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The achievement is getting smaller.You think that we the so big achievement is a police don't praise us, the victim must also give some money what.I see rather so, we call two women on the car together up, make two of her also praise personal field, person much strength is big."
2 people dispute some kind of, finally unified an opinion, turn to turn head to press the original road to return, hire a car last Liu Yan Ni and ice Ying.
Two public securities took happy expression to get on the car and notified a circumstance to Liu Yan Ni and the ice Ying, two a burst of joy to woman.When the public security eldest brother wants them to look forward to look for a thunder gram Sa Si and her host with oneself's a cake of, Liu Yan Ni amusedly promised, ice Ying but shrink together body, meticulously say:"The brothers sisters, you go to, I stand guard to set up patrol and work well a logistic security work for you here.In case that car hasn't found back, this was again stolen."
Liu Yan Ni knows ice Ying timidity, don't force as well, three people successively got off and started looking for and give relief to Huang Shan's activity.
Two public securities a front on walking behind, in the center clip Liu Yan Ni.A stick that take floodlight all alone, raise Gao Jing all alone of front, prepare pain shot to burst upon at any time of rob a car scoundrel.
Liu Yan Ni in the mind Peng the Peng keep jumping and also neglect distinction between sexes and tightly hold tight the hand of behind public security.The public security feels fearing of Liu Yan Ni, the brave ground hugged Liu Yan Ni.Protecting the woman is the man's man's natural duty, but protection and take advantage of of also have no too big differentiation in the particular situation.
Walk 1 kilometer after, still didn't see a thunder gram the shadow of the Sa Si, the words of Liu Yan Ni to two public securities produced a doubt, was also in need of energy on the feet and frightenedly asked a way:"Did that trucks driver really tell you the car to turn in this path?"
Front of that twists a head to say:"Elder sister, we are the public securities of hotels, don't dare to say the body is negative in addition to suddenly and violently Anne good job, but at least also can't with bad intention, tell a lie and encounter Qian in a sky to the woman."
He is understand, Liu Yan Ni is worrying the safety of oneself.Behind of a take advantage of an opportunity more to hug tight Liu Yan Ni's slender waist, comfort her to say:"The elder sister don't fear, if really run into a scoundrel, I am to go ahead regardless life also be protecting you first."
At this time, the hilltop that listen to a body a side uploads barking wildly of two dogses, the tremor wears to sink to immerse of night sky.Three people at the same time a surprised, raise head and look, sees two dogs pursuing to run about wildly in the top of hill.A public security of behind scares Liu Yan Ni to say:"This isn't the dog, must be a wolf.The ecoenvironment in nowadays like, the wolf insect tiger leopard usually appears and disappears."
Liu Yan Ni listenned to and frightenned keep into the bosom arch of public security.
1 of front says:"Does your boy have no well heart, clearly is to bark, how can is a wolf.Interjection and dog of wolf contain very big differentiation, don't believe me to learn for you."
Finish saying, the Yang rises neck and holds a nose, toward bright night sky long long ground Hao call several voice.
Still be really like.The Hao interjection is in the empty valley response, also really have a little greatly terrified.
Go forward again, the light unintentionally shone on a thunder gram the Sa Si is in the car, the reflection sign of car tail reflects bright light and stabs 3 people's eyes.3 people are happy, at the same time also more of scare.Particularly Liu Yan Ni, hate can not stick the whole bodies all on public security.
In addition to fearing, she there is also a kind of dream.Is very long-term, she has never got in touch with opposite sex,google.If a mature woman there is no keeping company with of opposite sex, heart of lonesome be imaginable.She comes today, be want to feel to stimulate for a while, get rid of her heart thus long save lonesomely.
3 people are a don't utter, slowly take side to the car.
Approach car, the light shone on into car compartment, nobody.Seeking car bottoming again is still a nobody.3 people breath a sigh of relief on the whole.
"What about person?"Take in whisper asking of the electric light way,Facebook.
"Probably hold as a hostage."Liu Yan Ni also in whisper says.
