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Quickly facing Xu Yuan Wei swept, the body form isn't slow Xu Yuan Wei either to borrow 40 fire sturdy recoil;Fart squats down to fall down and complies with the surrounding regiment to rise body and hold close 40 fires wear the soil ascent roll to fall quickly and downward, on the whole luckily avoid pass by.But meanwhile, number with ten the gun Liu accounting shoot a machine, the rocket tube almost sent out a bombing of trembling heart soul to me at the same time however stuffy ring!
At two side enemy the rocket tube and gun Liu play to impressively bellow your work, the life and death cook does the combat instinct of to almost make me be like the rabbit of deep-frying the nest, front blunt leap three Chinese foot Gao, the body soars to the skies to make great effort backward Qing and borrow fast fierce blunt type back depend on return calculate rather abrupt gentle ascent, strong endure collision to chafe get down slippery;Thousand times urgent, fast namely sign at my at present, depend on after the stone neighboring district however 110th, the rice spread of 4 enemies, peeped out a lesser half head after suddenly axeding from the stalagmite, soil!
The enemy of dispersal is apart from thus, and right against the face playing of Cu Cu rain, making my root can not with one enemy 4.The each grain beats at my body side to pare to splash on soil of slope and bursts to make to ring.But the slightest frighten to can not go back, I want to kill a the loving of blood road blood desire;Which fear a to die, the horizontal Shus must pull a mat to carry on the back!
"Dead come!"Carry on the back one ground of touching, high speed glide medium of I since two enemies who see lock tight big piece horizontal stone two sides in the eye, just a little the dew head trails and discovers, then desperate fast namely even rise tight Zuan of the M16 A2 of bosom, by dint of feel, hurriedly a 2 hair order to shoot.
"Tu and Tu!"2 hair bullet raid but go to, fast the eye namely shotting in to wear helmet to quietly peep out half after stone Leng peep to see of novice."Burst, burst!"Two frailties ring, the crushed stones arouses to splash, that novice Wu wore to peep out and winked blood not only eyes, arrive ground painful distort, toss about, horrifying cry piteously quiet treat me to after a little while harvest own life.Controling breath is quite good ……
Can not consider of to see explore results in battle, of anything that vanishes the enemy who depends on big stone another side, see me fast in the eye the gun namely loudly create the enemy's a moment and have no an unable to decide monster to roar, fast namely bright half the body present arms gunning!
"Tu Tu ……" two Ak47s and M16 almost almost ring out at the same time at the same time,Facebook!Bullet to wrong, Yin breeze Ling Ti, jet an Azrael Sen cold breathing!The blood Mao shoots and sign to rush toward dead.By dint of the bloody battle cook chain comes out of lead hard marksmanship;By dint of M16 higher stability.Only ascend a front line quickly than the enemy, high speed fall, I who quickly transfer gun muzzle fought to kill for myself once again one silk source of vitality.There are also two cripple enemies of left fronts who spread one side at me, the dew head presents arms and hasn't solved.The in a flash too late responds of I already incapable is dint, I of the life have already handed over the hand of I's war ally inside ……
Before the side, the unlucky old sweet foot is trampling at a ground of crushed stones on, difficult such as I generally and immediately after the slope get down to slip."Mama's B!" Life Huo go out of old sweet one scold, almost the stalagmite keeps starting behind at the same time son P П K enemy namely want to button up a trigger to it!
Early peeping is tight, the same body makes the old sweet Zi of the old mountain war area famous dead shot to be slow.Dash away in, calm down treat an enemy the stalagmite completely peep out a half body behind, title is taking aim toward his in a flash;The speed doesn't reduce and early become to hold a gun to prepare combat carriage of old sweet, luck strength 1 mark time, rapid body form the split second is tiny.The M16 just a little lifted to raise impressively"Tu and Tu!"Two hair bullets first voice Duo person, make twos deep red suddenly and violently Zhan, another enemy lets old sweet shoot~dead.
Still have 1!Can the enemy who still saves a complete war capability is being apart from me and old sweet attack noodles more than 200 rices of 10:00 direction, need big radian to turn body gunning of we are in the very critical moment already too late!At this time, the enemy has already fastenned firmly Ak74 and buttons up a trigger to me!

