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, The complexion one is dry and red, shout at top of voice, spare the skill of free time, turned the Zhang as claw shot down.That youth but is suffer a los at engage experience not enough, could not anticipate the other party unexpectedly will thus and Don't mention it, the hurried side head once hides, double arm hair dint, already throw a person have been already gone out.Just without extra trouble on grasping, but is the outside Shan that may may hold tight the other party, make an effort one greater half of tore, pulling to go to ……
Many gastronomes just at surprised shout, wait until the dress that that youth peeps out an inside of Shan, ascend then as being just lived throat, together and together the voice isn't another of, but because of that youth is personal wear, is a Shan inside yellow, up still embroider a gold dragon.But tries to ask at present in this world, in addition to Chu court's imperial house, and then have who does the person dare to be dressed in this kind of getup without authorization?
That little lord is worrying could not look for an opportunity to transfer a topic, see this view tiny tiny one Zheng, while ascending exultation, right away drink a way:"I way is who the person challenge, is false Chu's imperial house's middleman ……your this fellow, disguise to come alone, secretive of, settle is have what irregular heart!"
The startled short moment of that youth, just and angrily circle Zheng, great anger way:"Rest and talk nonsense!Is in all the world, might it not be Wang Tu, your this anti- thief, don't say that this son of a feudal lord just come to this plays and would is to get soldier to advertise for, also nothing of what"irregular"!"
That little lord where be willing to listen to he explain, don't need words sound downfall, then have already waved hand to signal hint, a staff belongs to a right away cruel as predatory animal sort rush toward go up, that youth although artistic skill get, on connecting to beat off 56 people, finally hands enemy however four boxings, just Dou get a short moment, be then pressed on the ground by a few big fellow prisons prison,still keep doing the best a proud head, be full of an obstinate idea in the vision.
At this time, the guest in the small store has already walked half, stone not the language wait a person but still sit by the side of the table to have meal, not the slightest surprised.That little lord Pie the various female is one eye, but is with intention to show off power and prestige, at that moment draw out a waist a double-edged sword, slowly go to go to that youth, drink a way in:"Your this fellow dare also the mouth is hard, I anticipate you to necessarily come to collect military information, but unfortunately make me bump.Today, the I then gives vent to anger and cuts your dog's head for the common people of world!"
That youth's air is the slightest constant, layer after layer Cui one mouthful, Nu way:"To kill and then kill you have to make power and prestige, small Ye naturally keep company with throughout!"
That little lord listens to he expose he's idea, at that moment is also a full wrath Ying, the hideous smile is a , Gao Gao of a double-edged sword in hand raises, then the desire heavily flicks next go ……
"Wait a minute!"Is a to lightly drink to spread from the rear, although the voice isn't big,voice's taking can not resist of vehemence.That little lord Zheng one Zheng, turn head to hope to go, but see a stone language not to have already slowly signed to start, carry wine cup, a side is gone, a side says with smile:"The your good self shows leniency, this small brothers, should have no malice, why the need for harm his life!"
If others come to say feeling, there are probably also some functions.But that little lord already to stone not the language see the withest a revolting feelingly and smell the speech scold a way while ascending:"Your this fellow understands again what, this waits military airplane important event, permit your this etc. the text that know to hug a beauty weak scholar interrupt, also back bottom not and quickly and quickly!"
He this words say very and Don't mention it, all of the everybody is tiny to change countenance, Mo sorrow and Anne vegetable 2 people are also cholers, several desire begin.Stone not language but is to the slightest and motionless annoy, tiny smile way:"I am to not too understand, but also understand, mostly scout,cnn, have no truth to be dressed in so refreshing dress, besides don't need to use imperial house's middleman as well ……"
That little lord tiny tiny one Zheng, but is to can not contradict, deliberation a short moment, and then raise a double-edged sword way:"Then such as you say, that again how?Chu court is brutal to have no way, this fellow since is unexpectedly imperial house's middleman, would be the public enemy of world masses of people, sneak in here today, exactly an everyone but put~to death it!"
Stone not the language Be full to drink one cup, without telling anyone looked for stool piece to sit down, light way:"Two country belligerences don't cut to make, besides this youth woulds be guilty and also permit not get do you personally kill, why not send airtight cloud and hand over by all various Hous to dispose of?Furthermore, the you since it is so wears to think for world masses of people and why not looks for a wide list of that to pick, taking this didn't resist big kid's of the half of ability what annoy!"

