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The Kang Si is here all all the way nothing important matter, find out the repair public appearances all everywhere gram city of mercenary soldier association beautiful association after, everybody service charge of gold coin completed a mercenary soldier household register conversion and just lined up a fee foreign effort just, who make the mercenary soldier that here come together is really too many.
But the He benefit others five mercenary soldiers, the Kang Si composes according to the engagement in that day under the label of contract after, finally loosenned tone, oneself this was regarded as to thoroughly sell the body.
However they not only have no sad, on the contrary own a behind attend to a non- sorrow felling.Because if die in battle, own wife and childrens will be brought up by the mercenary soldier regiment, if physically disabled, the mercenary soldier regiment keeps oneself lifetime.
Although who all clearly like this dry, the coagulating of mercenary soldier regiment dint will be super strong, why have no how many mercenary soldiers regiment like this stem?Because the cost that does like this really too Gao, the expenditure is many without basis several, and the in a short time could not see again what benefits, have no who will do so of, because of always, mercenary soldier be work oneslf to the bone for money of, who will care the living of mercenary soldier?Is short handed, literally a receive, greatly of does the person wait for choosing.
The He benefit waits person to isn't an idiot either, can't literally descend this kind of to sell the body a contract with others' label, if the Kang Si has no skill, only a mercenary soldier regiment gives treatment like this, they affirmation want to consider to be some kind of be, because of who don't know that such a mercenary soldier regiment when will give people the regiment to put out as well.
But now, Kang Si other skills don't say, only the fighting strength is scary violent, and not just and only one person is thus violent, the whole mercenary soldier regiment fully has fours the superior like this.By so doing, the regiment puts out almost and impossibly and has so prospect, and treatment thus good mercenary soldier regiment, certainly need to take advantage o a still small and weak period to join, hereafter strengthen, oneself is the elder statesman who sets up regiment, the glory honor and riches Tuo hand can get.
Signed contract, there is assurance of mercenary soldier association, unless don't mix in snow country, otherwise and basically can not break contract to, certainly, really want influence big, break contract can also, the mastermind just not keep promise like this, underneath of does the person also follow behind?So once allowing the mercenary soldier associations to make to promise, unless drawing up the person of contract is down and out, even destroyed completely, otherwise absolutely can't not obey of.
This, so after laying up contract, Kang Si's obviously feeling the He benefit, these five mercenary soldiers before being far super to own high regard,dr dre beats, and obeyed sex to also compare strong before many.
The Kang Si certainly understands why will like this obvious mishap, this also lets the Kang Si cannot help but exclamation, the benefit of tending of person is what strong.

The second ninth gathers to go far chapter 8 balance to fall through
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Once pushed mercenary soldier association the front door is ex- to hustle of mercenary soldier tide, arrive at street up, public all felt relaxed while signing many, the mercenary soldiers also had a mood to start chatting to say ground.
Is public to walk, see 5612-year-old little boys joyfully beat to make in the street, suddenly everyone shuts mouth and silently looking at those carefree children.
These kid affirmative isn't billionaire's family to be from, see their clothes dress up can know, but would let person's regrets because of this.
Very long, the He benefit is comfortable tone, the regrets thousand times says:"The prosperous town really has prosperous prospects, I have ever been to of the town is many, is in some big towns, can not see the kid can carefree play happy prospects as well, the place of great majority, the kid is 45 years old to start helping home stem to live."
Kelly should also with way:"Yes, I remember me at the age of 10 and have already followed a father to climb mountain to hunt and also early followed a mother to cut wood than my small 34-year-old younger brother, the fun of biggest my childhood, is beat to numerous finds, so can leave a few meat for home."
"Ha ha, this exergue, everyone's childhoods all about, is, chief, your childhood is how of?" a mercenary soldier smiled under easy to read ask a way, the ears of other mercenary soldiers all Shu get up.
They are very curious to oneself's this chief's life experience.
The Kang Si smiled to smile, the chin said after lifting the bottom to those kids:"In the weather like this when I am so big, need hide a genius in ground in snow can hunt live to snow of food, certainly, this still has to be lucky and control breath not well will hungry belly."
A very light words let the mercenary soldiers all become speechless.
Only a "hide a genius in snow can hunt food" can understand his life difficulty to arrive what situation.But this not and greatly may?How come oneself's this chief's each and every move the one who see to is all place of honor is from, has childhood period incredibly once wanted thus wretchedly?Is his elder for training the chief's combat ability just thus maltreat?If this very probably, have never eaten these suffering, which probably own now so violent ability.
Thought of the chief isn't a brought up by indulgent parents person either, five the mercenary soldier doesn't know how to make of, feel to become intimate with a lot, don't seem to be just and Be just exhaustive high regard with chief.
The in a good mood He benefit cannoted help but taking out own inside situation:"Chief, this pure fragrance town is thus prosperous and peaceful, I conjugally intended and waited to settle down in regiment, I prepared to move family to also come over, don't know has in regiment what work can arrange my person in the home to do of? the bitterness is tired dirty all not afraid, as long as have already lived stem and then wented."
He benefit this words immediately arouse the approbation of other mercenary soldiers, original all of these people of oneself are to don't know when will die, rich oneself spends a point and mostly sends back a home, besides which, of so don't take family be embroiled while being afraid that the regiment puts out nearby, oneself can this mercenary soldier chief's real strenght is violent, not and greatly may appear the circumstance that the regiment puts out, certainly want to take family now at nearby.
Let wife and children with regiment but mean mercenary soldier to the mercenary soldier regiment has confidence biggest would take place, the Kang Si certainly earnestly wishes thus, so want to don't think and then nod to say as well:"There is certainly no problem, we now although the member is little, later affirmation will full member, sewing and mending of the affair of type always need a person to do of, hand over to the member the wife and children these to be responsible for, everyone comfortable heart,cheap dr dre beats, I also trust, etc. make in regiment 7788 times, you ……"
Make reference to here, the Kang Si suddenly holds tight a kid's arm that prepares to bump into his bosom to ask a way:"Do you want to do what?"
These people of Kang Si are saying and walking, the child who has fun to make also Be making and going toward this place ambulation, when the Kang Si talks, a few children beat more to make badly, an among those don't keep in mind at all after death someone, so suddenly bumped to come over, regrettable but be kneaded arm by the Kang Si.
The He benefits others think this kid is to prepare to take advantage of an opportunity to steal money, because this kind of affectation beat to make to depend to come the business of stealing money, they have no little once meet, oneself even when young once once does like this as well, so basically didn't think idea.
See the painful air of that kid, estimate that the Kang Si kneaded him painful, not from part advise Kang Si to put these in succession the child is one horse, simultaneously inwardly whisper oneself, this chief still is really stingy, the somebody else only is a child, has what greatly not of?
However the affair appeared mishap when they open mouth.
That kid with painful look, on the face appear ferocious air, at the moment the mercenary soldiers just discover this kid being held tight by the Kang Si of in the finger, clip one black of pinprick.
When the mercenary soldiers haven't responded to come over, this kid used to just start becoming phonic duck voice to roar a way:"Kill you!"
Along with shout a voice to appear, he another an arm of freedom is from the waist behind draw out a bayonet, Tong to the belly of Kang Si.And other a few children at the moment also all throw down an innocent facial expression carefree, make change ferocious air.
Two among them draw out a bayonet hurtle come up,beats by dre uk, leave incredibly from back take out short and small cross bow, don't take aim at as well, a raise a hand to button up a trigger dynasty Kang Si gunning.
The Kang Si is tiny tiny on smiling, be like to tremble bed sheet, use to hold tight to assassinate the kid's hand on trembling, Related articles:

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