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One earthquake, as touching to run into what extremely shocked affair, the strength of the body refrains from rash action gradually, is absorbed by mentality and gold dragon, change into first five strength of emperor dragons, the emperor annoys to also start following behind to come over, in the stone concealedly in the place of pubic region formed a sturdy torrent current and started changing concealed since the stone all over of structure, the golden light starts slowly from inside but outside of permeate, the stone is concealed to as well become like a gold and be like generally.
Wang Xin of the evil monster knows the stone is concealed to necessarily have fortuitous, as well the inconvenience bothered, eye view at present the bureau of world, feel that leaving a homing day is more and more near, the king of evil monster also more and more sink Be immersed to force to learn in, seek those to print his/her own absolute being clan to do accounts for of however being returning to a first cosmos behind,dr dre beats pro!
Thousand years of disgrace, a toward settling, thinking of oneself's strength has already outstripped many before, state reached into super absolute being, the king of evil monster as well cannot helped but several cachinnations, dissipation but go.
《The war of the whole country 》 of chapter 299

The war of chapter 299 whole country

Give or get an electric shock a coming to visit of emperor, fire emperor and water emperor to make the stone concealed or many or a little more rare and surprised, but let three emperors surprised of, but is that the stone is concealed that is contented from the quiet facial expression and the whole body have have no of breathing, three emperors certainly have no silly to think the stone is concealed to have already lost capability, so unique explanation woulds be concealed capability of stone to again promote.
Face this terrible man, three emperors as well have half for cent of worry, after all at that time is stone concealed help the red emperor laid siege to them, but red emperor afterwards again saved 3 people, in this way a go to of relation, three emperors even if thought the gratitude and grudge was clear as well not ability, however want to want to make into think of affair, the only candidate would is a stone concealed.
Stone concealed Gao Gao sits on the emperor's chair on, the vision equanimity is like water, seem pass by be enlightened generally, if Yuan an idol is generally enjoying leisure, a short moment surprise in the look in the eyes also along with time of passage but thin go, leave of, is lenitive atmosphere inside the whole big palace, three emperors dare to arrive at here and in addition to looking for own cooperation, also can make what affair?
Give or get an electric shock an emperor finally openings to say:"The stone is concealed, we want to cooperate with you."
The stone is concealed to lightly say:"Cooperation needs capital."
Give or get an electric shock saying with smile of emperor self-confidence:"Our counters can absolutely make you promise a condition."
The stone is concealed to say:"Your pouring is extremely self-confident and say, what do you want,beats by dre?"
Give or get an electric shock an emperor to say:"Is easy, let we the four greatest emperor's clans return to an area absolute being country in a sky."
The stone is concealed tiny tiny a say with smile:"Does the defoliation return a root?"
Give or get an electric shock emperor's complexion tiny tiny on changing, exclamation wry smile way:"The world over, rare can wholeheartedly believe the foreign tribe person's clansmen, certainly, remarkable talent clan will never be, the four greatest emperor's clans drifted about a foreign country, was helped by remarkable talent clan in those early years, afterward have been assisting them, just have never thought, finally we four greatest emperor's clans but became pawn-" regardless the source breeze from four greatest emperor's clans emperor one a clan is still a remarkable talent imperial house, the four greatest emperor's clans really are a pawn but existence.
The stone concealed vision tightly stared at 3 people, don't pass one silk facial expression and see to the breeze emperor's dead give them some strokes, only, seem inside to still conceal what?Is light but dignity of ask a way:"What about counter?"
Give or get an electric shock emperor's eye 1:"A foot has already with frightening eased lets a secret of conquering the remarkable talent empire!"
Difference Li in the sky the end of October, 442, at give up two country battalions of surname outer circle don't take any action, just continuously gather troops, however, this is good enough to let the remarkable talent empire up and down investigates sorrow, however, the area absolute being from the sky country suddenly the hair come to a letter and receive its not only is a heavy emperor, the clan of five greatest households long all received this same letter of contents, just in brief a few words have already let the five greatest households hurriedly convene a meeting, in addition to give up clan long, other four clan clans long all go to an emperor the city galaxy and heavy emperor meet with, at round the discussion for turning over under, the finally heavy emperor agrees the contents that accepts a letter.
