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Kui general, let Ling Fei eight Wus that person all puts out strength lived ear, felt of a burst of of deafening.
"I white rise and come out,beats by dre solo."
A Hong is bright, but again seem to be the voice of vicissitudes of life slowly since the underneath spread to open.
Ling Fei their several individualses all cannot help but retreating several steps, sees a black shadow of human figure slowly of from the soil pit inside the one step one step walked out, they although the shape that hasn't seen clear this person, they can feel that ice-cold breathing of the body of this person, square the Buddha come from faraway hell's being general, they could not help beating a cold fight.
The bearer is more and more near,dr dre beats studio, sees his body up of the battle armors are all broken up and unbearable, the clothes worn are to break ragged lousy, compare mendicant to take strong not arrive where, but his noodles permits to seem to be comeliness, Mian Tian, only hair long of dance and seem to be weirder with the breeze and odd, he stands over there, the double eyes gleam wise and farsighted ray of light and slowly strafed them several personal one eyes, whenever see one personal time on the body, will involuntarily beat a cold sweat on their body.
Although they are also that the skills are high strongs, after numerous remarkable talents of wars, but advertise for to fight battlefield with this for more than 30 years, totally annihilate six army brigades 100 remaining ten thousand, and capture six country size the city defense is more than 70s, afterwards be sealed in order to fight absolute being, and start to is "Wu An Jun"'s white to compare, really is badly and too far.
On the other party body the murderous look of Mi sky filled the air really is come out from a top accumulations in battlefield, is one at a time from the dead person heap in come out the murderous look that comer ability has.
White since of the vision finally fell to traverse to fly of in the body, his vision very tiny Mi become together sew, stopped over for about two minutes, suddenly he several step forward, list the knee kneel at ground up, the hands embrace a boxing and politely say:"White since take part in a big king."
The Ling flies one Leng and tooks a look others, immediately interrogative of say:"You, what do you say?"
The white rises the facial expression politely say:"Big king, although you bore again to turn a life time, but the breathing on your body I experienced for more than 2,000 years, still remembered clear, that is a kind of the vehemence that the world mankind all controls in hand, my etc. big more than 2,000 years king, finally and again saw a big king, white since will again raise the lance in the hand for big king, sweep world, every impede the big king's person, white since will be cut to the sword to all of them bottom."What he said is very sincere, the slightest didn't forge of meaning.
Ling Fei is all surprised to be getting more foolish, he looking at at present white to rise and seem to remember some faintnesses, again a bit clear, is this exactly what happened?What he put out strength shook to shake head, way:"You, you, what do you say?I, what person am I ?How don't I know?"He feels a burst of of his own brain of ache, the square Buddha wanted to spilt open generally.
White rise still keep being to straightly kneel over there, polite answer way:"Big king, you are Qin Guo's emperor, also Qin dynastic of establishment, E, the big king's Hui, Hui, BE, Ying government, also drive the future generations call it as the Qin Shi huang's China generation emperor, the big king forgives offense, white since should not keep of shouting the big king Hui, ask big king to forgive offense."
"What?Am I a Qin Shi huang?"The yelling of Ling Fei surprise shouted loudly.
The Qiu Bing Hui, Zhu Kang, Zhao Bin, is older than and even is Ma Le Chen, Gao Bao and Wang Jia to living all of their seven peoples are the poles of silly eyes, keep hanging up of looking at at present Ling Fei, didn't thought of that the other party is unexpectedly the legend in the legend, the myth in the myth, China generation emperor Qin Shi huang, seven people feel that what throat part has to block up, could not say words to come.
Ling Fei's body fluttered for a while and almost wanted to fall down at ground up.
Is oneself unexpectedly a Qin Shi huang?This, this, how may?
He feels that he is hard to accept this fact a while, what he put out strength shook to shake head, tooked a look to in the moment still kneel the white on the ground to rise and spoke slowly a way:"You, you get up first, as for I am to isn't a Qin Shi huang, hereafter say again."
"BE, big king!"White since politely stood.
