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Right."Huang Shi is also helpless, who can thought of 300 year agos to by chance be of a small matter that almost all forgets by himself/herself, will lead long to pull to arrive too ascend old gentleman.This is an ultimate end BOSS!Don't know as well when he knows his own Tu compete first drive to turns to run, will be what respond.
The ice Ning turns a head to looking at still a face daze of little lotus, suddenly some funnily say:"Little lotus ah, but you are to blunder away a big chance and opportunity, the fairy but Taoist seen by your in a dream three pure of an of too ascend the Tu of old gentleman.If you in those early years if the doing obeisance him were getting more similar for teacher, that you aring Tu that ascended an old gentleman too much, so reckoning your status of a generation canning with two Lang absolute being Yang Jian, three altar sea willing greatly Oh, God! Zha they.But I am again your teacher, shine on to say so my status of a generation be not still at they on?Want excitement!"
Huang Shi lightly knocked her forehead and pretended a Nu way:"Is the status of a generation to line up so?Don't want as well you still behind soil the empress' sister-in-law.How to have time to think this, you are to give° Tu of old gentleman to rob."
The little lotus was thoroughly had a conversation a medium information by them to the lane Meng.Is ascending an old gentleman too much one to fix the person of way, how can don't know the meaning that these four words represents again.Oneself unexpectedly and ever and unexpectedly can become his Tu, regrettable but drive oneself to refuse.Ah!All strange that Lee's fairy is long to grow too cold Chen, and then is a lame feet, how see all feel not dependable, if the fairy of in a dream is like teacher dad so, perhaps did I agree.Proper little lotus the gloomy absolute being harm of time, suddenly again heard her teacher still behind soil the empress' sister-in-law, so say come, the have a liking for to the very serious teacher dad is not empress soil empress of younger brother?
Ice Ning this just thinks of to still have this Chi matter, didn't also take care of the little lotus of facial expression a burst of green a burst of white, the depressed ground said:"This should the problem isn't big?I think iron turns Li Da Dun Xian to just see a little lotus more diligent, would rise to accept Tu, it reads of, he should can't living Xi with us because of this!"
Huang Shi doesn't dare to think so, last hole eight fairies are a skies, life return, is Xuans all one vein, how may say to change and then change,dr dre beats pro.See come hereafter have to seek an opportunity to let the little lotus get away from the influence of butterfly effect, afresh back again track up.Oneself body top mutually this big trouble haven't solved, can not have got again too ascend old gentleman.And if the little lotus can re- do obeisance in iron to turn Li Men under, that yellow lion he not can with ascend an old gentleman set too much last relation, if again can get him the mix the gold fairy of big Luo of a dollar sage of look after, that is more wonderful.
The little lotus is infirmly weak to ask 1 in one side at this time:"The dad of the teacher!You are an empress soil the empress' younger brother?"
BE floating to want the yellow lion that unite Pian right away drive yelling of little lotus pullout reality, looking at this beautiful and slender beautiful young girl, how see how to be like a time bomb.Now that she is a hot to the touch potato, what that still send out is wonderful.The in the mind beat to settle idea, must make her re- do obeisance to turn Li Men in iron under, just oneself and iron turn Lee can nothing important friendship, recklessly look for to come to go, make not and very be also been into the devil for causing disturbance by him.
Or beat for little lotus first to prevent°from needle, hence Huang Shi openings way:"Empress soil the empress is my master's elder sister, not close younger brother Jie.Little lotus!According to my predict, you in the clout to destine the disciple that should become iron to turn Lee and just unexpectedly poured in those early years is let we to horizontal put one feet.So, if you later if meet iron again to turn Lee, greatly can do obeisance him as teacher.Also have no person stipulate a person can own a teacher, so you also need not taboo what."
The little lotus listenned to the words of yellow lion naturally is noodles and expose happy expression, she just in hearing that iron turns Lee being too the disciple of old gentleman after, original because refused that iron turns accepting of Lee Tu but don't already regret, have never thought the teacher dad in nowadays and unexpectedly agree that she can do obeisance in iron and turn Li Men under, and her this teacher dad be still empress soil the empress' younger brother Shi.If she can re- do obeisance under the Li Xian's long door, while the relation of this side didn't break again, she is after death standing too ascend old gentleman and empress soil empress?Want excitement!
