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Allowing Chu Liang Ren is like two front door absolute beings of one Huang Yi Hei, tower aloft the doorway is at the commander-in-chief debt, Gao Da Dun's piece head pluses pugnacious looks, also have a stare drum get elephant shot put size of eye pupil, with steel needle about thick thin beard, the person of timidity's hasing a liking for an eyes will feel scared Dan Zhan.
Allow O.K., have the whole body the helmet for matching a body.And Dian Wei from beat to come to Cao camp, but was an elephant to starve ghost to bear again a greatly eat to eat especially, a person can take over the appetite of usually 5, 6 common soldiers, hence grew a general belly that has much of vehemence, so there is also no helmet that he can wear-which have helmet to make into spheroid?
Hence he has a set of very special helmet, like a stomacher of woman general, front half is knot fructify solid steel plate, behind but have to wear 2 with the familiar leather, beat 1 to end at pour after death have a little the housemaid of elephant posterity pack,Beats By Dre green Monday.
Dian Wei born nature pure some, although the Cao holds to have a liking for his martial general, he seals for before the debt all Wei, can start to compare later Xu Chu, the Dian Wei seem to be not that professional-old make the doorway silly Leng don't ascend of stand to make him feeling very boring, eyes always look in all directions, and refuse to be distracted always Xu Chu with serious look compare with, is wantoned a lot.
The Dian Wei is feeling boring, with Xu Chu talk again most likely is ask 3 to answer a , boring of see Zhang Feng entering a camp and after death following two persons who ride a horse at this time very.An among those he know, is that late to shout to call and kill his/her own person-Zhang Xiu in the light of fire.
"Is old to allow, I say a general indeed as expected skill, really of a person run to call the piece embroidered to surrender!But surrender and then surrender, also need not run to sell a firewood?"
For meaning a sincerity, Zhang Xiu exposes the last body and tie~ups a few rattans and means to apologize for wrong doing, but Dian big Han person nothing important culture, think that Zhang Xiu has already changed profession to be woodcutter.
Allow just as since go toward of don't manage him.
Preach a reason with Dian Wei compare to play the piano to the cow.
"Is two to slightly wait a short moment, I notify lord in my house male."Zhang Feng politely smiles and became an oneself person, need not pack again what crazy.
"Have Lao!"Zhang Xiu dozen cringe, although is force will, in this kind of weather have fun to apologize for wrong doing still really isn't the persons whom the body differs all can play.
Zhang Feng greatly trod in to go in the camp, Zhang Xiu every where looked about a treading of Cao camp to place, sees have four large tents to protect the commander-in-chief debt prison prison betwixt, the of often two tentses established to refuse horse, antler, the parties has the soldier value of one Shi to guard.But once the commander-in-chief meets Jing, only afraid immediately will rush out 12,000 crack teachers in those four large tents, everything any organism that hasn't beaten Cao word branding cut into a piece of piece of of.
Suddenly Zhang Xiu feels cold Sou Sou of whole body of and become overdo on seeing, a black big positive with angry look looks at himself/herself, falsely is is a that day don't back of Dian Wei?
The good elephant still shout and killed at that time by himself/herself this person come.
Zhang Xiu discovers that oneself incredibly can also sweat under the sistuation that this kind of weather didn't wear clothes.
That day is is black for a sky, the Dian Wei didn't ride a horse again, so Zhang Xiu hasn't felt this guy in addition to is black, have what special.But all of both parties were practical and then saw wrong today.What a guy, is this exactly a person?The height is similar to the width, black don't slip away an autumn, the arm is thicker than oneself's thigh, connect that and eyes stare their own nostrils together all big must be able to fill into an egg.
Hence Zhang Xiu can realize Cao to hold why will beat to put son.Especially the Dian Wei is looking at himself/herself at this time, the beard of chin is airtight and thick, and the hard elephant is selling at a loss a hedgehog.
Zhang Xiu's throat not independent Gu Du 1.Zhang Feng again not the F will become the first living be seen dead of.
O.K., Zhang Feng turned out again at this time, just openings:"The lord owned by public pleases two ……"
Zhang Xiu Mang doesn't fold of to inside blunt, the vehemence of that black Tan frightenned a person too much.
Cao's holding is obviously to just just start and still fastenned a plain white cloth to take on the head and slightly wore an exhausted face top but had don't agree with of excitement of feeling.A very thick medicine flavor in the air has some stings nose very much.Nothing important in the debt decorates and put to pack on only a low table sandy of big wooden board, top the ditch gutters still pointing at of the Huo red and blue bannerol in two kinds of colors.
