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Find out this bastard to him, a come up and return what didn't say.He pulls us to come here.Still especially the idea wants tip to servant with me.This bastard's guy."
The week rain Han talks.Rather the filial piety just hopes.Incognizant week rain Han however once saw the rain poem in week.At the same time also pleasing to listener from the home population to Be passed to Chen Han Gen week the marriage of the rain Han.This kind of affair outsider knows of little.However rather many people in the house all way rather the filial piety righteousness Be also little to hear some.
Week rain Han.She also here.After once listenning to the words of pastoral.'The flash across Nu in the filial piety eyes idea:"I this makes people catch he."
"Ha."Chen Han Dan a smile to stand up to walk to'front.|Wear under just in the on the stage of Dou:"Perhaps have already canned not found that duty member now.Do you know who the owner of this fire net is?"
Rather filial piety righteousness way:"The form is clear left month this person to take care of however still have other some people behind.If calculate this fire net to also have some share.However the dry that is that they are hard to give.Is main or the son Anne of Sung of Sung house hold.However it is said that that Sung son text's at the back gives support."
This kind of affair.Rather the filial piety righteousness knows that the one breaths all said out naturally.He just finished saying heart in suddenly a move.Took a look Chen Han and see suddenly understand to come over to the rain Han in week.
"Mao."Rather the filial piety righteousness is one feet.Of top of of Tan all the earthquake spilt open.Rather filial piety sense of honor way:"I knew.This is the good matter that the son Anne of Sung does.Want to let me with you since the conflict.He sits the benefit of accepting the fisherman.Bastard.The game can not win me.Unexpectedly use this kind of three over of means.See he when the time comes how explain."
Rather the filial piety righteousness says.Take out a telephone.Directly break through Anne's words.
"Ha ha.Rather filial piety righteousness.How to can't wait for.Still have a few hours.You prepare to lose money this time."Telephone a connect.The son Anne of Sung immediately says with smile.
Rather the filial piety righteousness is cold to hum 1.Cold way:"Son Anne of Sung,google.You think to play these are three meanses useful.Ask for Nu I.I put together to let the home pass lock up.Also want will you this fire net to you are failed.What have fun should.You immediately come back for me.I see how you give an account.The Yao explains."
Listen to rather the filial piety righteousness heel son Anne of Sung's dialogue.Chen Han is quiet|underneath.From the design here.He feels some things unclearly.Just not just specially clear at the moment.At this time suddenly working one Shan.But again consciousness be not|clear.
Fire net.Open sea.All have some together order.It is all sons and daughters of topper man at the wheel in a city to control.Can also draw on very greatly a part to be the officer's person.It is very huge here.Chen Han suddenly thoughts of.Here will can't at these public of of square outside.There are also other squares.
Ten thousand widely super.Son Anne of Sung …Sung son text.If so of of the square still has of words.Chen trembles with fear lieutenant general these things all the conjunction is together.Fiercely think.Oneself just grasps of the felling.If this kind of of square be not an of.All have in some big cities.But this back if all have the shadow of Sung son text.The purpose of that this Sung son text can not only is make money so in brief.
Thought of these.Chen trembles with fear medium also very shocked.
Son Anne of Sung drive rather the filial piety righteousness scolded 1.Just just by bus rush through the son Anne of Sung of the fire net once haven't made to understand.The words arrive back to just listen to
'The filial piety righteousness is scolding him because of other feeling.But while wanting to inquire he has already hanged a telephone.
The son Anne of Sung immediately makes a phone call for left month:"The person whom you before say is long of what kind.How did you exactly arrange.Whether led long to pull rather righteousness?"
Left month clearly hurriedly way:"Anne is little.I am to make people take them to rather inside in the room of filial piety righteousness.Let a clever waiter say a few words from.Estimate now that they are beating.A short while I go up to lift a person.That guy settles quilt rather the person of filial piety righteousness beat of rise not."
" Doesn't come of is you."Depend the son Anne of Sung over there to fiercely get up.Scold a way:"You pig head.I today heel rather the filial piety righteousness has heavy weight to definitely.You unexpectedly ask for in the body.Still have.The other party exactly what person?""He be 20 many year old.Still take a disabled young girl that sits a wheel chair."The left month receives scolding clearly of muddle-headed change direction.But don't dare to distinguish.The words that answers son Anne of Sung.
