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Would not° until noon is after withdraw, when the rumor rises everywhere, hang rear in the heart of everybody, their relativeses have already moved away from the old camp now and divide to flow a people to gather to reside a point, H'm, the form of address of authorities is a farm, all say that many bandit thieves are assaulting a farm, don't know the close relatives of oneself good, be to know that they finally can go home, the natural returns heart to see arrows, the eye sees allied troops first the one step leave, each is anxious, very not easy receive an order, say to is to go home, who still attend to ascend this order isn't true.
At tiger Jie camp in, also has the military officer that Gao Chang arranges, however, they are mostly the absolute being officers in troops' first floor, to top of the order don't understand, truely know the person whom Gao Chang originally orderanies combine not much, these people in the center, the big parts are all sent a person by Fan Yuan to control, seldom one part he didn't control of the person , in this time, can't openly jump out to blame the other party to breach military command, either, the person will be like this, is a hundred percent idiot.
Fan Yuan suddenly defies the order of tall Chang,Beats By Dre Holiday Gift, by oneself it BE, these persons who hide to nearby inspect a department at Fan Yuan knew to take place naturally what affair, just the affair took place too suddenly, they have no opportunity leave, also have no opportunity pass the secret outlet makes collective report to Gao Chang, temporarily can trend blindly and follow behind Fan Yuan's activity, again wait for an opportunity to deliver an information to go out.
So, Fan wishes of pullout of troops' orderanying don't be subjected to any Zu Rao and practiced very smoothly and pressed the truth, he should sent a part of private soldiers to stay in the behind, the surveillance enemy's soldier between the rivers, however, he didn't do like this, thus absurd action, also no one stands out to point out to him.
The control that everythings all wish at Fan in, affair at orderly, tidily carry on.
Meanwhile, Wang Cong's battalion also worked well to go on an expedition of preparation, last night, Wang Cong already secret inside the city of guarded a soldier to adjust west city gate, get into western city army camp.
On that night, a pay 500 people's patrol brigade first the one step left army camp, go toward seven inside well direction but go, although, he believes that Fan wishes in the letter say of everything, , careful rise see, he still wants own first of the person make sure for a while.
Chen beginning, Wang Cong's battalion along the Fan Yuan Hu Jie camp sets out of the direction kept on making track for and kept with Fan Yuan Bu's distance at 20 in or so, river the southern side of the city, although is a prairie,have many suddenly suddenly low small soil ascent Gao, the view can not attain and take in everything at a glance, and Fan Yuan didn't arrange rearguard, so, Wang Cong Bu don't worry a meeting and be discovered by Fan Yuan Bu as well, with the result that fail when success is within reach.
Meanwhile, it was slowlythe Yi soldier's tall ship to also slowly leave eastern city wharf between rivers and slowly go to the south.
Noon, the sun hangs high up in the sky, the sky green jade is blue if wash, a few white clouds float to kiss in the horizon, don't dare toward the sun place of proper empty close to, river the Jing ensign of the city tower slowly floats to kiss in the autumnal winds.
At this time, a troops appear northern city between the river, that troops beat the signal of government troops and about have 451000 people's shape.
Will stay to guard a river the heavy responsibility of the city to hand over to the county Cheng Yang Yi, and stay 5,000 privates and soldiers to him after Wang Cong rate soldier goes on an expedition, Wang Cong also secretly worries, all of all theses are Gao Chang for leading oneself city but design of scheme, wait oneself to lead a soldier city after, Gao Chang again secretly send soldier to inherit to take river city and break own back route.
So, he stayed 5,000 people to Yang Yi, in this case, Gao Chang Jun in the short run is can not capture a river city, Yang Yi is a steady heavy person, Wang Cong believes that he can be very good to listen from own order and guard river city.
Receive north after city guard the report of soldier, Yang Yi Kuai's horse arrives to north city and ascended city tower, he knows before Gao Chang Jun offends city, Wang Cong once requested the relief troops from the county county of river neighborhood, difficult didn't become relief troops to arrive to in this time?

The third gathers chapter 20 war river(four)
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The brigade is under the city two inside the ground outside stopped down, a squad rode soldier to city gate Chi the bottom stop horse, is a head is that person, Yang Yi knows, he is exactly a view city to make Peng Bo Yu.
