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Gu star the eye is urgently quick moving, hurriedly a held tight that note, bend over to look below, sees a half up write of BE"greatly aid already to!"Record of writing Juan show, imitating the Buddha is a woman handwriting, the word presents green, the good elephant is to use what plant of the liquid write.
No matter is who write, these four words make Gu star be full of a while excited, hurriedly passing peak standing alone Zhang the door is at present, shiver to say:"We have already saved, senior, you see!"
Those pupils hear this sentence and all hoped to come over, the lance Zhan in the hand Zhan, have no dint to raise any further, all drag along at underground, eyes in but was full of a hope.
The peak standing alone faces to sway indiscriminately before fixing attention on of note, very in a short while just take hold of note with the right hand the vision since the iron gate took back, put is in the moment tooking a look, ask a way:"What is what another half writes ?"
Gu star this just thinks of, oneself patronizes happy, even the another half also forgot to see and quickly passed to senior in the Zhang door, oneself doesn't see and lets senior in the Zhang door see first.
The peak standing alone connects to come over a to see, sees the top writing of BE:"Soon the Zha declines!"
Emperor just pure eagle just beat deliver his/her own vice- hall lord take the person got "red Yan door" of declined climb mountain, another pupil ran up mountain and reported:"The Qi reports a lord, empress mountain ten several people offend mountain, the fighting skill is high strong, certainly can not block!Please decide!"
"Want to make to attack from both flanks it to account?You are still a little bit delicate!"Emperor just once the pure eagle hand tremble, map launch a to open widely, two copper bells the big eye is one Chou at the top, the robust hand is on a location ordered for a while, " tells Kuai leader of a group and presses the second step to plan behaviour!"
The D is fierce is leading 16 Wu Dang of pupil at after the mountain storm, the helping of knife shield hall is many but keeps on backing such as the similar tidewater.
"Make track for!Did "D once the fierce lance flick, lead off blunt past, " arrive oscular fat meat to how could make him slip away?"
Faint a sky to secretly pursue relentlessly, sees before is a little bit flat one valley, tidy on the valley of line up 30 pupils of knife shield hall, half the person is many tall of the copper shield protect before body, the left hand steel knife Shan wear cold light.The knife shield rushed to escape hall the pupil arrive at here, all automatically from the both sides of this brigade person's horse, round to arrive after death, line up 1 row.
In front one person, long knife Gao Ju, shout password:"Go forward!"
The two lines of knives shield hall pupil slowly forced to come up, D once the fierce lance put and shout at top of voice:"Array!"
17 Wu Dang's pupils in the sky maneuver to leap and turned eye cloth to become nine, those knife shield hall the pupil round at in the middle.
Those are the person of head panic not, the long knife raises again:"All together lie to pour!Take the offensive!"
Those knife shield hall the pupil all pour at ground up, the copper shield crosses of, protected the whole body upward, from ascend hope to go to, on the ground be spreads the 1 F copper shield, but could not see one personal shadow.Those knife shield hall the pupil Be vacillating to come and go on the ground, look like miscellaneous disorderly have no chapter, actually but is well regulated, obviously is also a kind of 蹚 strategies.
When do 9 have ever run into opponent like this?Although Wu Dang's pupil is light achievement superb, maneuver to come and go on the copper shield, be unlikely to get hurt, harm enemy, also extremely not easy!The enemies are all concealed under the copper shield, and then have the protection of ground, get down an attack, Wu Dang's pupil has never done.Sword inside the nature is that the ghost absolute being is difficult to escape, can the enemy is in own sole of foot, that be not in the sword, how harm an enemy?
At this time, don't know that as the person of head and deliver a what kind of order, sees in out of the sky and suddenly fly on all sides numerous copper shields, the facing Wu Dang's pupil keeps paring to come over.The edge of that copper shield is a jag Feng sting, revolve, the Wei power is astonishing.
The air flies the shield"Wu Wu" to make ring, the foot steel knife continuously stabs, nine dual attacks that was subjected to a sky underground.
By this time, "red Yan door" declines already walk last jade bead Feng, a red oil colourful Tu Mian, forehead on draw burning of red of flame, wear deep red tunic, front after the heart the heart is an all boiling blazing flame.Is in front a , the hands hold one handle lance, but is bind in the black cloth, one person behind follow behind, in broad daylight raise a torch, don't know is what make into, under the sturdy mountain breeze, the flame is blown of the east pour west slanting, but don't put out.
