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Is big of slowly climb, all over what to send forth is with just completely different breathing, solemnly a superior is general.
Iron wood Er then complexion upheaval way:"What ……do not listen to the madcap of upper grade order?……You ……"
Oldly say with smile:"You know, your superior, the Yi Li saves an intelligence report section the section chief would be our person, you should understand now why did you repeatedly report the matter of complicated ability but don't respond to?"
Iron wood Er grinds teeth a way:"Is him!No wonder that, no wonder that ……"
The old Hey says with smile:"Frankly speaking, you can sneak in here, is already to be getting more quite good, not elephant front how many, , should be your colleague?I the old then make you see."
Oldly say, the face type broke out variety and connected to become a few faces, iron wood Er not from have a fit, the light son in the hand gun immediately sends out a light beam to shoot toward the old.
The old roars with laughter, the light beam kept straightly shot on his chest big hole, however the face of old still keep being smiling, in the eyes of iron wood Er, the entrance to cave isn't only healing.
Iron wood Er doesn't believe evil on grinding teeth, light beam gun again toward fierce shoot an old, old still doesn't avoid Shan not.
At this time, the stone was concealed to sneer at a , this sneer shoots to go into the brain of old like a benefit arrows and keeps to must smash that chip shot that controls replication ability, old Xie Si can not understand this as well is how one thing.
The old that iron wood Er then will can not make duplicate shoots smash and greatly breathed heavily several tones to go up and very carefully checked a corpse.
The king of evil monster says with smile:"See, you are getting more interested in to this boy."
The stone is concealed to smile to smile, sneer way:"I become more interested in to the section chief of that intelligence report section."
Iron wood Er gets to body inside the light son gun income, a feet mercilessly Chuai Chuai old, again Cui one mouthful, settle eye toward surroundings of the glass cover hope to go, this doesn't hope O.K., on hoping to go, up to thousand glasses cover inside of the persons all open an eye to hope him.
Iron wood Er a surprised, hurriedly from the body inside again Ning light son gun, the in the mind as well has complicated thoughts and feelings, if open fire at this time, these system as soon as break, necessarily will arouse the above person's attention, but, if don't handle here, oneself again how to the colleague who starts to get dying?
Once iron wood Er grind teeth, the complicated facial expression arouses jumping of blood, at he wants and opens fire of moment, the indoor glass takes care of the liquid of inside suddenly solidify, along with the quickly lowering of the temperature, the human body appears a cracked circumstance, then the glass cover can not stand low temperature soon and freeze and start exploding ground, immediately would be a human body also split small different broken bits in Chengkong University, hit and fall ground and come up, but top in the ground then present the heat of a kind of extreme limit, fragment as soon as go into ground, then be incinerated into dust, immediately disappear, the whole process only kept on for very short minute, but let iron wood Er don't already frightened, he where will know surroundings have the two and the super strong strong at help, he still think he because project light the son gun arouse what respond, looking at the condition of at present occurrence, although have a little out of the blue, iron wood Er immediately wide awake, have to take confusion of time rush out and go, otherwise wait meeting the affair bother!
Once iron wood Er make a firm decision and immediately run into elevator and press to move ascension to press the Niu elevator a to arrive second floor, on opening a door to would be a lot of armed personnels, iron wood Er packs the complexion greatly change of shout loudly a way:"Underneath below has an enemy!"Then flurried hold tight an a little bit young researcher, loudly weep over, this since can increase a credibility, more important, once east the window matter deliver, can also hold tight this person do shield.
Don't is iron wood Er and pack elephant, and because just what system realizes is the experiment body of 3 F and encounter at the same time for an instant the large-scale energy hits, this doesn't is a the very small new researcher can get into, because the large-scale weapon material is to basically enter not base, and the strong wants and gets into a base also not is so easy, the base personnel immediately prepares to carry on a careful check, target naturally is a 3 F.But public where expect again:The king of stone concealed and evil monster has already got into second floor along with iron wood Er!

Chapter 231 who is a whose bait

When the king of stone concealed and evil monster gets into second floor, is still having 2 people the remenant strength in 3 F, these strength feet have already get into the armed personnels in its to entirely destroy at this time.
Iron wood Er sees unmanned doubt oneself, then miscellaneous disorderly in the crowd in walk toward a side of the second floor.
The base of the king to the 2 F of evil monster is clear,beats by dre solo, strange way:"There not is export."
The stone is concealed to say:"With the personality of this boy, should be want to seize data to the reference room-obtain data is that the demand is some to is horary, within this period of time, we should seek some affairs to amuse."
The king of evil monster says with smile:"BE having this idea!"
Once 2 people finish saying and appear a body form in the second floor at the same time,dr dre beats studio, present armed personnel after frightenedsing for an instant, immediately someone starts call sign:"Call headquarters,cheap beats by dre, sit to mark in the southwest of the second floor 32:732 discover an enemy."
Someone at call, several armed personnels have already started rounding up toward the king of stone concealed and evil monster, in everyone hand all hold light son gun, however, public haven't started acting, the stone is concealed to have already generally flowed out like the tidewater with that matchless divine power of the king of evil monster, public feels brain in violent a pain, die have already condescended to come for an instant, control concealed 2 people of the stone of human clone's weakness deal with these armed personnel like slice bean curd similar of easy, just in a time that doesn't arrive, up to 100 armed personnels in the 2 people view scope have already changed into dust, disappear disappear.The whole calmness inside the hall is like Ning, still keep spreading the call sign voice of the armed personnel of first floor just in the pager that leave in the ground.
The stone is concealed to say with smile:"Your under charges all finished dying, also don't appear?"
The words sound falls in, four men who wear battle armor appear at everywhere of entrance, four man's height one meter nine above, body breadth the body is fat, grow look exactly alike, four strength sent forth on Human body live the weaknesses of brain,such as the locks of reinforcing bar, and feel invulnerable.
The king of evil monster says:"This is the replication body, owning the person whom Gao Deng makes duplicate gene can make use of a little amount cell of he or she's body but make into and oneself's energy equal human body, this saint extremely learns and seem to be still to want arrogant."
The stone is concealed to smile to smile, the view has already fallen therein a human clone after death, over there, there is a man who even if still conceals a body form under the deeply bright light, this person, would be 4 people's corpus.
The body that the man is bright to be from a form, cross the replication before the body walked to come over and hoped to go toward the king of stone concealed and evil monster and uncannily said with smile:"Wait of is you!"
The stone concealed despise says:"The tone that listens to you, seems to be early to expect us be coming."
The man says with smile:"No matter is who, as long as being the strong of absolute being class, then should realizing the existence here, with just that flicks of dint, you then killed only present owner, the foot has already proven that you were the strongs of absolute being class."
The king of evil monster not from say with smile toward the concealed stone:"This person is having already been frightenned silly, can really knock down us with his strength?"
The man smiled to smile and said:"With my a person's strength really the shortage have already knocked down you, but, you can not knock down me ……"
Man finishes saying, once the hand flick, four replication bodies are divided into 2 sets and respectively hurtle toward the king of stone concealed and evil monster.
The stone is concealed to sneer at a , with once the hand lift, the five fingers is suddenly a , strength with thick Hun forces from the center of palm and becomes an extensive net to tie to go toward 2 people book, who know this hand to lift of, two replication bodies suddenly disappear, the quick Shan body flees the stone is in the concealed body, 2 people don't display any action, is just that one person tied up a stone concealed leg by body, one person then tied up concealed double of arms of stones and top body.
The king of evil monster but not the stone Be concealed to there and easily make people close, 2 people although Related articles:

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