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Looking at more than 30 portrait paintings on the big stone, discover that everybody is like to all have different action carriage, the periphery of portrait still has the quite a few the lines at, he cannot helps but asking a way:"Teacher, you this is at painting what?"
The second 芠 was partial to a head to see Ge and at Ge behind same face doesn't understand of food for powder, lightly say:"This is for teacher person among the clan of some I feel usefully a recruit type, I engraved five to recruit, this is also that you want to study among these several days of thing!"
Heard a recruit type is two words, include Ge at inside, all evil clansmens stare first big eyes, then fierce take out an one breath, then die after staring at of life the portrait lo of that big rock write.
Originally, on this evil clan mainland, not the everyones can learn a recruit type, can learn the person of recruit type generally speaking, is all some personal statuses more noble evil clansmen, be like Ge the slave like this even is those soldiers, basically don't know what be called a recruit type, while fighting, they are usually all just pure of with lend the own instinct the reaction and strength and strong and tough body to carry on combat.
But second 芠 so two words don't say of the one breath took out a recruit type to make them study, how don't make the Ge wait person's surprise desire crazy?
Completely don't know the second 芠 of reason among them, although feel that the public performance has a little an abnormality,http://www.headphonest.com, but he doesn't want to pursue these affairs as well, just lightly , under help of the Vinaceous Rosefinch, explained the function of these recruits typed one by one, and the flank recruit type represented by lines alignment and how live and use.
At a stretch explained in detail this several after recruiting, finally harsh voice warning way of second 芠 :"Since tonight, the owner practice recruit type, have to attain while fighting next day can a day ago the recruit type use of the academic association came out of situation."
Is public have already produced a kind of mindset that must listen to to the words of second 芠 at this time, therefore once the second 芠 finish saying, public hurriedly order beginning.
Second 芠 once again will after giving Vinaceous Rosefinch to the responsibility explaination of Ge their trainings, then Teng body but rise, go toward outside fly to walk, leave everywhere once again because hanging of second 芠 empty flight but envy to add to admire of evil clansmen.
Leave after training the secret place of persons like Ge,etc, the second 芠 directly flies to 100 inside outside of the hole Wei pull a town especially, land outside the town, slowly walked in to axe Wei to pull especially among the street of town.
The second 芠 a little bit puzzles of looking at the street on the town, heel previous several times he to axe Wei to pull town especially of time compare, the hole Wei at this time's pulling a town to seem especially is too calmness to order, particularly time that this time should be an afternoon country fair to open for business, but street the last one is open spaces, even half personal shadow all have no, and even the store also all closed!
Pay no attention, the second 芠 saw the avenue inside in the some dark lane, the capable number was many rock shadow of human figures, more had him absolutely can't see wrong knife sword reflection and call tiny tiny one E of second 芠 !
Although not afraid matter, if the matter doesn't close personal of words, that oneself also has no a necessity to ask for is living not, particularly, he is again on this unfamiliar mainland now.
Turn a mind like this in the brain, second 芠 the first reaction would is to turn round to want to withdraw to axe Wei to pull the avenue of town especially, the just second 芠 seems night one step, be he once turned round come, he has already heard unauthorized biography in the town come to very abuzz step voice, immediately, the evil clansmen horse of big brigade blocks his way out, while those ambushes also follow to flow out out at the person in the dark lane and besiege second 芠 round and roundly down the avenue.
The second 芠 looking at the evil clansmen of his/her owns whole dance knife lane swords chillily, good long time, his taste concentration is on some one personal body, that is a have already lost an arm, originally already enough difficult see of face, but because mightiness of hate an idea, a face distorts of more despicable, those are exactly many one the evil clansmens that are discarded one arm by the second 芠 before the month.
Go to this, the second 芠 has been able to comprehend today's oneself of so meeting drive surround of reason.
See whole crowds, in the second 芠 heart not from of on sighing, see, oneself is really that the influence that is invited Se is too deep, otherwise, according to oneself one-time temperament to say, where will let this evil clansmen after violating openly oneself once, also have this opportunity to show off in oneself's in front the force spread fame, afraid of skeleton's no longer knowing be covered up where, oppose a person indeed as expected is can not show leniency!
