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Jing, one face of hard believe.
The owners are all surprised to be getting more foolish, was this a little bit too abnormal?
Leaf Lu precious jade they all the pole of gape, just Ling Fei all so beats the person that doesn't hurt, was unexpectedly clapped by the Tiao broom to die, too hard believe, too terror, their several individuals all swallowed to swallow saliva and showed unintentionally a terrified look in the eyes in eye.
Su pulls and tooks a look heavy rice two people from Gong in island of Sha-ho of Huang wood, the left hand hanged up to hang up, despise of say:"You, start!"
Rice Gong in the island cut up rough of call a way:"Eight Gas, I put together with you!"His body is one Xuan, immediately became a flame ball, pulled and then flewed to come over toward Su,cnn.
Su pulls but is to carelessly and again raise the Tiao broom in the hand, one Yang, sees strong breeze gobble up to come over, that flame ball moment is blown without a trace, and rice Gong in the island also square Buddha without basis disappear generally, had no a trace and shadow.
Four eyes they how many persons early and depressedly want to die, the real strenght hangs extremely whether is a little bit a lot too big?They beat however of person, in the somebody else's eyes, just a bit part.
The Huang wood weighs three to stare with anger Su pull, he felt the real strenght of the other party is strong,google, he feels that his own empress carry the ice-cold on his own empress' back, although he didn't make moves, but faced so terrible opponent, and his confidence of some victory all had no.He swallowed to swallow saliva, with difficulty descended to settle decision and called a way:"Come out, edge of knife monster."
The noodles that sees at him pleases appear a devil with general praying mantis without basis, the head wanted a big than the praying mantis many, fully have the half rice much Gao, dance two steel knives, not very imposing.
The Lu precious jade their several individuals of leaf saw such a to frighten the person's thing, all unbearable scream get up, body all toward behind back pass by.
The Huang wood weighs three right hands to point at Su to pull, loudly of call a way:"The edge of knife monster attacks and kills her."
Edge of knife monster a pair of small eyes drop slip away of look at Su to pull, the along while unexpectedly doesn't dare to move for a while, its body returns party in government to behind shrink back, it also just a bewitching monster, how dare make moves toward the fairy?
The Huang wood weighs three to looking at at present this act and immediately and surprisedly says:"This, this, this is what happened?"
Su pulls but is to peep out a very sweet smile, said:"Edge of knife monster?This name is quite good, you, come over."She hangs up snow-white finger toward the edge of knife monster.
The edge of knife monster hesitated for a while, but still one step one step of walked to pass by toward the other party.
If the Huang wood weigh three to feel that his/her own type absolute being unexpectedly doesn't listen to his/her own conductor, on the contrary listen to an enemy, this is the affair that has never led.He is frightened of say:"This, this, you exactly is what person?"
Su pulls to see an edge of knife monster to walk to he or she's in front, immediately the spirit shouts of call way:"Do you unexpectedly dare to also come out and follow a Japanese?I see you is owe to trample, I trample your this bastard and trample you."She lifted snow-white and lovely, radiant and extremely keen right foot, mercilessly trampled toward the difficult head of edge of knife monster past, anti- Buddha a virago is general.
The others forehead keeps emitting cold sweat, this fairy also too violence?
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The text chapter 70 loots a demon monster
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===================================However luckily Su pulls at this time light snow-white and radiant feet Ya son, so the this edge of knife monster very green face ascended don't appear footprint what of, however it still move all don't dare to move, so being pulled by Su to trample 78 feet of darling, square Buddha a statue is general, see of other people all frightened not already, this bewitching monster is also too lovely?Some heartaches that a few beauties all see, this but maltreat a little animal.
Su pulls with difficulty the disaffection in the heart vent, just the left hand puts small pretty waist, the right hand raises that Tiao broom and calls a way:"Do you concede to defy spirit?"
The cerebellum bag of edge of knife monster is lowly more severe, square the Buddha does amiss the kid of affair general, utter all don't dare to utter a word, this expresses that it conceded very much.
