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Living a member mood to become greatly good.
"Keep secret!"Li Wei connects the half cent good heart feeling to all have no, abruptly from the crevice between teeth in leap an a pair word son.
"Hum!Cheap stake."
"The female kid was a female kid, divided a color for half to open dyer."Li Wei's in the mind keeps depressed.
2 people start to return to walk, but hear devil base the direction spreading a burst of and slight step voice.
"The impish son came over!Walk first!"Li Wei quickly draws out to carry on the back last 81 type rifleses, though can't see,hear sounds to shoot or does to get.
The step voice of devil is more and more near, mouth inside light tone Gu Nong wear Ji Ji very slanting Japanese, direct toward Li Wei their direction blunt come over, obviously is discovered two of him's position.
"See to poison fog starting spreading!"Li Wei Xiao's track.
"Are you how can anyone know?You not is can't see?"Female the health member have a little curious, this warrior how so miraculous, need not open eyes and then can know poison fog have already compared just thin a lot of.
"Is stupid!The devil hurtles we came over, if isn't poison fog to spread out.How to may see our figures, you walk first,Beats By Dre Justbeats!I drag along them,http://www.monsterbeats-ol.com."Li Wei rapidly says.
"Walk to walk together not, I can not throw down you you have to immediately get a treatment, !~"The female's health member ground obstinate temper came up again, the words hadn't finished saying, discover a black sting-like in shape weapon directly horizontal on her neck, not from of exclaim.Having not shouted horselaugh was again acrossed an anti-virus head cover by Li Wei to press down a mouth.
Li Wei's voice becomes extreme Yin cold:"You if don't walk, I directly killed you, I didn't want to stay, and the nuisance drags along my hind legs"
Li Wei's brawl stabs tiny quiver, a son the shriveled person's cold idea follows the Feng blade of the side of sting to spread to the neck of the health member of female up, frighten she could not help beating one cold Zhan, female health member almost can make sure, if she dares to say a not word, at present this side exposes ferociously a warrior to be like to treat an enemy and doesn't hestitate ground to kill off her.
"Roll!"Li Wei's becoming is like the feelings sort with no mankind.
Fiercely a push a female health member.The poise the slightest done not tenderness toward woman.
Female the health member be pushed ground to stumble several step, didn't also say what rubbish, have already sobbed to walk.
"Shout.The vexed person's guy walked on the whole!"Li Wei breath a sigh of relief, but discovers that the devil is more and more near.
The boiled water pot of Li Wei Ning directly pours in own face and flushes own eyes and with sudden force sway a head again, taint with the poisonous gas and the tears on the eye and wear the clear water in the canteen jilt to open and meet an emergency a sexual processing for a while eyes, there is no visual help, fight with devil really is to suffer a los too much, purely shut an eye battle.He still asks myself to have no this ability.
Open some sting Yangs and achingly eyes, have a little bit some mistily the visual field is slowly clear, to the eye, the devil light figure has already got into his ground view, have 56, also take an anti-virus mask.
Li Wei draws back distance, rises 81 type rifles, and the benefit Suo ground pushes to play Tang and takes aim at a devil to hang up a trigger.
呯 !~A devil that wears an anti-virus mask hasn't in time responded to come over,beats by dre.The unwilling Wu wore a chest to directly fall flop, the anti-virus mask limited their angle of views.
The gun voice was like to draw on a flock of fly that smells zesty taste a while, cleaned up all of the devil soldiers of battlefield to draw on past.
Japanese devil food for powder in the mind a strength son of seven ascend the eight times , in thus bushy poisonous fog, there are incredibly also safe and sound eight roadses, there is also the ability to resist, when eight road soldiers had a so good anti-virus to equip.
Inside poison fog, often send out to bellow a voice, submerge mistily Japanese devil soldier in fog area almost be like met ghost, in addition to leaving several voices to bellow, then again passive.
