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Of asked toward Li Ya Lin concerning the sorcery to still have the usage method to work properly son, Li Ya Lin was to teach them some first of sorcery principle, already make them enjoyable Be getting more endless.
"Second young master wood, m é two nv kids outside the n claim to be beautiful xi ǎ of true Nai elder sister o's friend, whether let go?" At this time, watched big m é n nv servant to spread an information.
"The true Nai is beautiful of friend?Let them come in."Two nv Hais?Can find out here, affirmation is a true Nai the United States of good friend, so Li Ya Lin's nature can't neglect.
"Is a true Nai here beautiful house?Be really unexpectedly, true Nai the United States will live in the so luxurious house hospital, however on the just big m é fence at the side of n what to stick is what things?Does the Kai lift a second embassy?"Is very quick, one makes Li Ya Lin sound to compare an ear familiar of the voice spread to come over and seemed to where once listen to this voice,beats by dre solo.
"The Kai lifts second?Can't arrive at person in the cosmos in those cosmoses?On TV seemed to once hear"another nv Hai Be some to shockedly say, however this orotund Li Ya Lin sounds also very the ear is familiar.
"You is ……second classmate wood?" After two friends of true Nai the United States of Li Ya Lin and these met, the other party unexpectedly recognized Li Ya Lin, and Li Ya Lin also recognized right away two nv Hais of opposite, these two nv Hais were herding the friend of understanding in the ambition senior high school before now, the big city of the image agency second reason a kind of insect and stone Ling lovely son.
"Hey, long time no see, second reason a kind of insect classmate, lovely son's classmate, seek true Nai the United States to occupy?"Li Ya Lin came forward to beat a voice to receive.
"Second classmate wood with true Nai the United States live together?"Lovely son Wu wears the o mouth of xi ǎ , a face shockedly looking at Li Ya Lin to ask a way.
"That ……this can't be the Alien said in the television?"Have not waited Li Ya Lin to answer, the second reason a kind of insect recognized again Li Ya Lin Alice at the side of body, Alice's image already suddenly and violently l ù at public under, therefore people in the world lift a second person to acquaint with most to the Kai of, would be Alice.
"Ha ha, because some o reason of xi ǎ , the forerunner comes to do."Once Li Ya Lin put a hand and faced into lovely son and second reason a kind of insect house inside.
"BE so, the activity of image agency?Want to take movie?This pouring is quite interesting."Enter house after, lovely son and second reason a kind of insect just explained his/her own purpose, originally the minister of image agency sudden fantasy, want and take to be an at least longer than 20 minutes of movie, and must most just regular rules of that kind of, this guy wants to be director and want to go crazy, therefore he launched all society members of image agencies are the true Nai of image agency one member the United States nature also drive president calculate at among them.
Certainly, true Nai the United States joined an image agency and had already in advance explained at that time, oneself was a society member for holding a position in name, therefore lovely son and second reason a kind of insect this time just embrace the attitude for trying and seeing to come of, but have never thought, unexpectedly the j ī has Li Ya Lin's curiosity.
"Second classmate wood to clap movie to have interest?"Lovely son dynasty Li Ya Lin with excited look asks a way.
"Still on the whole can, Fei Ju and Alice?Want to try and see?"Li Ya Lin turns a head to ask a way toward the nv at the side of body Hais, although it is said present nv Hais are few, but all meant to embrace to have very big curiosity to this.
So, Li Ya Lin's a group of people then the Hao Hao d à ngd à ng arrived at the image agency of herding the ambition senior high school, but this Lee second wood takes of the person is many, in addition to Alice and Fei Ju, the Lin son and true Nai is beautiful, the Kui still have because is curious so must with come of fly bell, plused lovely son and second reason a kind of insect to totally have nine people, so many people's emergence, but the president that lets an image agency huge surprise for a while.
