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Book eight Da Luo the Si chapter 238 Tang Jun spy
Damascus, this Wo Ma Ya's dynasties all the city didn't fade in color because of passing away of the Wo Ma Ya's dynasty.After the Feng smoke dissipation of war, it gradually resumes the prosperity in the past days again, in city in Bagdad before doing not build, Damascus then has been the biggest city of Arabian world, the sun just rose, person in Damascus then jamed to have a sky, the narrow street of the Peng, they were dressed in baggy sports pants and was rich with a special feature of sharp end red shoes, wore to greatly tie up a head, the hot air very started for making a living of a day, call sold fruit juice and candy of the peddlers, used the tallest voice, along the street call sell, good elephant at heel passer and transported various desert product and the donkeys of the agricultural product and the hullabaloo of the Tuos each other and competed generally, the air of the city was full of the nose could smell of various smell.
Damascus is also an international metropolis, there is face insolating very black shell Du because of the person, they are dressed in generous of long blouse, wear turban and head to take, occasionally also meet the Frank of being dressed in European clothing, there is scholar, there is traveler.But more is a businessman, there is also the Su to come from east person and Turkic especially person, they lead long camel and filled up the silk ans stain and china of tang dynasty in the big box of camel, they expect to can sell a good price in Damascus.
Head high high is a local wealthy Damascus nobility, all of them are to occupy a governance position
The Allah compares a second person, they ride right away and is dressed in white silk fabric cape and wear a double-edged sword or hand to keep long pike, on woman of avenue but not much, only minority lead the women of road, all wear a veil, some women are in own home, from the eyelet of blank window in peep on the market and people of square.
The most noisy place of huge square would be a slave market, stand on several ten big wood estrades full the slave who bought to resell everywhere from the square of thing, full head the south of Egypt curling hair of black, the shape is short small to strengthen solid Turkic of person, Spanish white man of light hair blue-eyed, there is also a great deal of Su person especially and India person, there is even also jot coming from the most faraway oriental, mainly come from new Luo, but common of Arab Be hard to distinguish them, unify to call their Chinese people.
They are mostly taken captive here because of war, particularly pull out the Si troops' conquest, bring a great deal of slave from the world-wide locations.
The Xu Nu is the tradition that the Allah compares a second person, almost each civilian's family owns his/her own slave, any prince of the Wo Ma Ya's dynasty.There are 1,000 or so males Nu and female Nu, this is the very common affair, at Sui aroma battle in, Syria a foot soldier in the soldier, 1-10 slaves serve him.
This tradition didn't change because of changing of dynasty, the business on slave market in Damascus is as fierce as early times.
The slave is mostly to become to criticize to sell, at this time, a batch of skins the dark slave be driven out to appear on stage, everybody is naked last body, in is young to have aged and weak, this is the usual practice, otherwise aged and weak the slave sell not to go out, one last wood set of the slaves, the slave trader then and urgently roars to yell:"Egyptian black slave is 40, 25,000 Dis pull Mu!"
The taste of the buyers hardhead then looks for in these 40 people green strong slave, what they wanted is a burly Jian son meat and charmingly grow breast a hip,www.buybeatsbydrdreheadphone.com, quickly judge in the brain pricing of reasonable, general White slave's cost a lot, the young man each one wants 1,000 Dis to pull Mu, but the black of the south of Egypt because of body strong dint strong, 800 Dis pull Mu.Cheapest is Turkic person, only 600 Dis pull Mu and then can buy, and Chinese people the slaves are few, generally can't sell on the market at the slave, either, by chance appearing then will immediately be bought to walk, young Tang Nyu's about 1,500 Dises pull Mu or so.
The woman and the kid is much partial to in these slaves and sell 25,000 Dis to pull Mu to have a little expensive, the buyer mostly don't utter a word, the slave trader will press price on his/her own initiative this time, until someone buys to walk.
"24,000 Dis pull Mu, does someone want?"Set descend the one is silent.
Set bottom still no one utter a word, at this time the slave trader is some hasty, these slaveses pull Mu to join the army to buy in the brigade hand with 20,000 Dis and provide them with the food and drink, all the way the dealer carried to die several, again press price, he will suffer a deficit, at this time, a buyer loudly shouts a way:"These slaveses wanted!"
A heart of slave trader put down, on the whole someone wanted, he the hurried life under charge carry out a slave to transfer ownership a procedure, oneself then found out this buyer, the buyer is a Su old man especially, the body stands beside a young man with dark skin, he head up tie up turban, wear a black tunic of Turkic person that insets a Phnom Penh, smiling face benignity, seeing the shape should be a Turkic person, but scrutinize and seem some Be different from, slave trader by dint of his professional taste one eye then recognized out.This isn't the Turkic person, but a Chinese people.
