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The teacher gets into classroom and stands by platform.
"The classmates, I didn't have a class today, there were so a few affairs to need to be said with everyone for a while.First, is concerning the midterm, the midterm topic is made out questions by the unified city Bureau of Education this time, whole city all high schools inside the scope at unified time inside take examinations, anotherly and not much say, everyone knows, our school is the high school of the Xun best sun, your parents sends to you here, be hope to allow everyone to pass examination ideal university, not is make you muddle through time!Everyone is to with difficulty pass examination Xun in, is all intelligent person, I didn't hope that you think to ascend Xun in what the matter also had no, hoped everyone can at this period of time in addition to hard listenning to lesson, also be good friends with to review lessons so much, can test good result when the time comes, contend for a face for parents, pursue studies schools to win glory, will never the ability lose to other schools in the midterm!……"
Wang Lin Bin lightly side head at slowly the Jin ear always whisper a way:"Good heavens!She how don't say to test like, what advantage do we have by ourselves?Does the study pursue studies ability and learning in the school for the parents?What an old curio!"
"Do not talk too much!The very good to listen teacher speaks."Slowly the Jin always refuses to be distracted to looking at platform a top very excited form master, the lips are tiny to move a light tone warning of Wang Lin Bin.On studies, Xu the Jin always has no call to a teacher how worry, can aware of self Xu of study always the Jin don't say to the midterm that city Bureau of Education's making out questions, being a whole country to unify to make out questions him isn't afraid.Also only Wang Lin Bin this kind of embraces to go to the talented person whom the school muddles through time will to the examination feel depressed thousand times.
Finished saying a midterm, teacher Zhou mentioned so-and-so classmate again which homework too weak, the so-and-so classmate is originally very intelligent, can have a class eyes in time don't know to looking at where, there is a classmate embracing to have an impractical peculiar mind to the female kid, in fine all of each are problems from class in the teacher Zhou's mouth student, don't be good friends with to fix so much just can.Give teacher Zhou so on saying, student's a sitting became the eggplant that frost beats, Yan.
"……End, I again say an affair.After research in the school, whole school teachers and the students tomorrow on foot arrive B Feng martyr public cemetery to sacrifice those martyrs of the pasts too much together."Teacher Zhou makes reference to this to seem to be some have spirit have no dint.
Gao Yi Ban just Yan of student's this next was again full of vitality, just the men and women living to respond each not same, the boy is straight chest, the anteversion cautiously looking at teacher Zhou's faces, wanting to engrave each word that she behind says is in the brain.But girl dissimilarity, those girls send out to disappointedly sigh and wriggle on the seat very with reluctance, good elephant this news is teacher Zhou to say today of the most frustrated words.
As a woman, week teacher he or she would not likes to walk to arrive, either too B Feng, particularly is a rainy day she more would not like to, can she is also very helpless, original owing to rain, president Zhang has already intended to visit spring time stays back, can that distance staff officer that damns suddenly run to school in the afternoon and say what rainy day walk to the martyr public cemetery can even embody to the martyrs of devout ……although cultural layer distance staff officer doesn't necessarily compare Gao of president Zhang, can he speaks of to a set per set of, what past war the age don't want to say to rain be next the knife troops is to say to walk and then walk, what is on foot a time this time toughen student of best chance, what military training should stop neither by wind or rain, what patriotism not ability light mouth up speak that the remark physically acts ……say till the last president Zhang doesn't want to carry on the back the top set against with military authority of scold, tomorrow's spring visits to cancel.
The in the mind noodles would not like to return would not like to, speak on the teacher Zhou's mouth of but want to keep height consistent with president, otherwise oneself didn't open for president can not."At 6:30 a.m. tomorrow, the student body gather in the classroom.The troops using eating has already got ready for everyone, you are needless again since the home took out.As for clothing,cnn, the female classmate had better wear black or white dress trousers, -rainy day you don't also wear what skirt, walk so many roads, tired not tired?As for boy, the troops has already got ready for everyone to make Xun to take, everyone is unified to wear to make Xun to take, can not wear other clothes tomorrow morning.This is to give us class the male classmate carry on the Nie military instructor of military training, tomorrow morning I and the Nie military instructor will wait everyone in the classroom and hope that everyone doesn't be late.Underneath, we welcome Nie military instructor to talk for the classmates!"
Teacher Zhou does to applause to welcome of signal, hope Nie military instructor to slowly let a platform, she believes to lead at herself under, the students will be very polite of,Facebook, indeed as expected, ring out a warm applause in classroom, some boys only fear own military instructor didn't notice he or she and raised overdo crest of hands to have much of rhythm ground to clap.That military instructor blushed, before walking to the platform in the applause.
Stand blush on the platform of and piece red cloth get the Nie military instructor benefit Suo ground to the classmates military salute in the line, the dynasty the left side was swept to see 1 time with the look in the eyes from the right side."Each classmate, hello, everyone.Since today, I am your military instructor.My Xing Nie, Nie young tiger, three ear Nies, the young tiger of young tiger form big fellow.You hereafter call I Nie military instructor good."
"Speak so many useless talks why?I as long as know that he is it the Nie military instructor that becames and also tooks care of him to call what names?!"
"Do not talk too much!You just the useless talk is a lot of ……"slowly always Jin at underneath bad ruthlessly stared the grievance continuously turns over cold stare of Wang Lin Bin.
When the underneath talks, a pair person's the Nie young tiger of platform has already gradually relaxed himself/herself, the face has no so red, talked to also seem to be fluent many.The Nie young tiger sees out some students to rainy day line very dissatisfied, not know joys and pains to these, wants to enjoy of student, from Hunan in village come out of Nie young tiger really is to can not get use to, no matter how it is, say, from now on he is Gao Yi Qiu Qiu epilogue  Lu the Xing play ∧ knock gather together wring a sheath owes Yin Shao wish short aim Chu of  Xia Gu Jia the thirst owe Yin Shao circle Hui Jia the Yan Xia see the bore of  Rui even Huai bosom mulberry  Cui Hui Jia Wu  Hui Jia Wu ハ Lu the Xing play Ke the Xun depend on Xing in a sudden flick Yao Yin Tu Lin far  Se bore even Huai emperor Qin Ji  the J cut a phrase Qiang the  play roast  the department fade Qian The Nie young tiger really is satisfied with that the ground sees the oneself's words make those student below send out one to marvel, although everyone has ever been to B Feng before too, there the whole mountain peaks all let a row lined up the grave filled with, can everyone have no an accurate number concept towards exactly dying or injuring in the war how much.They heard since the childhood of is all our brave warrior how last knife below the hills fire sea, like often mountain Zhao Zi Long kill him in the enemy's camp seven entered 7.Certainly, enemy's losing is always huge, our dead and injured is very small forever,google.Once the warriors hear exterminate an enemy call for the Ao Ao, who will about-face to escape?Don't mention it says, a lot of students still think to fight be arrive front free tour!Listen to Nie military instructor full of bellicositily say this time if breaching the order would be right away shot to death, the student who have got a fright, when the Nie military instructor taste sweeps oneself, these people not from get the fine hair keep Shu, the good elephant is being dragged along to go out to die right away by himself/herself.Originally want to take part in a military training to be easy to have fun, now see to come to this game have never imagined medium so good.
"Nothing but rain, more blow in the troops rain-storm, more want to drag out troops to carry on training, why?Only can train for physical fitness so, can even toughen will.The young man has to have vigor, have to have already struggled spirit, even the rains and winds are all frightened, ascend battlefield to not and more want to pull Be getting more sparse?We not are gods, tomorrow whether rain everyone who also not Related articles:

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