"Elder brother Shi, does the little lotus really need to turn to throw other groups?"The ice Ning is some to depressedly say.
"Ha ha!Don't be sad, although the later ice Ning did obeisance iron to turn Lee as teacher, on the first is teacher, life long is father, you this teacher is who can not also deny."Huang Shi La over the small hand of ice Ning, light tone consolation way.
"Teacher!"The little lotus feels that Xie Bing Ning's emotion falls low and give°ed the pleased feeling for being overflowed to speech form to living to inhibit down right away.
"Good Tu son!Is the teacher all right."The ice Ning soon after asks a way again:"How many a hundred years has it been since that iron's turning Lee had have never soughted a little lotus again, he can't be give up?"
In the little lotus heart is also a tight, worry very much to the question of ice Ning.
Just Huang Shi but say:"This is to in the clout a predestined affair, iron turns Lee, and he is to want to give up to is also impossible.Probably is he just figuring now that the way leads a little lotus to take the bait."
"E!"The ice Ning immediately after says to the little lotus:"Now that you walk now of is Buddha way the double fix of road son, the achievement method of that Buddhism canned not break, either.I really is unexpectedly you was so quickly a voice to smell state, I pass you the deluxe method Jue leaving that now."Finish saying a golden light beats into a little lotus of know sea in.
The little lotus after accepting the achievement of the induction of ice Ning the method hurriedly knelt down, the frailty voice said:"Thank teacher for spreading the boon of achievement!"
"Ha ha!You since is my disciple, I spread you achievement the method is an ordained in nature affair, have what good with gratitude."The ice Ning mood just a little had an amendment, this disciple even if is to turn to throw him to send, but oneself still is her don't can recognize of teacher.
"Ice Ning, the affair of little lotus gives an account know, that we should also re- set out."Huang Shi interrupted their dialogue between the teacher and pupils.
"Teacher, teacher dad!Don't you arrive the hole mansion of pupil to visit?"Little lotus hasty way.
"Little lotus, your hole mansion?"The ice Ning in astonishment looking at a little lotus, does she originally have been thinking that the little lotus is to live in the customs.
The little lotus says:"Yes, after teacher passed me a set of Buddhism achievement method, I then always at self-discipline in the home wear, but have been canning not have breakthrough because of the interference of everyday business.Hence I made a firm decision to run to go to deep Shan-li, the result discovered a very beautiful hole mansion over there, although someone once lives of trace,cheap beats by dre, however these several a hundred years come have no again once saw original host of this hole mansion."
Huang Shi slightly has to think ground to say:"Little lotus, what you say can't be a poison enemy mountain pipa hole?"
The little lotus astonishedly called:"Is the teacher dad how can anyone know?The mountain fanlight of that hole mansion indeed wrote poison enemy mountain pipa hole six big words!"
Huang Shi and ice Ning mutually sees but smiles, the ice Ning says:"Imperceptibly but inexorably from have heaven's will,beats by dre australia!That poisonous enemy mountain pipa the hole is originally your teacher my hole mansion, just these several a hundred years come I have been living in after soil temple, have never come back.Unexpectedly but drive disciple to inherit, ha ha!"
"-That is the official residence of teacher!"The little lotus is a bit ashamed.
"Now that you are my disciple, that this hole mansion sends to you.Anyway I didn't live as well over there now."
"The that teacher, teacher dad wants to return to pipa holes to see."The little lotus look in the eyes expects ground to say.
Just Huang Shi but don't accept the invitation of little lotus:"I and your teacher still need to do other affairs, the pipa hole doesn't go first.The time is also getting more late, I and your teacher in advance one step, later if iron turn Lee to hash up the matter of accepting the Tu, the tube promises good."
"Pupil sincerely teacher life!However is the teacher teacher dad about to walk so quickly?"The little lotus sees Huang Shi coming out door and then also making track for up.
Huang Shi turns head to took a look a little lotus, dark sigh in the heart:If ascending an old gentleman too much can't the Yan calculate the secrets of heaven, I absolutely give° this little lotus to adjust to teach have no byroad!

The text chapter 80 two enter Cui cloud mountain
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Huang Shi and ice Ning after taking leave mother-in-law Si and little lotus then took piano insect and Zhi Zhi to leave to meet fairy to gather, however they connect down fix to go a Cui cloud mountain.Originally Related articles:

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