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Space, and the conjecture comes out of space and we are realistic everythings seeing are all exactly alike."
"Space crystal stone?"Qiu Bing Hui they several individuals are all surprised to shout of almost fall down at ground up.
They can clearly know they last time the one who ran into that space remarkable talent in unique shadow organization, can be said to be very abnormal and violent, end if not that the emergence of the ice thunder, only afraid traverse to fly their a group of persons to really need to surround dead at in.
The other party only can the virtual is a space of 34100 square meters, but if the virtual is a more even big than city how many of space, that in this world still has what person can succeed in escaping this super remarkable talent of control?
These crystal stone all exactly are how to come outs?Literally a power that all has already ruined a sky to put out ground how?
The blue crystal stone represents water to fasten energy dint, after Ling Fei wears this crystal stone, short short more than four months of time inside, direct from a common run of people evolve a x-rated place of honor remarkable talent, compared with Long Zu and T set inside's superiors, is really a sky underground, cloud mire it do not.
Black crystal stone represents dark energy dint.Their understanding toward black crystal stone, can say still and Si in the wave that war, only is half piece black crystal stone, can let Si in a wave that will soon perish continuously and all resume, and the energy dint still again raised degree, hurtle this, completely let all remarkable talents fright not already.
Yellow crystal stone, represents space energy dint.Although they haven't seen with own eyes this miraculous crystal stone,they have already felt its to be born bring of a strong large-scale storm.
Their everybody tightly looking at this noodles mirrors and wonder to come to Hong Kong really this time is come to, otherwise many secrets are still really difficult to be scooped out.Do they also secretly deliberate, whether send more some hands to come to Hong Kong?
Ling Fei's right hand lightly knocked that noodles mirror, way:"Feed, you come out for a while how?"
", I, not, I ain't ……"
The middle age of mirror inside immediately yelled to shout loudly, he had already felt surrounding these people's insides don't have a novice, if oneself goes out, not is will drive they does the crazy K die?
Ling Fei immediately turned over to turn over cold stare, way:"Do you come out or not?Otherwise I you this noodles mirror broke off, let you always a life time not get super living."
", Don't , don't , I, I come out!"
That middle age is in front of the common run of people can be treated as a dragon, but are ten several personal in fronts at them, just finally can become an insect.He finally still became to together and falsely copy,cheap beats by dre, from the mirror in strain, saw his noodles permitted lean, saw come is a person who stands spirit, how can became a mirror evil?
He is from the mirror in come out, took a look Ling Fei so many people, an absolute being knew to release in the past, in addition to the Lu precious jade of Gao Bao and leaf is a little bit a little bit lower outside, all of other all are superiors, frighten of he two legs deliver soft, directly kneel at ground up, call a way:"Master, master, you, you, beg you, put me, I hereafter really not the dare Be getting worse, begged you ……"
Ling Fei pull a chair, sitting down of swagger, then this just ask a way:"What name do you call?"
"I, I, I make Wang Jia give birth to, BE, is HongKongness."What he says is a half Cantonese, half national language, so Ling Fei still can listen to a ly probably and only feel to have a little pout just.
"Does Wang Jia livings?Does Wang Jia livings?"The Ling flew to read the Dao to this name how many, how have a little likeness with Wang Jia Wei?He immediately says with smile, "that you said, exactly is who give you so great power, become the mirror to you evil?"
Wang Jia livings hurriedly low voice to say:"BE, is a women, she, she says, she calls beautiful Nuo silk, BE, is an American, identity's seeming is as just about as witch, she, there are a cake of and your similar crystal stone on her body, too,beats by dre studio, however, however, being positive is like what this young lady says, her that crystal stone is yellow, while your is blue."
It indeed as expected is a yellow crystal stone.
Although Ling Fei has already known all these,hears him so on saying, is still very tiny one earthquake in the heart and knits the brows a way:"Unexpectedly is an American, how crystal stone in addition to I am this piece of outside, is all foreigner?Even do the fairies all lack of impartiality so?"He how much have a little an angrily uneven felling.
Don't thought of that Su pulls to leisurely say in his brain:"Old younger brother, you but want to record clear, in our eyes, everybody of the world is all similar, there is no country don't of cent, in your eyes all have what very big country don't distinguish, also have be what race thoughts and feelings, all entirely nonexistent in the our eyes, the Earth is so big, assign five pieces of crystal stones, can divide have already been getting more very good for Chinese a cake of, you still at my Ji Ji Zha Zha, square Buddha the small sparrow is similar."She by herself first the Jiao smiled.
Ling Fei turned over to turn over cold stare, way:"Am I a small sparrow?Do you see have me so the small sparrow of big piece head?"
That king's house livings immediately one Leng:"Master, I, I can what didn't also say?"
The Ling flies to put a hand toward him, way:"I didn't say with you, " he sees Wang Jia to living this appearance and immediately work hard the absolute being and Su pull a dialogue way, "Su space out elder sister, do you visit this king's house livinging how to solve?Killed him?Or how he?"He peeped out a crafty smiling face, absolutely was that the hunter who saw a find is general.
Su pulled to immediately turn over to turn over cold stare, way:"Your really enough many crafty idea of, however did you forget?You are in front of me absolutely and a piece of blank sheet of paper general?What can succeed in escaping my eyes?You not just want I help very quick make a body for him so?You directly say good, why the need for use this method?"
Ling Fei Hei's Hey of a smile:"This be not, ashamed."
"Slice, little came, " Su pulled white his one eye, way, "this, I can not help you, but I can tell you the voodoo, you by yourself to make, certainly, still need to consume your blood just become."
"E, be not, is my blood again?"Ling Fei Dao.
"If this you didn't understand, if the blood used you sets up of body, he all wants to out and out obey your order during a lifetime, if he dares don't listen to you, you literally can demolish his body in a places, even will make him scare to death, can also say he became your slave.Is severe?"
"E, is so, that you taught me."Does Ling Fei still really fear that this king's house livings to betray he or she.
Su pulled to blink big eyes of blinking the beauty, way:"But you want to buy two clothes for me, I just tell you this voodoo."
"?Two clothes?"Ling Fei is stunned speechless, the other party seems to literally become a various clothes of each kind?
Su pulled one eye to see the viewpoint of his in the mind and immediately discommoded of say:"I remember you have never bought clothes for me, let you bought for me two, how?What I change is what I change, what you buy is what you buy, different."
Where is this a fairy?It absolutely is my daughter who acts in pettish toward the boyfriend to living.
Ling Fei a burst of of helpless, where had oneself's a person to buy clothes for fairy?However since the somebody elses all opened mouth, greatly not tomorrow let leaf the Lu precious jade and river Yun Xin help to buy a few clothes good.He hence promised down very simply.
Su pulled to immediately display a replication magic trick, directly those voodoos directly print at the Ling fly of brain in.

Cent book 【the member upload 】 chapter 11 mold body
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Chapter 11 explains first that the evil heart curses the method that can say to is a super violent in action to curse, isn't Su to pull the fairy like this can own of, and 《evil book in the sky 》 inside didn't also jot down,beats by dre uk, so Ling Fei Zhi can pull to obtain here from Su.
The Ling flies these tedious voodoos in the brain lead 1 time, this just one tooking a look of face smile at present Wang Jia living, way:"Wang Jia livings Related articles:

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