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The true person of movie star checked against a version, completely true person's proportion.
Most make Xu Peng satisfied of BE, this men and women person accidentally, the body figure absolutely belongs to the most standard type and acquaints with cave to him, the practice cuts vein Shu it may be said greatly helpful.
According to showing in the computer of cave position, Xu Peng Mang's getting is big full head sweat, some kind of delicacies matchlessly measure land and try hard for some deviations can not have, fully toss about two hours, just draw all acupuncture pointses.
The voice that the door opens spreads.The position of Xu Peng's place is the first floor, open the door now of the voice spread from the second floors.Dormitory top and bottom totally 3 F, the door then has two, 1 are to be on the first floor, 1 is then on the second floor.
"Yi,Beats By Dre Solo?"The voice being astonished rings out.In the ear that stream into Xu Peng of close behind running voice.
"Xu Peng, are all of these you to the clothes that I buy?"The one face of Wang Yu Ying excitedly held a to hold clothes to hurtle down and excitedly asked a way.
"H'm!"Xu Peng is getting into a hot dispute, basically didn't see Wang Yu Ying praise of exactly is what clothing, even connect the words that Wang Yu Ying asks him don't listen to clear, direct should 1.
Wang Yu Ying again feels ashamed and said a Deng Deng ran away after words.
"H'm?What about person?"Xu Peng is on the whole a title to see to the direction of stairs, but the figure that saw Wang Yu Ying urgently and in a hurry leave.
After ten minutes, running voice again rings out, only, ,
"Xu Peng, do you say this suit that packing is good-looking?"Wang Yu Ying's voice bashfully streams into Xu Peng's ear.
Xu Peng is on the whole to listen to understand this time, puzzled that a ground of title sees toward the stairs, but sees Wang Yu Ying being dressed in a set of black white-collar stewardess uniform to walk down.
Wang Yu Ying's shape is absolutely a super mold the perfect shape is a legendary clothes shelf especially.No matter is wear what clothes, even if is don't wear clothes are also all perfect and good-looking.
The stewardess fights down to wear on her, even if is don't expose at all, is still a very rough sea before the chest, the waist is narrow small and soft, the thigh is high to arrive extremity, and a pair of nails sorts long thin high-heeled shoes is also that the physique that sets off to gather her is lovely and pretty.
Most make people feeling unimaginable of BE, Wang Yu Ying shows unintentionally at the moment of qualities, still want a stewardess than the true stewardess.The all these combination only has 1 for people's felling on a person.That is the desire that urgently wants to push.
"Feed!Simpleton, I ask you good-looking?"Wang Yu Ying sees Xu Peng Shuang's eye keeping hanging up ground to looking at himself/herself and ashamedly ask a way.
"Is good-looking, you where sought stewardess uniform?"Xu Peng puzzles to ask a way, he is busy to be a little bit muddle-headed to change direction, and the momentary cans not recall clothes exactly and where.
"Dislike."Wang Yu Ying is shy ground of to say,cheap beats, turn round the building of running up.
Was ten minutes to pass by again, the voice coming downstairs again rang out.
"Xu Peng, this suit packs good-looking?"Wang Yu Ying's voice again streams into Xu Peng's ear
Xu Peng still just oddness today be Wang Yu Ying to go to the heavy purchase?Want to be not how may there are so many clothes changing to wear to let oneself see?Can be his title sees toward Wang Yu Ying of time, head inside an of the Weng.
What Wang Yu Ying wore is incredibly a swimwear.
More much to the pointly say, the bottom half is dressed in transparent silk stockings and is dressed in a pair of high-heeled shoes in blacks on the feet, two whites livings rare thigh to expose up in the air, the top is opposite more conservative, a swimwear that keeps a type, two equally glistening arms equally expose up in the air.If not that having no those two lovely rabbit ears of head, perhaps and slowly does the Peng really think that Wang Yu Ying is going to swim!
"Does the rabbit girl pack?You, my good heavens!"Xu Peng shockedly calls a way.This clothing's seeming to be only then wit and humour thing store can buy?Xu Peng very naturally thoughted of just Wang Yu Ying is dressed in of stewardess uniform.Immediately, he is understand to come over Wang Yu Ying of these clothing actually are how to comes.
