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Chapter 185 Liu Mu invites a war
The red day slowly rose from the faraway eastern end.
The bathing makes people's minds all particularly bright in this one dawn.
Chuang in the He house is like a huge machine, in a moment that the sun hasn't risen, it is order to start.Numerous bottom people start boiling water to cook a meal, however more close to a grounds, is more quiet and peaceful.Only wait until while start, being the most noisy in the manor the host.
However today obviously some exceptions, sky just receive bright, together resound through roaring of world voice have already given the great majority person in the manor noisy awake.
Accompany with weeping aloud of many children, the whole Chuang son advances noisy get up.
The adults of rising early although heart in dark scold, but basically no one open mouth to blame.Is huge because of sending out this what to roar is a head of absolute being monster.
As long as the absolute being monster is being willing to stay around manor, so don't say to is a morning to pull throat to call two, even if is that it destroys a house every day, Chuang in the He house's holding real power three brotherses can't care as well.
Say according to the words of He Quan letter, this is the patron saint monster treasure pig adult of Chuang in the He house at speed up Chuang neutron younger brother diligent self-discipline, can not be slacken.
He one the body form blaring is one Shan, have already arrived at the in front of treasure pig, looking at small guy to shake head to sway a brain, whole body energetic shape,google, inwardly don't already sigh in the heart.
The treasure pig obviously was subjected to big incitement in the sky after the treasure that saw a western absolute being dragon hid.As long as seeing an its recent performance, know it for those remembering of thing degree.This is absolutely deep-rooted.Class of bearing in mind constantly.
Lightly clapped for a while the cerebellum bag of treasure pig, He a blare a wry smile way:"You need not pressed, I promised you, hereafter definitely go to Long Gu, let you search to pare off enough be."
The treasure pig considerately spilted open mouth and re- peeped out the smiling face that a silk flatters on the face.
After seeing this smiling face, He a blare of heart in is not been suffused with by ground to have one silk in distress situation felling.
If was a guy that doesn't know treasure pig inside situation to arrive at here and so kill to can't believe that the treasure pig will be a head of absolute being monster, either.
Quickly, He one the facial expression for blaring is tiny tiny on changing, he twists a head to see to afar, in the vision flash across a silk relentless of Jing long grass.
And almost meanwhile, the treasure pig is also obvious of excitement get up, it sees go toward the same direction, small eyes drop slip away of turn indiscriminately, seem and is beating what idea.
Several figures quickly went out, all station at once the He blare after death, the facial expression of everyone of them is all very dignified.
At just, a weak thin idea reads of the dint spread from the afar and drifted 1 turn at the sky of Chuang in the He house.
Although this idea reads of the dint come and go very and quickly, be like float only Lue to copy generally, in a twinkling disappear to have no Zong.But He a blare to wait a strong of Shinto have to respond at the same time.
Can be so quick and then escape from they respond of, affirmation is a strong Shinto superior.But trail and discover the truth or falsity of Chuang in the He house in this way, this not is equal just and upright of challenge.
Is coolly a ,Facebook, Mou sub- Long Dao:"What person is this ?"
On blaring to shake a head, He's way:"The speed that the idea reads is too quick, basically didn't stop over, so could not respond."
In the breathing of the each Shinto strong.All have to belong to them to specially print to record.But, be a certain strong with intention to hide of, also not is so easy can discover with confirm of.
Is positive such as the Shinto idea just and suddenly coming and read generally, turn in a sudden namely die, and again is intentionally don't stay trace.Which afraid He a blare to wait a person again badly 100%, can not also rush toward to catch from it what.
"See and then go."The treasure pig whispered a , immediately is blunt sky of but rise.
He a blare speechless on smiling, the little treasure pig says see and then knew right, had necessarily suspicious at this.
"The gift smokes, you and Shinto Ning Be bloody to leave, we see."He a blare to say, the body form is tiny to move of have already in out of the sky risen to and tightly make track for a treasure pig but go to.
At his after death, Mou son dragon, 108 and white all of thunder and lightning horse tightly make track for not to give up.
Chuang in the He house is a He a blare of headquarter place, absolutely can not have been already lost.But in my neighborhood unexpectedly and suddenly of many Shinto strong, not will this person find out, they are absolutely difficult Anne at the heart.
Although can not know the identity of that Shinto strong, the direction spread for reading idea still very and easily classifies.
Lead in the treasure pig under, public lightning fastly rush through to go toward a certain direction, in the pole distance.A very small black mark is faintly discernable.
He a blare cold hum 1, stretch hand a to recruit, white thunder and lightning horse immediately arrived at his nearby.He a blare a to jump but up, way:"We are in advance one-step."
The words sound didn't fall, white thunder and lightning horse is already long Si 1, turn the ray of light of making a white, moment will public from a distance throw at rear.
The treasure pig disaffection humed Chi several voice, however it is also understand, if want with white thunder and lightning horse compare speed, that is absolutely the affair of infatuated crazy idea.And this person release the idea reads of dint will public lead, the sky knows to beat what idea, still catch up earlier well.
On the contrary the Mou son dragon got a fright, he is first sight white thunder and lightning horse to go all out of the speed be high speed for this kind of unimaginable extreme limit but deeply shock in the heart.
White thunder and lightning horse's speed really shalls arrive soon extremity, connect the Sa Mo of mastering in the space realm virtuous all can not at straight line speed of time catch up it.That person's speed in the front although at Shinto strong in will never slowly, when white thunder and lightning horse with angry determination start tracking of, still very quick of drew in each other of distance.
