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It is thus clear that, hugely watching with interest a field even can also see its outline and just a little take the sea breeze of ordering the damp gamey smell to right against the face blow, if don't discover Kui ground second strange latent threat, the all these is in the environment like this, should be able to let people feel drill into heart lung of pleasing.
Since have already taken off, Lee thinks thrice again not hesitant, once the door take and run along the background to, if he remembers it's quite good, they just- come time, Dragon Boat and tiger boat is abandon in the sandy beach top, if the Dragon Boat tiger boat on the sandy beach wasn't sponsored a square to take back, so he this under can deliver big, the sandy beach top leaves of tiger boat, should enough make him return to Kui ground second strange chairman's set.
Lee thought thrice to turn head to see an eye after death of villa, as if still the five-star hotel is general of grand view,cnn, glass of zenith, be up to the several-storied building of 5 F, momentary, he completely understood the meaning of the second allusion.
"The handing over of moon and the sun rings, trample muttering of the step , for a while for a while, coagulate into a box's backmost treasure-house of crystal ……"
Crystal box, crystal box!This villa, no matter which direction it is, saw, all to a crystal with transparent zenith box, come to explain like this, crystal box's backmost treasure-house, nature be direction and this villa count down of floor or is the type of room.
Don't know now still just Su in the villa purple Xuan Lin Qing Er waits a person and have already found out adumbrative answer?
Kui ground second strange game behind, Su purple Xuan should will implement and agreeing on of Wang Zi, her life is about to come out own track.
Some persons is finally like the brilliant meteor that the night sky zenith appears and illuminated lonesome life, but a Shan namely dies.
Lee thinks thrice an in the mind to spread the ache of clenching the heart, he took back vision and continued toward the deep place of woods but go.
Lee whom the second super grand occasion chapter 55 of sea mountain city disappears thinks thrice(a)
"What!You say 1 time again!"Kui ground second strange Xuan martial captain Xu Yang and the Vinaceous Rosefinch brigade captain Xie Yi Nuo's unanimous opinion say.
The villa hall inside almost rounds full person, owner has already all got up to wait Zu circle to come to declare a result, but ever since that time clock from punctually change 8.35 at 8:00, the Zu circles didn't appear, crowd this just sends a person to look for everywhere.
"I …I say, we that sought everywhere, didn't also discover Zu Mr. Yuan, he was like to disappear at villa in similar!"
Around round is full person, discuss to put blame on in succession.
"What is the row, clearly say good of is last 8:00, he is a managing person and Kui ground second strange assize, should can't not be punctual just right!"
"Meeting can't he sleeps overdo, want to be not we again etc.."
"He can't fool us of type of, and now even the meals didn't prepare and got up to starve me in the morning!"
"Feed!This villa inside still has other managing persons to shout and Help, we surround here!"
…But the crowd at the moment inside, two beautiful figures are back and forth searching everywhere in the crowd.
Su the purple Xuan and Lin Qing Er is in the crowd Dou 1 turn, and then remit to match the buffet in the hall a front.
"Do not discover the trace and shadow of that guy, and you?"Lin Qing Er embraces to begin, the sweeping of double eye iciness sees crowd.
"I didn't also see, don't know that he went where, will can't now still just the room go to bed, otherwise we go up to seek."The Su purple Xuan also peeped out oddness of facial expression, from just at the time that crowd came together, she and Lin Qing Er didn't discover trace and shadow that Lee thinks thrice.
"Need not guessed, that big lazy insect definitely and still just sleeping, the past was every time round a sleeping, shouted to all shout don't come to!"The appearance of a spirit drum drum of Lin Qing Er, obviously thoughted of Lee before thought thrice for the sake of the sleeping usually with the affair that she breaks promise, " arrive now this turning point, relate to we will can't be been second strange the problem for eliminating by the Kui ground, he is sleeping, don't know what just can become mature and responsible!"
