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Dong Dong ……
The both parties' megaliths all continuous contacts rows a curve with irregular in the sky, both parties' sailors all shoot throwing of rock speed speaking of top, even Bao big Chu and Long Yin's adult,cheap beats by dre, also all participated in to transport piece of stone in person.Often of, there is a megalith colliding with each other in the sky, send out deafening voice, then smash at the same time, shock a whole field.
Bomb Long Long ……
Suddenly, the lapidating machine of the Nu dragon is hit in.Mourn arm to fly to several ten Zhang far lake noodles, throw stone machine nearbily sailor also greater half dead and injured.
Bomb Long Long ……
The sailor on the Neptunian number too late shouts.The Nu dragon is another one set lapidating the machine hit a ground megalith and equally demolished their set lapidating machine, that mourns arm to equally fly to several ten Zhangs are far, throw stone a machine neighborhood of sailor the same whole army is routed is it may be said perishing together of the name matches the reality.
The Bao is big Chu's two eye darks.Dragon that was very anxious to chop fine Nu, also very anxious to chopped fine long breeze, Neptunian number because the port leaks.In order to reduce slowly, speed greatly the all these is all that blamed of long breeze!If this shameless woman of Xue Tan Ya at he nearby, he will definitely live to lively hold to die her.By this time Bao big Chu, also don't know long breeze changed commanding officer, thought that this is Xue Tan Ya is intentionally setting against with himself or herself.He mercilessly thinks in the heart, this shameless woman.Finally decide to the thigh of embracing Long Meng Yao.
Tyrannosaurus by this time also arrived to, the side Xian towardsed Neptunian number be like forty Nu arrows, the left side in the Neptunian number tees off water flower that a lieutenant grows.
Two Dou warship braveries go up to intercept, a left on rightly wanting to block Tyrannosaurus down, decision very of firmness.These two water Kous on Dou warships are most all big Bao Chu's ground confident under charge, is also the personnel of the crackest his under charge at the same time, by this time embrace the decision for being certain to die up to intercept, the manner is really very fierce,beats solo hd.Tyrannosaurus had Nu arrows to kill to harm their many people in a row.These two Dou warships still keep continuing to go forward.Because want to close to wharf but pick up Long Meng Yao to go aboard, the warship of Tyrannosaurus long the Luo feather always don't to heart's content take part in combat, for these two arrivals of Dou warships, is exactly beg it not get.
The Luo feather is harsh voice to roar and shout.
Chirps Jiu!
Tyrannosaurus of four set Nu machine at the same time project a batch of arrowheads most to heart's content, seem to be storm of overaly all of the Dou warships of the left side.Nu arrows at the right moment shoot medium the bow and arrow hand on the Dou warship, for an instant, numerous blood pillars of way are blunt sky of but rise.Blood fog that is blown into an one slice by the lake breeze.When blood fog dissipation after, the whole Dou warships all became a blood-red color.
The Luo feather continues harsh voice roar and shout.
Chirps Jiu!
The Nu arrows being a great deal of roars and shouts but go to.
Tyrannosaurus ground ship body is biggestly.The Nu machine that up packs also wants to compare the Nu dragon greatly last the first and by this time shot with all strength, power indeed as expected and not and together any ring.
On ground of Dou warship four set Nu the machine be soon destroyed by all of tyrannosauruses and follow a great deal of Nu arrows to shoot into each position of Dou warship and kill the personnel of inside heartily wound.Soon after, this personnel on the Dou warship is almost exhausted basic to die or injure, the helpless beginning beats to turn on the lake noodles, can not constitute threat to Tyrannosaurus any further.
Chirps Jiu!
The Nu arrows of Tyrannosaurus again projects and has already didn't used to that Dou warship, but Luo feather still keeps issuing order to continue to shoot, must this Dou warship the exhaustive shot sinks.Is almost the same time, moreover a Dou warship killed the side wing of Tyrannosaurus from the behind, masterly stick last the port of Tyrannosaurus, very obviously, it wants to carry on hand to hand fight with Tyrannosaurus, all of about 100 sailors on the Dou warship worked well preparation.
Tyrannosaurus also equally hand to hand fight like this is welcome, warrior dragon also worked well the preparation of hand to hand fight.These dragon warrior be still just that dresses up, whole body all set at black of the strength pack in, bares two eyes, they use of the weapon still keep being machete, fishing spear or bow and arrow, just, stand in fluttering erratic deck, they on the contrary seem to be to want compare on the land more of the firmness is more full of murderous look.
