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Ma Ye coolly smiles, there are a pair of pure eyes lookinging at Shao continuous, looking at a磾 , looking at a stone concealed, looking at black dress woman, tiny sigh tone, say:"I have to return to."It seems to there is a kind of dignity that can not defy in the light tone.
Shao continuous foot a soft, kneel down a way:"His majesty, west son people of Jin 10,0<0,00= all is waiting you, the segment general risks death to save to drive, his majesty how ……"
Taking charge of Ma Ye didn't answer, just scrutinized to see a磾 and noded a way:"River's mountain of west Jin, positive because have a general the person like this at, so as to guard,dr dre beats pro, I this perhaps can not return alive, the segment general wants to lend support to uncle Huang to take charge of a horse to more make stronger me dynasty river's mountain, ten thousand can not have slack."
Segment 磾 the complexion is a burst of stiff, way voice Zun aim, seemed to be understand what.
Black dress woman at this time at part cold track:"Our fee so strongly annoy, just come to your extrication, but you want to return to, what does this calculate?"On raising a head, was full of a Nu idea in the look in the eyes, tone also very and relentless.
The segment 磾 sinks a Nu way:"Feeling son can not have no reason.The his majesty has real intentions!"
The black dress woman is cold to hum a way:"Dad, what real intentions not real intentions, shine on me to say, again not the right and wrong save him, do the emperor everyones all rob to be!"
Segment 磾 complexion a sink:"Brave!"The hand is one Yang, an invisible strength spirit dynasty the black dress woman split.
Start of heavy, even the tunnel insides all appear to bellow of voice, seeing black dress woman then will be vigorously annoyed to shoot by this.
Sees person one Shan, strength spirit as if meet general dissipation of an iron wall that can not break to open, the stone is all concealed, greatly expose a surprised color in other 3 people's eyeses, besides which, because held up a segment 磾 this Zhang of unexpectedly BE-department Ma Ye!
Take charge of Ma Ye, in the their eyes this outward appearance weak emperor, unexpectedly don't body negative rare Wu Xue become?Segment the violent capability of the 磾 , connect advertise for to stand a Jiang field for several years of stone Lei Liu Yao's waiting the person's top-grade superiors can not match, and just start of heavy, is also have total eyes to block up, taking charge of Ma Ye Shen's form didn't move and floated body 3 Chinese feet, don't make moves and then blocked down, exactly is cause?
But all these, the stone is concealed but have already known, he of so have never thoughted of to save to take charge of Ma Ye in the past, is is because since the childhood and take charge of Ma Ye on good terms, it is said that that taking charge of Ma Yi to hear Zhuge Liang in those early years is dead, greatly sighs world to have no opponent again, a night of teaches the inhumation the whole day emperor, from now on the most prosperous momentary of the sky emperor teaches disappear at the world.
But Jin dynasty inner part still many emperors teach of remain Wu Xue, but take charge of Ma Ye to be used as emperor, its Wu Xue Xiu is within the reach of for of Gao, in the stone in the concealed eye being still Gao not.
Segment 磾 at this time surprised way:"His majesty, his majesty you ……will fighting skill?"
Looking at 3 people surprising taste, take charge of Ma Ye to carry a hand, smile slightly but don't answer.
Shao continuously strange way:"His majesty like this capability, a city isn't difficult, but ……"
Taking charge of Ma Ye to looking at Shao is continuous, smile for a while, the sense of right traverses however of way:"The world is greatly disorderly, not my one person can make vigorous efforts to turn the tide, the city neutron people becomes 100 ascend thousand, if I escape, and then places their life and death in where?Is quite good, theory Wu Xue, probably stone Lei, none of Liu Yao is my opponent, but once I make moves, the result for bringing, the dead of nothing but more son people, if with I of dead, can change to a son people, it living, and then has no harm?"
If the black dress woman just was taken charge of Ma Ye to save and heard a department Ma Ye some kind of sense of rights a Ling again now however, suddenly the rim of eye is red a red, face last ice frost is thin many.
The segment 磾 bites a lips way:"The his majesty , sometimes, obtain victory, the sacrifice is necessary, The Huns the person is always cruel and bloody, even if the his majesty really would like to sacrifice himself/herself, they can't stop killing, either of, besides, the world son people all hope his majesty to lead!"
Segment the 磾 and Shao continuously kneel down a way together:"Still hope his majesty make allowance for I wait work hard, please the his majesty as world common people for read!"
