fake oakleys aten this kind of Be

The Class of article in class.Although four classes spoil a monster very familiar, the article in four classes of wild spoil very thin rare, other people's wanting to own to be a can not get,I own 2 a while.
The little turtle rose after one article a physical volume to change of Be getting larger, and and it early has already arrived the Class that can seal to print, so I it and the small green snake together to seal to print "the fish skin snake line knife" medium, the snow soul in the knife has very big advantage to all them, probably and soon they also consequently again rise one article.
The Feng is this gluttonous guy, oneself goes out to seek thing to eat every day and finishes eating and flies back and worry every day I want the eggshell of Phoenix and just ate so many have been disappearing it to have what variety, I wasn't then willing to give up to eat for it.
Be held up by it of Be getting more vexed, take out a few "nine You grasses"s to cope with it, have never thought this to to its appetite, because this"nine You grasses"s after all is growth in the water of thing, its skill again big, but can't oneself arrive to seek to eat in water.
So, after eating "nine You grasses"s, also give°ed the Phoenix eggshell to forget a brain, necessarily ate two"nine You grasses"s for a day, good at although it eat much, river in and the rise BE, enough it eats.
Love to see me for some days before the child, its that little white turtle still just the childhood expect, about still have to then time in half year can get into become adult to expect.See my small black turtle but have been long so greatly, and can match a body with host, pretty much admire.
Cross-examine me to have what method can let to spoil a monster fast- growing up, I originally want to tell her concerning "the business of nine You grasses, but the previous adopted father said with me, " nine You grasses"is a rare thing, if tell others, the everyones all come to adopt, "nine You grasses"s certanly will have the danger of depopulation, so this kind of treasure thing still decree by destiny a person of, in a word say to leave for the posterity some precious thing always good of,fake oakleys.
Love an asking of child sincerity I, I but falter with to, really have a little ashamed, I tell her, my two uncles masters in the method of refining of Dan medicine, was some Dan medicines of two uncle chains to promote to spoil a monster growth.
Love a child to see me so on saying, naturally ashamed beg for me from me a so-called Dan medicine, besides she also knows that my two uncles has already walked.The facial expression that just loves child's disappointment makes me feel that I's cheating her really has already lost bright.
Besides this river is to belong to everyone, I should not not tell hers.I finally decide that I refines a heat of Dan medicine, it makes her in a couple of days come to take.
See she very happy appearance, although I had no too greatly and held also to only do utmost.For the sake of the medicine of match"nine You grasses"s, I climbed mountain to adopt a lot of medicine materials and originally thought a heat of several 10 of chain sent that the child is to the love.
Want afterwards, in a couple of days wait village to finish holding facing of this year spring party, certainly this party is two nice days that the village communicates each other.This party an over I prepare to leave to go to behind the Yi star see four uncles going.
Certainly I must take more some"nine You grasses"s to set out of, but I the detection"nine You grasses"s after leaving water can not keep too for a long time.So I also intended to take advantage o many chains of this opportunities to be some to take to set out, the all over hills and countryside ran for two days and unexpectedly made me collect various medicine material of having about thousand catties, still don't lack some categories of precious scarcities among them.
Canning make me collect in short two days is so many, greatly parts of achievements are "Feng" of, although this guy is gluttonous,also have gluttonous skill, the small guy regards as his/her own rear garden sort to a few mountains and acquaints with an abnormality, where have what good thing, it touches clearly and let me save many matters.
Waited until finally and collected together, but I am suddenly silly, although oneself knows how refine,have no container to make me refine, I still have to use a chain machine first the Shu refine a Dan stove, good heavens, I cried quickly, I get the material that there look for a chain machine.
There are a lot of iron woods on the body, regrettable, although this kind of thing is a good chain device to anticipate,can not serve as the ability of refining the Ding stove.
Three uncle capability unique Gao, root with go to turn a territory, need not any assistance tools and implements of chain machine, oneself can construct an environment of suitable chain machine with the pure capability, although I know a method,have no ability to accomplish.