"True elder sister Ji?You also at?" After arriving at an image agency, but Li Ya Lin discover to fasten true Ji of Jia state unexpectedly also here, after true Ji stood with Li Ya Lin last time to united front, the relation of true Ji and Li Ya Lin's then took place to break the x ì ng progress, at least 2 people at the time of meeting, will fit together by younger brother Jie each other, and true Ji also usually brings Li Ya Lin many concerning'beautiful contact'still have each big secret organizes of intelligence report.
"How to come second wood?"For Li Ya Lin's arrival, true Ji feels to is surprise very much and only see Alice, one silk of feeling of true Ji still an instinct of unwell, after all the Kai lifts the image that the second person really not agrees with to match true Ji heart in person in the cosmos.
"It is said that this president wants to take movie, we all feel to have much of interest, so come over to observe and learn."Say, Li Ya Lin still pointed to point that positive one face silly smile of image agency president, this guy sees arrive so many beautiful nvs for the first time and particularly still has Alice this cat ear Niang, he is salivas to almost flow now everywhere, and he the vice- president of one side how also not, is all stupid shape.
"President?President"second reason a kind of insect a connect shout the glasses president quite a few time, just at last make him resume from the silly smile status to come over.
"?, That ……welcome everyone to an image agency ……that ……"the Zhi Zhi Wu Wu along while, this glasses president didn't also speak ugly Yin Mao of statures, let people sawed stem get excited in a side.
"If we this time come, mainly is to think that the movie that visit an image agency takes, if can, we also want to participate in to arrive to know president among them and not, what kind of movie do you prepare to take?"Or Li Ya Lin first speak he or she wait the person's purpose, just at last let the other party relieve embarrassed, otherwise so always continue to descend of words, also really don't know that he wants to be stammer to arrive when.
"BE so, in fact I want to take a science fiction movie of, fastenning Jia teacher Zhou is also very of approval, only the cost of the science fiction movie was really too Gao, so we prepare to turn to clap some life slices."There is interrupting of Li Ya Lin, this glasses president is on the whole to resume to come over, and makes reference to taking of movie, this guy also starts to be surging never-failing relating.
"Science fiction slice and life slice?These two margins is also a lot too big?The words wanted to say, am I still a little bit interested in science fiction slice, don't know to want to take a science fiction slice, actually need what things?"Ask a way toward the glasses president right away after Li Ya Lin deliberated a burst of, because he saw, when the president finishes saying to take science fiction movie, true Ji's facial expression l ù is one silk gloomy, see to her really having much of love to the science fiction movie.
《The person the Earth fortuitous in cosmos records 》 of chapter 627(compensate a chapter)
《The person the Earth fortuitous in cosmos records 》 of chapter 627(compensate a chapter)
"Science fiction slice?The thing that that needs is getting more, various each prop with expensive kind doesn't say, most of, we have to also own a mature computer technique, all of these are what we needs."Make reference to here, the facial expression in the glasses president eyes started to be obscure down, after all all of these are very expensive and rarely seen of the thing isn't what persons much can solve.
"To, isn't Alice person in the cosmos?That have you ever driven UFO?"By this time lovely son sudden fantasy, the words of science fiction slice, nearby be not have a person in the cosmos who comes from outer space
"So-called UFO, what to point is an UFO, however have already definitely flown a thing, I pour is have 1."Say, Alice invoked own aircraft to come over through the bell Dang of the front of neck, the streamlined machine body of red and white intermingled, it is the meaning that has much of outside star airship to pour, all loudly shouted to this lovely son and the second reason a kind of insectses.
"Too like" says, a group of people still ran to°from the image agency teaching building outside, like in now still just the summer vacation expect and herd an ambition senior high school don't have too many students, can be even if such, the emergence of the aircraft still kept causing the view of rounding of many people.
"The words that had it, can a lot of economical props, however since is a science fiction movie, that must appear an Alien?However Alice's appearance really can not call that it is an outside star Related articles:

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