"So, past, you are very familiar?"The Su purple Xuan walks to go upstairs steps.
"Still on the whole can, probably be like you similar to Wang Zi of that kind of."Lin Qing Er follows ascend revolve a stairs, refuse to be distracted.
"Can grow up together with him, your life is definitely not lonesome?"The Su purple Xuan treads the fifth step.
"That idiocy, which have, he can't all day come you to ask for you to get angry even if like of, get along with him long you would know, he is completely the generation of the race innate badness speech."Lin Qing Er crosses in the center one class, directly ascended the fifth step.
"H'm … so, " Su the facial expression side of the purple Xuan at shadow in, "really like …"
Lee thinks thrice continuously headway, the background of this woods island is a highway that has already been built by the artificial, also Kui get he remember to get street corner over against the center door of villa, otherwise if make him drill into thick forest,google, be not got lost even if is to be getting better, don't even lift still need to find out come of sandy beach, look for a Dragon Boat tiger the boat is once.
While coming they make sight-seeing trip a car open probably the appearance of more than ten clocks, shine on this speed to go, Lee thinks thrice to at least still need to walk several more ten minutes just can arrive sandy beach.
Can not lead how long again, he should find out sandy beach, then trample tiger boat to return to a coast, although his technique of tiger boat isn't too high, if walk this a water road go to the coast line of Kui ground second strange chairman set place side, should still keep having no much problem.
"Is each, Zu circle until didn't appear now, see, we were depending on oneself to untie the second allusion this time."Allowed Yang to take the role of public leader this time, the Zu circle once said, the third allusion that he would declare this morning for untying the second allusion of, but the second allusion and the first allusion are to relate to we can go out of the key is now had already dropped by the key untied by the first allusion at a certain not well-known corner, but don't represent us like this and then will give up!As long as there is front line hope, we should be of effort!"
"Well said!"
"Like, we only your life from!"
The crowd competitively acts in cooperation.
And at the moment 4 F upstairs, Lin Qing Er and Sus purple Xuan in every aspect and mutually Qu, just they have been knocking door, voice like that, connect a head of sleep soundly of the pig should also wake up, but now Lee's thinking thrice don't also open the door, the circumstance like this lets the purple Xuan intuition of Lin Qing Er and Su to a silk unclearly invite invite of not in the right.
The Su purple Xuan sounds out to hold handle knob, lightly on turning, Luo Mao, the door unexpectedly opened, two females pushed away house to walked into, sees empty room, the purple yarn curtain still takes breeze at first reel, the quilt is at will been placed to a part, but inside one whole room, the shadow of human figure Yao has no.
Lee thinks thrice almost is connect to run to take to climb of rushed the seaside, the forest slightly put Fu, the greenery flutters and reflects sunlight, in this not usual deep autumn, take to order the flavor in summer, white the yellow alternate sandy beach is near at very short distance, Lee's thinking thrice has been already run of pant noisily, drench with perspiration, if not is so order a will to prop up he keeps on running, perhaps with his lazy personality, early pour on the ground to lie prone.
But when he arrives at sandy beach to settle Jing a see of time, have been propping up that will of his immediately the soil collapse to break up, not staying of the dissipation trace, the sandy beach of front on, there also have him to prepare to think medium tiger boat, the sandy beach at the moment on,Facebook, only at the beginning he embarks of that breaks ragged lousy Dragon Boat, other Dragon boats and tiger boat don't know to when have already been all recalled to return to, Kui get he to before also want to step tiger boat to return to, now, perhaps unique can let his activity is that ragged Dragon Boat"satellite the third".
The satellite has already bumped unbearably dilapidatedly before running aground sandy beach on the third, now this kind, leak gastight water still and say not who, don't even lift and still need to let his a person row the Dragon Boat that certainly carries 8 people rush about on the sea surface, if the Dragon Boat is at the bad factor Be plusing and leaking at 1:00 what in, not is row midway Related articles:

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