The text raids(6)
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"Bomb ……" suddenly, the top of head is feel like to ring out ten thousand Jun thunderbolts;In a flash, have never had can oppose my after the event anytime person to feel particularly lucky to my bombarding.The flying rock suddenly and violently splashes and relentless have no the Gang breeze of to bind blazing of bright wave, ego top of head long tide dash about to roll to surge forward;The living desire uncovered my skull, burn seethe very hot brains to throw to spread 1 ground;The GK80 that didn't fasten tight is impressively like the cow Du that flounces a rope set son, directly emitted, with broke linear kite threw don't copy.The bastard who is quickly progressing by leaps Cuo to cannot compare with to defend after the body side before delineating and court Feng and old beard are directly pushed by the wild impact wave person the meat breeze fire round, one is surprised to shout, whole body Shuo write the stars flow fire unwilling fall behind of follow close behind Xu Yuan Wei to fly to roll to go down slope.Sign body gunning, the gun still confiscates of old sweet is the bird person who was more lucky to become to have no wing, miserably hum to exclaim to lend a slope a to fly blunt sky;Is just a little a little bit lucky of I also became to get away of'bowling', chafe all over hot living a pain, the non- powerful supporter body flies soon slippery bottom of power, a short moment a slanting, have no don't rest of keep toward a cluster cluster stalagmite and the disorderly stone pool more gentle ascent of medium next follow to roll to fall in.
His Niang of, cloud Pu plays!This time chairman Mao cans open an eye, has never got our several elder brother's sonses to slip away side son and rides the speculation of wall to pour to step on member revolution long journey.Is anti- to make we elder brother's son is a few unlucky must earn big hair;The soldier achievement chapter came and blocked to all could not hold up against!Grass ……
(PS:Tears ……one close.Have ever carried on the shoulder the brotherses of gun to all know?Ha ha ……)
Imitating the Buddha be want to reflect Chen to wear us of unlucky, is blowing up weapon in enemy's two wings blunt I together number bombard to together blare.The another wave billowing roll of thunder tightly wears an enemy explosion and hurtle 2 row enemies of two wingses stuffy ring, bombard, gun voice your work!
Just a little fall behind my vanguard to fight a group 100th, rice, at I with enemy first head abruptly situation, momentary is fast namely dark cover up into battered cannon pit of ascent, just a little hibernate of I vanguard steps brigade or so two wings, confirm two wing enemy's attention, thermodynamic powers basic be drawn on by me of, hold tight we fight to kill out of extremely good battleplane, abruptly opposed two wings to start a raid!
Because hurriedly meet challenge to battle of they are once then playing towards consuming rare RPO-A in my gunning the hold type rocket cloud Pu.I two wing vanguards mount sudden attack a group to hold tight the enemy threatens huge gun Liu to play to me, the rocket plays, the tuft bombards, haven't replied to charge a gun of, we use the leading of that the life and death whets Li hard military character;Still having six to connect is proper cold hot tough, compare at the enemy cracker single soldier's character and weapon;Facing enemy's moment to effectively make use of time is bad, height bad, visual field bad, again gave the enemy heavy one shot;Make shortage 2 class troopses suffer to fight shot to break an enemy a connect, no longer is what unreachable ……
Occupy vantage point, the Xu strives for already a long time.Making along with company commander one is next, 8 BG-15s bomb however together blare, 4 pay 56 flight in a flashes to spout to project Cu Cu the Chi burns of Mars!Each side 4 precise VOG40 mm rags kill to harm gun Liu to play to fall onto ground, the slightest isn't pressed to each side is 4 be apart from to have a preface of 60 force cannon to toward Cuo to cannot compare with to defend of a thermodynamic power surprise attack that row enemy beats.Because battlefield on one confused, compare to force cannon to go into action more concealment Liu to play facing basic Be signed to open and spacious place of two wing the enemy suddenly rise a raid, from from unknown two wing the enemy is basic have already done not cover up, even didn't realize big difficult happen, lie to pour to avoid to play.Under the such circumstance, I six connect two wings almost make a surprise attack a type of 8 deliver the rag of accurate projection to kill harm to play produce of astonishing kill to harm dint, only use almost terror to describe.Wartime, gun Liu's playing to shoot effectively to kill harm is generally 5-10 meters, basic silly Leng's wearing don't lie to pour in time of person, the rag kills to harm gun Liu to play as to it's of killing and harming dint, in no case next 10 meters, is as for 20 meters,cnn, even 30 meters splash of the rags all still have a left over strength.
In my group,google, attention concentration's thick black nitric smoke night view's wearing majority of enemies of head the basic side basically has never seen the gun Liu play a head of facing already it the ground of body side wink to fall to!
"Bomb!"Arrive in close succession of several crack open by explosion tight enemy lead off loudly make of bellow, made longer the strong bilabial line of surging the sacred mountain, remit the huge thunder is billowing.The companion wears 8 gorgeous brilliant smokes to spend in the night view of the gloom, suddenly now namely die, illuminate with round and round mound crest a square the flaming fireball of the horizon form a pleasant contrast;About 20 remaining deep-fries to order a side Cu to cannot compare with to defend an enemy the Tu encounter the sorghum pole that the hail hit and row to pull a Related articles:

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