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 ",beats by dre australia?"Plain Sir if take glasses, will definitely drop on the ground to fall off into eight petals at this time, the melodrama hopes to lean against a top allied in the Chinese in front show to put for a while, but didn't thought of unexpectedly drive a public security to beat to deliver.This lets his in the mind isn't a taste very much as tipping over a five flavours bottle, originally plans United Nations to teach section text's the organization how to unite Ying the application as Korean cultural inheritance, look but be steeping soup now, at least want also postpone a period of time to do more some preparation works.
Huge strength the east is tiny tiny on smiling, ask a plain Sir:"I have a top here allied, don't know plain Sir can to next allied!"
"?"The plain Sir was a Zheng first for a while, immediately after some bottom spirit shortage's saying:"Please speak,dr dre beats pro!"
The huge strength east slightly adds a deliberation and immediately after and slowly says:"The bright moon shines on a screen window, each bore clear Zhuge Liang."
This top is allied to be rated as historic absolute, more than 300 in the last yearses, numerous local scholar refined scholar still rare abilities to suitable bottom allied, besides is several Koreans who has superficial knowledge to China culture.
Once the plain Sir listen to this top allied, know that oneself wants to expose Qie today, but he is enough clever, once the eye pupil turn and turn but ask Li Yang Tao:"Do not know that president Li can be to?"
To the plain Sir's craftiness, Li Yang Tao has to disdain to for several cents.Deal with this kind of half bottle vinegar to dare to come out the person whom the Mao is, the best way is to prove his/her own real strenght, Li Yang Tao hence slowly say:"This allied devolution is private, Ji, of the university in Manchu dynasty Yun Ji morning mist, in fact original have no beginning of'clear'the word is what posterity for the sake of increase difficulty but plus go to.Ascend allied medium of'the month shine on a screen window'is a sentence of integrity, describe a scene, is a bore as a result clear, at the same time bore clearly again is Zhuge Liang's word.This is allied although is historic and absolute, the China of Yang Yang don't lack a just handsome private, therefore still to some bottom allied of, the individual thinks most suit of BE'the pleasant breeze bathe Feng Ge, everywhere the often pure top officer is positive.'"
"What president Li said is quite good."Is huge strength east the point nod, to bottom allied do understand to release:"Tang Gao believes in, Tang Wu believe in to believe in three dynasties with Tang Xuan once will'the governmental order of Zhang soldier country', 'Zuo Emperor but keep a great government'of'medium the book save'change to call'Feng Ge'.The last officer is just a generation Kaifeng person of Sung, officer of compound surname, the list is positive, the word is often pure, the once even west Chuan has a great achievement, tired officer west the Chuan recruit to beg for to make, left Long Wu great commander soldier.With'pleasant breeze'to'bright moon', 'Feng Ge'to'screen window', 'everywhere'to'', 'the last officer is positive'to'Zhuge Liang'.The meaning of the whole is to say, if the national high power policy-making agency can bathe at honest of in the breeze, the establishment promulgates governmental order to always insist in everywhere pure just incorrupt, so the officialdoms that resides to belong to on the common people also don't can falsely send incorruptness.Is tidy to work, implied meaning reasonable, just"often" to"bore" is on the phrase slightly small Ci, but still call up is better distich that should unite."
Huge strength the this time dialogue of the east and Li Yang Tao, sound no less than to listen to thunder at the duck at the plain Sir, drive thunder get five be fond of 3.However his clever in again sending this time use, eye pupil again is on turning, quickly lay it on with a trowel Li Yang Tao:"Just, the tall Mr. Li lets the plain someone admire it to."
Li Yang Tao's pouring is to don't take the credit, calm say:"This bottom's being allied isn't someone Lee to, but gold Mr. Bo 弢 , with of similar of still have'virtuous absolute being be door Wei, door in the door respects virtuous Wei late respectful', 'let Wang Qing Yu Dou, return to dollar to once let the Hou Dun in summer'etc.."
The "is ……" plain Sir feels that own empress Bo neck started emitting cold sweat.
The huge strength east noticed the plain Sir's embarrassed to pack and decided to let him again embarrassed last 1:00:"The then it is allied already drive president Li to, so I give plain Sir again a top is allied, hope when president Li returns to visit your school, the plain Sir can give a bottom allied."
