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Various appalling negative effect come by blessing life cream, put together be blamed and scolded by it also be doing like this.
Speak of,dr dre cheap, also the beauty Be just suitable to use this method, now imperial palace in, he is the biggest, besides which, also lord only this princess can say live words, Zhu Qi Zhen now already didn't what too emperor's this type of elder, only have beauty and he is the most close, want for this small affair problem, even if discovering will also it how, after all in the imperial palace, 2 people were the most close.
The beauty asks a way:"Eldest brother Wu, I give° that thing to hide, does that connect down to want how to do?"
Wu wanted to mean to say a way clearly:"Wear first and like this, etc. see later the circumstance of development is coming to adjust a plan."
"To, eldest brother Wu, you to seek an emperor elder brother what is up?"
Listen to her so on asking, Wu just thinks of oneself clearly just busy quarrel with emperor, then give his thing failed, all didn't in time ask sneak attack to escort a food, this affair.However with now the circumstance like this also really asks not to come out what, still little ask for for oneself to bother to calculate.

The text chapter 232 to be a life
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Wu is clearly just returning to a store, see Qin Xian Xian facing to come up a way:"Eldest brother Wu, you came back, the whole well on the road?"
"Younger sister's son just really frightenned to death an elder brother and had already almost come back."Black iron robs to say before Wu is clearly:"Be really very nearly!"
Hear he say so, several females frighten hurriedly to ask a way:"Eldest brother, what affair?Are you O.K. that now?"
Unexpectedly black iron isn't so talkative, originally do want to make several females know, worry about it, the province goes to many troubles, however don't know as well they be really concern then disorderly?Isn't oneself a station thoroughly in front of them and incredibly also ask a so silly question, if be chopped down, can still just here allow it, you up and down look into whether have to throw away a certain part of body.
Black iron for thus of'offensive'arrive is frightened pole, continuously call stop, at check an after this just pass 2 people, start to cross-examine the affair that take place in the imperial palace at that time.
Alas, sighed tone in the black iron heart, kept shouting to finally take off a tigress of check, this just start starting to speak about to take place in temple of affair:"The affair is concrete of I don't know as well, while arriving inside in big palace in the imperial palace I at outside wait, hence the eldest brother went in.But somehow or other, the antinomy happened to eldest brother with emperor and incredibly fought and saw the facial expression of emperor, is bad to give° the eldest brother one knife then can feel avenged to chopping down dead.Afterwards those bodyguards all hurtle to come in and want to be all frightened now the knife on two of us' Bo neck, almost be dragged out to behead."The side says return the side point a hand painting coolie a ratio a time.
Hear breathtaking place, several females are to frighten keep Wu to wear a mouth, also take to fear facial expression behind on the face dynasty Wu hope to go clearly, continuously sweep to see, although affair pass by, can still keep making them feel heart palpitates not already, at the thought of and the then scene, they how could doesn't worry.
It was a week Zhong to arrive to point out problem core a while:"Wu Ming, you is how dispute suspicion with saint, does this just make last Long Yan of saint great anger?"
Several females hear him so on saying, this just thinks of such a problem's most important core problem incredibly didn't ask, attended to see 2 people to have to get hurt, the others speaks from the flank now, this just seem to be have a little ashamed.
Hear he ask so, Wu is clearly the wry smile of full face, even flank of black iron is also a full face of curious hope toward him, why don't know to will rise quarrel with emperor, however how should oneself say this affair?Always is not likely to say that the emperor has already had the trend to become heavy smoker now, the words shine on to develop to descend like this, can not get away from that thing, is connecting down the end it the body that doesn't go, then hangs words like this?Several females pouring isn't afraid, is an afraid week Zhong this the old headman is many words, if is continuously to cross-examine, that be endless.
On Wu Ming Lian pack at will of the facial expression say:"The nothing important just carelessly give°ed the thing that he likes to broke off, he the momentary is great anger, the person is unavoidably sometimes rage, so just momentary of, be not what greatly not of affair."O.K., when oneself and beauty talk black iron follows behind to leave oneself to have a distance, so just don't hear, otherwise now if he at talkative speak this kind of affair, only afraid again want to be surprised week Zhong this old headman.
