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Have already fixed a very small toilet in the small room, install last sink, toilet, there is also shower head.The time with no a matter can also wash a cold shower with cold water.
The Hao dragon touches pocket and really loved and spend about 2,000 oceans again in the afternoon now.Again quick have no money, then point at female cutthroat, "you see what see what see, all not just for the sake of you!You must return me when the time comes!"
The cutthroat of the female once the head twist, "hum, have never seen be like your so stingy man!"
"Feed, be not!I am stingy!I am just a honour of people classroom ah!A month for 4,000 pieces of wages, the day leads tightly to expect to expect.Today your medical expenses, there are also these bed Rus, toilet what of is all ah that I make money payment by myself, don't know thanksgiving at all and no wonder that do cutthroat!"The Hao dragon says.
The cutthroat of the female hereafter live first here, "my hands can not move!How to do the problem had a meal hereafter?Wanting don't invite a babysitter for me."
Hao Long Piao female the cutthroat is one eye, "fart!Return babysitter!You think you is who!For the sake of safety since see, those matter I to do, I send rice for you.How of, stare what stare!You should feel proud of and feel proud!Is so handsome, the astute and courageous person comes to send rice for you, you had the capital of braggadocio when the time comes."
In the term day expert, the term day goes the wound on the leg already drive private doctor to tie up good, tie up bandage to lie on the sofa on the leg, crumple head, "exactly is who send a person to kill Qi Qi?Xiang son, did you see show off Yang?"
The Xiang son point nods, "saw, his insisting wasn't a do-it-yourself of, don't……"
The term day line puts a hand, "show off Yang although that person has enemy necessarily report, he is still a Chinese characters.The do-it-yourself leads what be once do what, can't bite to certainly deny."
"That ……is the poisonous Niang son flower snake of west city?Or the abnormal condition of east city,cheap beats by dr dre?"The Xiang son asks a way.
The term day goes although is a boorish, the idea is still more careful of, "the flower snake is not likely to do so.She no longer does this kind of affair.You seek that Lee of east city Bing south, 80% has relation with him!"
Xiang son should an empress took several individuals to go to east city.
In a billiards hall of east city, best abnormal male Li Bing Nan is playing billiards, " ha ha ha, and then enter!Today's exertion of quite good!"
A younger brother says after coming in saw Li Bing Nan:"Eldest brother, the Xiang son of north city at outside, say to see you."
Li Bing Nan a , "let him come in."
The Xiang son and term day goes similar, is that keep a temper and come in and then toward Li Bing Nan to roar a way:"** Abnormal condition!Say isn't what you do!"
"What?I everyday nest play billiards here and sing, I don't remember that I once did what."The one face of Li Bing Nan innocently says, " old younger brother, you can not wrong me."
In a future day, Hao dragon in addition to have a class and then serve as to have care female the life of the cutthroat.
"What name do you call?"The Hao dragon lightly asks a way and still takes a lunch box in the hand.Seeing the female cutthroat would not like to take to manage him, "Hey Hey, if you don't say, I don't feed you to have a meal and starve you, Hey Hey."
The female cutthroat was obviously hungry, stared Hao Long Yi Yan, "the autonym is Li Mo, the code calls a blood rose!"
"Oh ah ……" Hao dragon shakes head to sigh, "Li Mo, much good name, how did cutthroat, is really sorrow.Younger sister, the elder brother fed you to eat in a bad humor and not today, you fixed by yourself."Hao Long Shuo finishes to put lunch box at table up lie on the bed up ignore her.
Female cutthroat Li Mo annoy almost**, she is to have never once seen to be like a Hao dragon so shameless person.Helpless stomach hunger, have to eat dirt of lowering the head and having the rice in the box.There is unclearly a tears flower twinkling in the eye, estimate Be getting sader.
"Ah, you don't cry.Does the elder brother have fun with you."The Hao hippies dragon's smiling face picked up lunch box to feed Li Mo with the ladle.