Can see free Chinese people in Damascus, this is still the first time, slave trader not from saw more his one eye again, recently hear to shout Luo Shan there not that even, just fight with Tang Jun, this Chinese people appears in street in Damascus and has some dissimilarities usually.
"We there pay!"
Buy the slave's Kang the country's businessman passionately invite a slave trader to walk toward the cabin of flank to, the slave trader turned head to see one eye, this young Chinese people again, he had already been missing and disappear at come and go of crowd of people in.
Damascus the sunlight at noon is particularly dazzling, the Pei Yu isn't got up eyes by Mi, at greatly food travel over already quick half year, he still can not adapt to sunlight of stabbing the eye here, Pei Yu before half year receive Li Qing An's life come big food find out my local customs, pay attention to the national strength of big food, say keep 1:00, he is in fact Tang Jun's deluxe spy.
The Pei Yu is to follow behind a Su the businessman arrive at a big food especially, this Su especially businessman is man Tang will Lee bring back to life of friend, he this peregrination get man Tang Hui's heavy gold support, will be greatly eat a region to also have a trading company by Chinese Tang of trade house, be located in wood deer, database method and Damascus respectively.
The Pei Yu just came back from Egypt, pulled out the war of Egypt of Si conquest be beating in imposing array.Make that take to become rather not that even, he is several times grasped for the slave, contrary, but the slave trader is the businessman who most freely and most is respected, as long as the person who is taking a big cluster of slave, greatly eat soldier even ask can't ask, all the way without obstruction.
Discovered this secret, Pei Yu then and Su especially the businessman arrive to Damascus and buy descend a group of slaves, just that slave trader of surprised that the taste lets there are some vigilances in the Pei Yu, though he can say one mouthful fluently Turkic language.Also thick understand Arabian language, the ground arrived by him, almost each person will consider as him Turkic the person treat, but also have exception, for example and just, that slave trader obviously recognized his true identity, these were his some gists, unexpectedly forgot these slave trader's tastes to want to want than the ordinary people sharp-edged get many,
"Nu match Er, where are you ?"
Cry voice interrupt the way of thinking of Pei Yu, he this just respond to come over, the Nu match Er is his Arabian name, he hurriedly turns head, and sees Su businessman be seeking him everywhere especially.
"Mo great uncle, I am here!"
The Pei Yu walked up in quick time and said with smile:"Clinch a deal?"
"Clinch a deal, after a while will send to slave to go in our hotel, Nu match Er, I but buy with your name of, all of those slaves were yours, in have the quite a few the woman of quite good feminine beauty young, you can marry them as Qie to solve the toil of your travel."
While saying this words Su especially there is a kind of ambiguous smiling face on old businessman, Mo Mo,'s face, and he that slightly old side's permitting don't very not match each other.
"Thanks Mo great uncle, you return to hotel first!I have some an affair."
Don't and not imitate a Buddha to know that he has what matter, also not much ask, then say with smile:"That is all right!I return to first to accept a slave, you beware of by yourself."
Don't and not take a few attendants to lead long camel to walk, the Pei Yu rides a horse, slowly left square and walked to city city in Damascus north.
Is similar to other city, the Allah of Damascus compares a second person according to the intertribal relation and dispersedly lives in each corner in Damascus,
The Allah compares the front door of second family's house, all facing street, go in from the front door is a yard first.The yard there is a floods pond exact center, water fog from jet in the fountain, constitute a water Lian, on the side of pond, grow a Jie tree or joss-stick Yuan tree.The room surrounds in the yard of on all sides, still have curving corridor at the some big door family, is a difficult to know house hospital to the inside again, in keep their don't know number wife Qie and sons and daughters.
The Pei Yu rides a horse to walk on spacious street in Damascus, although this city is the biggest city of big food,compare with vehemence Wei E of Chang-an city, still want a lot of inferior to.
The city north is the nobility area of Damascus, leaf together virtuous river of cross-straits spread all over to cover vast of huge house, these is all originally the house of the Wo Ma Ya's nobility, but have already changed host now, pull out the nobility of Si dynasty to live into these big houses.
Pull out the capital city of Si dynasty in the database method, at this time pull out Si haven't overthrown Wo Ma Ya admire in hair wheat Er prosperous two a life times of choose site for capital at the time, opposite vehemence great Damascus, the database method seems to be narrow-minded and narrow, though pull out Si to don't really like Damascus, he is a year of big parts of time, still the palace that is foolish in the Wo Ma Ya's dynasty old day in, here have him everything for liking, the beauty of extremely beautiful, sweet and full-bodied wine elegant and incomparable of palace and flourish of economy.