"That" rain Ying!You wear of the clothing,http://www.monsterbeats-ol.com, also have the top the clothings that you didn't wear, is all what person accidentally wears, this set of temptation with a scientific term, is called uniform."

First chapter 133 lures
The Fen Peng has already got ready the powder that the Yang connects Gui rain Lei to receive an attack, but etc. the half inside hatchet man Yaos didn't wait until.Most make him feel to don't understand of BE, Wang Yu Ying's seeming to be basically has never listenned to understand he at say what, still station's moving back and forth a head over there top is those two rabbit ears of amiabilities.
See Xu Peng is lookinging at himself/herself, Wang Yu Ying doesn't understand that the ground asks a way:"What be called uniform temptation?.
Xu Peng almost has no Yang noodles to pour on the ground.This year once sees clean and pure.Once saw innocent of, but still for the first time see through this this year of Wang Yu Ying an age incredibly still thus clean and pure and innocent United States
Uniform's luring this phrase has already spread hundreds of years, can say even if not is take a color*feeling film, as long as being dressed in a certain uniform, will be thought by the subconscious ground to is an uniform temptation.For example, stewardess, nurse, doctor, bride etc., even connect to the child of kindergarten to see the aunt of their class to be dressed in uniforms can shout an uniform temptation.
Doesn't Wang Yu Ying incredibly and basically know this great but classic phrase language?
"E!What is that.Be free, you continued to try on!"Xu Peng helplessly says.At this time this Xuan, what can he also say?Should tell Wang Yu Ying what be called uniform temptation?Compromise a thus clean and pure mind, he cant not bear to heart.In fact said white, he also wanted to see those fight down to wear one by one on Wang Yu Ying will have how of visual effect.
There is this matter, if Xu Peng can also calm down to recite from memory acupuncture points, that he was really a sage, so he heel at after death going upstairs of Wang Yu Ying, beautiful it Yue:Act as review committee.
Wang Yu Ying smiled happily each kind of uniforms that the ground wears the stand of her bed to all embrace, then walked into bathroom, sparse fall to take off the voice of wearing the clothes, although across a door, or clearly streamed into slowly the ear of Peng in.
The toilet door opens.The whole body Jie packs from the nurse of Wang Yu Ying walked out.
"How?I pack a nurse to be like very much?"Wang Yu Ying smiles to ask a way.The Ying Ying stands over there, like the true nurse in white is general.
"Be like, absolutely is was like Xu Peng too much nosebleed to almost spray to flow out.
The stewardess just could see while only taking the sail airship of airplane, people, that wasn't each person will usually embark.So the stewardess not just usually can see.
The rabbit girl only in those luxurious entertainment areas can see, is not each either, the persons all have the spare money goes to that kind of place of, so the rabbit girl isn't usually either to see.
However nurse dissimilarity, the person eats miscellaneous food head quarter of grains to get sick of, is the small illness of big disease no matter, the hospital always once walked severals will go once, so the nurse usually can see.
Person accidentally the company nature can't design nurse's clothing according to the normal set of road.Can say, protect
The clothes are tiny transparent.Although can not see clearly, can body curve but still easily see come out, top half's pressing a root is a low chest to pack.If the color changes into red or black.Inseting some laces again was a top half of evening dress.As for bottom half, short skirt arrive knee, the lower hem may may cover to raise stand of small bottom.Two whites living rare thigh, under the package of transparent silk stockings, seem to be particularly captivating.
This is no longer the sex appeal can describe of.The only phrase language that can describe that this nurse takes, perhaps only have Expose.
"Xu Peng, we come to the game of playing the patient and nurse how?"Wang Yu Ying is like 1 catty.The big kid is similar, smile happily of ask a way.
Xu Peng certainly can't refuse thus creative suggest, hurriedly ask actually how to should make.
Wang Yu Ying lets Xu Peng Pa is on the bed, then fade Xu Peng's pants to just a little come down a little, say with smile:"Ms. nurse certainly wants to inject for patient, lying of darling don't !"
Xu Peng Ze wears head to looking at Wang Yu Ying, heavy Related articles:

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