Li Mo pours is not should, head a be partial to shut mouth not to eat.
"Do not eat, didn't eat me to walk.You don't blame me when the time comes."The Hao dragon says.
End, is still that Li Mo take soft, let the Hao dragon feed her to have a meal.After she finish eating, the Hao dragon is going to the school have a class and doesn't go not to know that president Xu has to bestill come angry yesterday afternoon, near be good friends with to like to show off a to turn over in the morning.
Li Mo called to live a Hao dragon right after Hao dragon walked to doorway.The Hao dragon looking at her desires speech again of appearance, ask a way:"How?Say, don't say that I really walked."
Li Mo lightly bites lips and seems to want drop to bleed on the face, along while just similarly say such as the mosquito, "I want to go to the stool."
"?What?Is out of hearing?"The Hao dragon attaches by ear a hand loudly of shout a way.
"I want to go to the stool!"Li Mo finally broke out and towarded a Hao dragon to roar loud a , the ears of Hao dragon are all shaken the buzzing in the ears of Weng Weng.
Hao Long Wu wears smiling of mouth Hey Hey, "ha ha, good, interjection the elder brother take you to go to."
Female cutthroat Li Mo haven't gone to the stool for a night, now really cans not contains any more.But a women how can to an isn't the man who acquaints with very much to suggest this request, the heart lieutenant general Hao dragon hated to die quickly, why want to break her hands, even if break an arm all right, but it happened that is 2.
Luo Mo Hong the face called Hao elder brother Long Yi Sheng, the joy in Hao Long Xin, all quick God.Pulled Li Mo to go to a toilet.By this time the Hao dragon started exciting, the woman goes to the stool to want to squat down bottom, is want to take off pants of!The Hao dragon sees Li Mo that bashful face.
Li Mo is really beautiful, although the cold gorgeous sisters who didn't spend snake are so cold gorgeous,the cold gorgeous sisters who didn't spend snake are dressed in Li Mo of vogue to have a kind of vitality of young woman.It is that the beauty is a to calculate up, Hao Long Yao picked her pants now, is the Hao dragon how can not excited.
"Younger sister, I am coming."Hao Long Shuo this words of time feel that oneself is like an abnormal condition crazy, exclusively humiliate a neighbouring kid sister younger sister.
The hands of Hao dragon lightly put at Li Mo's waist, lightly solve her belt.Is already a tears light in Li Mo Yan flicker, she thinks that dead hearts all had now.The very anxious to head of bumps dead on the wall, but again is so don't want to die.
Hao Long knows that she is just thinking now what, also feel ashamed to own behavior in the heart, "Be free of, you take me for your most close eldest brother elder brother.I childhood does my eldest brother still usually wipe a bottom for me."The Hao dragon lightly took off Li Mo's pants.
Li Mo in what to wear is the lace of a black side**, good heavens, really don't put clearly is at**Hao dragon!Animals the general Hao dragon how to experience of this kind of**, is seeing**of for an instant, the facial expression becomes one red, always red arrived neck of root!Be all emitting hot air in two nostrils!
"Hum, you see, you see!Wait me like definitely lived live Yan after you!Then is frying in oil that trifle, finally fill your mouth to make you eat up!"Li Mo is in mind to thus and evilly think.
The Hao dragon deeply breathed for a while, mumbling way in:"I Gao Ju's mark think morals and fulfillment, do a classic person, a pure person, a person who escaped from vulgar tastes ……Niang of!That person who does vulgar tastes once!"The Hao dragon starts taking off Li Mo that last thing, the finger lightly touches Li Mo that smooth softness of skin, slowly will**gave to pull down.
All-powerful lord, I saw, I saw.The light black isn't so bushy."Mao"
"Ah!"The Hao dragon bellows an already the Wu wear a nose to squat down the last Hao is at the ground call.Li Mo Yi sits bottom at toilet up.
"You roll out!"Li Mo towards Hao Long Hou Dao!Can see, Li Mo is very now of animation, BE Related articles:

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