The Pei Yu far takes a distant look to hope the palace of big food, that is the huge building of a circular Qiong crest, white, now already drive become black, so suddenly stand erect in the sky, give person the gloomy felling of a kind of dark world.
Around spreading all over helmet is fresh bright of admire in deliver a near Wei soldier, high security, the Pei Yu has a kind of intuition, the black dress greatly eat of admire inside hair pull out Si is not in the database method, but from the being black here palace.
At this time, the Pei Yu suddenly discovers a far from good affair, the avenue of his place is checking a certificate, this avenue is the main gan way that keeps a palatial center door, be on guard the most severe, the food for powder is checking each certificate of pedestrian, is also pay tax a certificate, only pull out the legal citizen of Si dynasty just has this kind of certificate, slave and foreigner is didn't, generally go into the city just check, the Pei Yu is also certain, but that isn't his certificate, paying tax of a history the people proof.
Although there is no photograph, his Su especially language say not goodly, once the other party is used Su the language ask him especially, he very may meeting the lou sink, hereafter is all Mo great uncle at nearby, for him cover in the past, today was him for the first time a person to face.
Pei Yu immediately whole body cold sweat, he is all or so to have soldier in the check before or after, like the person is a lot of, temporarily haven't checked him on the boulevard and how do?If send back affirmative disheveled hair now, once being held tight, hard pit check his identity, he is great Chinese people identity may expose very much.
Can if being checked didn't take a certificate, similar will be taken, not distance, several foreign businessmen who didn't take a certificate are taken, they loudly defend and get of reply then a burst of strike and kick.
Finally his turn, a military officer points at him to loudly shout a way:"Take out your certificate."
The Pei Yu was helpless, had to take out sheepskin book from the bosom, this was his to pay tax a proof, passed to past, only wish this military officer can't say Su especially language.
The military officer once connects a certificate, saw his one eye and asked a way:"The person of the Turkic?"
Pei Yu a heart fell to the ground, what the other party says was a Turkic language, and he immediately uses a Turkic language way:"I call Nu match Er, grow up in the iron gate pass, is a businessman, went to Samarkand the year before last year."
The iron gate pass is the previously west Turkic sweat country most west field, Mo the great uncle say, he takes to have some accent that the iron gate closes a to take, is this, he still specially has ever been to an iron gate pass that is located in a history country, there is Samarkand and cloth admire pull the strategic area of lefting for Ba Li Hei, business thriving, the personnel mixs.
His Turkic language is very fluent, there is no some flaw, the military officer point nods and just wanted to return the certificate to him, at this time, boulevard of another a carry a burst of greatly disorderly, big brigade destrier to this place Chi come, the pedestrian avoids being seen to the both sides in succession, hears someone yelling:"Muslem's general came, the owners all moved out of the way!"
Military officer not from dark scold a , he uses of big food language, though the big food language of Pei Yu how not, still keep understanding, he is scolding:'Is not his to shout Luo Shan here, overbearing what?'
In the heart of Pei Yu on moving, he listens to the tone of one this military officer extremely dissatisfied to Muslem, as early as how many he then hears before the months, the big anthropophagi inner part faction stands up like a forest and struggle for power and money fierce, particularly is cloth.Muslem and Man Su Er noodles and heart at enmity with, Muslem and pull out Si to also have antinomy?
The military officer filled the certificate to him at this time, "you leave quickly!Shout the Luo's Shan governor of province can have no good will to the person of Turkic, was seen by him, grasp you to enter a jail."
The Pei Yu once connected a certificate to hurriedly hide into the crowd of wayside and sewed an inside to stealthily look about from person's head, saw a group of brigadeses shout that Luo Shan rides soldier Chi to lead, the foot has many 1000 people, at ride a soldier in the center, a middle age with stalwart shape man is lowering the head language seem to be worry Chong Chong not.
"Originally he be cloth.Muslem!"Pei Yu secretly Cun way.
"Hear Muslem and Man Su the Er his highness contends for doing moxa rice Er, result Man Su the Er his highness won, ah!Muslem's general gave offense to Man Su Er his highness, later Man Su the Er his highness mount the throne admire inside hair, have him the offense to be subjected to."
"Not only is a Man Su Er, he and old inside of relation also very bad, he kills Shiite follower of a religion in the river too malicious, old in hate him deeply."
