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Snowflake strong breeze of covering with, public pour at this moment is felt just some little a warm.
The universe son is hesitant of swallowed to vomit under, lo's wearing sun in Europe don't hate a way;"Gan dollar senior, have never hated Du to rob this time, is the chance of an once in a lifetime, perhaps I return cloud to believe in a lot of pupils through his entire life, also no chance must see, whether take this opportunity, also arrange them a see!".
This problem can greatly can have no, if sun in Europe didn't hate can the successful Du rob, that pouring is a good matter, if the Du robs failure and make the psyche spread all, the pupils are present, not only can be a joke, perhaps will also make them feeling frightened.
The Gan dollar son thinks to pay a short moment, Pie sun in eye Europe didn't hate and saw fullly is self-confidence from his look in the eyes, tiny tiny on pondering, also had answer;"After green jade Chan temple a fight, underneath of the pupil mostly has a speech, agitated, now that at the beginning investigate of have already allowed a promise, let their a view also good, take this matter to block up them just long, also let they with concentration self-discipline!".
The universe son originally worries of is also this, see a Gan dollar, the son promised, also happy, the lo wears the look in the eyes that sun in Europe didn't hate was different.
"The Zhang teaches!The Zhang teaches!".
Faraway place, then see a shadow of human figure is from snow ground run about wildly since then, the side runs side Rang and look nervous matchlessly touch kind, after death leave one big string of footprint.
Gan dollar son not from once the facial expression sink, in the eyes flash across one silk is upset, haven't waited that pupil to slowly lead spirit, then the Chi drinks a way;"The panic nervous piece is what a scandal!".
That pupil is drunk by a Chi, how a short moment, and then feel public all clip to take the upset look in the eyes sweeps on him, quickly head hang of very low,http://www.monsterbeats-ol.com, frighten not and lightly.
"What matter" Gan dollar son steady mind, just pressed down quick temper.
That on lifting, the of looks is again suffused with to have countenance, enunciation not clear way;"It is awake...Is awake!".
"What awake?"Almost the eyebrows of Gan dollar son Ning arrived a cake of, such as if not is to have scruples about an identity, afraid of this pupil early can not wellly stand to talk.
That pupil breathes heavily thick spirit, excited way;"The Xiao bathes rain, is a Xiao to bathe rain awake!"..........

Volume 2;Trap Long Sheng Tian's chapter 86;Wash Jing to fell Sui
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Once the words of that pupil fall and return cloud seven old at that moment matchless and surprised, only sun in Europe has never hated eyebrows to pick to pick a don't understand of touch kind, but unfeeling in of doubt, just quietly listen.
Across an one step on the universe son, the look in the eyes is one Lian, put a hand way;"Impossibly, the Xiao bathes rain body to suffer from severely wounded like that, can support through three months not to draw last breath, already at last a miracle, his life hangs a front line to be on the whole at present of his build to turn and want instauration...In no way may, just once visited yesterday, still keep having no consciousness, you say today it's awake, isn't a joke, the Gan dollar Zhang teaches, and each elders all could not saw clearly, !!".
The universe son more says to more is a concussion, the horizontal eyes are cold rightness, the vehemence is pressing.
1 that that pupil bursts kneels to pour in the ground, terrible repeatedly;"The pupil doesn't dare, the pupil doesn't dare!".
He however an outside pupil in the door just, only because the Xiao bathes rain dead but returns to life a sort to be regarded as a kind of miracle, therefore the difficult Yan is excited, expressional abnormality order, at ordinary times inside, be like his such an outside pupil in the door, even an elders all seldom see, where once saw a such a war, frighten he is to continuously kowtow, continuously again don't dare in two words.
The Gan dollar son sees that to touch kind to also really have mercy on and brushes off dust 1;"Get up to talk!".Along with one Buddha that he describes with a delicate touch, that pupil originally still doesn't dare to start to stand, but is surrounded by light and soft strength, felling body a light, then stood, just the skull still hang low, obviously have already been just frightenned by the universe son not and lightly.
Gan dollar sub- tone, ask a way;"What do you call?""Outside Zhu Liu Er from pupil in door!"The pupil is diligent gram of gram of to write.
The Gan dollar son point nods, the tone delivers more light and soft several cents;"Six sons, you say detailed process up 1 time, also solution everyone puzzle in the heart!".
"The affair is such!"
Zhu Liu Er swallows a saliva way after saluting;"The pupil is responsible for meals and just calm down to keep Ge(the Xiao bathes rain to live now of room) to if orchid elder sister Shi sends rice, but disappears elder sister Shi's trace and shadow, the pupil lets go of meals, just at Wu from strange of time, but discover that the Xiao bathes rain incredibly the You You become awake, the pupil is excited, then and quickly run, consequently just just rudely!"The Gan dollar tone with light and soft son lets the nerve that he draws tight relax a lot.
"This pouring is oddness!"The universe son is mumbling to oneself, one doesn't understand shape.
Sun in Europe has never hated to don't understand to inquire a way;"The Zhang teaches, the Xiao bathes rain BE?".....
Because the feeling Wu sky robs sun in Europe don't hate exactly in Marchary, even body all never on moving, for green jade Chan once the temple fight, and the Xiao bathes the affair of persons like rain,etc to naturally know not a thing.
Gan dollar son lo eye Zhu Liu Er, slowly way;"Do not hate, this matter it's a long story to tell, wait until a spare time again Be told to you!".
"Miracle!Gan dollar senior, that Xiao bathes rain to return cloud to believe in to me short year of carry, not only fix in order to soar, incredibly gave us one surprising vestige again now, unimaginable, too unimaginable!"The Nai is the hardhead of the son of Gan Gen, leave at the moment of also only have regrets.
The Gan dollar son faces upward on smiling, way;"That many younger brother Shis, keep me waiting to together left for witness for a while how is this miracle?"He words the square fall, the rest is public early have already canned not bear curious, all of an is generous to promise.
"That good, we go now!"Gan dollar son one the Le silver beard clear voice way.
Is quiet to keep Ge, on the bed Ta!
Xiao's bathing rain is sitting with the legs crossed and send forth a burst of red and red light on the body dizzy, exaggerated the whole room, as if great light the Pu shine on, let this strict cold winter, added a warm without basis.
Being collapsed and fainted is medium of the Xiao bathe rain to feel that oneself dies dead soundly asleep, not is to have no the slightest consciousness, like the incomplete appearance that often and then will have one act another act to present in the brain.
Although is thin if consciousness of the hair, but the function of body disallows he has any reaction, feels person go to person come,beats by dre, like a dream of abyss.
He a person alone at decayed but go, there is no ray of light, there is no warmth, have of Be just blackness and ice cold.
He felt unprecedented impotence.
Aqueous voice, the Xiao in the abyss bathes rain quickly of, does the ear side ring out to settle a frailty matchless tick voice, is water?
"Tick!"It is that one is clear and crisp again.
That drop of water seems to take billowing scorching hot, the Yu is hot endocentric the deepest place into him, become a branding, the ice is cold medium of he imitated a Buddha to feel a kind of warm.
Right is a tears, take billowing scorching hot, the ear side rang out Yuan if the voodoo twittering in thou of Heng.
Open a very hot tears to spend for you, feared to burn your to remember fondly....
"BE who?""BE who?"He continuously shouts, dark of the abyss only have the ice of very clear public cold, imitate Buddha is responding to.....
Is like the wild beast that a head of gets close to die an edge at him, at quiet quiet lick to absorb wound, wait for dying advent, at every step step into abysmal of time, that is red only appear, with have no can the speed looking sideways quickly drive out the blackness and the ice in the abyss cold............
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