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Regular meeting.On the regular meeting, that brothers of mine but said my many illses ……alas, however these also doesn't matter.My uncle is after all an intelligent person, although he sides with he's son, for the benefits of household, he isn't unclear.Regular meeting after, I with uncle privately talked for a while, told him we are here ground the circumstance is mainly a sweet ratio promise household to our aim at of not friendly action."
Yang Wei looking at me:"I originally is mean to say to move an uncle to appear publicly ……my uncle is after all the Zhang disciple of three leaf grass households, and a few households of Mafia also have some relations.If my uncle can appear publicly to be agent, probably can temper us and high strange of antinomy ……Chen Yang, don't looking at so me, I know to make you lower the head to is a very difficult piece affair, but we have no strength to resist a sweet ratio promise household now."
"But the sweet ratio promise household root is to want to rush through us extremely, this antinomy can not temper, unless we get fired the person of walking now."I simple and direct way.
"Yes."Yang Wei nods:"But from farsighted up see, this also has no to us antinomy.We didn't also intend to radicate down in Hollywood!After finishing taking this movie, do we still intend to continue to invest movie?After all, current of the birth of the movie is accompanying with that big surprised!Can is that so miracle, be not will be born every day!We come here and get a big pen money is all right already!Then, walking the talented person is the most intelligent way of doing.And we originally of is the plan not also at the right moment such!"
I order.Though the in the mind is unwilling- what Yang Wei says is the truth.Our purposes are to come to get money, don't come to executive officer industry.
"So, I feel we from farsighted up see, didn't necessary and sweet ratio promise the household Be hard to carry on the shoulder, as long as can have an agent is between us temper for a while, then as long as fight for for a time that lets the sweet ratio promise household keep neutral to make moves not ……wait we to finish getting money, by that time once the company sell, leaving Hollywood be.Our purposes are to make money, be not whom Dou.Chen Yang.This you have to be understand."
"……" I didn't talk.
I admit that Yang Wei says very rightly.But ……problem BE, the situation in that evening!!
That evening, to me can be treated as a kind of absolute humiliation!Is 1 kind to my sense of pride to trample!!Is a men and then can not bear with that kind of indignity!But suffer that night, I didn't say to anyone, include Yang Wei at inside ……really too embarrassed because of condition like that.I deeply absorbed tone, rational still keep winning my revenge heart, I difficult way:"H'm ……you continue to keep on saying."
"But, I can not persuade my uncle."Yang Wei sighed tone:"My uncle would not like to lead long to pull to go in this affair.He also forbids me to help you in the name of household at the same time.My before helping you , all with one of my strength, dided not use any strength of household-however this was already the extreme limit that the uncle can endure patiently."
I looking at Yang Wei's facial expression, discovers her to seem to be still to have words don't keep on saying, hence way:"Still have?"
Yang Wei very carefully saw my two eyes, then passed the wine to me, I brought over here drink one mouthful, then Yang Wei just soft-voiced way:"I said that you can forbid animation."
"H'm?"Lookinging at of my oddness she.
"I ……I sought Li Wen Jing Zi You Xi later on."Yang Wei sighed tone:"The Li Jia's upper level in the United States contains not small strength, their household still participates ammunition business, and whole beautiful biggest ammunition noble family Luo gram the household relate to good!And the card Peng of the Mafia of Li Jia and Chicago the household also has many relations ……so ……"
Yang Wei makes reference to here and stopped, because she has already seen my facial expression to see.
I am really not very great!Isn't very great!!
Seek Li Wen Jing Zi You Xi's help?!
My heart deep place livinged a kind of hard description of sour puckery and angry!
Li Wen Jing Zi You Xi?!I certainly know that Li Wen Jing Zi You Xi adores Yang Wei very much!Is beyond all doubt, he is a very excellent and very outstanding young one person!The inside of the person whom I know, and I the person of the of an age layer inside, I haven't met more more excellent than him with outstanding!The noble family background, good education, is regardless a poise, artistic talent, ability, all is make people respect and admire very much ……and in the previously, I also embrace to have many good wills to him ……
But!Now dissimilarity!!
Li Wen Jing Zi You Xi loves Yang Wei very much and even almost came with a marriage proposal to marry Yang Wei with Yang Jia!If isn't Joe Joe under the public situation of that is absurd of"kiss" ……
But now, after my relationship with Yang Wei's picks clear, never so, I have already seen Yang Wei for the sake of my woman!Is my to forbid Luan!!
This kind of time, I and Li Wen Jing Zi You Xi ground the relation Be getting more delicate!
Is fair of say:Now, I and he of, have already become the relation of rival in love!
Even if back an one step, even if our 2 people's didn't break off good relations ……but change to be a whichever man!If your business huge great crisis, this time, you will accept a man who adore your cuckoldry very much and provide to help to you?!
I heavily put cup on the table, it is can hardly for facial expression to see:"Did you really seek Li Wen Jing Zi You Xi?"
"Yes."Yang Wei deeply absorbed tone:"This is I can thought of of uniquely way.I sought him,beats by dre solo, he was very quick and then promised my requested, then he has already arrived at Luo mountain Ji by airplane together with me."
I didn't talk.
Yang Wei continues way:"I ……have already told Li Wen Jing Zi You Xi, I and you of relating to of ……then, for the sake of everyone not embarrassed, so Li Wen Jing Zi You Xi didn't meet with you.So he will see tall strange, then do effort ……he will directly leave after, can't meet with you."
I for a while fire!
My Teng stood and stared Yang Wei:"H'm, at enmity with I meet, is in order not to my embarrassed ……this is your idea?!Admire!!I met big bother, then still want to help me with my rival in love!!For looking after my emotion, he still has much of poise of don't meet with me ……hum!You still really consider thoughtful!Be worried that I face his ground time, ashamed speak impassioned words!!!"
"Not ……be not you think of so!"Yang Wei tries to grasp my hand, but is jilted all of a sudden by me to open.
The fire all of a sudden of my heart, has no omen of vent!
I toward a Yang Wei rant way:"Be not I think of so!That is how!!!Rightness!You are to want to help me!But be what place placed to me so!!!!Ha ha!!I hereafter still have face to Li Wen Jing Zi You Xi?Do I still have face to talk!!Yes!My Chen Yang calculates what!!I met trouble and wanted also depend the woman beg my rival in love to put for me even!!Yang Wei!You did to once think my feeling to have no like this!!!"
Pa!My wrath under, skill's lifting cup and bottle of table to turn over, then seeing doesn't see Yang Wei Yi's eye as well, back and forth walked in the room several turn.
Yang Wei tries to say what, I all don't listen to.
"Hammer son!!!"I am abrupt however loudly roared 1:"Hammer son!You come in for me!!!"
After, the several seconds hammer son pushed away living room front door to hurtle to come in.Take a gun in his hand, one face is nervous:"Five elder brothers, how?"
I complexion dark, full face murderous look:"Make a phone call to return to Vancouver!"I one word one word sneer way:"Let west Luo come together person's horse, making the home beating all of the brothers that can put together can shout together, then ……let owner Luo mountain Ji!!"
Yang Wei's facial expression is huge to change, she loses a voice to shout loudly a way:"Is small five!!!"
I ignore her, die to stare at hammer son and grind teeth a way:"Lao Tze this time who also without resort to!Hum ……sweet ratio promise household?Lao Tze wants blood to wash Luo mountain Ji this time!"After finishing saying, I stare hammer son to drink a way:"Still go not and quickly!!"
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