Lead come so many people surround the evil clansmen of second 芠 , staring of dead life second 芠 , don't know to roar loud in mouth what, only the hand is continuously and confused to brandish, can only cherish him is to play the piano to the cow, Vinaceous Rosefinch not the second 芠 by the side of the body basically doesn't understand him at say what, however,Beats By Dre Holiday Gift Free shipping day green Monday, on the whole the second 芠 can't misunderstand so a big cluster of hand to take knife sword to surround his intention!
Since know that oneself doesn't understand the other party at say what, so second 芠 also lazy useless talk, once the hands flap, cape hereafter one Yang, the second 芠 has already hurtled before going toward to, two words don't say to arrive at the in front of that one-armed evil clansmen, hand at the same time before going toward on stretching, the palm directly prints on the forehead of that one-armed evil clansmen, one Zhang that one-armed evil clansmen to beat of fly to go out, then a time body, start a person who clean up that one-armed Human body side.
The hands that sees second 芠 don't know when unexpectedly the difference become a pair of furry monsters claws and gleam the sharp-edged claw son of terrible benefit long grass, along with the every time wielding of the second 芠 , direct from start to take on the whole evil clansmen body 1.1 drops of blood spends, in the middle accompany with evil clansmen at caught unprepared seriously suffer under instinct of bellow a voice.
After that one-armed person fell to the ground to vomit a blue blood, already at least 7, 8 people died in the hands of that monster claw sort of second 芠 .
Finally return to absolute being of evil clansmen, see second 芠 unexpectedly remain silent of malicious put poison in a hand, not from of the big Hua get up, but also not forget to raise the knife sword in the hand, killed to come over toward second 芠 .
The second 芠 is all are welcome, the arm of monster claw sort seems evil clansmen of achillean hard Han of knife sword, the long claw on the hand as long as lightly on touching the body of evil clansmen, ignoring the body of evil clansmen defense dint is how of durable, ignoring the helmet on the body is how of strong and tough, none exception of drive the claw son of second 芠 to cut apart and spread the body parts around.
Frankly speaking, so 2, 300 evil clansmens is good enough to the crack soldier is to neighborhood 1000 people's person's clan, but very regrettable BE, they now meet with of, but is last in the strange force mainland cruel hand hot myriad people Mo Di's devil of .
Evil clansmen how also have never thought, originally just want very purely to seek the humble person's clan that dares to hurt saint clansmen to do accounts, come so among many people already someone feel to break the butterfly on the wheel too much, but they how also have never thought, guard several days, the person is to wait until, have never thought the person waited until by them will be strong to this extent!
Looking at second 芠 that uncannily comes and goes in the crowd just like the ghostly sort utter darkness figure from such as, every he through of place, all dyed the blood of navy blue, the ear listenned to the companions continuously spread of that in time shouts half of bellow a voice, the person of outer circle cans not help timid, step from at first of to front blunt became to stop, at last and slowly and hereafter backed!
Solved to round at nearby of enemy behind, the second 芠 tiny Mi rises eyes to looking at those evil clansmens that observe circumstances to break away in the surrounding distance.
Although second 芠 can not from the evil clansmen that face that spreads all over a scale up see their loving, anger, saddness, and happinesses, ,Beats By Dre green Monday, from that doubles dark and red doubles of eyeses, the second 芠 saw him to have been very and habitually fearing flavor!
See the icy cold vision of second 芠 is lookinging at them, all evil clansmens not from scream hysterically 1, turn round hereafter run, back of the big Buddhism expose to second 芠 !
The second 芠 is cold cold on smiling, he understands too much he while killing the side brought the person of, particularly is the person who personally fights what kind of 1 kind feel, this kind of doesn't divide an enemy, don't divide fearing of race and almost have already become one of his weapon!
The corner of mouth floats to have one cold smiling face of putting on once again, the decision no longer shows consideration and avoids causing the second 芠 of more troubles to absolutely allow of no to allow these people to leave, and he wants to leave them!
Before going toward on stepping, the second 芠 is about to try to catch up with, at by this time, the second 芠 is icy cold of face up suddenly presented the facial expression of a burst of pain and sufferings, Related articles:

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