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More than 40 individuals, and spent big money to employ a group of riflemans, also the by all manners carried 1 to give to receive to line up a gun to come in inside the Er, didn't thought of, incredibly still not enough.
That red duke is a guest field battle, but he then occupies the advantage of land utilization with Mr. Long of summer and beat now so, can prove an affair, that is the real strenght that the red duke owns, compare a summer really far Mr. Long want big get many.
However he could have no spare time to take care of this affair now, the He Er changed direction a head observation bore.
So-called observation bore, in fact just over the wall ascend without a line of bricks, so many such a 2 meters grow the Xia Xi of three inch Gaos.
Passing this blind side can see exactly next of the scene is a warehouse here, however in addition to the corner heap wears some things, other places seem to be very open spaces.
The underneath is standing at the moment more than ten individuals, among them of five personal stations at positive the center, kills for head of being one guy with pock-markses all over the face, this person one face being ferocious, person calling devil Bill, being a summer the primes of the Long subordinate will.
These five personal insides would are that beard most unattractively, he is just a small followers of the devil Bill's under charge;Stand on the devil Bill body side of, is that wear Phnom Penh glasses, the university teaches the middle age of shape.
In addition to these five people, the others lean against wall and round Long in the warehouse on all sides, these what people had rears an ill-wisher look in the eyes and have of as if deep in thought, have of an unconcerned appearance.
"Put Zha to close the door."Summer Mr. Long gathers together to that blind side ex- say, the deep and low voice resounds in the warehouse.
"Summer Mr. Long, is this what mean?"Devil Bill loudly shouts a way:"I know that I did amiss what, I threw to come to hand of thing, but I believe, in that case, anyone isn't likely to do beall tterly than me, present everyone wants to all necessarily have been already seen and outside becomes indiscriminately what appearance."
Devil Bill more says it's more excited, arrived an end, he almost is toward top the roars is general.
"The influence of red duke is really what we can not compare with."Stand in one side of a dry the thin old man freely say.
The He Er almost can make sure, this old guy is a station Bill is at the devil there, otherwise can't by this time interrupt a help, either.
"My under charge tells me, at the Kang silk Tan Si big way and can the person of the Lu shell Er square, our person and red duke beat terribly, both parties even all used an artillery, it was the person of red duke to win to finally seem to be still, they incredibly take three artilleries, and our thermodynamic powers basically have no way to compare with them."Is dry thin old man flank of a middle age say.
He has a liking for go to gentle, be dressed in pen full dress for standing, wear big follow a gift hat, hold walk stick on the hand, mouth last Diao wear cigar.
The He Er knows this person, he is Jason, a summer 24 stranger horses of Mr,www.buybeatsbydrdreheadphone.com. Long's under charge in, the person of highest rank.
In addition to being going business, summer Mr. Long conducts of other businesses, this person almost participates in, in 24 stranger horses, have nearly half the number all the horse head of this person is to look forward, however as He Er knows, always this person be always as not that in peace and harmony as Bill of devil.
This person incredibly has no a stone while falling well at the moment, absolutely is an affair that is worth pondering, the He Er is lookinging at and deliberating.
Summer Mr. Long calls at the time that him came, said a words to him:"I want to invite you to see a good play, Be you tell me, the person trusted by me is the repay of the rebel."
For that rebel, the He Er has been all really caring, over a few weeks, that guy is in the eyes of He Er, all always is probably the bomb that explodes at any time, but he can not pull out this bomb again, because he wants this bomb, put till the last an explosion, let the person who place this bomb be killed by explosion by himself[herself].
The He Er once has doubt to the person who places bomb and probably doubts object most , is a devil Bill and station comes out at the moment of the person, the one of two of them is cruelty but again reckless, one is cunning deceitful at the same time in many ways.Most important of BE, only two of them, can threaten and lure by money offers that bomb to work for them.
Because a burst of metal fricatives rings out, that heavy warehouse gateway slowly fall in, but suddenly flowed out to many people from the all directions, these people's the great majority carry to chop down knife and take a stick, however someone takes gun and ten weapons like the word bows.
"What person?"Stay and wait to loudly drink a way at the guard of dark place, but answer his but is a Nu arrows, quickly wore deeply his chest.
What this came all of a sudden kills and makes the present owner feeling shocked, however at the person here, which have never seen a similar condition and bawl at along with several voices, the person in the warehouse pulls out to hide in the weapon on the body in succession.
"Bill, is this what happened?Outside of is all your under charge."A person who closes to doorway in the warehouse most drinks a way first.
"Do you want to rebel?"Immediately someone uses a gun and points at to stand to drink a way at devil Bill of the center in the warehouse.
Although be pointed at by the gun, devil Bill the slightest cans not tells frightened appearance, he stupidly vomited spittle, then started to stand waist plank to say toward the ground:"Rebel again how, someone wants me to die,I still stretch out the neck lets he chase cordage Lei up?"
He once turned round come along Jason's way:" Take you to come to say, although your my relation how always not, however in my eyes, you are one personal thing, you compare me to go into to go late some, also follow eldest brother do for more than 10 years, who all know, in our these people, you I two affairs that person does are the most."
"Everyone can have today, our achievements aren't small, but you what did I get?The other people eat meat, we at most drink soup, even if so, this soup is also not easy to drink, sees me now, impossibly and successfully fail because being an is original, someone will my life, so I can protect myself just by himself/herself."
"Bill, you have to rebel, don't give° me to pull up."Jason hurriedly backs a part and shakes a head to say.
"Does your his mama want to keep out of it?If you be willing to follow me to rebel, I swear to wait you to return to after readying to, again do with you a , decide by victory or defeat who come to do eldest brother, if you Be not willing to, I combine the don't care kill several more individuals."Devil Bill double the arm encircle and unusually and overbearingly say.
Bill nearby of the professor's in the same appearance person also interrupt a way:"Is each, haven't you seen out?Everyone wants Yao to follow us to rebel, the Yao towards stem with us, here absolutely impossibly existence neutral parties.Is much less even if you want neutrals to all can not do it, if we are polished off today, because when we rebel, you keep neutral, top of that also affirms Rao however you, especially you."
That person points at Jason to say:"Even if the affair with no today, top of that can't pass you as well, because you are similar to our heads, all person that the eldest brother has to remove, because two of you at help too high in prestige, the influence is too big.If is before a year, this has no relation and knows to all, at the beginning he intends to let you in of a , become his to inherit a person after he retires, take over the whole secret society."
"But now, the change happened to everythings all, because a person jumped out, a stranger who doesn't belong to secret society, make last the daughter of eldest brother, this person has much of greed, the subordinate still has one large numbers of people.The original eldest brother doesn't intend to pass secret society his/her own daughter, because he knows a woman stem not this line of, but now he but have this viewpoint, his daughter can be the eldest brother before the act and let that person behind the scenes manipulate everything."
Hear this time words, present human face face reading Qu.
Very in a short while after, Jason stood out, he raises head to hide the secret room of the body and ask a way toward the Long in summer:"Eldest brother, is the affair so?If you really think that I am a threat, as long as you state personally a , I immediately give up everything in the hand."
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