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Of person almost the nobody can answer his second to recruit, all sprays a blood to throw to fall to open to, as well with he this most is easy.Is positive because of this several people, they this just can resist till now.
Original tiger but know that they don't pour now whole support with the one breath, once this tone eliminate a solution, have no dint time for day any further.He is or so to see to continuously close in of more than ten good hand, deeply absorb tone, those more than ten persons immediately and without previous arrangement stop a step to put to meet challenge to battle posture, after experiencing just astonishing real strenght of original tiger, again the nobody dare drop to him with the light heart!
Turn to launch in a sudden, the original tiger flies to make a pounce upon left to close to his/her own 5 people most , he so on moving to immediately arouse a whole field, another three squares person together and together makes track for Long to him and strives for to excel an original tiger by number advantage at momentary.
Was the whole to seem and return to at the beginning the beginning meet Chu's sword original tiger only the Dou axe help many scenes, original tiger already far not- in former days original tiger, and opponent also far not in former days common help many can compare.Because the original tiger approaches the facial expression of those 5 people more and more dignified, the person gets empty an original tiger to bring up to vigorously annoy a fierce one punch to hit inside the body in the half, this shot clips to take he greatly increases after coming out again of capability, a burst of furious wind immediately upsurges and break empty point roar sting person's eardrum living a pain, the threatening force is a Hai very much person.
But at he intentionally is under body because of boxing vigorously of the resistance is one Zhi, get empty in the half, so for a while, behind the pursuing troops cut to all end up in nothing to his attack Zu, several people accept certainly cannot compare with cross he hurtle to front, another several people's attack then all falls he before the body vacancy.
The original tiger Shu explored to hold tight to once hurtle nearby of one person, together fall to with him downwards square, but hard block an original tiger boxing at this time of 5 people of strength Be stuffy to hum a voice to just ring out.Still decline the ground is held tight by him of person already the Wei of severely wounded pour, the original tiger raises his body to carry a strength to toss, and the person hurtles inside the backward square confusion field at the same time.Those people once connected companion body to jump down to catch up in succession, but so slow get a slowly have already drawn back a very long distance with original tiger.
Just wanted run be present in, one person Tu was hurtled by the inclined left but go to, original tiger canthus Sha drive one an expanse of white sword only infuse full.The big Hai turned over to once avoid under his urgently urgently a side, just a fall to the ground haven't seen a pure opponent feature, that sword long grass again such as shadow with go but went to, original tiger feeling back up sign be beaten by the cold sweat wet.He is only whole with feel to evade confrontation with, wait until very not easy slowly lead absolute being just surprised feel a body a top many 45 wounds already, the person who besides be behind caught up surrounds, while Han Shao Nan is holding a sword station before body, one face Ao however of looking at him.
Han Shao Nan lightly flicks lance and immediately spreads an one light act before the body, the light Jie works properly and write freely satisfied, the sword method already and greatly becomes of territory.He coolly way:"From discard brothers,beats by dre, hand over a letter diagram, I can leave your life to hand over together general treatment, otherwise the tonight is your festa."
The original tiger the slightest doesn't sway and shake head a way:"Originally think ability and Xu Ye together Han Shao Nan of also calculate personal thing, can having never thought not only afraid to die, and return extremely conceited arrogance."
Be exposed oneself hasn't been wishing to bring up of Kui matter, Han Shao Nan becomes angry from embarrassment, the Nu drinks a way:"Seek dead!"Not much speak again to flick sword and up, the surrounding under charge also approaches in succession.
Dided not turn a Yuan leeway again at this time, in addition to the hard Han doesn't have no his method.The original tiger retreats an one step, the spirit of mountain in the body annoys full blast, he wildly roars 1 to urge to deliver spirit of mountain jade, sees before the chest he is green light suddenly and violently Shan, row mountain in the body week land pours a sea sort to dash forward but up, as if the flat ground curl up Tao the billow is for sky.This undertaking immediately shakes the Zhe whole field, owner all and involuntarily stop next hope before fixing attention on Hai human feelings view.
Person Cui, who offends to come up, cannot compared with to defend death and harm over the half, Han Shao Nan's shoulders was also tiny to take slight wound, and he hurriedly flicks sword to hold up to continue a continuous soil sting to wait a thing one side to fly to back,dr dre cheap.Take advantage o an original tiger of this opportunity an arrows tread to hurtle into lay siege to the soldier whom the thunder goes persons like cloud,etc to win, sign to go into flock of sheep such as the tiger, the in a flash has already had more than ten persons to fly to lay aside to, keep in several hundred people to kill a thoroughfare.
Is greatly disorderly while signing here, the original tiger shouts loudly:"Rush out to go quickly, late then cannot compare with!"