Mountain Wa inside, pimple face and Huang Shan have already seen light.The light brought Huang Shan a hope, but brought pimple face of but is fear.Even if is the scoundrel in brave pack day, also afraid exposed to hide the ground of body behind drive arrest just wear.He hugs Huang Shan and in whisper asks a way in the ear:"I if put you, you would can't expose my identity."
"As long as you don't hurt me, I can't say."
"I with what believe you?"
"I give money of the body all you, you leave at once."
Huang Shan doesn't waits pimple face to talk again, from the pocket in take out money to clip, then pass to he.The pimple face once connected money to clip to pack inside in the pocket and kissed an one mouthful, then loosenned to open her and said on Huang Shan's face:"I temporary believe you this time.I walk first, you stayed to don't move at first and waited I to walk far you returned to again.If they ask you, you say just of the person-is me, is your friend.If you dare to let my business down, my Rao not you, regardless and when."
Huang Shan has never thought a scoundrel to with ease pass himself/herself, a strength head in the location means to promise.
Thankful God, Ji person from have a sky mutually, Huang Shan Liang's year agoses and night twice encounter a kidnaping of bad person today, all ability safe and sound, turn bad luck into good.She beat to settle idea, if succeeded in escaping this to rob, she was definitely active to seek tall cold, turn the weapons of war as jade and silk and renew friendly relations with her.If high cold thin oneself, she will stick on him like medicated plaster.
Sound but is funny, victimize person and scoundrel are to have bargain in the turning point, and return can trade success.
Scoundrel along the small winding path gradually and far goes.
After more than 10 minutes, Huang Shan Niu's head sees and is missing the trace and shadow of pimple face, she also along the path of turns and twists urgently and in a hurry runs to the car.
The public security and Liu Yan Ni beside the car three personal along whiles disappear the person's trace and shadow, also the beginning loudly yells Huang Shan's name.
Huang Shan Ting out of 200 meters shouts a voice to three people, from the heart bottom in promise a way:"I am here!"Three people hear a response and greet forward together.
Both parties are mutually apart from ten several rices, Huang Shan Niu's head sees and seem afraid that the wolf chases, attends to forward and suddenly gets tripped ups by the piece of stone of foot.Is blunt fore the public security of side comes forward to start to pull Huang Shan,cnn, Huang Shan but whole body Tan soft, any further station don't get up.
The public security starts to embrace Huang Shan, only and perhaps the scoundrel hides at on all sides, too late inquire a concrete circumstance, start to embrace Huang Shan Niu's head to run.The former Liu Yan Ni's hand of another public security closes on the heels of afterward, the side sees after running the side the dynasty.
Arrived in the car, five personal pass good car door.Liu Yan Ni sees Huang Shan Yi Lyu not whole and wish her to want Yao drive the scoundrel be most lightly also flirted, be ask a way:"He chases what's the matter with you?"
Huang Shan Ruan falls ground to depend on the seat, slanting the head is little spirit to feebly say:"Nothing important, that person is my friend, does he do silly for fun with me, and the fun is getting more intemperate."
Huang Shan says so and has her truth naturally, she is without restraint afraid that Liu Yan Ni is after returning to to exaggerate tonight's business, broke down own fame.
"He where is the person now?"The doubt ground of Liu Yan Ni asks a way, " you how a person is here."
"He early got off.I am blocked up a car to want to take short cut behind, don't thought of to get lost-, but anyway I still need to thank you to come to seek me here."
Huang Shan's words can cheat ghost, Liu Yan Ni doesn't believe, but Huang Shan's insisting oneself don't suffer unpredictable, she is also helpless ……
Your message which afraid just a , will become the power that the author creates, the pleasing is hard more power to you for author!

Chapter 702 Huang Shan compromises
Return to a hotel, Huang Shan has already returned to absolute being, she says to 4 people impassioned of words, then make contact with Lisa.Please use interview originally stand
After Huang Shan disappears, Lisa has been waiting in the hotel.
She does perfect after, discover the trace and shadow that is missing Huang Shan, quickly stir to make her telephone call, but Huang Shan's cellular phone is placed in to have no signal status.The yellow Shan has already held as a hostage Shan-li at this time, while inside in Tashan basically has no cellular phone network signal.
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