The text chapter 322 landscape mutually met
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Stone not the language is this some kind of words, current is talking and have a slanting reason, in the center still included to satirize for several cents, those boldly some gastronomes who leave to watch smell speech all smile, but is to fear to cause trouble and dare not speak, is just that the Wu mouth lightly smile.In the eye, the that little lord lo's natural wrath is more prosperous, harsh voice drink a way:"You this waits scholar, knows to show off the benefit of argument, lazy must say more with you!If not and soon and soon back to open, rest to blame me sword heartless!"
That doesn't live a rock before human face, stone not the language completely don't fear to and once lifted wine pot, full drink one cup, sneer way:"World matter, the world person takes care of!I then don't let, you treat how?"
"You ……do not you really let?"That little lord could not anticipate the other party thus tough, while ascending in the eyes cold light flash across, remaining simply hoping to see the various female sitting on the original place the slightest didn't ask for a favor the meaning of rescue, don't feel heart in again is a hot, inwardly pleased way, "look, these beauty the son also have no friendship to him, think necessarily is Be forced to bend from, since it is so, not if I ……"
Thought of here, he where still press the Na must live that impulse, Yang sword way:"I the seeing you again and again ask for a favor for that fellow, don't necessarily isn't an accomplice, I count into three, if you didn't let, then rested to blame me to give offense to!A, 2 ……"
Just count two, that benefit sword has already heavily flicked to come down, but is a with intention to want to take a human nature life, it is thus clear that its heart is mean.Stone not although the language didn't anticipate, but battle wear quilt demon the dint once toughens of body, the slightest don't avoid, can be arrived by that sword blade in front, just raise a hand lightly on playing, listens to"Qiang" however a , that handle benefit sword flew to go out while ascending, the sting goes into to count a wood beam that the Zhang opens an outside up.
That little lord complexion greatly changes and pours to take a suck at an air conditioner, but is don't dare to be good at.Stone not the language lightly blew to blow finger, soft track:"I also count three, you if don't walk, then rest strange small living to give offense to!A, 2 ……"
This time, equally just count two, those big fellows have already together and together shouted at top of voice, little over there lord of signal hint will come up under rushing toward.Stone not language ha ha on smiling, the figure is as private as a demon to twinkle between the big hall, don't eliminate a short moment, then already the whole amount knock down those men in the ground, but also however the time used a split second, the Zha eye hopes to go and pours to imitate a Buddha, he sits on the seat and have never moved general.
That is little lord noodles such as dead ash, don't live countermarch, the quivering voice in drinks a way:"Your this fellow, well big of courage, there being skill then doesn't walk, I certainly take battalion to pick your skin to dismantle bone!"
Stone not the language is tiny tiny on smiling, slowly start and force toward him to, descend a moment, ascend in a sudden and move into the other party after death, lightly bring up dress Jin, green shadow flash across, but see that little lord have already generally been hanged on the crossbeam of roof, shaken and sway, imitated a Buddha slightly such as the puppet a hair dint then will fall off to come down.
Those big fellows just climbed to start at this time and saw this view, where still have a dare to stop over of, no matter how that host on the beam cry for help, in a short instant and then have already spread cleanly.That is little main and surprised to fear to again, knew oneself to ask for the opponent that should not ask for, on the mouth but still the dead support a way:"You this one condemned to death!Knowing me is who Yao, unexpectedly dare thus to me, then not afraid ……"
Stone not the language is lazy to manage him, clap hands, a side starts to hand that ground of of youth, a side turns a facing Yuan son to say with smile:"Younger sister, you front day not is said to do how many new dollar machines come out, but can not find a person to experiment?Today be not at the right moment can ……"
The Yuan son smells speech one Zheng, soon after exultation, at that moment rush into that little lord before the body, free to the other party how scare to death cry for help, the dollar in hand machine has been already revolved, several light of fires, water wave and breeze blades once shot, and the one ghost cries wolf Hao and brings tremendous noise pollution while ascending inside the big hall.
At this time, that youth already the Zheng Zheng sign to start, he also thanks, also not speech, the Chi Chi signs a short moment, suddenly kneeling once again will come down and sink a track:"Thank Sir for saving my life!Yang Xu Mo Chi is difficult to forget!"
Stone not the language is tiny tiny on smiling, hurriedly bend from the waist to hand.He the slightest has no good will to Chu court and just see this youth have for several cents, the heroism , very to oneself's appetite, adds the power and prestige that it wants to sweep to fall that little lord and just appear publicly to rescue, at this time also not the desire make contact with more, needs to be started to hand, then namely leave.
How anticipate that claim to be of the youth knelt to suddenly and heavily kowtowed at first, absolutely still, loudly way:"Sir's magical power is astonishing, allow although not just, wish a Sir not to leave, accept me for Related articles:

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