Took charge of Ma Ye to sigh tone, wry smile way:"Life and death He Lyu, the world is heavy.I believe that the human nature is originally kind, The Huns person although cruel bloody, just stone Lei if kill off to block at front of soldier, don't can capture me,cheap beats by dre?I don't think that can't sacrifice anyone, either, besides I when decline, Liu Cong promises me in person, don't hurt volunteer army in city!"
Segment the 磾 and Shao continuously listen to a stuffy voice not to talk.
Take charge of Ma Ye to smile:"To, Liu Cong has already sent Li Jing Zi You Xi Nian to take large numbers of person's horses to left for emperor Ling of the west of city and seems and breaks Long Mai whom I take charge of Ma Zu, small concealed is to acquaint with most there, have him to lead the way, I also walk have peace of mind."
The stone is concealed to have already struggled to stand at this time, step by step of walk over there toward Ma Ye of department.
The sorrow that finally cannot helps but an in the mind shouted loudly 1:"Small Ye!"Two go pure tears from the canthus run off, in a flash tears wet all over the face.The emperor that grew up like the elder brother since the childhood, unexpectedly a met and then wanted life and death to always separate?
Taking charge of Ma Ye to looking at a stone is concealed, scrutinize, say with smile:"How to still shed tears, could it be that make a bet to all lose to my cause each time."
Looking at to take charge of Ma Ye to talk that smiling is self-composed, of anecdotage life and death, the stone is concealed more of sorrow, suddenly feels the best body up of distresses not to calculate what, he suddenly understands to take charge of Ma Ye to have already known this final outcome, the responsibility for undertaking wanted of the shoulder top of an emperor, he even if have Wu Xue of world, still like pass similar in the bird of cage, fly not to come out.Yes, he although and take charge of Ma Ye together age, but take charge of Ma Ye Jian's heavy burden but make him be getting more mature and responsible, this, stone concealed feels that oneself suddenly becomes very infinitesimal.
The stone is concealed to wipe tears, wry smile way:"Since the childhood you said, wanted go out walk, but, you never once came out."Voice a sob.
Take charge of Ma Ye walked forward several step, stretch hand to clap a stone concealed way:"After, stop crying."On smiling, disappear at public of at present, disappear in the deep place of this tunnel, disappear ……
No man obstructs, also arrestment not, he is that light tone, sharp of look in the eyes, seeing the smiling of thin life and death idea stays in the stone end gift within concealed heart,beats by dre solo.
Black dress woman quietly in the tunnel, station's similar to the wall iciness, who don't know that she is just thinking as well what.But only she knows by herself, she saw wrong he, think that he is an emperor of cowardice, think his elephant his dad Jin bosom the emperor is general, think ……with why all of no account, probably, she want to tell him:"I, call a segment if feeling."
Being even if the enemy's yes, sometimes will also living feelings, just she can silently and in mind sigh, final outcome is already settle next.
She in mind says this sentence, feeling in heart has already rounded in department Ma Ye Shen leaving, just this longing of love is too short, can not tie up the step of taking charge of Ma Ye, that standing alone figure, deeply engrave in the segment if the mind of feeling.
Segment the 磾 and Shao continuously then quietly looking at to take charge of leaving of Ma Ye, in the hand but have already kneaded to bleed a scar.
The stone is concealed to suddenly stretch out to wipe to do tears, resolutely say:"Segment general, I take you to go to emperor Ling."
Segment 磾 fiercely title way:"Is quite good, this was the task that the his majesty gives an account that we are finally."
The Shao continuously also follows uprising, if segment the feeling puts bayonet into sheath and follows to walk out, four personal look in the eyeses are opposite, stare at each other, due to taking charge of Ma Ye their 4 people's life has already contacted at together, the felling at this time, more even close than that full brother.
Emperor Ling whom one vein in the stone house garrisons is being located in western small city, outside city inside, found a nation because of the west Jin however 51 years, emperor however is eight, so emperor Ling isn't huge.And Gao Zu Xuan emperor for the sake of emperor Ling's safety, especially establish guard Ling one clan, grant its"emperor Ling's spoon", and at this time the stone is concealed just know why take charge of Ma Ye have to let a city in the stone house, because only they just know the position of emperor Ling's spoon, and the person of the north sword emperor door is also positive because this purpose just need to deal with a stone house, they want to look for of the thing is by all means "emperor Ling's spoon".
Emperor Ling the airtight way isn't a , big hospital in the stone house of that is to uniquely lead to the passage out of the outside city, but huge emperor Ling airtight way but exceed a person Related articles:

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