Seem is responded rear that don't be compared with Lun of chase speed, that person in the front soon gave up to escape and stopped down in the unreal.
He a blare of double eyes tiny Zheng, Ya in heart however.
"Elder Liu is unexpectedly you ……" he is incredible to say.
Use this time the idea reads of the dint trail and discover, and lead he comes out of, unexpectedly is a sky, the false absolute being territory of pond one vein strong Liu Mu.However is exactly also as it does, He a blare would feel unimaginable.
At present He a blare have already been signed to believe in a lord for next sky pond, say Liu Mu to his words of heart bosom malice, He a blare dead to can't believe, either.
Liu Mu Wei nods, he puts a cachinnation, way:"He elder, no wonder that you can Sa Mo virtuous that bad dragon cut in under the knife.Originally and really own the speed to can overcome it."
At this time, Mou son Long Deng Ren has already rushed through to come over from the rear, after hearing this sentence, the facial expression of the Mou son dragon immediately is for of a change,cnn, surprised shout a way:"He brothers, was you virtuous the Sa Mo to kill?"
He a blare cool on smiling, way:"The Sa Mo is wildly virtuous to come to as far as East China Sea, open rule against killing on the Peng Lai fairy island, the younger brother happens to be its meeting, so the person dying a martyr's death for those begs for return justice is just."
The Mou son dragon deeply absorbs the cool spirit of Gao air, but at heard He on blaring to make sure, that in fine threads cool spirit also becomes very hot after getting into belly cavity such as fire.
He up and down conjectures once the He blare and for a long time just draw a deep sigh after, filled with a thousand regrets of way:"The old elder brother early knows, one day there will your affirmation can become Shinto of the strongest mankind.But your performance still kept consumedly outrunning my imagination."
He a blare to promote falsely an absolute being territory to have no several years, but have been able to cut to kill an advanced false absolute being territory thousand years of long absolute being monster.If wait him advanced arrived a false absolute being territory that to return.Only afraid in all the world, no one or absolute being monster can match another any further.
Is tiny to shake a head, He a blare natural understand the meaning of Mou son dragon, but in his heart but equal of awake.Even if he really advanced false absolute being territory, also not definitely can be without equal in strength.
Liu Mu's self-ridicule of on smiling, way:"The old man is definitely also suspicious difficult after hearing this news.The Sa Mo is virtuous to is a space realm what to excel, own absolute advantage on the speed.Want to defeat it is already thousand difficult extremely difficult.Say nothing of to cut it to kill."Ground to a stop for a while, he added a way:"However I believed now, with the speed of the white horse, absolutely can make track for the last Sa Mo is virtuous."
Once the He don't already blare wry smile in heart and cut to kill Sa Mo virtuous is a list again can attain with the speed.However, he can't open mountain 36 types and 108 secrets and others share.
Mou son Long Wei Zheng, roar with laughter later on, way:"Liu Xiong, originally you lead us to come out and just want to try the speed of He brothers.Hey Hey ……"
Liu Mu's old face is tiny and red, hurriedly the branch opened a topic.
He a blare to just know after inquiry.After he pull with the Gan gate to a monastery of Peng Lai in East China Sea fairy island last relation, work properly a Xiao treasure the palace send person resident East China Sea, so he is in East China Sea Sa Mo virtuous dead body's hanging news have already spread to an eastern mainland for 3 days, and even pond in the sky one vein also get the flying eagle of working properly the Xiao treasure palace to spread a book.
After receiving and spreading a book, Liu Mu's the first mind is a letter not, the second mind is still a doubt.After all, this affair is getting more fantastic too much, so just had sounding out of this time unexpected happening.
Is same, under Liu Mu's inquiry, He a blare will far leave for western Long Gu, how cut to kill a virtuous matter of Sa Mo to relate 1 time, and he nowise conceals of will in the Ao wave burst upon especially, and the agreement for reaching with Long Zu said out.
Although once the He blare secretly a doubt, the inside Ao wave is especially that backstage manipulator, before having no definite evidence, still can not say whatever comes to mind by his identity.
Liu Mu and Mou son dragon's facial expression is some all tiny varieties, they these two old-brand Shinto the strong have the color of one silk misgiving towards hoping one eye, all unexpectedly.
Liu Mu sinks a track:"He elder, does that red Long Ai Er, Bo La, really own with the natural endowments and physical endowment of Sa Mo virtuous homology?"
He a blare hesitant for a while, way:"This is talked by western Long Wang, should can't be wrong."
"That moxa German can be true absolute being tradition?"
"This is also the inside Ao wave especially talk, the He is some to make sure."
Liu Mu's facial expression more being getting more dignified of hair, he pondered half to ring, Tu tunnel:"He elder hears that you have already controled absolute being machine realm, and big Wei ability, be no more inferior to than a truely false absolute being territory strong."
He a blare a condescending way:"The He was some to really control a false absolute being territory realm, however can ascend in the Wei can say to is fair."
Liu Mu Wei is tiny on flicking Xiu, way:"The He elder led Qian."He beat ha ha, way:"If the old man momentary hand Yang, if He elder allow, we learn by exchanging views some kind of how?"
The Mou son dragon loudly agrees with a way:"He old younger brother, you can cut to kill Sa Mo virtuous, the realm Wei can absolutely is a no trivial matter, let old elder brother an open new vista."
He a blare heart in tiny move, he feels unclearly, these 2 do so affirmation is have another deep idea.Just oneself temporarily doesn't know just.
"Since two so have interest, He a blare to dare not to obey orders."
Is public to mutually see a to smile, break to get empty but go to at the same time, a hour after, have already got into northwest biggest desert ……
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