The contents of letter immediately but reveal to go out, eight big empire of key figures and people all is of vibration, originally, on the letter write BE, the sixth household is as well a member of remarkable talent clan, in order not to breaking out of war and adhere to a peaceful principle, from the saint Wu Huang Zun's stone concealed Jie similar and different ability clan five greatest household testimony, verify a heavy emperor and beg a dragon to become Caesarean qualifications, this war, aim is confirming to beg Long Bei's reliability on Long Shen, but if beg a dragon to lose war, 100,000,000,000 battalions will immediately back a soldier, but if beg victory dragon, then and at last to the remarkable talent challenge descended by imperial house!Invite the location of war from the remarkable talent clan decision in the imperial house.
According to the contents of letter, this war decides whether two countries opens hostilities, and condition to remarkable talent empire, it may be said very relaxed, to five greatest clans, is saint Wu Huang Zun's stone, the concealed nature can't talk and have no letter, and if heavy emperor even this a nobodies can not win, that again have qualifications to call an emperor, this aspect's pouring is to match public idea, same, the stone concealed nature can't do without the matter of achievement, he must be to want to pass this affair to prove Long Bei's true existence, however, as long as the heavy emperor can win to beg a dragon, 100,000,000,000 battalions draw back troops, so the five greatest clans then can inhibit people's emotion, alleviate this time crisis thus, certainly, a certain household wanted to borrow to support to beg a dragon but control a nation politics, but beg back dragon to after all have the concealed stone support, have to do.
And this is also a good opportunity to is heavy to flap prestige to heavy emperor, if can save this crisis,beats by dre solo, oneself then can be steady to sit an emperor of.
After weighing a benefits, the heavy emperor decides emperor the city galaxy carries on decisive battle, although it is said Long Bei is the thing of ancestry, but after all he always doesn't believe to beg a dragon to control a Ji dragon so quickly of brachial strength, but the stone is concealed, he knows to the secret of remarkable talent clan of little of again little, the heavy emperor believes deeply, this time decisive battle settles however can let oneself a vomit recent stuffy air.
South ·night country fairyland ·fix western general of Luo ·the black night transact a big palace
After accepted without the sword of eye, the concern of black night to country bureau seemed to be more to work hard, the Jie Ao ever not tame have already been whetted by time even, at present black night a talk all of 1 lines are deep consideration behind of result.
The table before the chair up put full formerly line come of war bulletin and everyone's intelligence report, recently front of war bulletin as well is repeatedly, seem is be subjected to thou monster United Nations at after the building aggression and the remarkable talent empire be subjected to the influence that 100,000,000,000 battalions close in, but these several days come most eye-catcher in addition to the heavy emperor wanting to start and beg the war of dragon, would be the war situation from north, a long distance horizontal knife is on the Jiang field big might of god, wildly Wu Tian successively withdraws in defeat, the God's way emperor's son then at under the pressure of two battalion areas deeply and nearly several depths besieged, after all two battalion areas gathered troops to exceed 200,000,000,000 of many, by dint of 40,000,000,000 troopses of the God's way emperor's son, although can match in the short run, because of he self-confidence excesssive, at several cents, under the ordering about of overbearing pride, then lead a soldier thorough interior region, is immediately laid siege to by on all sides as a result.
Sneering at is a , although doesn't know that what method the God's way emperor's son is to use to got an emperor a clan war line, emperor clan war the line didn't change his ability, isn't Wu Zhe, again know Gao of God's way, isn't a strategist, and then know at every step that is the chess all?The God's way emperor's son is finally spoiled out by the ages just, probably, the God's way emperor's son before all victories may be trodden next bureau.
However the black night isn't interested in the warfare of north, just is Caesarean foundation, have to understand these, for the guidance of father-in-law's adult, the black night pours is in the mind, if there is no a sky, support of the Hou, carry out oneself's greed, perhaps is also have heart have no dint.
The canthus Pie arrives a letter of table's top, not from on smiling, soliloquize a way:"This is the most important thing, there is the letter of concealed stone, Anne ·Zhe Luo then became my[one] pawn in black night, when the time comes anti- Ge mutually to, lonesome you can eat big Kui."
Smile and put the northern war bulletin to the part and below would be recent new intelligence report data, the black night browses in the middle of contemplating, suddenly eyes a bright, cannot help but taking out cool spirit, peep out in the look in the eyes excited of delight, lift a voice to shout a way:"Bearer!"
The voice being leisurely long takes hundred percent spirit to vigorously shake, outside the palace door of Related articles:

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