The thunder goes idea meetings like cloud,etc, foeman cooperate to kill to spread to be rattled, agreeable the course of river move to the boat.But the other party is after all the soldier who once was subjected to regular training, after brief fluster immediately the disillusion come over and launch effective backstroke.A part rushes at thunder to go cloud etc. to round to make track for to block up a piece, another part of original tiger Gu zero zero round at the center.
The thunder goes cloud this place to remain more than 20 persons and mostly takes wound and just ran several Zhangs was then surrounded by the pursuing troops.This time change before Deng Guang Yang hurtle, protecting of rest both sides, the long gun keeps picking to sweep power in the his hand matchless, at so many people match to round under still disappear weak, arouse the whole brigade person to continue forward.Rao is thus a little bit walk slowly of large numbers of enemies once dropping a brigade and willing be surged forward Be heartless to chop down to kill, in a short instant again have dead 45 people, leave all the way corpse blood stain, touch eyes shocking.
This place the original tiger then procrastinate with all strength, he doesn't escape not to avoid, ask for help of spirit of mountain jade to often make the killing soil sting of to drag along more than 100 foeman dead dead and went persons like cloud,etc to fight for the most precious time for thunder.Due to his "demon method" severe, though person's many foemans but don't dare as well to excessively approach, only use weapons like long gun,etc to stab shot to him in the outer circle, in this way Han Shao Nan is anti- don't easily take side, can at outside scream madly.
Not in a short while original tiger body drive 78 wounds, the bath of blood covers with a body, while the enemy also loses about 20 people.Deng Guang Yang in the distance of the Tu is sad to call 1:"Tan Yi!"One that immediately after spreads Tan Yi bellows.Original tiger a surprised, for the so tiny penny absolute being, he Tu waist descend a cool, an icy cold foreign body has already got into oneself's body.
Originally in his diverted in a flash, the God's way cutthroat that has already aside waited for an opportunity has already silently had no the Qian of voice interest to the body side, one shot successful.The ray of light that looking at the twinkling Yin cold excitement in the his eyes, the original tiger surges of great fury, waist next muscle a tightly clip tightly short blade.That assassin a take out knife absolutely still sign feeling far from good, just thought that the Sa knife withdraws a body back walk, already drive original tiger one Zhang clap in the top of head, in a short instant dead.Stretch hand to pull out short blade, a blood spring jet, original tiger feels brain in a burst of faint, almost can not stand up to fall down,Beats By Dre Diamond.
There Deng Guang Yang's waiting a person have already up arrived boat and take this ship as to rely on to resist foeman aggression, the situation temporarily refuses to budge not next.The thunder goes cloud to see original tiger in the distance shake the appearance that the desire pours, not from anxious shout loudly:" Tiger, come over quickly!"Yan 9 returns to berth to take out some things with billowing circle to order fire to throw to go into crowd under, the immediately a burst of explosion voice rings, many government troopses cry a dad call the Niang fall flop one, originally and first go toward pack unexpectedly on board is an explosive, anticipate to destroy while closing to iron Zha it, the break out of city goes.
The spirit of mountain spirit flows out to refrain from rash action to stop bleeding to the wound, the original tiger skill Wu lives waist wound to repeatedly wield all alone, ground soil layer the wave sort rise and fall not certain, those soldiers have a foothold unsteady fall down in succession.The original tiger takes advantage of an opportunity a feet to step at one well-known scholar soldier's back up lend power but rise jump toward the distance.The back weapon breaks an empty voice to ring, but is Han Shao Nan to toss to make moves medium sword to stab toward the original tiger, original tiger anti- hand a copy in hand, power the son don't reduce Yi toward that wood ship.
Didn't°yet fall to the ground already feeling not to, original tiger back the sweat hair difficult to expressly and together and together pour Shu, is have what huge danger have been already faced.Cannot compare with to think carefully him to flick sword backward, listens to bang!Of one Be huge to ring, the lance is a short moment smashed by the deep-fried, the original tiger person is also forced by the momentum downfall ground.

Chapter 18

Turn head a to see, original tiger feels heart in ice-cold, connect finish calling.Together should be wise to accompany at Li Qi under the station at a house roof, but gush under large numbers of government troops tidewater sorts toward this to kill at them.Take a few pebbles not to live to throw to up abandon in Li Qi Shou, see Yan nine fling out a bomb again, he stretches to play top still in the sky of pebble, Sou of a sharp roar later on that bomb deep-fried get empty at the half, the light of fire reflects red and whole ones, as the firework is good-looking.
The original tiger knows that Lee 71th, means naturally what, lay aside hilt of a sword in hand to shout loudly:"Do not take care of me, sail quickly!"
The thunder goes cloud how be willing to abandon him, Nu voice time way:"Shut up, walk to walk together!"Turn head a dialogue carefree boat way:"White uncle Shi, take to work properly a month to leave quickly, again don't walk really too late."One turns over a body to jump down wood ship to run to the original tiger.
The week works properly the facial expression in month very white, rush toward a ship to shout a way:"Go elder brother Yun, come back quickly."But drive white carefree boat a pull.She turns a dialogue carefree boat way:"The uncle of the white, you save him quickly."
The white carefree boat calm and steady face shook to shake head:"Belong to next take princess safety as first important affair. Related articles:

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