Have already hanged five anti-virus masks on Li Wei's waist, this is the good thing, without extra trouble pay to get also is useful to is next to fight, after chain absolute being Jue gets into to wash a vein stage, the his speed and reaction ability almost has a tremendous exaltation, although it is said don't compare before quickly 100% above and so exaggerated, but at least also compare nimble before 30% , in the battlefield, act quick penny each time mean to kill the exaltation of harming the dint and ego safety, borrow poison fog and enemy wear of the anti-virus mask restriction lives an enemy of can see distance and angle, Li Wei appears and disappears mysteriously like the similar demon, only by dint of the brawl in a black stabs and be like a tiger to concuss a flock of sheep sort to harvest an enemy ground life.
Pa!Direct this Mo to work properly the penny area commander member of battle of of the palm heavily strike in putting a work battle front the table's top of diagram and shake the pen on the table to roll over everywhere, the tea bowls all almost shake to turn over.
"Is damned, the devil incredibly has preparation, source head must be scathing to check to divulge a secret this time, absolutely can not let the warriors of sacrifice refuse to close eyes in death."The penny area commander member is very furious to leap thick spirit, war bulletin just received, being responsible for three regiments that cleared the Lai source outer circle devil base not only only suffered traitor of China to permeate a disturbance, met an enemy anti- sneak attack, was subjected to devil gas shell raid, lose huge, at the same time be responsible for two regiments that help battle also make progress disadvantage, several degrees kill into three A village devil bases, but drive an anti- rushed toward out, Be lord offend of one regiment, firm and uncompromising offend into a Lai source city, don't expect an enemy secretly strengthened troops, with meticulous care established trap to ambuscade one regiment, finally before having to be bright on sky withdraw, although through a day and night of the vehemence fight almost the personnel is huge to die or injure, besides which, make progress effect very tiny.
The battle plan that with meticulous care draws up, the pole fee with patience carries on the military transfer of careful and attentive preparation and captivation enemy, but don't know how.Japanese devil unexpectedly at end a moment has preparation, let the attack of first stage have no achievement but return, how make the penny area commander member angry, any a silk mistakes will bring dead and injured of the warriors, in the moment each dead and injured of regiment is a price.
As a battlefield director, have to quickly reply status, not the ability is influenced a work mindset by the victory or defeat, the penny area commander member is wrinkly eyebrows.
Force oneself to calm down, for canning cope with currently a geologic change to turn, taking the enemy hasn't completely touched deeply we mainly battle intention and next move action, have to adjust strategy, the commander member dead stares at to hit the ground diagram, mumbling way:"Now that the enemy has preparation, can temporarily stand alone a little more pre-eminent enemy and defeat in detail to take by ordering noodles from the minority and the vital part part first."
Use the pencil drew on the map several bottom, sought Zhang Zhi.Record very new battle important point.Ordering of commander member satisfaction soliloquizes a way:"Hey, you have your Zhang Liang to account.I have my to lead wall steps and all gather also good, a net gets clean, province again seek everywhere".
The penny area commander member suddenly twists to hope the telephone on the side toward the table, a grasped to shake.
"Feed, I am the penny area commander member, connect three regiments for me."
A short moment telephone connected.
"Three chiefs, how, the east regiment fortress progress how, if east the regiment fortress take not to come down.Lai source city can hardly also take down come, understand?"
"Is understand!Commander member, hateful Japanese devil unexpectedly spreads poisonous gas, a lot of warriors were poisoned, dead and injured was very big, but invite chief trust, the sanitation squad is adopting protection measure, prepare to continue to attackstone now, my regiment won't cherish the whole prices to determinedly take down east regiment fortress."Three chiefs attending to jump is also hot pot of at the moment last ant.Originally think that the commander member will scold him a dog blood sprinkles a head and have never thought just emphasized his battle task, made his heart just a little safe for a while.
"Like, you have to notice, all of Japanese devils of the east regiment fortress are sergeants, fight character Gao, deal with them not ability hard put together, move to move brain, want that ordering is strange to recruit, the enemy's main force has already started gathering and limit you to take down in two days east regiment fortress."The penny area commander member words finish saying, hanged a telephone.
"Small?!"The commander member shouts a way.
"Arrive!"Secretary member small direct from the outside house entered inside the house.
"Notify one regiment, temporarily surround the enemy of Lai source first, then let the cannon connect them to take out a row support two regiments to take down three A villages, isn't the cannon that paid a devil recently?Send for two regiments together."Commander member way.
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