In front that person to emperor just the pure eagle Gong body salute:"Red big pupil red pine nut in Yan door once sees the celestial spirits helping the knife shield open lord!Admire Mi admire Mi agreeable!"After death of 9 people toghter Gong body.
Just the emperor pure eagle roars with laughter and walks to come forward, but is an in the mood for and not intentional Piao an up, sees for the head that person's footprint the thinnest and only has an unclear outline in snow ground top, if don't scrutinize, that absolutely cans not sees clearly.
"Ha ha, good, good, you the red Yan door can return agreeable my celestial spirits to help, that is the blessing that our celestial spirits helps cent.I will definitely report a report to help a lord, it is absolute to can't maltreat yours!"Just the emperor pure eagle side says that the side smiles the shoulder that the useful hand strongly clapped that person with show warm and affectionate.Feels sun just of the dint spread to come over, but made people feel the center of palm have fever, just that strength combines not much strong.
Just the emperor pure eagle in the mind roars with laughter:"Boy also pretty can pack!Can only cherish, your grandpa had already seen through your that ghost cheap trick!Grandpa this calls'will account and then account', don't understand?"
Is that person's another Gong body for head, the black cloth holding hands grows a pack, to emperor just the pure eagle passed to come over:"This the treasure of door in the town that is this-'red Yan sword', specially send to expensive help, in token of I the red Yan door sincerely yield.Wish respectfullly expensive help to admire Mi admire Mi agreeable!"
"Ah!This not to, should not be expensive to help, should be that I help just right!Ha ha, ha ha!"Just the emperor pure eagle once connected cloth to wrap, after opening, the fruit is an a double-edged sword, take out sword sheath, sees one Hong autumn waters and send out cold ray of light, sword blade inside unclearly have the sun of a circle circle, fluently fix attention on light to up and down move.
"Ha ha, ha ha, good sword!Good sword!Please, just come in a big debt, have already fully entered water wine, specially give welcome dinner for everybody giving a welcome party!"
Just the emperor's pure eagle right hand holds sword, the left hand put a posture for pleasing, the full face heap smiles, very passionately a public to in let.For head that person hurriedly lowly body, say:"Hall lord, please!"The eye inside but flash across one silk crafty ray of light, fly in the void.
"Everyone by himself[herself] person, feel at home!"Just the emperor's pure eagle right hand pours to hold hilt of a sword, at will of to fly in the void shoulders to clap, see come is want to push him 1.Fly in the void in the mind one Lin, the felling isn't good,monster beats, is hesitating whether want to right away become hostile.Emperor just the pure eagle right hand is one Xuan, on oneself's neck have been many on chasing a dazzlingly clear double-edged sword, immediately after Xie descend a hemp, be ordered acupuncture points.
"Ha ha ha ha, Good sword!Good sword!Today must see the world in the fifth place sword, cold month sword!Someone be really three living lucky!Traverse little Xia, you also too small lo old man!Ha ha ha ha!"Just the emperor pure eagle looks up at sky cachinnation, the whole body fat meat trembles not to live.
Fly in the void dark call 1:"The bitterness can send into the fire Kang the younger brothers of senior this time also!Didn't think this old fox unexpectedly even own names all know, must early see through to ownly account to strive for, but have been staying calm and collecteding, will account and then account to make oneself fall to into a set!"Fly in the void strabismus one lo, those nine senior younger brothers of oneself, all many on everybody's neck one handle dazzlingly clear steel knife.The iciness that flies in the void an in the mind to immediately change, Chen Xiao Cong's proposal wanted to hide lance at that time, oneself was afraid that the performance was different from and determinedly forbade, and extremely conceited of say:"Is the Kun Lun top of hill weapon numerous, also fear that we will not rob a lance?"The teacher once worried oneself a come up the meeting was captured by the enemy, can not display, unexpectedly a language becomes Chen!All strange oneself too small lo world hero!
A knife shield hall pupil ran to come up again:"The report reports a report hall lord, empress mountain 17 people have already been used a sky by me, wing ground 蹚 rounds at three green valleys, immediately can capture!"
"Report, Wu Dang Pai, Zhang Ting Yin, leads 17 pupils, before striking against mountain, have already been surrounded by me as well!"
"Report, the Kun Lun peak standing alone way in the Zhang door is long to pick flag of surrender, lead pupil to come to surrender, have already been helped pupil system by me!"
"Ha ha, ha ha", emperor just the pure eagle hear this a chain of pleased reports, can not help heart Related articles:

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