"Long Ge, Ma Yue!"Long Meng Yao loudly drinks a way.
"At!"Long Ge, Ma Yue murderous look Lin the answer of the Lin.
"Kill!Is a don't stay!"Saying of the inhospitality of Long Meng Yao.
"Is understand!"Long Ge, Ma Yue was all all over full of strength, moment with ascend enemy's confused conflict of warship together.
Liu Ding from a distance sees, those waters Kous that try to ascend Tyrannosaurus , in warrior dragon's in fronts, absolutely connect the opportunities for striking back to all have no.Warrior dragon not only the amount is large, and the action is very cruelty, seem than stronger in the fighting strength on the land.Originally, these dragon warriors pay attention to the training of sea hand to hand fight more, all of main training contentses is on a ship, how in the combat on the land on the contrary not, this also no wonder that, overlord's dragon originally be depended on hand to hand fight house of, certainly be putting great emphasis on naval battle.
See the posture that Long Ge and horse jump, on the contrary more vivid in the sea surface floated, make moves also more cruelty.That Popeye The Sailor Man on the Dou warship, the fighting strength isn't bad either, but was all finally hewn away head by Long Ge, Ma Yue.They are two to even still follow gunwale to slip down, directly ascend the Dou warship of the other party to launch to fight.Finally, two of them led warrior dragon to completely control that Dou warship.Liu Ding is secretly surprised, luckily just is on the land, if is an on the water, oneself whether can carry on the shoulder live the consociation aggression that the Long Ge, horse jumps 2 people, also really not say.
The voice that connects a string continuously spreads, but is a corpse to continuously drop into the voice of lake water.Trying the water Kou of ascending the warship is all exterminated by warrior dragon, really is a don't stay.Long Ge and Ma Yues up jump to go to more than ten sailors from Tyrannosaurus, manipulate this Dou warship to leave after capturing that Dou warship.Obviously, this Dou warship from now on belong caltrop continent Be getting aller, no wonder that Long Meng Yao like hand to hand fight thus, is because the paying of hand to hand fight gets is really flourishing!
Bomb Long Long!
By this time, the Dou warship that is always shot by Tyrannosaurus, also finally broke a mast, then overthrew on the lake noodles, then slowly sank, end leaves a huge whirlpool.Two Dou warship challenge tyrannosauruses, end 1 sinks, 1 are captured, it is thus clear that the fighting strength of Tyrannosaurus.But Tyrannosaurus also because of the obstruction of this Dou warship, draw back and the distance of Neptunian number, the distance of mutual has already far pull to arrive 100 Zhangs.
"Make track for!"
What Long Meng Yao didn't hestitate says.
Tyrannosaurus courageously rise keep making track for, the ship's bow slices open built-up of wave flower, the high speed goes down south.
Front of the Nu dragon, still just and the Neptunian number entwine, both parties come I go toward, difficult the solution is difficult to divide.
No matter Neptunian number how of the bravery is after all a pair of boxings difficult enemy's four hands, as long as Tyrannosaurus is caught up, probably takes half of two-hour period time, Tyrannosaurus and the Nu dragon and then can send it into lake bottom.Neptunian number and the Nu dragons all already out of order one set lapidating machine, but the lapidating machine of Tyrannosaurus is is intact to have no Sun, three to a, port the damaged Neptunian number wasn't Long Meng Yao's opponent naturally.Probably is thought of the victory will soon arrive, Long Meng Yao untied his/her own blouse and let the lake breeze blow to concuss own chest, and he wants to mercilessly teach Bao big Chu.
Just at by this time, the Nu mast dragon's top hopes Shao and sends out a sharp warning, the red flag hurriedly wields at the same time.
Liu Ding quickly says:"What mean?"
Thunder Luo the rare air is dignified, speak slowly a way::"Large numbers of enemies arrive!"
Liu Ding An calls not call, does the Peng Li water soldier in the lake incredibly arrive in this time?
Indeed as expected, on the lake noodles of the south suddenly appeared shadow shadow layer after layer dark shadow, they were an of a little bit white, finally become the ship Fan of one slice.All ship fans are all deep blue color of and up have big Tang Shui Jun's flag.Follow,Green Monday Beats, on the lake noodles, appeared a great deal of boats and ships, building ship, Dou warship, Meng Tong, walk Ge and yacht ……hide a sky to cover a day to closely, in a full sky of flags for floating in the sky have very refreshing one noodles flag:"!"
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