
A spool of joke brocade gathers chapter 3405 Jing to pack to reduce weight a history
The fatty arrives at a clinic to say to the doctor:"I want to reduce weight."
The doctor says:"You want standard fix menu in restaurant, a medium fix menu in restaurant still a luxurious fix menu in restaurant!"
The fatty says:"Come to a standard fix menu in restaurant to try!"
The fatty handed over 200 dollars and ascended 202 buildings, enter building to see one beautiful of**, **say:"You catch me and make with you."The fatty catches around be could not catch, tired get asleep, got up to indeed as expected lose 2 catties in the morning.
Led to come again for two days, said with doctor:"I want to win a class fix menu in restaurant."The doctor says:"Will can not stand by your figure."The fatty says:"I can be subjected to."He handed over 800 dollars and wished this bottom to have 3, 4 beauties I can definitely catch a , he ascend 302 buildings, indeed as expected have 3 young girls over there, the young girl says:"Catch, make with you."He started catching again.Be could not catch, slept a to feel, get up in the morning thin 5 catty.
Led for a day, he arrived at clinic to say again:"Want a luxurious fix menu in restaurant."He handed over 2000 dollars and wished:Like this Be not afraid of could not catch, more than ten this under can definitely catch a , he walks into 402 buildings and waits to disappear someone for a long time, sees a bathroom light bright, can't more than ten misses all hide in the bathroom!Door that he opens sees, !!!Is a big gorilla, before the chest hanging of the big gorilla a brand write "catch you, make to die you", he ran for a night and waited until to open the door to lose 15 catties a while in the morning, and you wanted to try.
A spool of joke brocade gathers chapter 3406 small raincoat
A women secretly mixed with lover while taking advantage o a Sir to go to work.Have the sky 2 people on the bed, the woman hears her Sir's car come back of voice.
She anxiously calls her lover:The clothes that take you at once jump a window.His lover a see:Does the outside rain heavily you to make me jump to go out?
If my Sir arresting us were two, we would is certain to die.The woman calls a way.
Her lover has to to picked up clothes and jumped to go out from the window.Result he jumps up to unexpectedly dive into a group of Marathon contestants.He has to a side to lift clothes and simultaneously join running.
There is a contestant that ask him:Are you used to streaking?He breathes heavily spirit's answering:
Yes, by so doing you can feel that the breeze lightly once kissed your skin.
The another contestant asks the man of this streaking again:Did you all are used to willing take clothes on the hand while running?
He has a little deeply however the answer annoyed, yes , by so doing, finish competing me and then can put on clothing, drive to go home.
That person asks to say again: do you usually all take condom running?
The naked man says: only at the time of raining just wear.
A spool of joke brocade gathers the story of chapter 3407306 rooms
Formerly have although one poor people financial situation isn't good but extremely lewd, usually visit prostitute in brothel.On the first, the human nature's interest again come, then go to a brothel, how know on money of body don't take enough, hence measure with owner's company, owner a see is a frequent clients to then say:"It is all right.I seek for you a , but age ……"that person listen to, hand over money to handle affairs right away ……again that person goes to a brothel again on the first, but body up only ten dollars, the owner arrives also generous, say you to him go to 306 rooms, hence that person then walked into 306 rooms, who know a bed up is an old sow, the eye sees an owner have already accepted money to walk a person, can not want money back, hence heThe (The after the event feels to still go), and then led for several days, this person and then visit prostitute, on the body only 5 dollars, the owner considered that a short while says this time:"So, you arrive 406 rooms go to".That person hands over money to go upstairs and pushes door one one male of see, lying prone on the viewpoint.He wishes:I depend, can't, last time was incredibly a sow, a male this time of, owner also too not enough meaning.Wait he to walk up a detection just be not return so a matter, originally there is one small hole on the floor, that person just sees through a small hole underneath person in the room handle affairs, hence he also lies prone on the ground the top and that person to see together and lead well for a long time, underneath those two talented persons in the room do finished.Hence he and that person communicate:", Is really fascinating, severe!"Listens to that person making reference to:"I depend, this has what severe of, do I a few days ago still see have individual and pig stem"
A spool of joke brocade gathers a chapter 3408 every month bride
The Shamanism taught in Shenzhen to establish "Huang Xia Men" Gao Ke prostitute artificial film company.Shenzhen that have no place not of"loving surgical operation, promise that seeing is red" the large neon card is the advertisement of "Huang Xia Men" company.Start practice half year, full up to bring trouble, all come to beg to cure everywhere from the Mu from 13-year-old young girl to 79-year-old old womans.The center leads gladly an epigraph:"Naturally a fairy hole, the twilight is diffused to see strength loose, the blood flies to make pouring rain, country one in the motherland is red."Said when Shamanism taught to accept an interview:"My company opens to make a live outcome.Everyone makes and made to break Be getting more difficult to do.The action ability that makes for everyone is a little bit bigger, my company emerged with the tide of the times."The Shamanism taught for a while and ordered "red tower mountain", " I the company next generation product have already developed success, we adopt bionics' last word, the mimicry house lizard breaks tail reborn process, 'she'have automatically reborn ability, monthly a period, whatever make, come down in January, intact like place."The Shamanism teaches excitedly recital to rise recall~toing the mind of chairman Qin E:"The male pass Man way is from the beginning and more really like iron, now then move forward, from the beginning and more, night after night bride, the every month contains blood ……"
A spool of joke brocade gathers chapter 3409 to put to come over
The day fled from home in the Kuomintang in, having four wounded high classes will leader of a group, the hand inside didn't leave what things, only a cup!Their Jing tired dint strength, but behind of Liberation Arm already catch up come, they try very hard to of run forward!
Arrived one river side, there was an old agriculture to see them saying:"You have to be careful, river inside in plant kind of fish, exclusively bite the man's younger brother younger brother, Be careful of!"
Four people are all silly, at this time they an in the middle teacher say to other three people:"My officer Jue is the tallest, you have to obey my order!I walk first!Give me the cup!"Say, an once robbed cup, take off underwear, take the river in cup.
At this time, the gun of Liberation Arm again ring, and spread person's voice, the circumstance is very urgent!
Other 3 will get to also quickly take off underwear and jumped down river!
Listen to several"ah" later on, the bottom of teacher is very painful, but also cans not considers of a lot, tries very hard to go straight up.
Arrived opposite shore, once the teacher turn head, detection moreover three people have been already gone ashore as well, is oddness very much, "how?Does the old agriculture fool us?Didn't the fish bite you?You how to come over 3 of?"
", Is so, we one put 1 to come over!"One among the persons says.
A spool of joke brocade gathers chapter 3410 monk and my daughter/push-ups 【2 and one chapter 】
Ancient times one monk goes to the country to beg for alms, through one farmland, see a young girl is getting rid of cow Geng to do, hence rise to spend heart, shout Yue:"I house more than ten years, don't see a young girl Related articles:

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