"Zhang Xiu is deelpy ashamed, come to ask for pardon to the prime minister especially!"Zhang Xiu Da Dun treads to walk to come forward, the Pa of Malaysia gold knife one kneels down and bind on the body those combine not too burly of rattan a burst of and disorderly Zhan.
"The oh start to please quickly and quickly, this matter is finally that the Cao is some to is wrong previously."The Cao holds to have no completely recovered, just explored a body to stretch hand to falsely hand a , Zhang Feng pours is come forward Chan to have Zhang Xiu.
"Is this time to embroider thick Yan come to this, on being to be impartial for prime minister, a heart is folded by the breadth of mind of world, two is also can not account personal grudge for the prime minister touched.Zhang Xiu in no case again Pan."
The Cao holds although the spirit wasn't good, returned eyesight still just, one eye saw inclined Kua among Zhang Xiu Yaos wear of that sends oneself to his sword, Pie his one eye, it is clever to wish this boy to pour, and then with my thing take out stick a lane person.
"General piece can take general situation as to weigh, the Cao is also some to naturally appreciate not to exert, invite general at the Yuan of city strong soldier Mo horse to guard my Yan state west noodles gate."
Zhang Xiu sees Cao's doing not before hold the slightest a matter is a Wu, on the contrary continue to use oneself to guard Yuan city, appreciate Ti zero under, another time grovels in the ground and just had already made that breaking the rattan several roots to solve down.
"This is the Gu Xu Gu text and?"The Cao holds to early notice this to grow common, but with literally and then a stations all call the middle age text that people don't dare to despise private, because his eyes inside, have already grown similar air with distance Yu that old man-disregard, disregard everything, although superficially looking is very humble,the inside strong self-confidence makes their this kind of person despise the common run of people.
The Gu Xu comes forward half to tread, the arch hand is one gift, "you do me too much honor prime minister to ask, not is just exactly a Gu Xu,Beats By Dre Holiday Gift!"
The Cao holds ha ha of say with smile:"Like!Text and originally and mutually on seeing heart pleased, the desire stays it to nearby listen to use, don't know a general idea under how?"
The piece embroidered a to listen to also smile:"Together is to is a prime minister effect, He Fen?"
Is public to spread to go, Zhang Xiu returns to Yuan city alone, Gu Xu heel at Zhang Feng after death, suddenly the Zhang Feng Yi urgently stops, he nearly and nearly hits.
"Text and."
"Does the general have to advise?"Gu Xu still on paying cool appearance, if make change whole body way tunic, pour to have some detachments flavor at the out of this world.
"If Zhang Xiu captures a winner on that day Mr., you only afraid can't allow Zhang Xiu to kill a lord, either male?Text with is an intelligent person, and the piece embroider to you is also trust have been already added, I think you at that time since support piece embroidered of replied Pan, and then can't really want to kill a lord Mr., only afraid was you to feel to don't fight and decline and unavoidably call lord male to look down upon, hence lend this opportunity to mercilessly beat lord Mr. for a while, immediately after again surrender, exchange the biggest value and respect still beneficial benefit, on being a for yourself to find out the big tree that can enjoy cool air, two is also recompensed a piece to embroider the boon to meet to your knowing, is also not BE?"
A words let Gu Xu Li not already, the fan is also surprised to drop to in the ground, eye inside which still have peacetime of cool with wise and farsighted?It is that the secret that can not make people understand from thinking is bigger white than world to replace of shocked.
"The Xu aware of self have no language, the general can accept but kill it."Gu Xu wanted to miss a Zhang Feng previous unrestrained unruly performance, and then saw now he is more icy cold than he, the look in the eyes of deep place can be orthoptic to arrive person's soul, understand this people of this world is really a big Zhi the bedlamite of Gou if crazy.
The iciness of Zhang Feng Yan's inside slowly mollifies down, recognizing of Gu Xu life and stunned facial expression proved that his/her own guess is right.This guy even if is surrender have never also intended honesty a point, one wants to strive for for oneself more advantages,monster beats by dre christmas gift discount online.
However O.K., he doesn't calculate as well completely selfish, he also embroiders a big gift for piece at least, only he doesn't know just.
The elephant is this kind of person, on the hoof just for the sake of oneself, don't well make which day will hold Cao for the sake of the oneself's benefits with he or she to sell other people.Have to knock a knock.
"Text and, Chang-an of matter I can manage Related articles:

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