A few Allahs compare second nobility to discuss in the low voice, the Pei Yu records this intelligence report at in the heart, Muslem and Man Su Er and old in of the relations are all on bad terms.
At this time, cloth.the Muslem rode soldier's brigade to walk over, on the avenue again resume as usual, the Pei Yu urges horse to not another avenue of distance walk to, have been walking throughout, he at a decoration luxurious big store before dismount, this kind of store exclusively conducts the silk from tang dynasty, china and tea-leaf and various full of the eastern goods of breathing are all upscale product, deeply be subjected to fancy of the nobilities in Damascus, here would be man Tang will spread in the trader of Damascus, man Tang will pass this company to spread to earning billowing profits, all fly to a ground leaf and prop up their concealed business dragon.
The Pei Yu walked into store, is very spacious in store and hang on the wall full respectively silk sample, also put on several row shelves full various china, Shu state big Yi white porcelain, more state green porcelain, the Pei Yu is from a big door, he not from some surprise, these the china and all of silks is first-class goods, particularly severals fall to the ground a big green porcelain bottle, even Chang-an can not see, is just that the price is strange expensive matchless, first-class Wu Ling charges 300 Dis to pull Mu silver coin and contrasts according to the rice price, equal to 30 Guan money, price decuple in Chang-an.
He this comes here for the second time, he didn't scrutinize price last time, just notice today, at this time, the storekeeper of dime hello business saw him in the store and immediately gave him make an expression of eyes, the Pei Yu walked into inside the room from a side door.
The storekeeper calls sand Lu Mu, is a Turkic person, age about 50 years old, is also the man's Tang Hui member, is greatly eat foolish 20 years, to man Tang will be utterly loyal.
Room inside, the Pei Yu takes out a very thick small volume, this is that he is for two months collected a big food everyplace of intelligence report, he isn't first panic the Mu is to the sand Lu, but put on 1 again in the behind:Muslem and Man Su Er and old inside of relation at enmity with.
He seals small volume carefully like, pass to say with smile for sand Lu Mu:"These three months ran many places, the affair leaving bothered you."
"The childe trusts, I tomorrow send a person to send to walk, to!The ground leaf has a your letter, is what come half month earlier, I can not find you and have to to stay am here at me."
The spirit of Pei Yu on flapping, hurriedly way:"Believe where?"
"Childe slightly wait, please!"
The sand Lu Mu went out, a short moment, he take a wood box come in and pass to the Pei Yu say with smile:"Seem a not only letter, I have never opened."
The wood box is sealed completely dead, the Pei Yu draws out a bayonet, along wear blind side to slowly pry open box, in put two letters, among them, the first letter up writes his name, he tears off letter, in is Li Qing An's handwriting writing, a beginning then writes:'The gentleman can be west for Anne the special envoy go to gentleman private Tan D fortress, persuasion Byzantium and big Tang at the Yi Di Er city establishment trade with each other city.....'
The Pei Yu is stunned speechless, he is slowly ten second letters, sees letter skin up write with the Turkic language:The big Tang An Xi stanza degree makes, the court country is male, champion great commander soldier Li Qing An to benefit Ao three a life time emperor his majesty.
Receive the same time of the new mission of Li Qing An in the Pei Yu, in the palace of Damascus but take place another quarrel.
There are four people in the palace of magnificent, they represent pull out the tallest ruler of Si empire, in addition to pull out the uncle of Si old in advertise for war in Egypt, rest several people all at, the first certainly is pull out Si dynasty of create admire in hair pull out Si, database method of extremely hot make pull out Si to think of Damascus of fresh and cool with full eyes spring onion Yu, he from then came to degree in Damascus for summer in mid- May, his health condition isn't very good, in the bottom space Si river of in the middle of the battle he drive the javelin of enemy's soldier sting medium, condition of the injury although completely recovered, harmed inside the Fu, make him resist the hit of slight illness than the more difficult ordinary people.
This is also he just mounted the throne and then settled brothers Man Su Er for admire an inside the hair inheritted the person's reason, he really worried that he would early and early die, the young son could not inherit his business, his/her young son is harmed dead by the adventurer, rather in the beginning broke the possibility that he mounts the throne.
Pull out Si to face a choice now, exactly want to open hostilities with big Tang?From his original meaning come to say, just built up empire, the urgent matter of the moment was to make stronger political power, not was eager to setting up a strong enemy, he is to wish very much with big Tang for the enemy, was just the backstroke war of a small scale with Gao Xian Zhi's battle and fired away him and then decided to give up, and the battle of Egypt hasn't ended, whether empire can can bear the pressure of two lines battle?
