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, The warrior fastens a Cang dragon war will ……"finish saying, leaf Zheng also Nao the Nao is own head, this name really has a little son to play hoax on.He also has never thoughts by himself of BE, find out time of his/her own occupation tutor with previous incarnation different, the end occupation also had some varieties.
Indeed as expected, public all temporarily drive this dominant name to intimidate, foolish foolishly looking at him.What occupation is this ?What is the fixed position ?Listens to name, should be an occupation that east turns.
Elder brother Jian is failed to hit a mouth, ask a way:"The Cang Ao xi ǎ o brothers, this ……you what occupation is this ?"
Leaf Zheng not, how should the free wry smile F explain?He has to an unclear way:"This is an only x the ì ng conceal an occupation, E ……I can be competent in addition to the lord tank and any work out of the treatment."Can't, he has to he to he's a fixed position.
He this words pour public to stir happy, feel this o son of xi ǎ equal humor.In addition to lord tank and treatment, that also leaves to output and occasionally appear as guests for a while pair the responsibility of the tank, and general of warrior also the nothing important is different of.Is also, the occupation in the transmigration of soul world what it of many, have never heard as well which concealed an occupation to become negative sky of of existence,beats by dre uk, according to the data of the official announcement, crest day also compare a common occupation many a violent occupation natural endowments technical ability.Violent is violent, but that few days long CD also makes people be terrified.Is much less, a lot of situations can not use these occupation natural endowments technical abilities.
Being public to smile is a burst of, poured a relationship with leaf Zheng to draw near some, don't seem to be too unfamiliar as well.Even, the ng son of l à is affectionate to still smile to his way, "who all have difficult of time, support past is a boundless as the sea and sky.Ha ha, the o brothers of xi ǎ your affirmation is elder sister Yu to seek come of, person's the great majority here all once experienced this kind of matter, all in comprehensible of, stop worrying!"Obviously, it is public to all see leaf Zheng as a down and out new hand player, at most lucky some, ran into one to conceal an occupation just.These people's ng spaces of x ì are all quite good, not bias what, who don't come over from the new hand?Who have no again down and out of time?
This is very normal, leaf Zheng smiles to smile, isn't busy either explanation.Just, he is a bit not great BE, you the ng son of l à is affectionate didn't°yet I big, with what call my o brothers of xi ǎ ?
However, leaf Zheng's pouring is to notice, the crow big uncle doesn't have of l ù similar to the others absolute being s è, but is taking a kind of meaningful vision to looking at him.Ye Zheng knows that what simple person this big uncle is, perhaps he has already listenned to he is some another flavors in words.
Take a wide view game history yes, the "iron is triangle" mode of tank, exportation and treatment is a classic game to fight mode, so many in the last yearses, ignore game again how progress, this kind of fight mode but always reserved down, became a kind of combat mode of most in the game.
But, the many people knows it however don't know why however.So passed by for several years, "iron triangle" mode was to reserve down, but didn't represent this kind of mode is fixed and unchangealbe.In the research of in the past occupation player, the occupation players this kind of fight mode more of j ī the ng Be thin to turn.For example, the tank is also divided into lord tank, pair the tank harmoniously defend, treatment is divided into a lord treatment, assistance treatment with repair an assistance, output is divided into a lord exportation, help exportation with repair an exportation etc..There is also more concrete demarcation certainly, different here an explain.
But"competence in addition to the lord tank and any work out of the treatment" said by leaf Zheng is very remarkable, he cans make of matter, in addition to the inborn of occupation limits, can say to is very of completely.
"Since so, that so.The preparation enters duplicate, although today xi ǎ o six not at, we still settle a target in the difficulty of the ng English class of j ī !That o son of xi ǎ doesn't come is his loss, ha ha!"Have to say, elder brother Jian is that kind of born leader, look some consumedly of, but this kind of person has him special character magic power, can coagulate public very much.
The ng English class difficulty of j ī , at current come to say, have already been regarded as Class a higher difficulty.However, this is public to early measure for the company like of matter, also no one will oppose.
E ……forgot to still have a big Ye.
"Elder brother Jian, etc.."Leaf Zheng suddenly opened mouth.
The public Yi hu ò sees to he, don't understand him to return any questions.
Leaf Zheng smiled, very self-confident of that kind of, he slowly of way, "elder brother Jian, ashamed, I just had already forgotten to say my condition."
Is public on listenning to this words, face s the è changed and included elder brother Jian and elder sister Yu.Suddenly suggest a condition this time, also no wonder that the other people will miss he what person.
Don't wait others openings, leaf Zheng then a word of way, "my wanting the next difficulty is a legend class!"
The mouths of "……" owner all split to open, they felt, today hear the biggest joke nothing is better than and hereat.
Chapter 3 mysterious gammer
What concept is the duplicate of legend class difficulty ?Equal to say to is abruptly of this duplicate difficulty the xi ǎ o brigade promoted to the difficulty of 20 people team from 10 people, while you remain to get into 10 people.This isn't simple 1 × 2=2, probably this one × 2 will equal 4 or higher!
Although it has been more than a years since transmigration of soul world opensesed, still have never once heard to have which team customs clearance 50 class legend class difficulty duplicates of.It is the duplicate of legend class difficulty that saw have the association the customs clearance a 40 classes from the official comprehensive forum to pour, saw a video frequency, that difficulty, compare 50 class j ī ng English duplicates also bad not arrive where go to.30 classes of?Is ashamed, 40 classes as follows of the duplicate basically has no legend, this difficulty.
No one will be silly unconditionally trust a person on meeting, the ragged material of much less leaf Zheng whole body, there is really no conviction.
Elder brother Jian is the head here son, the others can't deliver words on their own initiative and all give° the affair ji ā o he to handle.He is silent a long time, just thinking say what, suddenly, see to crow big uncle.
The crow big uncle is getting more depressed, this person a peacetime is still a t ǐ ng is clever, how this time make silly?I am airtight to chat you, the nature is to don't want to show l ù too much, you pour to see me well and directly ……
The crow big uncle also has no too feigned, stood out, equanimity of looking at leaf Zheng, "give us a reason."The words that doesn't is superfluous, from just meet, crow big uncle realized the different place of this young man, in his eyes without some feeling of j ī , many the penny was cool-headed.Person like this, perhaps experience an abnormality abundant, don't can judge from the outward appearance.
Leaf Zheng certainly knows that the duplicate difficulty is more high, customs clearance acquisition get of the war booty more draw on a person.But the death of the transmigration of soul world's punishing is also very serious, the death not only wants to random fallen off the material on the body, more will drive the system punish 4 xi ǎs o can not get into a game!Therefore, if some confidence all have no, is what no one will emit this insurance.
And, the corpse poison blood ground of leaf Zheng to the customs clearance legend class doesn't have 100% confidence, oneself after all now and the tacit understanding degree of these people's basically has never attained that ideal degree.
……Leaf Zheng has some thinking of exclamation:There is still the troops to belong to oneself just like ……
Leaf Zheng is equally quiet of returning and hoping big uncle of crow, a long time just slowly of way, "I put forward this condition, the nature is that I hug concerning the legend class poison the intelligence report of the corpse blood ground.I have no reason to persuade you, however, beg in the rich and honored insurance, the real strenght always just can get leaping of quality between the life and death."
No one responds to him, even the ng son of l à is more affectionate of l ù the facial expression of despise, "the big truth everyone will speak, light with mouth is can not customs clearance."
If change an individual, change a troops, leaf Zheng affirmed two words not to say to turn round and then leave.Greatly not he contacts those archdukes with real strenght will be Related articles:

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