Son Anne of Sung suddenly a head of.Miserably.How to just have never asked to know.Unexpectedly have got this guy.Chen Han.Must be Chen Han.Meet that day|cold after.The son Anne of Sung is after returning to make people check for a while.Because of there being pastoral at.Plus Chen Han has the accent of Chang sea.It isn't difficult to check Chen Han's identity.
Although the outside opens a report.However Chen Han's affair in martial building in the cow house,cnn.The person, who knows, is also many.
"You***pig*.You are a stem what eat.So stupid idea you can also want out."The son Anne of Sung scolded severals.Then way:"Hurry.Solve that attendant."
"."The left month is clearly shocked:"Anne is little..This.Have no so seriously.Greatly not I make him carry on the shoulder down.This doesn't calculate as well what affair.Say that he is for the sake of the tips.We are rather the in front of filial piety righteousness to interrupt him when the time comes an arm or leg."
That person is a left month clear of close.The even person is also clever.The left month quickly says clearly.
The son Anne of Sung also calms down at this time.Hate a track:"Return to before.If you have never done like.You automatically disappear."
Finish saying.The son Anne of Sung drops a telephone.Annoyed to scold 1.These idiocy.He thinks rather the filial piety righteousness and Chen Han is what person.If the person is in the their hand.Protecting to prohibit will lead long to pull what affair.In order not to troublesome.Or as early as possible break off with hand clues.Save of make a more affairs.
Rather the filial piety righteousness hangs up a telephone here.The not knowing of the spirit should do what is good.There is a spirit having no place to vent.However controling dint at him so much is quite good.Have Chen Han Gen the rain Han for week here again.He also endure don't do what other actions.
Immediately see toward Chen Han:"Just conducted electricity words for Sung sub- safety hit.BE rushing through back this now.This bastard but set up for not to know."
This matter Chen Han is also very surprised today.Unexpectedly framed up so once.The identity that presumably designs the person of this stratagem by himself/herself really don't know.It is otherwise not such.
Chen Han didn't say what.|Wear an outside way:"You this is for a while.Perhaps will want the life of that attendant.You make your person seek now.Seeing can find out.
Rather the filial piety righteousness is also very intelligent.Otherwise can't just see the rain Han in week, either.Immediately think that is here the affair of side.He order-|after again return to inside.Stand to coldly and after death looking at Chen Han at Chen.
"You the game today when carry on?"Chen Han freely asks.This affair he now already not-lift.Because idea through not big.
Rather the filial piety righteousness just wanted to say.It is left clear to knock on door in the outside.Connect on coming in to compensate a gift.
"Roll***simultaneously go.You are still not sufficient to come to apologize,Facebook.Make the son Anne of Sung come over for me."Rather the filial piety righteousness scolded a left month to go out clearly.The left month come out in room clear whole body-.That person is who.See just that power.Rather the filial piety righteousness seems to be respectfullly polite to him to respect.Is strange not of is Anne little to break into a furious rage.
Scolding to walk a left month is clear.Rather filial morality:"Tonight 11.50 beginning.This is the fire net the big one today.My under charge has one person to sweep in the fire net recently.Today is that he is that I compare of the last game.At the beginning I once helped his son.He promises for me and beats game for three month.The class that otherwise can hardly find out this kind of expects a superior behind be willing to-compete."
Fire net although the layer is higher.The class superior usually having to definitely.However badly and somely also of class middle.Of the period root have no after the class.Rather the filial piety righteousness expects a superior to sweep fire net naturally after taking a class.Today is last a.It is also a game that weighs a head most .
Chen Han tooks a look time.So a hold up have already shall arrived soon time that the 1 F performs a beginning.Chen Han is light to say with smile:"That in a short while we also come to gather together a jollification."
Rather the filial piety righteousness hurriedly nods.Happy way:"You come.That is to see of rise me."
Chen Han ordered to nod.Have no- Related articles:

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