There is good a house in the Yang Yi Jia and view city Peng house, didn't hold official post previous Yang Yi's time in the study-abroad trip world and once stayed a period of time at Peng house, in that time, he and oneself's age look like Peng Bo Yu the knot is for the sake of the good friend.
Escort at a few close soldiers under, Yang Yi explores a head a head, loudly shout a way.
"Under the city of but positive man elder brother!"
"BE exactly, upstairs of but social ethics elder brother!"
Peng Bo Yu raises head and pulls throat to shout a way to the city tower, the sunlight falls on his face, his facial expression slightly shows pallor, it is very distressed to seem to be, see to is a disease to go all the way, travel tired to.
"Please report to the district magistrate adult, the view city makes Peng Bo Yu receive orders to lead a soldier to come to rescue a river!"
Front segment time, Wang Cong once asked for relief troops everywhere to the county county, however, till now, also only view city all the way the reinforcement came, although, this supported the soldier has already canned not have to the warfare what function, Yang Yi still kept feeling a bit delighted.
"The positive man elder brother was all the way hard, had Lao!"
Yang Yi Chao city descend arch arch the hand appreciate by showing.
"River it round have been already solved, at this time, the district magistrate adult is leading a battalion the city make track for Gao Chang Ze's soldier that the shot escapes and need district magistrate adult to win to return,Beats By Dre Holiday Gift Free shipping day green Monday, your brothers chases arm again together happy."
"The district magistrate adult leads a soldier city?"
This news seems to let Peng Bo Yu Be some to apprehensive, he twists a head to hope to or so, be like at think what, a long time, just lift up head to shout a way.
"The elder brother of the social ethics,http://www.headphonest.com, for the sake of solution river it rounds, the son Lang of my under charge all the way since the view city rushed through, day and night and travel at double speed, the on the way hardly stops for rest, social ethics elder brother, whether open city gate first, let the son Lang of my under charge stop for rest a short moment, then, again city help the district magistrate adult kill a thief!"
Say, he remains the Yang wear a head to hope city tower, wait for Yang Yi of reply.
"Thus and very good!"
Yang Yi is first a noodles dew happy expression, later on, that silk happy expression flits on his face.
"Positive man elder brother, the district magistrate adult has been already made, at he city behind, younger brother Yu has to close tightly four, if don't get his order, prohibited to open city gate without authorization, let any troops go into city, so.
Yang Yi's ability isn't very strong, be not good at a processing to burst condition, but, he is a to the Wang Congs blindly obedient person, so, after Wang Cong lead a soldier city, trust ground river the city hand over to give on the his hand.
"The elder brother of the social ethics, you is this what mean?Let like this my son Lang's not in power outside drink breeze, know for quickly arriving to a river, we didn't take what food grass impedimenta, at least, you also want to let my son Langs go into the city to drink a people's hot soup!Eat satisfied drink warm after, the just emollient spirit goes to battle to kill a thief!"
Face Peng blaming of Bo Yu, Yang Yi has no speech with to, however, he doesn't want to disobey Wang Cong's order again and personally put this troops into the city, although, he can affirm this is this square's reinforcement, nonexistent Zha city of possibility, after all, he and Peng Bo Yu knew for more than ten years, each other acquaints with.
"Positive man elder brother, although brothers I can not open city without authorization, however, the nature also isn't likely to let positive man elder brother and under charge the meal breeze pass night in the open outside the city, at city west, this square has an army camp, the positive man elder brother can lead first the battalion slightly makes to rest over there, over there, also the convenient positive man elder brother attacks at any time!"
Peng Bo Yu and or so whisper a short moment, then say.
"Since it is so, depend on adult's speech, however, the food of our army already exhaustion, also invite adult to see a that aids at the our army a long distance up, send some food city!"
"That is the nature!"
Yang Yi compensates to smile to repeatedly nod.
"I will definitely send a person to carry the food to the army camp in go, can't let positive man elder brother and the son Langs of the under charge hungry belly!As for, can not open city to make the positive man elder brother come in, also ask positive man elder brothers to forgive much and more, brothers I also have difficult place!"
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