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Message of reply, also let my in the mind have a bottom."
"I will keep firmly in mind."Li Xu Dong says.His sitting don't move,google, he knows, Liu Yan Ni since and early established to like a bureau, can't easily give up.He also knows that Liu Yan Ni had no Yuan with him in the past to have no enemy recently, the bureau established by her definitely has relation with Lisa.
Liu Yan Ni seemed to be also to guess Li Xu Dong's idea and said sentence"Don't mention it", then exceed to open a son, peacefully came out room.
Liu Yan Ni just left, Li Xu Dong dialed Lisa's telephone.
Lisa is Li Xu Dong's powerful supporter in the northern original city.Li Xu Dong is getting colder, Lisa is his sun, Li Xu Dong is getting hotter, and Lisa is the room that he shields from wind to block rain.If the this tree of Lisa had no, Li Xu Dong at northern original city what also not BE, at most is also a grain of sand of yellow river pool.Though he to Lisa of money-mad express tremendous bad impression,cnn, arrive a turning point, he still keeps canning not getting away from this money-mad sun.
Li Xu Dong uses the common speech of south toward Lisa and made collective report just here take place of everything.His tone is very deep in sorrow, be like a report funeral.He tactfully puts blame on Lisa's way:"At the beginning is what you make me guarantee, had an accident now, you had to start to undertake this responsibility.If which bastard Hao the owner really lost money, also don't rise a loan, I hope your farm ability point of departure function."
Li Xu Dong's meaning is very obvious, the idea out of the speech is to make Lisa repay loan for her.Lisa where be willing to eat this set of, open mouth and then lambaste a way:"The saying other people bastard is all false, I see you are completely a bastard, my farm is national, how can for you this private enterprise returns money.You don't become nervous first and wait I to make pure the circumstance say again."
Li Xu Dong isn't appropriate because of talking, touched rejection, could let go of a telephone to inwardly living stuffy air.He thinks to want to go, the end got on the whole the many people can tally up of conclusion:In river's lake, person's body not from F, if Lisa and Liu Yan Ni et als wet to a night inside in the pot, finally victimize of can be his Li Xu Dong.
Lisa and Li Xu dongs passed a telephone and quickly stired to call Liu Yan Ni on Liu Yan Ni's cellphone.She amicably sent out invitation to Liu Yan Ni and wanted to see side with Liu Yan Ni and communicated for a while that the guarantee problem for lending money.Liu Yan Ni politely tells Lisa and says that she has no time now, certainly, if Lisa really wants to see her, can settle time in the evening.
Have the contract as certificate, the haft seems to be already to control in Liu Yan Ni's hand, compared with Lisa and Li Xu Dong, her opportunity is probably much some.
Lisa ran into there at Liu Yan Ni a not soft not hard nail, nest one belly fire.She not from dialed the number of Hao Qi.
Hao Qi still just drunk with wine sleepwalking, and week male and other ancient times of first the Zhes discuss the person's conducting philosophy problem.The Confucius and Menzi tells him to say:"BE a person to have to be honest and kind, kind and justice, control oneself to reply a gift, can not see money eye open ungrateful."
The Hao Qi asks what call self-restraint reply a gift, the Confucius points a Menzi to say:"This problem I am lazy to regain to answer, you still ask my pupil."
Menzi Yang rises a face and disdains to a to attend to ground to say:"Modern people true his Niang talks idly and all all day says to absorb essence from culture in thou, in fact is a mouth up end in talk.Tell you, control oneself to reply a gift be you say of strick with oneself, in fact is education people to all learn kind and justice."
Menzi's words haven't fallen to the ground, the grandson says:"Hao big owner, don't listen to theirs.The market is like battlefield, now that is a battlefield, will resort to arms.In addition to comparing the forerunner of weapon, even want to compare the vivid of brain.I suggest that you want to by force work hard world.The show just meets a soldier, there is reason canning not remember clearly.If you need to read soldier's book, my pouring is to recommend a book to you, it is 《Art of War 》 that I write."