The facial expression that sees Wu Ming, the week Zhong knows this affair even if is to deeply keep on cross-examining, only afraid can't tell, either, hence ask a way:"That when you seek an emperor have in detail find out is thiser time than adult to transport under guard the food grass is made a surprise attack of matter?"
"All just quarrel with emperor, that sometimes time to ask the affair that emperor take place while making a surprise attack, however just came out from the imperial palace of hear emperor early toward of greatly got mad spirit, thought come also there is no good counterplan coping with."
The week Zhong smells sorrow cloud that the speech is a full face after and doesn't already worry, although he has already been injury secretly by Wang Zhen but officer, for dynasty in of matter or just as the concern for accompanying into, often the misgiving of one face, don't know when the government and people can be just pure clearly, a dry crafty evil flow of generation drive emperor to neglect, the good and faithful minister can be got to heavy responsibility.
", To,beats by dre, eldest brother, there is your Yan here, is the wedding banquet of Huo house."Qin Xian Xian turns round to take out an is a red pleased word of passed to come over:"Still have, just Wang Ye Fu's bearer, ask eldest brother Wu tomorrow lead mansion one Xu, because the other party is Wang Ye, but you again not at, we the momentary don't know whether can promise, so don't immediately promise."
Wu connects to come over a to see clearly, that is to is what the Huo heart matrimony in the sky entertains own, have never thought this guy action still is really quick, however also really admiring him can let go of blue adopt son but so quick seek woman Be married, however his wedding still have to want several days.
As for that king Ye tomorrow make he or she arrive his your home, don't know what matter, however think come be not what good matter, see to must be careful a to turn over be, at the thought of he incredibly will will that kind of the thing take to take out for own brothers, not cold but the Su is indeed as expected a temple Dou, not oneself's apprehensibility of, they didn't promise for they, can not go had better.
Your lightly click at a time, warmth I the whole life of code word, please support, the fascinating contents to the utmost together sees literature.
This walks to come in one to be dressed in a strength to pack at this time and lift a sword in the hand, 30 top and bottoms,such as the man of river lake middleman, walked to come in:"Owner, am here a strange pawnshop?"
The appearance that sees him, Wu clearly interrogative of ask a way:"Here be,beats by dre australia, are you what is up?"
"Who is Wu Ming?"That person's path keeps and then asks:"At under have a little an affair to bother him."
Wu ordered to nod a way clearly:"At under be, just don't know you what is up?"
"Have, certainly have, I want to be a life."
"When life?"Wu clearly after hearing so strange viewpoint one Leng:"When whose life?"Although have oneself the viewpoint for also hasing this aspect, haven't intended to temporarily accept business like this and have never thought so quick seek to come for someone now, want to do to be this line of.
"When your life."That person once the words fall, right hand lightning flash sort of drew out sword from the scabbard of a sword, kept a sting to come.
Wu sees the thing that he take out sword clearly, in the heart a surprised, is hearing his words, frightenned more a to greatly jump, didn't even thought of of his words just on falling, the sword in the hand already the disease is quick of dynasty oneself's chest keep sting since then and want to evade confrontation with, but oneself responds and acts basically and cannot compares with his quickly.
Feel time seem to grind to a stop, although the eye can see a sword dynasty oneself a chest a sting, have no the dint avert from, can helplessly looking at that handle sword and keep into own of ex- chest, then feel that the chest spreads a burst of huge pain is an and strongly keep and deeply go into whole body, the strength dashes forward shot body, the body after being strongly kept shot by this must suppress and"burst" then the one mouthful sword blood keep spraying but, "Hua" Wu Ming's body knocked down table chair.
Flank of several females see an arrival a person a words sound just fall, for the drawing a sword of lightning flash sort, then kept a sting toward Wu Ming of before the chest, at then see Wu Ming an one mouthful the blood keep spraying but, the body was whole of flew backward Related articles:

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