The left hand of Xian Xian that Su pulls lifted and pointed at the Huang wood of edge of knife monster behind to weigh three way of callings:"That you chopped down him for me, don't see this as well is where, unexpectedly come to China to show off the force spread fame, make you not regret, don't know that China still hasn't afraid beauty of the dead."She stares with anger blunt blunt, the small Qiong nose is very tiny wrinkly wrinkly, look to specially have sentimental appeal.
Ling Fei but is to almost want to suffocate but die, this calls what logic?What call China haven't afraid the beauty of the dead?She seems to be not to be regarded as beauty, but be regarded as fairy?
If the Huang wood weigh three but is the facial expression changes of extremely difficult see, square Buddha killed an old dad general, own type absolute being doesn't listen to ownly direct, on the contrary listen to an enemy, this perhaps in Japanese history still first, throw a person this time is throw to come home inside.He doesn't know murmur's saying in the Ji is a lot of what, anyway that day language, in addition to temple originally snow outside knew for no one, and her facial expression also change extremely of pale, square the Buddha heard curse generally,Facebook, she shivers voice call way:"He, he this is to strengthen contract, this is exclusively use to the demon monster ……"
Ling Fei their several individuals heard her this sentence and saw again to that edge of knife monster, indeed as expected see that changing of bewitching monster extremely of pain and sufferings, square Buddha drive what control generally, its two chase sharp steel knife Wu wear head, send out"Blare……"Of voice, its body starts shrinking one regiment, square Buddha an ostrich is general.
Their several individuals all stand at front side, so the empress that didn't see this edge of knife monster carries on the back, but his empress carry top on his empress' back have a strange curse, square the Buddha what ancient Taoist priest draws that exorcises curse generally, however the ray of light that lacks to be suffused with a way blood-red color at this time, let people looking at tremble with fear, greatly terrified.
The leaf Lu precious jade looking at painful Ai of this bewitching monster of appearance, in the heart cant not bear to, hence say:"This, this elder sister, you, you see it so painful, you liked for it."
Su pulls one Leng, a Qiao face turns over there, seeing a leaf the Lu precious jade is one eye, then points to point have already rolled to fall in the edge of knife monster on the ground at this time, saying of doubt:"Is what you said it?"Her face up also be suffused with to have a smiling face, conjecturing of top and bottom the other party.
Leaf Lu precious jade small face a red, don't thought of that the other party unexpectedly and unexpectedly sees himself/herself with this kind of taste, does oneself seem to haven't been eyed so by a women?She was still a little bit tiny to nod.
Su pulls lowly Qin head, tiny tinily contemplated a short while, then one face of say suddenly realize:", I thought of, you were my old younger brother's girl friend, called what leaf Lu precious jade of, right?"
The small face of leaf Lu precious jade originally spread all over red glow at sunset and was a more abashed words to also can not say it at this time, she was Lu precious jade of leaf, but she with Ling does the relation flying seem to haven't made sure, she secretly saw Ling Fei of one the eye one side, then lightly ordered to nod.
Su spaces out big of toward her walk in the past, then came to a huge embrace for her, again her powder face up put out strength of kissed an one mouthful, roar with laughter of say:"Indeed as expected is a beauty, care for face egg and contain face, shape pregnant material, the breast contains breast, " she makes reference to the time here, the right hand still lightly kneaded the breast of the other party and led calling of leaf the Lu precious jade"……" is a , she Luo Luo the Jiao smiled and said, ", the hand is quite good, not know that my old younger brother once touches have no, my old younger brother's taste really not bad, does he still say the process that you realize 1 time with me, quite good, be my old younger brother's big wife still can of, however is other this all not and so deal with, so you have to make some means."
The small face of leaf Lu precious jade is generally very hot, almost want to burn, didn't thought of that the other party can knead oneself there, it also allows oneself to call orotund Related articles:

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