Therefore, he to cloth.Muslem concerning formal have been slowly doing not grant to the proposal that Tang Juns open hostilities, pull out Si heart very self-contradict, he since not wish to open hostilities with Tang Jun, can also would not like to lose a region in river.
"Gu method Er, do you think that we have the necessity to beat this battle?"
Pull out the Si handed over to perplexity a younger brother Gu method Er, the Gu method Er is also a Man Su Er, Man Su Er is his, positive such as pull out of Si call match method the He is similar, match method meaning of the He is to let the person whom people bleed, but Man Su Er's meaning is a conqueror, but at admire in hair elder brother's in front, he still call Gu method Er.
Man Su Er is resolute to agree to battle with Tang Jun, rotting Wo Ma Ya's dynasties didn't throw away a region in river, newly arisen of pull out how can the Si dynasty lose?Just he not approve is battled with Tang Jun by the Muslem, but should be fought this battle by oneself, he is pull out the tallest military of Si dynasty superior moxa rice Er.
Man Su Er understands the elder brother's misgiving and then advises elder brother's way:"Highly respectable of admire inside hair his majesty, if Tang Jun be just go back and forth in ground leaf's river area, being me of so the first anti- war, but Tang Jun have no so do, they face west military advance, take down tower Shi stem, even still captured our Da Luo's Si cities, in fact the battle has been already started, they defeat brave and skillful in battle Hou plum virtuous general, I can affirm, their next move activity, is Samarkand, this isn't that we want not to want to battle with Tang Jun, but we have to battle with Tang Jun, admire in hair his majesty would like to is a gift arch and send to Tang Jun in the river?"
Pulled out Si to sigh an one breath, way:"If is be like last year so and Tang Jun fought one battle, I couldn't skin a flint the soldier's life, what I worried is this battle will have never rested have no keep on beating, this to our new dynasty very disadvantageous!"
At this time, cloth.Muslem Gong body way:"Admire an inside to deliver his majesty, I am to come to Damascus to persuade his majesty to make a firm decision for this, want ~only his majesty give I enough of food and weapon, I have confidence a war defeat big Tang, rush through them to return to ground leaf, end big Chinese people to the dream in the river."
Is positive such as the many people all know of so, Muslem and Man Su Er noodles and heart at enmity with, their self-contradict explosions are the database methods in last month, Man Su Er found out the craftsman in the Tang Jun captive, discovered true state of matter basically be not the Muslem says of so, have what meeting the craftsman of the deckle, have no, those Tang soldier craftsman who all can't deckle.
Discover Man Su Er that fall into trap becoming angry from embarrassment, turn over a face with Muslem to greatly fight a , this matter gets about a database method.
Though their 2 people is on bed terms, in opening hostilities this matter with Tang Jun, 2 people's position is consistent, Man Su Er sees pulled out Si to falter, then to Wei together Er method the He Be virtuous to make an expression of eyes.
Together the Wei Er is an officer equal to big Tang's prime minister, control pull out the tallest administration power of Si dynasty, first term Wei together the Er would be pull out the confident method that the Si takes charge of wealth and properties He is virtuous.
The method He is virtuous to smile to say with smile:"Admire inside hair his majesty need not worry, Wo Ma Ya dynasty height of prosperity annually can take 15,000,000 Dis to pull Mu from Egypt, we have already received 8,000,000 Dis to pull Mu silver coin now, till the end of the year I think 12,000,000 not a problem, this explains that Egypt has already been basically conquered by us and Syria also starts with Armenia paying a tax as usual, on the contrary is in the river with believe virtuous, hide the amount of tax of Pu to greatly reduce beside, this means we the center of gravity at this time should be partial to east, and Tang Jun's battle is all to have much of a necessity, also have our big silver minerals concentration at shout Luo Shan the east, if we can not make stronger the governance to the east, will biggest injure us dynastic source of money income."
Persuade in three big ministers under, pulled out Si to finally do to open hostilities to Tang Jun of decision, he is to Muslem's way:"To dynasty Tang battle not and together and usually, the only kao shouts that Luo Shan's troops is to can not win victory, I appoint you is front soldier commander-in-chief, the Gu method Er rate Syria soldier for empress the soldier command."
The Muslem frighteneds, the affair that he worries most still kept taking place, Man Su Er shouted a cha hand Luo Shan's affair, he just wanted to deliver to, pulled out Si but a put a hand lived his words head, used a kind of firmness of, different and contradictory tone way:"This is my order, if you a war shot don't hurt Tang Jun, from Gu method lately fight a second war!"
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