Ling Fei tooks a look in front extremely polite white is to oneself, the square Buddha separates a life time general, he tooks a look Ma Le Chen of one side, silly silly say:"You, you choke me for a while."He pointed to point his own face.
Ma Le Chen also rudely choked his cheeks for a while, painful Ling Fei shouted loudly:", , You lightly order, I, I knew, this was all true, I, am I really a Qin Shi huang?I, am I really a Qin Shi huang?"
The white that Ma Le Chen puts out strength his several eyes,beats by dre australia, way:"Am I how can anyone know?However hear that the Qin Shi huang originally was an a tyrant king that was given to sexual pleasure to have no way, saw you current appearance, really had several cents the likeness."
"Is unbridled!"
The white rose to suddenly and greatly drink a , his hands carry on the back after fiercely drawing out of the handle lance, the whole individual's body around has already formed tornado in a black, a Hao however of murderous look already toward Ma Le Chen gobble up since then.Roars way:"You unexpectedly dare to humiliate our big king thus, I kill you, we big Qin the dignity of the empire can not besmirch."
Ma Le Chen stunned, what she put out strength swallowed to swallow saliva, saying of injustice:"My seeming don't say what?"
Ling Fei sees the fragrant shoulder that she almost will cry out, quickly and lightly clapped to clap her, then dialogue says:"E, this, she isn't in the mood for, I see still calculate?"
"BE, big king."White since politely sent lance scabbard of a sword, the low voice said.
If Ling Fei sees white listenning to of true darling own, he immediately sounds out sexual of ask a way:"E, this, the white rises general ……"
"The big king directly calls my white rise then can, in the big king's in front, all of us are your minister sons, you need not call our general."The white rises one face honorific of embrace a boxing toward him, very tiny Gong body way.
Ling Fei immediately turned over to turn over cold stare, asking of caution way:"That, that I want to ask you to be a , am I really a Qin Shi huang?"
White rise affirmative of say:"Yes, big king, I can absolute affirmation, you are our big king."
Enjoyed in Ling Fei Xin, although oneself also doesn't know that he or she is to isn't that Qin Shi huang, but looking at white to rise so braves appearance, and fixing of more than 2,000 years for, see come from personal hereafter really increased a bodyguard, also afraid of enemy?He thoughts of here, the ordering of smile nods, way:"Since so, you return to with me, sometimes has a look to your home town."
"Thank a big king."The white rises the Gong body say.
Ling Fei tooks a look that drive white rise deep-fried come out of big pit, hurriedly and embarrassedly say:"This, this is broken into this appearance by you, you can repair good?"
White since politely say:"BE, big king, I will chase to repair here okay."He finishes saying this sentence, forward the noodles walked several step, then the hands are one Yang, sees his whole individual have been already suspended, the black strong breeze of the innumerable continuously revolves, many all sandy soils of ground get up, then directly just that big pit fills.
What Ling Fei sees sighs in the heart and seem oneself, these 2 belong to inside, count oneself most garbage.He ordered to nod:"We should walk.What's the matter with"he tooks a look Ma Le Chen of one side, see the other party Jue wear a small mouth, one face not quick appearance, hence ask a way, "?"
"Have no what."Ma Le Chen sees don't also see him, the pair of head didn't arrive one side.
Ling Fei immediately enjoyed, the Ye wore the small hand of the other party and walk toward the doorway to, call a way:"Like like, return to, we this time a while come out so for a long time, also don't know others how."
"You seek your wife and return my car to me."Ma Le Chen flounces the hand of opening the other party, saying of spirit drum drum.
"E, your car?"Ling Fei Nao Nao head, the way of injustice, " seems and seemed be just thrown by me to my baby, perhaps all not presentable now, simply I tomorrow buy a QQ car for you to calculate."
"You, you, what do you say?I that is the treasure car sports car, several 1,000,000, you, you ……"Ma Le Chen annoy of the grasping of a burst of if not that being frightened wildly side that is metal gray a white of face rise, he is very anxious to chase this Related articles:

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