The medicine material hoped to sun under the sun, my bitterness sighs a , this can how is good.The "Feng" good elephant is own mood of inattentive host, fly on the yard vacant land, often open mouth joyful of call a , then the Fu body Zhuo eat the medicine material of ground and have fun not as well happy.
I flick to want to give° the shadow that is in the moment flying to make to kick out, but know that this gluttonous small guy root can't jilt mine.Get a brainwave suddenly, hope an air joyful figure, there is a mind in the heart.
Originally still in the sky played very happy"Feng", suddenly felt what, a cold idea unexpectedly it beat one cold war.
I pile up smiling all over, blew one whistle of recording, see it come to a stop to hope me, I quickly take out have already readied to of two stub fresh"nine You grasses"s, receive it to come over.
Originally think to take hold of its weakness, this still not hand to capture, but eating of accident one shriveled son, "Feng" small black eye pupil's turning 2 turns unexpectedly doesn't fly to come over.
Looking at it hesitates of appearance, I inwardly consider,did it aware of my to attempt.Soon after vetoed this viewpoint, although"Feng" is to touch with spiritual of thing, still is not likely to see through the mind in my heart.
On accounting not to become, and then living a to account.I lay up "nine You grasses"s, and then took out "Phoenix eggshell", Hey Hey, this kind of good thing, I think that it all anyway can not overcome.Indeed as expected, I just took out two slices of small piece eggshells, it then such as arrows the similar Shu ground flewed brushed past.
See it act so quickly, I hurriedly give the Zuan the eggshell in hand.After I replaced Phoenix eggshell with"nine You grasses"s, it for a long time have never eaten this kind of Be getting more delicious, by this time see Be about to arrive a mouth, unexpectedly still coulded not eat, which still endured of live, quickly rounded my head one flying of circle, can not stop on my shoulder until give°ing me to fly is dizzy, opened wing to dawdle my cheeks to try to please me.
I stretch out a hand the in a flash is in front of it and quickly lay by again, not not tightly slow way:"Small guy, the thing can not eat without paying, help I handle affairs, so as to eat for you."
See the impatient kind that it nods, laugh behind one's back in the heart, I way:"The host want to seek some materials of chain machines now, you would not° until inside the scope that don't help me in the square circle a long distance look for it go.What about the material of chain machine is some things of metal materials all right."
It a hear to is square a circle a long distance, fly to me right away calling of at present Ji Ji Zha Zha, also beat me with the wing, obviously dislike scope too big.
I inwardly consider unexpectedly daring to also haggle for host, I just don't believe your the gluttonous ghost will endure of live.The appearance that I set up for to very pitiful is slowly long of gesticulate the eggshell in the hand to take back a ring in, the desire that it indeed as expected can not bear with to eat is busy in noding to promise.
I Hey Hey a say with smile:"This is just lovely, this is the half to eat for you first, after waiting you to complete a task, the host give you another again half."
"Feng" dissatisfaction eats descend an among those, 1 of "Jie", turned to make a lightning flash sort to fly to go out.
Hope the figure that it far goes, I ha ha the break into laughter voice come and have never thought, so easy let it accepted defeat and usually made me seek some good medicine materials to decline with all sorts of excuses of, so generous this time help me the material for going to and refining a Ding stove, really is the temptation dint of the Phoenix eggshell.
These two days, the love child came once again, I told her again wait for two days, I am still collecting a medicine material, she saw what to insolate is all various medicine material of each kind, also believe in a yard.Overwhelming majority in the medicine material she is incognizant, can not help canning know so many herb medicines to don't already admire more to me.
Led for a day again, the Feng finally flew back, at I at present"Ji Zha, Ji Zha" of call, the good elephant wants to tell me what, just it called along while, I just mostly make understand it have already found out the thing of my demand, the position is exactly the direction that the sun rises.
Be vexedly and really done not go by it, threw to promise its that eggshell, it wore with the mouth Diao right away and fly to a side to slowly enjoy Related articles:

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