This place hasn't finished saying, there of Lao Tze carried on the shoulder a hoe head to talk.He roars with laughter ground to arrive at the in front of Hao Qi and says:"All of them are complete nonsense.The life is also several 10-year scene in a life time and turn an eye to namely die, a bed one mouthful rice is just.Living an one breath, die ash, come from nature, regression nature.You see me, the south mountain gathers wood, north mountain put to pasture, an individual completely independent, mutually smell with the voice of the neighbors chicken dog, die of old age to have no dealings with each other, a personal excellent Zai visits Zai, not quick Zai."
At this time by coincidence the non- son come back to pass by here from the court, pull the Hao Qi to a part, say:"Do not listen to their beard Rang Rang, I know that you want to have a lawsuit, I tell you, in the country under the rule of law, the law is the only means that solves the whole disputes ……"
Various son 100s Be each to hold one phrase, start arguing, keep arguing the sky faint a ground of dark, the sun and moon has no light.
Although the Hao Qi is a boorish, don't understand them,Facebook, think their what everybody said is in the reason, is about to put forward question-problem concerning loan, suddenly heard the bell ring of cellular phone.
The Hao Qi opens a shadowy eye, didn't also see is a whose call to stick an ear for the handle knob machine.
Lisa encounters Liu Yan Ni of unfrequented, chase all hatred Sas on Hao Qi, export and then ask a way:"Hao Qi you bastard, whether don't want to mix in the northern original city."Although the Hao Qi is still drunk with wine,can listen to the voice of having an accident Lisa.If the other people scold him like this, he will definitely surge of great fury, but what to scold his person is Lisa, and 2 people of ever intimate the ground having no once gets in touch with, he not only didn't become angry and on the contrary smiled to answer that Lisa says:"The quick temper is very big ah, if not that I eliminate fire for you."
This words are undoubtedly fires up sprinkle oil, Lisa lambastes a way more:"The complete nonsense that puts your mama isn't smelly either.You said for me, at the beginning you begin with allied Liu Yan Ni to make Li Xu Dong guarantee for you, whether early have been already premeditated.Who don't know your building business now red fire fire, how still doesn't rise that quick style of.I warn you, if you dare come to Yin with me of, see me not whole to die you."
In the eyes of Hao Qi, Lisa is also a that time matter, the woman of a flower inside beard Shao just, he can't dispute with her what.Wait the hair of Lisa to finish a temper, the Hao Qi not and tightly and not and slowly says:"My mama's fart is smelly not smelly I have never smelt, the talented person who only once smelt knows and sees appearance, you seemed to once smell;Again be, I regardless and when can't come to Yin for you, either, I can come to sun for you, because I have no Yin and only have sun of, if you like sun, I all when can help you.Tell you and speak of the business of money, I the penny also have no now, I in addition to give you the sun of, can also give you a life."
Hao Qi finishes saying, have no again talk for Lisa of opportunity, in a hurry hanged up a telephone.
In the evening, Lisa worked well supper in advance.Now, her cooking a meal has already become a habit and also become her pressure.If Huang Jiang He could not eat tasty meal after coming back, light break into a furious rage to her, heavy will make a signal by pursing toward house roof Nu.Both compare, Lisa most fears that the dynasty house roof of Huang Jiang He makes a signal by pursing, and that will mean that she may be closed into storeroom at any time.So, Huang Jiang He becomes angry each time, Lisas will compensate to smile and keep smiling Huang Jiang He don't become angry.
Lisa carries rice plate to the restaurant and give again Huang Jiang He and Gao Han Sheng like rice, just shy with stranger living ground to sit the bed of river is at Huang Jiang side, say:"I occupy and go out for a while, think to invite a leave-"
Huang Jiang He sees don't also see Lisa's one eye and said:"Go to, however that can record to like I once said for you of words."
"Record, come back before 9:00, don't drink, don't enter an entertainment area, make collective report a circumstance to you after coming back-" Lisa repeats Huang Jiang He once gave an account of words.
When wear high cold side, Lisa thinks Huang Jiang He thus is too unfair to her, however she already don't care, anyway, she what kind of woman, Gao trembles with fear in have a number, her own in the mind also has a number.
Huang Jiang He's seeing Lisa bothersome don't finish, impatiently say:"Do not vexed person, leave quickly."
This book.
Your message which afraid just a , will become the power that the author creates, the pleasing is hard more power to you for author!

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