"…… Please speak ……" understood would not° until wait until while going to Korea president Li to the bottom is allied, the plain Sir immediately and secretly breath a sigh of relief and makes a firm decision at the same time, after returning to country immediately rupture and any contact in China, absolutely disallow whichever Chinese to step into their oneselfs half in the school to tread.Man says to is Li Yang Tao, even if Li Hong Zhang is from the coffin in climb out and help Korean peninsula unified, also determinedly not to the reception.
"My top allied is ……" huge strength east gird smile smile, just continued to keep on saying:"A long distance weighs mountain stone Chu."
Li Yang Tao's point nods:"'A long distance'namely'heavy', 'heavy mountain'namely'', ' stone'namely'Chu', the wreath wreath mutually button up, really is very difficult of allied."
The plain Sir then knew this at that time it's very difficult to son with the limited Chinese knowledge, Li Yang Tao's this time explained to be more beyond doubt than snow up add frost, determined the decision that he "sever diplomatic relations" with China.
"The public security is still such, be good enough to explain that your schools hide Long Wo Hu!"The plain Sir's this sentence's pouring is in the mind words, telling a lie was only next:"Wait until president Li back to visit our school, I am certain to is allied the much to the point bottom to take out, be provided for everyone to analyze!"
Li Yang Tao is tiny tiny a nod:"Good!"
"So I didn't continue to bother president Li and expected for a day that we meet in Korea."The plain Sir says and immediately get Korean delegation got on the car, the quick speed seemed from northern Korea and stole more 38 lines.
The car brigade that looking at Korean delegation far goes, Zhang Hao Chi comes to spirit and points at the nose of the east of huge strength to say:"Since now everyone is here, we solve affair for a while, you are just and unexpectedly a……"
Li Yang Tao interrupted Zhang Hao Chi's words:"I will handle."
Li Yang Tao's commitment obviously can not make Zhang Hao Chi cool down and think of just the feet of gold head tiger, Zhang Hao Chi feels his/her own chest very painful.He turns but points at a gold head tiger again and tells Li Yang Tao:"Is him ……"
Li Yang Tao again interrupted Zhang Hao Chi's words:"I have already said, I will handle."The voice talking isn't big, the facial expression is also very quiet, but the tone leaves no room for doubt.
The injustice of the full belly of Zhang Hao Chi, the melodrama hopes a leadership to uphold justice for oneself, but doesn't thought of to just change to come to such a words.His finger is a bit tiny to shiver, don't want that now passing is huge strength east and gold head the tiger waits a person, the but again doesn't dare intention of disobeying the Ao leadership.The owners can see out his emotion very excited, but hesitate a short moment, he dided not say again what, on grinding teeth one specialty of meat ball of stamping foot, developing, murmur of get away.
How a person's popularity is, can embody while being humiliated, Zhang Hao Chi isn't a positive typical model in this aspect, all colleagues have no a come forward to advise several Weis of, even lazy must cross-examine to take place what matter.Some teachers directly leave and go to own busy affair, the person who have then walks to the huge strength east here, stick out thumb to cry up a way:"Good kind of!"
Wait until owners to all leave, Li Yang Tao arrives at a huge strength east in front, the tone is some complicated of say:"Go to my office to come to 1 after releasing from school!"
The huge strength east promises a way:"Good."
Waited until Li Yang Tao to also walk, gold head the tiger Be some to depressedly say:"See to that boy of Zhang Hao Chi indeed as expected beat small report!"
Huge strength the east is cool on smiling, express to this matter very not concerned:"Did we after all beat him,still disallow his hair complainant?"
What huge strength east has never indicated to beat°up Zhang Hao Chi is gold head tiger, but used first person plural, the speech idea of bottom was this origin of matter everyone to undertake together.This lets gold head the tiger have some to allow of touched,cheap beats by dre, thought of own rash may let the seventh army corps lose this business, while signing then some discomforts.
"Nothing doing words, I seek Li Yang Tao to talk, that feet are what I kicks, didn't relate to with others!"
"Do I say you what is the row?"The huge strength east looking at a gold head tiger, some dissatisfiedly say:"In my eyes you are deserving a dare of person, how so did a D order an affair to feel frightened?"
After arrive at seventh army corps public security company, the behaviour style of gold head tiger really becomes sincerely small carefully tiny, a then because his very clear Lin Pei Wen sends to this company to the great and earnest hope;Two then came in contact with many upper level personages from here, started practice ceremony to swarm about that day of reach an officer expensive left to him deep impression, but he used to once had an opportunity like this.The affair of upper-class society is very complex, will never be Chien Related articles:

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